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"That's the biggest damn egg I've ever seen!" Normal speech
'Must be some sort of super dog.' Normal thoughts
"Riiiiii-o?" Pokemon speak
"BOOYA!/Insolent whelp…" Inner Sakura/Demon Speak
"Curse him, curse him to hell!" Demon thoughts

Naruto & Arashi

Chapter 2: Power of a Riolu

Sarutobi sighed. Being Hokage wasn't all that was cracked up to be. For one thing, there was paperwork; a lot of paper work. Hell, he would have to stay after dark sometimes just to finish sorting out some of the complicated forms and complaints every day. Since he was the ruler of the village, he also had to go through some new appointed laws that get passed by the council and would have to get passed by him or be vetoed.

This night was no different. And as usual, he would see some laws-to-be that involve Naruto. "Keep unadulterated children away from food stores.", "No unadulterated children allowed into the Academy unless appointed by guardian or otherwise.", "No shirt, no shoes, no adults, no service." The list just keeps going. While these rules meant for orphans and to regulate any crime, they're usually are targeted towards Naruto because no one would want to adopt him and they want to put him in his place.

The 3rd Hokage sometimes had to reread some of them to find some loophole or trick to these demands. Once he's sure, he can veto it or pass it. Usually though, some laws can be overwritten by his veto if a 3/5s of the village all vote yes again. Some of those types of laws were passed because of this, unfortunately.

Even as strong as he is, a Hokage's power isn't absolute in law and order. He was barely able to convince the council to not reveal the identity of Naruto's fate. It saddened him that not everyone was happy in his village. The previous Hokages always did everything in their power to protect their village, even if it meant their lives. When did it get so hard for him to help everyone? How was it he couldn't make everyone happy no matter what he did? Why can't he help one poor child more than he already can? What happened to his carefree years when he was teaching Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru?

The Sandaime took a deep inhale on his pipe, then sighed, releasing some steam from his mouth. 'I'm getting too old for this. If only one of them were here to take over the position of Hokage…'

"Hokage-sama!" That blurt along with a series of loud knocks was more than enough to break Sandaime out of his train of thought.

"Enter," He answered. The door to his office opened, and two Chuunin entered the room. One was wearing a cap bearing the Leaf symbol over his head with his brown hair covering his right eye. The other one had spiky black hair all over the place, wore a Leaf headband across his forehead, and a loin cloth across the bridge of his nose.

"Kamizuki Izumo and Hagane Kotetsu. What brings you here tonight?"

"We've have something to discuss involving the brat, Uzumaki Naruto." The spiky haired Chuunin known as Kotetsu stated.

'Should've known…' The Hokage thought bitterly, but replied, "If it's about the food store, I've already heard." News tends to travel fast, and he was already informed about this from some other Jounin earlier today.

"That's not it, Hokage-sama." Izumo corrected.

Sarutobi was surprised. Surely Naruto couldn't pull two pranks today?! "What do you mean?" he said evenly, with a hint of concern.

"Well, it is, but, after that incident I mean. You see, shortly after he left, he was seen being chased around several blocks by an Inuzuka and his dog. It was later clarified to be Takeo. But what happened afterwards is the really strange part."

The Sandaime now felt curious. What could be stranger for Naruto other than being a 'demon jailer' and being chased by an ex-Jounin?

"You see," Izumo continued. "We personally asked Uchiha Sasuke about this, because he was the only person who got close enough to see what he had. He said Naruto was holding an egg; a large one at that, while being chased. He didn't know what it was nor bothered to ask. We also interviewed Takeo about this and he said that he stole the egg from his trashcan. Later, he and a bright yellow racoon dog were walking around the whole village and got declined to a total of 3 general stores and 6 food stores. The creature emitted a strong chakra spike each time they were declined, and surprisingly vanished a little later."

"What are you getting at?" asked Sarutobi.

"We think the kid has found a Riolu." Kotetsu answered. The silence that soon followed was short but seemed to last a lot longer. It was surprising that a retired Shinobi had an egg under his nose, but for it to be a Riolu egg? The Hokage started to clear his voice before speaking.

"Are you absolutely sure? We haven't seen one in over-"

"-15 years, I know." Izumo interrupted. "We're having doubts too, with it being yellow instead of blue, but the thing has the same features and abilities as any other Riolu."

"And you assume that it came from the egg Naruto found earlier?" Sarutobi asked again.

"I don't see any other logical explanation, Hokage-sama." said Kotetsu. Both he and Izumo had a hard time believing all this as well, but it was pretty hard to ignore the fact that a Riolu has reappeared after so long, in Naruto's care no less.

"What should we do with it, Hokage-sama?" Izumo asked.

"It'll be hard to take that Riolu away from him, now that it thinks the kid's his mom…" Kotetsu stated as-a-matter-of-factly. It was only common knowledge that a newborn would instantly think the first person it sees as its parent.

The Third Hokage thought long and hard about this. The Riolu was possibly the only one of its kind, let alone Poke'mon, around for miles. The Poke'mon all seemed to disappear from Konoha's forest since the Kyuubi attacked. Still, was it really a bad thing for Naruto to have it?

"Let's have the boy keep the Riolu." This very statement from the Hokage shocked both Chuunin present.

"Hokage-sama! Are you sure?" Izumo asked.

Sarutobi nodded. "Naruto never had anyone to watch over him this past decade, so he usually had to rely on his own wits just to survive. While this Riolu might be a very special case, this might help Naruto learn a little responsibility and give him the family he never had." The Riolu may never be a good replacement for him, but at least Naruto would have something relevant to a family and not be completely alone. It's a shame the same couldn't be done for Sasuke.

Before both Chuunin could say something, and Sarutobi had a good idea what, he quickly added, "And it might keep him away from doing pranks on the village." Izumo and Kotetsu hesitated, exchanged glances, and said nothing. They seemed all okay for that. But there was still a problem, or rather two.

"What if the kid doesn't want the Riolu?" Kotetsu asked.

"And what about the council?" Izumo added.

The Sandaime was already aware that he would inform the council about this situation, but it didn't occur to him that Naruto might have not wanted this responsibility in the first place. He was always goofing off, hiding the fact that he hates to be alone, and no one even bothers to see how false it is, or have tried but couldn't. It took himself a while to see through Naruto's 'happy go lucky mask'. Surely he can't keep up such a façade forever.

"Worry not; I'll take care of everything." He said. "Thank you for informing me. But would you mind if you tell Takeo to come see me? I like to ask about this matter with him personally."

"Of course, Hokage-sama." They said simultaneously.

"Very good. Dismissed."

Satisfied, Kotetsu and Izumo bowed and left the Sandaime to continue his paperwork.


After the two of them got home, Naruto told Arashi all sort of stories about Namikaze Minato, where most of the time he either rambled or looked into a book of the Fourth Hokage. The textbook didn't have much, but Naruto improvised, and Arashi enjoyed every minute of it. The storytelling lasted until Naruto realized that the Rioru was sleeping, and he soon dozed off too.

The next morning, Naruto ate his ramen and Arashi ate some Pecha berries Azami gave them. The Pechas were hollow inside and didn't have enough sweetness that a Mago did, but it was suitable.

"Well, I have to go to the academy today, Arashi." Naruto told him after breakfast.

"Riiio…" Arashi whined.

"Hey, I don't wanna leave either, but I have to be a great ninja someday and I can't do that if I keep skipping out on the academy." Although most of the stuff there is boring anyway… Naruto mused. He was just glad that he didn't get born as a girl and go through silly stuff like flower arrangement, and put up with even more boring stuff.

"Riolu!" The dog whined again, flailing its arms around. "Rio, ri ri lu o!"

"What?" Naruto asked, scratching his head. He didn't understand a word he just said, so he decided to take a guess and ask. "You want to come to the academy with me?"


"Well…" said Naruto. He didn't see any harm in it. It might get him more attention this way from everyone, like he always wanted, and pets aren't really restricted, if they can train under ninja arts like their owners. Kiba's dog and Shino's bugs can be in the academy with them, so what's the harm in bringing Arashi? Besides, he can't really trust him to be good on his own, with nothing much to do and that land owner…

"Ok, you can come." Naruto grinned, and in turn Arashi cheered. "But you got to be on your best behavior, ok?"



"This is all you're fault, Ino!" Sakura ranted.

"My fault?!" screeched Ino. "Everything would have been fine if Sasuke-kun knew which house to go to!"

Sasuke tried hard to ignore the girls bickering at one another over the failed sleepover last night. He didn't bother going over to either of their houses, since he would rather be at home training. His 'lie' didn't effect at all how they reacted towards him, but rather towards each other.

His afternoon, however, wasn't as peaceful as he had hoped. 2 Jounin came to his house a little later and asked about Naruto's egg. He told them he didn't know what it was, but stole it from Takeo's trashcan. It really relieved him, though, when he found out it was them at the door and not Sakura or Ino last night, coming over to remind him of the sleepover...

It was around the time that Naruto stepped into the classroom, along with a little yellow dog hanging over his shoulder. Sasuke never saw anything of its kind before, and it didn't look like any Inuzuka dog; most of them were identical, and this one really showed individuality.

Sasuke showed no interest, if he had any, to ask how Naruto got this new creature; he had a good idea how anyway. Everyone else seemed to hush one by one, until everyone finally noticed Naruto's little pet. Both of them stared back in a way that would say "What?"

Inuzuka Kiba decided to voice everyone's thoughts. "Hey, Naruto, where the hell did you get that runt?"

Naruto exchanged a quick glance with Arashi before answering. "I found him."

Kiba smirked. "Where? In a dumpster?" While it was partially true that Naruto found Arashi's egg in a trashcan, the meaning of the insult was enough to make him mad.

"That's for me to know, and for you not to find out, dog boy!" Before Kiba could retort on that comment, the other students gathered around closer and were all saying how Naruto wasn't allowed to bring pets into the academy.

"I can do whatever I want! I'm going to be Hokage some day and they can break laws once in a while!" Everyone basically rolled their eyes at the word 'Hokage'. Being the kid with the lowest grades in history, it was highly unlikely Naruto would get that occupation. But he didn't finish from there.

"Besides, Buggy and Dog boy can bring their pets with them, right?"

"Of course!" Kiba barked while Shino merely nodded. He didn't seem at all fazed at the mention of Buggy, but calling his bugs 'pets' annoyed him a little. Not that anyone noticed.

"Inuzuka hunting dogs and Aburame kikai bugs are necessary tools for their respective clans, thus need to be trained with us." he said.

"Well, if bugs and dogs can be trained like ninja, then Arashi here can too!" Naruto boasted, turning quickly to the Riolu. "Right?"

"Ri." Arashi nodded.

Kiba smirked. "Sure, bugs and dogs can, but that's because they work together with our unique bloodlines! You don't even have one; much less know what that mutt can do for you! He's pretty much useless!"

"That can be said the same for your blind pooch!" Naruto fired back, a few of the students 'oooh'ed at his dis.

"You take back what you said about Akamaru!" Kiba growled, not taking the insult very lightly.

Naruto was equally ticked off. "Not until you take back what you said to Arashi!" The two of them continued to stare of, giving everyone the intention that the two were going to fight…again. Heck, Naruto fights Kiba almost as frequent as he challenges Sasuke, most of which the black haired boy declined over the years. The only ones he took were during sparring matches at the beginning of the year.

It was around this point that Umino Iruka, the class teacher, came into the room. "Alright everyone; back to your seats! Free period is over." Everyone started to walk back to their seats except for Naruto and Kiba, who were still staring. Finally, the Inuzuka boy huffed and broke off the stare, as if thinking the argument wasn't worth his time. Naruto was about to walk back when Iruka stopped him.

"Naruto, what's that on your shoulder?" He asked.

"His name's Arashi." said Naruto. "I found him."

Iruka stared at the dog before nodding slowly. "I see…"

After that, Naruto went to his seat, where Iruka started role call. Naruto could hear whispers from people talking about Arashi. They were rather insults than compliments. Arashi heard this too and started to feel depressed, but Naruto reassured him before his aura gave off again.

"Ok class, take out your textbooks and turn to page 93." The class was full of moans. It was another history lesson.

Naruto was just about ready to 'dose off', but Arashi kept him up feeling he might miss something important. Naruto was about to tell him that Iruka never teaches anything a ninja is worth knowing later on, but Arashi was reluctant. Naruto started to open his book but was on the wrong page, but after glancing at it, he kept on reading.

It also turned out that he wasn't going to forget this little history lesson for a long time.

"A long time ago, before the world was created, there existed only of a magnificent creature known as Arceus. With its thousand arms, it created the world and universe we live in today Shortly afterwards, Aruceus had created two of its sons, Dialga and Palkia, rulers of time and space respectively, and then created the three essences of our planet, Rayquaza of the skies, Groudon of the earth, and Kyogre of the seas. Another creature known as Mew was said to be born around this time, for it's to be the ancestor of all other creatures before it.

"Over the years, the world started to populate with unique creatures, along with the human race. The creatures, created by Aruceus, represented the very elements on the earth; the dirt and soil of our planet, the vast open seas, even dark or impure malice. They were unique and very powerful, as well as intelligent. Humans have later developed a capturing device to carry and tame these creatures. These devices, because of the fact they are handheld and carriable, are called Pocket balls or Poke' balls for short. The creatures were named Pocket monsters, or Poke'mon, because of the Poke'balls."


"Ahh!" Naruto jerked. He was so stuck in his reading he didn't even remember he had to read along with Iruka.

"Would you mind reading to the class the second paragraph?"

"Uh..right!" Naruto quickly turned his book to page 93 and read the second paragraph without looking it over first. "Each types of Poke'mon have their respective strengths and weaknesses. The fire type, for example, can melt ice, burn grass and-"

During his reading, everyone was keeping a muffled chuckle knowing that Naruto was reading the entirely wrong thing, but then burst into full blown laughter. Naruto slumped back into his seat, embarrassed. He wanted attention, but not if it makes him look like a complete idiot. The fact that he would do pranks all the time implied it, but never proved it.

Iruka sighed as he rubbed his hand against his head. "Naruto, are you even reading out of the right textbook? This is Shinobi History, not science fiction or fantasy."


After class, everyone went outside for recess, playing games and practicing and whatnot. Naruto and Arashi, in particular, sat under a tree; the former was rereading his book and the latter eating berry after berry.

The book assigned to Naruto, he knew wasn't the right issue. Heck, it wasn't anything Shinobi related. He, along with the other classmates, all got their books assigned and were told that these would be used until the day they graduate. They can also keep them, for reference in the future. What Naruto didn't understand (at first) was why he got a book that was so different from everyone else. Perhaps someone didn't want to graduate and gave him a hand-me-down?

The pages looked as if they were written years ago, and were brown and surprisingly sturdy. The drawings inside showed diagrams of weird creatures, or Poke'mon, with even weirder names; such as a giant praying mantis called a Scyther or an electric yellow mouse with red cheeks called a Pikachu. Even the cover was foreign looking; it showed a giant picture of a sort of ball; half red on the top, half white on the bottom, with a little white dot in the middle of the two half-circles.

"Must be what they called a 'Poke'ball'," thought Naruto.

"Well, would you look at this?!" Naruto and Arashi glanced up to see Kiba and his group of guys walking towards them. Akamaru, as usual, was sitting on top of Kiba's head.

"The brat's reading his little poodle a bedtime story!" he said. They quickly laughed at his implied joke.

"Shut up, dog boy!" Naruto shouted, not wanting to deal with him right now. "Why not walk yourself to a fire hydrant!?"

The Inuzuka smirked; it was a bad joke and both of them knew it. "Whatever. I don't have time to spend with losers and loser dogs." Again he laughed, walking off.

Naruto was downright seething at his retreating back. Calling him names, he could live with. But calling Arashi names?! He put up with enough hard times in his life and just because Arashi was with him doesn't mean he should be treated as such.

Without another thought, Naruto quickly dug into his bag, pulled out an Oran berry, and chucked it at Kiba's head. It exploded at his hood, and stopped the Inuzuka.

"What was that?" He growled, slowly turning towards Naruto.

"Nobody makes fun of Arashi like that." Naruto said with defiance in his words. "Anyone who does, I kick their ass!"

Kiba smirked. Fighting the Academy's dead-last student would do well in satisfying him. He gave Akamaru to one of the kids following him and shifted into his battle stance. "Bring it, brat!"

The mention of Naruto and Kiba fighting spread like wildfire. Almost everyone gathered around to see who would win; some exceptions (Sasuke, Shino, Hinata and Chouji) all stood at the background watching, besides Nara Shikamaru who was napping. Everyone else gathered around the two, chanting "Fight! Fight!" over and over again.

Naruto made the first move. He rushed towards Kiba, attempting to throw a right jab at his face, and then follow up with a wide left kick. Kiba easily dodged the first hit by tilting his head to the left, then sidestepped back from the next, quickly lunging in for a right jab at the gut when his guard was down.

"What the hell was that?!" Kiba spat, enjoying Naruto gasped expression from the punch. His opponent quickly scowled at him, and threw a punch at him again, only to met the same result. Feeling to quickly attack Kiba before he reacts again, Naruto threw punch after punch, advancing as he did so. His punches, however, were swerving from side to side, without any real aim or energy into them. Kiba easily sidestepped each punch, smirking as he did so.

"What's wrong?" He taunted. "Can't hit me? Well, allow ME!" At the end of that sentence, he lunged again, striking a hard punch into Naruto's gut again. He quickly pulled back his arm, swirled around to Naruto's back, and in a swift motion, he swept Naruto's legs and elbowed the back of his neck, causing him to fall down hard.

"Good-for-nothing-dead-last!" He shouted, kicking his side five times, and sending him flying to a tree at the fifth. The impact was hard and Naruto screamed as the cracking of his spine echoed throughout the area. Nobody cheered or gave sympathy. They all just simply watched.

"I almost feel bad for your dog-Arashi, was it?" said Kiba. "He had to find a poor, weak caretaker like you to look after him!" He started laughing, as did mostly everyone else. The ones who didn't continued to watch for amusement.

Arashi stared at everyone with wide eyes. Since he first hatched, everyone was looking at him weird except the nice berry lady. Naruto was always nice to him and would give him feedback that cheered him up. Naruto himself was treated badly and he was only trying to fight for him. But here, he was beaten, and everyone laughed at him. How dare they! HOW DARE THEY DO THIS TO HIS MASTER!

In one second, everyone was laughing and enjoying the match that Kiba won, but the next, Arashi disappeared and immediately reappeared, kicking Kiba right in the face. Hard. It was enough to make everyone present speechless.

"The hell?!" Kiba voiced everyone's thoughts after a long silence, rubbing his cheek where he was hit.

"Riiiiiiiiiiiii…" Arashi growled, glaring and showing his canine teeth. His once innocent red eyes were now menacingly seething with anger.

"A-ra…shi?" Naruto choked, still sore from Kiba's beating.

Arashi didn't acknowledge Naruto's concern. All that mattered to him was Kiba. Slowly, his right paw started to glow and increase in size, until it formed a small, silver round sphere. Everyone was surprised, but only Sasuke and Kiba didn't show it. Chouji quickly woke Shikamaru and told him to see this, and the normally lazy student was just as surprised as everyone else.

"Oh, so you know a few tricks, eh?" Kiba taunted, trying to act unthreatened. "Well bring it, mutt!"

Without another warning, Arashi ran towards Kiba, at a speed which would rival even Chuunin and Jounin. Everyone's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at the display, if they weren't blinded by the sudden burst of wind around him, that is.

"WHAT THE FU-" Kiba never got to finish his curse, as the Rioru threw his glowing paw at Kiba's gut. He then swung his lithe body to the left, kicking his right chest muscle, and used the momentum to climb up his body with a furry of hits, finishing off with a glowing punch at the head. Kiba was send flying through then area and crashed into a tree, creating a crater about midway deep inside. Kiba's body didn't move, but slumped down from the crater onto the dirt, showing signs of unconsciousness…or death. Akamaru, along with some other kids, rushed over to see if he was ok.

Arashi breathed heavily, in and out, staring at the boy who mocked him, mocked Naruto, and more importantly, he beat up. He didn't know why, but somehow, he felt awful inside. His paw returned to normal and collapsed to his knees, still panting until Naruto came over and picked him up.

If the scene wasn't so serious, he would have praised Arashi how amazing he kicked Kiba's ass. But everyone was staring at them, fear rather than indifference. He knew that he didn't have the energy or heart to go through the rest of the day, nor could Arashi, so he walked away. As he passed through the field, he could hear kids whispering to one another.

"Did you see that?! That dog beat Kiba!"

"I always knew it was weird looking, but I never thought it could pull such a hard punch. Literally."

"Geez, That thing is as much of a freak as its owner."

"I sure hope that brat doesn't use that thing to kill Sasuke-kun."

"No way! Those two are too weak to pull that off! Nobody could possibly beat Sasuke-kun!"

"It nearly killed Kiba without getting hit! What makes you think that monster can't do the same for Sasuke!?"

"Shhhh! You don't want to get it mad, do you?!"


That last comment was a yell rather than a whisper. Naruto gave no remark to the rude and hurtful comments, while he was in just as much shock at Arashi's power. Maybe a trip to Azami's would help them feel better.