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Tainted Summer Light

Chapter 1

My Shy, Artistic Self

"Natsuno! Wake up!" the cheerful voice of my older brother rang through my ears, fluttering open my eyes out of habit. I was greeted to the sight to my blue-eyed brunette brother looking straight at me, standing over my bed.

"Sora…" I mumbled softly, putting my hand to my forehead.

"Get up sleepy! Time to get ready for school!" my brother Sora said into my ear, flashing me one of his famous cheesy grins.

"…Ok, ok… I get the point…" I mumbled sitting up. "You can stop towering me with your presence…" Sora happily stopped craning his neck and ran out of our shared room, most likely into the bathroom across the hall.

"I claim the bathroom first!" he called as I threw my legs over the ledge of my bed. I groggily shifted my long brown hair with my fingers as I jumped off my bed. I seriously wasn't a morning person… I stared at my reflection in the vanity mirror, making a face at the tanned green-eyed girl.

"Why me?" I softly asked as I proceeded to do my morning routine.

"Good morning Suno, Sora!" I heard someone greet as Sora and I entered the school campus. We wore the school's uniforms. A short-sleeved button down shirt, black slacks, black dress shoes, and a blue tie for Sora and a short-sleeved button down blouse, a blue and white checkered skirt, equally black dress shoes, and a blue and white checkered tie for me. Standing in front of us was a red headed girl with blue eyes wearing the school's girl uniform.

"Morning Kairi!" Sora greeted with a silent wave from me.

"So, how's your morning so far?" Kairi started. The three of us entered the one story building, weaving though the halls to our first period classroom, history.

"Not much," Sora answered. "Natsuno is being a non-morning person as usual."

"Well, you can't really blame me…" I countered in my soft quiet voice. "I have to wake up to that everyday…" I jabbed my thumb at Sora's face, which at the time was coincidentally in one of his cheesy grins.

"Hey!" Sora whined his grin turned upside down, Kairi's giggles in the background.

"Well, that's what brothers are for! To annoy sisters!" Kairi pointed out. We turned a corner, nearing our classroom.

"Hey, speak for yourself!" Sora cried as I smiled. It was like this everyday. Sora and I argue somewhat and Kairi would take my side all the way. Yet, one person was missing from this scenario… We stood before and entered the classroom, spotting a good friend of ours' sitting at a desk. He had shoulder length silver hair, aqua blue eyes, and slightly pale skin. My seemingly dream boy…

"Hey Riku!" Sora greeted, snapping me out of my thoughts. Grr, Kairi was right about the brothers annoy sisters thing… Riku turned his head over to us and held up his hand as a signal that we got his attention. I could have sworn I saw a group of fan girls squeal in delight over in the corner on our approach. Riku is Sora's best friend so I see him around our house all the time.

"Morning Sora, Kairi, Suno." Riku greeted as Kairi and I waved. "So, what have you two been arguing about today?"

"How Suno has to wake up to this every morning." Sora answered proudly, a cheesy grin pasted on his face, giggles from Kairi and an annoyed look from me.

"I don't see what's wrong with that!" Kairi said as I looked at her. I mouthed the words "That's because you like him," turning Kairi beet red.

"Um…" Kairi mumbled pulling me by the collar of my blouse to an empty corner of the room, leaving two confused guys. "He could have seen that!" Kairi whispered harshly, a smile creeping onto my face.

"Sora's too boneheaded to notice." I countered in a hushed voice, Kairi shaking her head.

"Well," Kairi began but was interrupted by the teacher entering the classroom.

"Ok class, to your seats!" she ordered as we scattered to our assigned seats. Kairi and I rushed to our seats in the back as the teacher started the lesson. I sat behind Riku and Kairi sat behind Sora. The teacher was writing something on the board as I stared dreamily at Riku's flowing sliver locks. Suddenly I felt a sharp poke in my side as a note seemingly appeared onto my desk. I opened the contents to see the words, "We talk after class." From then on, two words kept on invading my mind: awkward and irritating.

"So," Kairi started as the both of us parted ways with Riku and Sora to our second period class, English. "Don't deny it!"

"Deny what…?" I asked softly, tilting my head to the side.

"I can totally see that you like him!" Kairi accused, my head shaking from denial.

"What are you talking about?" I replied confusedly, a mischievous face on Kairi's face.

"Riku silly!" she whispered, pink painting my face.

"Kairi, we've been over this a million times…" I replied. "I don't like him…" And as many times I deny it, Kairi never listens.

"Well, you stare blankly at him like you're daydreaming!" Kairi countered, a sulking hang of the head came my rely.

"Ok, ok. He's a little cute…" I said quietly giving in. Obviously, Kairi misinterpret my answer, pumped her fist into the air as a sign of victory.

"I knew you liked him!" she cheered. I tilted my head in confusion walking aimlessly, nearing our destination.

"I don't know what you're talking about Kai…" I mumbled entering our English classroom.

"Suno! Wait up!" Kairi called, following me into the class. I dumped my messenger bag by my desk, collapsing into the seat.

"Suno," Kairi said in a scalding tone. "No matter how hard it is to tell him, you're gonna have to sooner or later."

"What about Sora?" I asked turning to her as she smiled.

"Sora doesn't count! He's too boneheaded to notice all the hints I drop!" Kairi answered. "Riku is smart enough to get your hints so it's rather you tell or it'll be too late!" Kairi walked away to her desk halfway across the room as I shifted my attention to the ground. Kairi's right… but I don't have backbone enough to gather what's left of my courage and take a chance… I could be shot down just like that…

"Sora…" I whined, entering my third period class, math.

"Yes dearest sister?" Sora replied approaching me from the far corners of the room.

"Kairi won't stop leeching off me…" I wailed, collapsing into my assigned seat. "Will you be my substitute?"

"Natsuno, Natsuno, Natsuno…" Sora said in a scalding tone shaking his head. "If I did that, then I wouldn't be your brother."

"But I thought you like her…" I accused, Sora doing a double take in surprise.

"W-what?" he asked stammering. "W-where did you hear that?!"

"I live with you, you goober…" I said. "Fortunately, we're forced to sleep in the same room and let me tell you, I lie in bed, wide awake listening to you talk in your sleep. "Oh Kairi, I-"

"Natsuno!" Sora said in a harsh whisper, punching me in the arm. "People can hear you!"

"Good, because I have one thing to say…" I said rubbing my forearm, where Sora punched me. "Woman abuse!" Everyone in the room looked over to us as I rubbed my arm in anguish.

"Ok, ok!" the math teacher cried entering the room. "To your seats students! We're having a pop quiz!" The class groaned as Sora returned to his seat.

"It still hurts…" I wailed softly, walking out of the math classroom. "Owwie…"

"What did Sora do this time?" I heard a voice ask, turning to see Riku approaching me.

"Woman abuse…" I replied, blushing slightly, the both of us walking to our fourth period class, art. Art was the subject I liked the most, but since Riku was in that class… I got a little distracted… not to mention he sits next to me.

"Doesn't sound like Sora…" Riku said. "What did you do?"

"I pushed his buttons a little too far…" I replied, rubbing my forearm. "I don't think I want to try that again…"

"Aw, do you want a hug?" Riku asked playfully, my face flushed red. That's defiantly not like your average everyday Riku.

"Um, no thanks…" I declined reluctantly, pressing my knuckles to my cheeks. The walk to Art was quiet afterwards, the both of us amerced in our thoughts.

"Hello Riku. Hello Nat." the art teacher greeted as the two of us entered the room and sat at the table we shared. "Ok class, today's assignment is to draw what people see when they look at you." The class cheered inwardly as tilted my head to the side. It's a habit I do when I'm confused or thinking. In this case, I was thinking of what people see when they look at me. I'm probably the school's anti-social shy girl since I barely say a word to anybody except for Sora, Kairi, Riku, and the teachers.

"Hey Suno?" I heard Riku ask, snapping me back to reality. I turned to him with a confused look.

"What is it?" I asked, tilting my head to the side. Grr… stupid habit…

"What do you see when you look at me?" Riku asked almost shyly, giving him a warm smile. Complete perfection. That's what I wanted to say but Kairi's words rang through my head. Riku is smart enough to get your hints…

"Well," I started. "I see a sweet, kind person who unintentionally attracts fan girls." Riku smirked at my description, as I turned slightly red.

"Yeah, I guess that's true." Riku said as my blush faded away.

"So, um, what do you see when you look at me?" I asked shyly. Riku turned to me, giving me a smile.

"I see a quiet and gentle girl who can only rest easy when she's around people she can trust." Riku replied as my blush crept back to my cheeks.

"Um, I guess so…" I said, propping my chin on my arm, trying to hide my blush. Riku took no notice and began to draw himself just as I described.

"Ah, solitude…" I sighed happily, as I sat inside the library. Being alone is my love and probably will be my only love. It was lunch and I was happy to get away from my brother and friends. Yeah, their nice but… I feel like I don't really belong with them… I plucked my simple lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and my sketchpad out of my bag. I flipped my pad open to a fresh piece of paper and pulled out a pencil.

"…What should I draw…?" I asked myself under my breath. My pencil glided over the paper as my thoughts poured out. It took shape of an electric black blade with a hilt shaped like wings. I don't know why I'm drawing this weapon… it just happened… I shook my thoughts away and turned to a fresh new page. I propped my head on my hand and chewed on my eraser.

I've been drawing these weapons often but I have no idea why… Also, I've been drawing these ant like creatures… Is this a sign…? My hand just moves as if it has a mind of its own… I guided my pencil over my paper as the markings took shape of a cheek. Soon it formed a side of a face, then a figure. I backed off my piece of work to realize what I've done.

"It's… Riku…" I gasped, gently lifting the paper. I drew a picture of Riku but something seemed darker about him. He didn't have the usual cocky glint in his eyes. No, he had a hint of jealousy and hatred in them in the sea of hopelessness and denial. He held a bat wing shaped sword, the butt of the handle facing away from him.

"What…?" I started to ask but I couldn't find the words to ask. Suddenly, the school bell rung, signaling the end of lunch. I quickly stuffed my sketchpad into my bag and threw my barely eaten sandwich into the nearest trashcan. I can eat something after school… I pushed my confusion and thoughts to the back of my mind and headed out the backdoor of the library. I didn't like using the front because it was usually crowded and I feel uneasy around crowded areas… I snaked my way through the bookcases to the emergency fire exit and pushed the door open.

"Aha!" I heard someone cry, tilting my head through the brightness of white. I told you it's a stupid habit!

"Huh?" I aimlessly asked, greeted to the sight of my older brother and Kairi standing before me.

"I told you she would come out over here!" Kairi gloated in Sora's face. Sora hung his head in disappointment as I turned to Kairi.

"You two were waiting for me out here?" I asked, Kairi happily nodding.

"Ok Sora," Kairi said in a demanding tone. "Pay up!"

"But you probably cheated!" Sora countered as I sighed.

"Sora, Sora, Sora…" I said in the same tone as Sora did before. "I'm disappointed… You should know better than anybody else that I hate crowded places."

"But-" Sora started to say but was cut off by Kairi.

"Come on Sora! We need to stop chatting and start walking or else we'll be late!" Kairi said pulling the both of us by the collar.

"Aww, but Kairi! I hate Science!" Sora complained.

"Ok, meet you outside!" Kairi bid to Sora, joining me in front of the girl's locker room. It was the passing period for the last period of the day, in our case PE. Sora, Kairi, and Riku were in that class along with me so we could discuss our plans for the rest of the afternoon. Kairi and I quickly got dressed into our PE uniforms in the locker room, walking out to the wide grass field. The PE uniform was a simple white shirt with our names written on them and blue shorts. Immediately we spotted Riku and Sora dueling it out playing one-on-one football for some reason.

"Guys!" Kairi called. My brother and Riku glanced towards us for a brief moment before turning back to their game. Kairi sighed and shook her head, muttering something about boys being boys. I smiled, watching Sora and Riku tackle each other into the dirt. They always have to have a competition or something at least everyday. Sometimes Sora wins though that's just sometimes. Most of the times Riku comes out the victor… This battle was no different… Riku claimed victory, scoring a touchdown, mostly by tiring my poor brother to the ground.

"…What do you guys want play today?" Sora tiredly asked us on the boys' approach.

"I don't really feel like playing anything today." Kairi answered as Sora turned to Riku and me.

"So?" he asked childishly.

"I'll play anything as long as it's not football…" I replied as Sora turned to Riku.

"What about soccer?" Riku suggested.

"Only if Sora is goalie." I corrected as Sora started to panic.

"What?! No way! You two kick too hard!" Sora protested as I sighed. I then gave my brother the saddest, pitiful face I could muster.

"Oh, but Sora..." I said dramatically sorrowful, Kairi's giggles immediately playing in the background. "If we don't play we'll be bored… Not to mention I'll be very sad…" Sora sighed in defeat.

"Ok, ok! We'll play! Just stop with the face." He said in defeat as I clasped my hands.

"Yay!" I cheered softly as Riku went and fetched a soccer ball. Sora half-heartedly stepped into the goalie box as Riku passed me the ball.

"Natsuno!" Sora called. "Don't do it too hard!"

"Suno!" Kairi hollered. "Don't listen to him!" I hung my head, shook off Kairi and Sora's requests, and kicked the ball as hard as I could. Sora leaped out of the way just in time as the ball was unintentionally aimed where the sun don't shine.

"Sis!" Sora whined, feigning tears. "I could have lost something important there!"

"Um…" I said as Sora passed the ball to Riku.

"Don't worry about it." Riku reassured. "He's just sore because he's goalie." Riku kicked the ball hard, sending it flying past Sora's head and into the net.

"Are my body parts at risk here?!" Sora whined as Kairi giggled from the sidelines.

"So what do you guys want to do after school?" Kairi asked while Sora passed the ball to me.

"Why don't we hang out on the play island?" Sora suggested as I kicked the ball straight at his chest. Sora hit the dirt before the ball could injure any valuable body parts.

"Sounds like a good idea." Riku replied, Sora passing him the ball. "We can plan our trip to other worlds. What do you say Suno?" I sighed as Riku kicked the ball aimed towards Sora's feet. Ever since Kairi came to the islands, Riku and Sora were hooked on finding new worlds.

"I still think it's a risky idea…" I replied. I watched Sora trying to dodge the ball by jumping over it. It didn't end very nicely… Sora landed on the ball and fell to the ground. Kairi giggled and walked towards my brother to see if he was ok.

"Aw come on Suno." Riku persisted. "Will you come with us? For me?" I blushed pink, turning to Riku, tilting my head. His face was serious, a rare sight for me, his eyes begging for answer. Suddenly, the school bell rang, leaving the question unanswered as Sora and Kairi walked up to us.

"What are we waiting for?!" Sora asked enthusiastically as I sighed.

"For you…" I answered as Sora pouted.

"Meanie…" Sora countered.

"Ugh, I'm so glad to be out of those clothes…" I sighed as Sora and I arrived at the play island. I was wearing a short-sleeved orange hoodie with a long gray tank top underneath, black baggy capris, and orange and gray canvas shoes. Sora was tying up the boat we came on as I patiently waited for him. He was wearing a red jumpsuit with a blue and white vest over and astonishing gigantic yellow shoes. It's as if he doesn't have feet at all sometimes…

"So where are you off to?" Sora asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. Usually when Sora, Riku, and Kairi meet together on the island I would ditch them for alone time, thus making me the most anti-social person.

"Oh you know." I said. "By the cove and stuff."

"Ok, meet you at the paopu tree at sunset!" Sora said before running off to find Riku and Kairi. I shook my head at his childish ways and started towards the cove on the other side of the island. I passed under the bridge connecting the small islet housing the fabled slanted paopu tree to the main land, glancing at it slightly. There's a legend about the paopu that if two people share one, their destinies would be intertwined for eternity… but that's just a legend. Nobody hasn't really tried it yet. I shook my thoughts to the back to my mind and continued to walk towards the door to the cove. I approached and pushed it open to reveal the second half of the island.

The broken bridge stood before me as I veered to the side to the water. On certain places, the bridge is brittle and will give away if you don't move fast enough. I didn't feel like falling down to the sandy water so I took the shortcut through the water. I took the stairs up to the upper level and jumped down the ledge leading to the water. I was then faced with an empty stripe were the waves met the sand as I proceeded to sit on the sand, facing the endless blue horizon.

This was my favorite place to think by myself. I sighed deeply and started to think about my day. I think it all started with that note Kairi passed to me earlier… Since then, Riku's been acting weird… He even offered me a hug! That's something he wouldn't offer, even to a good friend. He must've been playing. And in Art, he it was as if he was afraid to ask me what I saw when I see him… It's not like I bite or something… I barely talk without them anyway… And during PE, he wanted me to come along to other worlds… He looked so serious… and yet… I don't know. I shook my head and gazed at the water. The sun went down slightly so it wasn't overhead but slightly in the middle of northeast. I watched the waves come in and out, leaving seashells at my feet. I picked up an orange speckled shell to see it already occupied with a little hermit crab.

"Oops…" I mumbled setting the crab back down on the sand. "Sorry…" I watched the hermit crab scurry away into waves. I wish I could be like that little crab. Being able to hide anywhere, at anytime… Separated from the rest of the crowd by his shell… But then, the company of trusted loved ones doesn't come easy. I gazed out into the horizon for what seemed like minutes, deep in the folds of my thoughts. The sky turned a deep orange as the sun crept across the sky.

"I guess I should get going…" I mumbled to myself, standing up. I brushed the grains of sand off my butt and started to walk back by the way I came. When I passed through the door to the front part of the island, I gazed upon the little islet. I walked under the bridge and turned the corner. I entered the little shack that led to the bridge and walked up the stairs. I passed through the exit and across the bridge to the slanted paopu tree. Sora, Riku, and Kairi weren't there yet so I decided to wait. I jumped onto the tree, using the raising end as a headrest and laying comfortably. What could be holding them up?

"Sis!" I heard Sora holler as I snapped my head in his direction. Sora was running across the bridge with Riku and Kairi not too far behind. Kairi was wearing a white tank top with a back one underneath, a purple shirt, and white and purple shoes. Riku on the other hand was wearing a yellow and black shirt with an X over his chest, blue jeans that got baggier at his thighs, and blue and yellow shoes.

"Hey guys…" I greeted, sitting up. Sora and Kairi sat on the paopu tree respectively; Sora helped Kairi of course. Riku leaned against the trunk as the four of us faced the setting sun. The ball of light we call the sun was smothered by flickers of pinks, oranges, yellows, and reds.

"So what's up?" I asked as Sora turned to me.

"We've decided to start building the raft tomorrow!" Sora announced as I tilted my head to the side.

"Tomorrow…?" I asked as Kairi nodded.

"Tomorrow we build the raft, the next day we collect supplies, and finally the day after that we set sail!" Kairi briefly explained. I bit my lip and gazed at the setting sun. The weekend starts tomorrow but I didn't think we would be actually putting the raft plan into action… We stayed like that for what seemed like hours, gazing at the sunset and listening to only our thoughts and the incoming waves.

"I guess we should get going." Sora said turning to me, breaking the silence. "We don't want to be late for dinner, right?" I silently nodded as the both of us jumped off the trunk of the paopu.

"I should be going too." Kairi said, sliding off the trunk after us. "What about you Riku?"

"I should be going also." Riku replied, shifting his weight to his two feet. "My parents would flip if I come back after sundown…" The four of us walked toward the shack, crossing the bridge with me in the rear. Suddenly, I felt a freezing cold breeze wrap around me, stopping me in my tracks. What was that…? It doesn't get that cold near sundown…

"Suno? What's up?" I heard Riku ask, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Oh, um, nothing…" I answered, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks. Someday, I have to tell him… I just have to…

Shall Tell Him Some Faithful Day

End of Chapter 1

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