Chapter One

Tales of Juugo and Jealousy

Version 1.3

Love is a battle.

Which means you'll need a gas mask and a sharp weapon.

Juugo had known for months. Sasuke, however, had been the first to notice. They said that outsiders always realize it first and no one knew this better than the stoic Uchiha. Would Karin ever know it though?

That was the question that Juugo sat and pondered on this warm summer night. The moon shown bright and their was little wind, making the atmosphere perfect for travelers such as the members of Team Hebi.

They had been traveling for days and it had, at last, been Suigetsu who had brought up the idea of a rest. Karin had argued, as always, but it was obvious that the red-haired woman agreed. And so, they had stopped.

Sasuke had immediately disappeared, as he always did, while the rest of them set up the camp. Suigetsu had originally refused to help but, after a few threats from his female teammate, he had agreed to help. They were finally resting under the moonlight when Juugo decided to put the plan into action.

Slowly, the psycho-murderer put his arm around Karin's shoulders. Karin flinched a bit before staring at him in complete shock and annoyance. However, her annoyance seemed to be nothing compared to that of the other teammate who was currently sitting a few feet away.

Juugo smiled at Karin and tightened his hold around her shoulders. Karin seemed to think that yelling at the murderer would be dangerous to her health, and so, she didn't move. She did, however, continue to glare.

And so did Suigetsu. The white-haired water-boy sat on the ground seething with jealousy. Of course, he didn't know that it was jealousy. He was simply reacting against his will.

It was working! It was really working! Suigetsu was reacting to the 'moves' Juugo was putting on Karin. Wouldn't Sasuke be proud?

Suigetsu stood up. Was he coming over? Juugo had to remember not to lose his temper. He had to stay calm. But still, it would suck if Suigetsu hit him. That was not a part of the plan.

Suigetsu turned and walked towards the tent. "Going to bed," he mumbled to the two of them before walking through the tent-flap and not returning.

Juugo took his arm off of Karin and began to think. He needed a new plan.

Karin, however, needed to get away from Juugo. And so she ran, as fast as she could, to join Suigetsu in the tent. Normally, that wouldn't happen. But tonight…it seemed like the best option.


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