Happy At Last

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Last time on Fun in Beast Wars, Rampage, Depth Charge, and the newly transformed Kris, got hit by a lightning strike and ended up Spark Bonded! For those who don't know what it means, don't worry, it shall be explained in this chapter.

"WHAT?!?!?!" they exclaimed, obviously shocked by their predicament.

"Yes, Spark Bonded. It must have happened since you were all so close together when that lighting hit the three of you." Rhinox explained.

"Isn't Spark Bonding something that happens between lovers?" Kris asked.

"Why yes, as embarrassing as it is to tell you three." He replied "But strangely enough, it CAN happen from what you just went through."

She looked at her new spark.

"So this is practically Rampages spark. Does that mean I have an immortal spark too?" she asked.

"I would suppose so." He answered.

"Heh, sweet." She said. She stared at it, and then randomly poked it with her claw.

"OW!" the three spark bondees screamed in pain.

"What the PIT was that for?!" Depth Charge yelled at her.

"I didn't know it would hurt!!" she said.

"With all your knowledge on sparks, you didn't know poking it would hurt?!" yelled Rampage.

"I didn't know!" She told them.

The two shook their heads. It was bad enough that the long time enemies were spark bonded to each other, but also to a crazed little girl who might kill them with the apparent little knowledge she had of sparks! They all closed their chests, especially Kris so she couldn't be anymore curious.

"You have to be careful more than ever now! If one of your sparks is hurt, you ALL get the pain!" Rhinox said.

They all nodded, but the little speech was mostly for Kris.

"So Rhinox, how do I change back to my human form?" she asked him.

"I wouldn't have the slightest idea. I've never seen something like this happen!" he said, still wondering how it all happened from a simple lightning strike.

Kris thought for a bit. If she could open her chest by concentrating, maybe she could change back that way! So she concentrated, imagining herself turning into a human. She began to shine and sure enough, changed back to human! They all stared at her in amazement from what they just saw. She looked at them and smiled.

"A little concentration never hurt anyone." She said simply.

Depth Charge, Rampage, and Kris all went outside for the remainder of the day, leaving everyone else to go about their business at the base. Kris turned back to her transformer self so that they could get a better look at her. She didn't look like much, but that didn't mean she was weak. She had already shown them that she had a powerful laser attack, but what else was there that she could do? She was more than happy to show them.

"Alright guys, I call this my Laser Claw." She said, trying to sound impressive.

Kris concentrated and her claws began to glow a bright gold. She saw a big, thick tree and decided to use it as a target. She was surprisingly fast when she charged towards it. She jumped in the air and swiped at the tree with both hands. They couldn't tell if she hit it or not, but soon knew as the tree began to fall. She walked back up to them and smiled.

"Okay, so you know three of my attacks already. My Screech, Sound Blast which was that blue laser I used to total the door, and my Laser Claw. So, that's basically it, I can do a few other things, but their not really important. Any questions?" she said.

"I've got one, why did you choose to be so short?" Depth Charge asked.

"Can you PLEASE drop the short thing?!" she said.

"Well it's hard to miss. You grew a foot higher at most." Rampage explained.

"Seriously you guys! Can't you think of something other then my hei-"she started but stopped. She cocked her bat ears to listen.


"SSHHH!" she shushed Depth Charge. "Someone's coming." She tried to fly, but couldn't, which was embarrassing.

"You can't fly with those big wings of yours?" Rampage asked, practically laughing when he said it.

"You, shut up." She pointed at the crab. "Depth Charge, since I've yet to master flying, I need you to go up there and see whose coming from that direction." She said, pointing behind them.

He did so and sure enough, some one was coming. The Predacons. He started to fly back to the Maximal base.

"Where the heck is he going?" Kris asked as she watched him fly away.

"He's headed towards the base. Must be a Predacon attack coming." Rampage replied.

"Well let's get going!" She said, heading towards the Predacons. "Time for me to have my first fight!"

He smiled and followed her, interested to see how well she fought. They didn't have to go very far considering that Megatron was making the other Predacons run their hides off just like he was. The two sides ended up meeting in a clearing in the jungle. Kris got to it before Rampage did.

"MEGATRON!" she yelled dramatically and pointed at him.

"…..who are you?" he asked, huffing and puffing from all the running.

"That human girl from yesterday, but now I'm TRANSFORMED!" she said, striking a pose.

"WHAT are you DOING?" Rampage asked when he got to the clearing.

"NOTHING." She said going back to a normal stance, a little embarrassed by her hyperness and dramatic posing. "Eh hem, anyway, what are you doing running like crazy Megatron?" she asked him.

Megatron regained his composure and tried to sound authorative.

"I should ask you the same question! But I have far more important business to attend to!" he told her.

"Liiiiike, looking for your lost spark?" she asked mockingly.

The other Predacons looked at him confusedly.

"I-I-I don't know what your talking about!" he said.

"Well then let's see Rampages unlost spark then! C'mon, bring it out!" she said.

He glared at her. How did she know it was gone? Unless…SHE'S the one who took it!

"Alright, you got me. But tell me, how do you know it was gone?" he asked.

"Cause I'm the one who took it!" she said, sticking her tongue out at him.

"And now I can give you the pain you've been giving me all this time!" Rampage said, walking towards Megatron.

"Wait Rampage!" Kris yelled, jumping in front of him.

"Why should I? I'm going to get my revenge here and now!" He told her.

"Come on 'Page! I've only been here for three days!" she said.

"And I care why?" he said, stepping over her.

"Well, uh, uh." She tried to think, grabbing on to his leg. Then she got an idea." Uh, wouldn't you rather make him suffer mentally? Mental suffering is WAY WORSE than physical!"

He stopped and looked down at her.

"….what did you have in mind?" he asked, now curious on what she had to say.

She let go of his leg and walked up to the Predacons. She looked at them all and smiled.

"Hey guys! I wanna tell yall something!" she began and took a deep breath.

"P….M….S!!!!!!" she yelled.

Immediately, they all covered their audios and started screaming. The Maximals finally made it, but were confused on what they were seeing. The Predacons were on the ground screaming their heads off, and Kris and Rampage were laughing their butts off!

"Uuuhhh, did we miss somethin?" A confused Rattrap asked.

"I think we missed everything." Cheetor replied.

They all went back to their own bases after the whole fiasco. Optimus allowed Rampage to come to the Maximal base after much persuasion from Kris. Rampage said the only reason he was coming was to make sure Kris didn't do anymore spark poking. But his real reason was because he had grown to like the little psycho. The feeling was mutual for Depth Charge.

"So you guys don't have any idea how I can get back home?" Kris asked, back in her human form.

"We've only been through a time change, not a dimension change." Optimus told her.

She sighed. "Don't get me wrong, I REALLY like it here! But my family back at home…well….they're probably really worried about me. My mom freaks every time she doesn't know where I am for more than an hour, so God knows how she's doing right now since I've been gone for three days!" she explained.

"We'll do whatever we can to get you back." Optimus said reassuringly.

"Thanks." She replied.

Night time came and Kris was outside staring at the full moon that was out. She looked sad. Rampage and Depth Charge came up to her to see what was wrong, both worried about her.

"You okay?" Depth Charge asked while he sat beside her. Rampage did the same.

"Yeah, just thinking about home." She replied sadly.

"Are you homesick?" Rampage asked.

"Heh, no, the total opposite." She said with a slight smile at the irony.

"Opposite? Are you saying you DON'T want to go home?" the crab asked.

"Yeah. You see, I didn't really fit in back at home. I actually hated it because of that. Most people never accepted me because of the way I acted. I was always nice to people, but that made me seem like nothing but a goody-two-shoes, and most people get annoyed when you always do the right thing. They also saw me as…well, a freak because of all the things I liked and drew. I'm an artist, and I like to draw scary things sometimes, but people see that as weird and rejected me even more because of it. I stopped caring about what people thought of me, but I got lonely sometimes, with no one to share such pain. I didn't have many people I considered friends, but even the select few didn't know what I went through. And then, I was sent here. You guys have no idea how much happier I am here! I've practically got a whole new life, and friends!" she said, looking at them.

"Well if you hate it so much, then don't go! Stay here if it makes you happy!" Depth Charge said, not wanting her to leave them knowing he'd miss her. Though he had first seen her as an annoyance, he actually grew to like her. He always saw her laughing and having fun even though she had been through so much pain and rejection just for being kind. Hearing her story, he had a new found respect for the child because even with all that, she still smiled.

"Easier said then done Depth Charge." She said. "Like I told you earlier, I have a family back at home, one that worries way too much about me! I don't want to find out that they ended up worrying themselves to death over not knowing where I was! I'm the youngest and they worry extra because of that!" she explained, tears forming in her eyes as she looked down.

"Maybe if you concentrate on going back, you'll be sent back." Rampage said, not looking at her. He didn't want to her to leave either, but he could see how worried she was about this family of hers. Rampage felt the exact same way Depth Charge did about her.

She got up and walked a bit forward to look at the both of them at the same time.

"Guys, I just want you both to know that no matter what, you're my best friends, and will be for the rest of my life. The three of us have a bond, not just the Spark Bond, but a bond between our souls." She said, looking into their optics to get her message through to them.

They slowly nodded, understanding. She closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh as she began to glow. Next thing they knew, she disappeared. They just stared at the spot where she was just seconds ago, faces emotionless. They couldn't believe it. She was gone. After finally getting to know more about her, she was gone.

Kris opened her eyes and found herself in her room, on her bed. Tears began to flow down her eyes not of joy, but of sadness. She wiped away her tears and walked out of her room.

"Mom? Dad? Anyone home?" she asked.

"Over here honey!" her mother said from the kitchen.

Kris ran to the kitchen and looked at her mom. She sounded…..fine. Her mother looked at her and smiled.

"Mom..uh..haven't you noticed that I was gone?" she asked.

"Nnnno…..you just went to your room to take a nap. Are you alright?" her mom asked.

"……what day is it?" Kris asked.

"……Monday." She replied.

Last Kris remembered, it was Saturday! Three days had gone by! But her mom said she just went to take a nap right now!

"Uuuhh.. thanks mom, and don't worry, I'm alright! Just a bit…..tired." Kris said and went back to her room. She sat on her bed and thought, but suddenly, a rush of memories came to her of what she had been doing here the past three days. Mostly Tennis practice, but other than that, she was living out the last week of summer vacation.

Soooo…theres another me living here while I'm over there? She thought to herself. Dang, this is so weird.

Then it hit her. She could go back without a worry! Sure, she'd come back now and again, but all in all, she could go back to Beast Wars without a care in the world! So, she concentrated, but she felt her body go limp, as if she fell asleep. She woke up on the ground looking up at the night sky. She sat up and looked around and found she was alone.

"RAAAAMPAAAAGE!!! DEEEEPTH CHAAAARRRGE!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. "WHERE ARE YOOUU??!!"

She heard running, almost like thunder, coming closer and closer to her. But it was strange, the sounds were coming from both her left and right! Suddenly from the jungle around her, Rampage and Depth Charge came from separate directions and stood there, staring at her with their optics wide. She looked from one to the other and put her hands on her hips.

"Well? Are you guys gonna just stand there or give me a hug?" she said with a smile.

They both picked her up and practically had a group hug, but separated quickly finding them selves hugging each other, which they might NEVER be up for. She fell to the ground, but landed on her feet and began laughing at their embarrassed looks.

"Oh you guys! So I can see that you both are glad to see me!" she said with a big grin on her face.

"We thought we'd never see you again!" Depth Charge told her.

"Heh, well, I'm here! But I noticed that you guys came from SEPARATE directions. Care to explain?" she asked them.

"Do you expect me to be with Fins while you're gone? I don't even think so!" Rampage told her with a laugh.

"Well, now I'm back! So we can be with each other for as long as we want! And have I got a story to tell you guys!" she said, so, so happy to be able to come back to them.


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