Chapter Three

Tales of Juugo and Jealousy

Was it all just a failure?

Or did I succeed?

Only those on the outside can tell.

For the third time, Juugo was pondering the relationship between Karin and Suigetsu. None of his attempts to make Suigetsu jealous seemed to be working. Karin kept getting in the way! Maybe if he got rid of Karin...

No, no...Karin was necessary to this entire thing! What in the world was he thinking? Perhaps he'd been hit one too many times. But he wasn't giving up! He would never stop his attempts to make the idiotic member of their group realize his feelings for their red-headed friend!

And so, as a final attempt, he walked up to Karin and demanded that she marry him. Karin looked like she wanted to cry. Why was he stalking her? He'd never had any interest in her before! So why now? When she was finally content with her love life?

"NO! I don't like you!" she yelled before walking away. Juugo noticed that Karin had begun running much faster ever since he'd started to 'like' her...


Sasuke walked back to the campsite he had chosen for the night. Lately, Juugo; his only sane companion (and Sasuke used the term 'sane very loosely. Incredibly loosely. The epitome of looseness!) was acting very odd. And Sasuke knew why. He was the only person who knew why.

And it was completely asinine.

When he reached the camp, the first thing, or, rather the first person, he noticed was Karin. She was curled up into a ball staring towards the campsite a few yards away. Upon further inspection, one would notice that she was not staring, she was glaring. And she wasn't doing said glaring at the campsite. She was glaring at Juugo.

Well, he couldn't say that was unexpected.

"Come on," he said to his companion, still walking. The girl stood and followed him towards their other comrades. "What the hell's going on?" Sasuke asked when all of them were seated around the fire.

"I can't take it anymore," Juugo said, standing and looking around at the other three. "You like her!" he yelled, pointing at Suigetsu and then to Karin. "And you! You like him!" the finger pointing at Karin returned to Suigetsu. "But you won't-"

"Juugo..." Sasuke interrupted, with his customary cold look. "Suigetsu and Karin have been dating for the past two weeks. Your the only one who hasn't noticed because you've been running around trying to make Suigetsu jealous." The three of them stared at their leader in surprise.

And it was then that Juugo realized it. He had gotten involved...and the involved never know anything.

Well, this was the last chapter! I hope you enjoyed it:)

Love, Tessy