Dimension Switch

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"sigh IM SO BORED." Said poor Kristina as she did nothing but lay on her bed, face down. She was a 15 year old Mexican girl with shoulder length curly brown hair and brown eyes, and she was a little short for her age at 5' 4". She had a plain black shirt on and baggy navy blue pants. "Ugh, reality sucks. Why can't it be cool, like in the cartoons!?"

Recently having fallen in love with Beast Wars, she began to daydream of being there, fighting battles and annoying the crap out of many. She laughed at the thought, and ended up falling asleep happily. A few hours passed and a sound of a bird squawking woke her up. She slightly opened her eyes, but they soon popped open from the sight. She woke up in a jungle familiar to her. A light bulb lit up in her brain.

"OH MY GOD IM IN BEAST WARS!" She shouted in shock and excitement.

She jumped up from her laying position and immediately started to find her way out of the jungle. She got out easily and ended up near the Maximal Base. Although she would have wanted to find the Predicons, so she could annoy Megatron, she thought the Maximals would do just find, just as long as Depth Charge was there. She let out an evil giggle as she made her way to the base.

Rattrap sat asleep on monitor duty yet again, dreaming of doing absolutely nothing. Most everyone had gone out to mine Energon. Rhinox was one of the few left, but he was tinkering with a few gadgets, doing nothing really. Depth Charge, luckily for Kristina and unlucky for him, was in his quarters recharging. With no one having detected her, she made her way to the front door. She looked it up and down and wondered how she'd get in. So, being the crazy child she is, she kicked the door…..and it opened enough for her to get in. Smiling with pride, she walked right in, kicking the door again so it would close, which it did.

"I love glitches." She said to herself.

She walked through the base searching high and low for Depth Charges room. She found it after a bit, but couldn't figure out how to get in. A good kick wouldn't help her on this one. Considering that it was locked, there would be no way for her to get in, BUT, she could find a way for HIM to come OUT. She thought for a second then came up with an idea. She went to hide near his room, took a deep breath and…..

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Not a half second later she heard something in Depth Charges room fall to the floor with a THUD, and footsteps coming towards the room. Luckily for her, she was perfectly concealed behind a few boxes. She suppressed her giggles to see what would happen next. Depth Charge burst out of his room, optics wide wondering what the CRAP was going on. Same with Rattrap and Rhinox when they got to the room. Seeing no one else there, Rattrap gave a wierded out look at Depth Charge.

"Was dat YOU?" He asked.

Depth Charge looked at him for a second then glared at him.

"NO that was NOT ME. Was it one of you?" He asked them.

"The scream came from down here." Stated Rhinox.

They could only look at each other wondering who screamed, while only right around the corner was a little Latina ready to have a laughgasm. The three Maximals decided to search around the area. Rattrap went in Kristina's direction, but passed right by her and her box camouflage. After waiting for a bit, she went after Rattraps path, knowing if she went the other way she would surely be caught, and the fun had just begun! She made her way quietly through the hallways, checking each turn before she went. On one occasion, she saw Rattrap down one turn, so she went forward, farther and farther away from him. After many random twists and turns she decided to give them another spark attack. She found a little room she could hide in and went a little ways from it. Again, she took a deep breath and….

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" she screeched at a deafening pitch and ran to the little room to hide in.

She could hear a thunder of footsteps running around, but this time it was different. It wasn't just three footsteps, but SEVEN. This made her giggle even more, the more the merrier is how it went! But then a thought occurred to her, could they track her through scanners? No…..could they? If they could pick her up on their scanners then she was done for. She looked around the little room and found some boxes. She looked in one and oh happy day! Scanner blockers! She quickly popped one on the back of her neck, so to be hidden by her hair, and activated it. Now there was no way she could be detected! She made her way out of the room and began down more hallways. Oh how lucky her day had been. She made it to the control room without being caught. She saw no one in there she skipped in and to the controls. Eyeing them with glee she ran her hands lightly over the buttons, always having wanted to press them all. Like a maniac, she began to rapidly push random buttons, flipping switches and whatever else was there. Seeing a save button, she pushed it, having NO IDEA what she just saved. She pressed a particular button and a window popped up on a screen saying "Shut down light system?" Immediately, she pushed yes and ALL the lights in the base went out. The only lights that were left were on the computer screens. She heard footsteps coming in her direction so she made a mad dash for a pile of more boxes. My, how convenient those boxes were. Black Arachnia and Silverbolt were the first to make it to the control room.

"Looks like we got some sort of hacker." Black Arachnia said, huffing from all the running.

Soon, everyone made it to the control room, trying to catch their breath and looking very confused.

"Rhinox, do a scan over the entire base again," ordered Optimus.

"I just don't understand, its signature just disappeared all of a sudden! I can't seem to find it anywhere!" replied Rhinox.

"Well do a perimeter check." Said the leader.

"Already did. Whatever was here is most probably long gone by now!" the scientist said.

"But that's impossible! Black Arachnia and I got here no more than 2 minutes after the lights went out and we even went passed the blast doors! It couldn't have escaped the base without us seeing it!" exclaimed Silverbolt.

"Well if a certain RAT had been doing his job with monitor duty, none of this would be happening!" said Depth Charge with his arms folded.

"Hey, how was I suppose ta know that we'd have somethin' coming here all of a sudden? At least it ain't a Predicon by the sig we saw earlier." He said in his defense.

The others had to agree somewhat with it not being Predicon, but it wasn't Maximal either, so what was it? Only the boxed human knew what was going on and she wasn't willing to stop the chaos until someone caught her. The Maximals separated, leaving Silverbolt to guard the control panels. Kristina waited, trying to see what the fuzor would do. After a bit, Silverbolt thought it okay to just sit down. And again with the luck, he was no longer facing her! Without making a sound, the human made her way out of the boxes and into the hallways, amazingly not getting caught.

I can't believe how EASY this is! Seriously beats being at home doing nothing! She thought to herself with a grin.

She was so caught up in her thoughts and triumph, she made on wrong turn and smack dab into the back of Depth Charges legs. She squeaked in surprise and tried to run away but was quickly swept away and hanging in the air by the collar of her shirt. She was soon face to face with the manta, his red optics glaring at her angrily.

"So, it was YOU causing all this trouble," he said with a level tone that could kill.

She gulped and was carried away to the control room as Depth Charge called everyone telling them that he had found the "problem".