A Book on Lily

By GoddessGirl

'And now bring your hand up in a swishing motion – ' Professor Flitwick jumped as the door suddenly opened, revealing Lily. 'Miss Evans, whatever happened?'

'Potions accident.' Lily said looking at her red blotchy hands. 'Madam Pomfrey said it would go away soon.'

'Hope you are feeling better, Miss Evans.' He squeaked from his pile of books as Lily walked around the room to where an empty seat between Melissa and Tabby. 'Now, we are going over the Engorgement Charm. The Engorgement Charm can only placed on living things, unlike the Growth and Enlargement Charms. The correct way of pronouncing the charm is Engorgio…'

'Psst.' Lily turned her head sharply to her left where Tabby was sitting. She watched as Tabby flicked a piece of parchment at her. Picking it up, Lily unfolded the note quickly and quietly.


Scribbling a quick 'Uh, hi?' back, Lily passed the note back. Seconds later she received another note.

'How are you feeling.'

'Much better now. Potter broke his foot and I had to practically drag him into the Hospital Wing to get it fixed.'

'What does he have against the Hospital Wing? I know it's not the greatest place on Earth, but if he was in pain why would he not want to go?'

'You know, I'm not sure.'

'Well anyways, how's Henry?'

'I haven't spoken to him for a couple days now.'

'Really? Why?'

'Well he is in another house.'

'But not even a passing hello?'


'Lily, Henry isn't known for being faithful and if you haven't seen him in a while…'

'What are you implying?'

'I think he might be cheating on you.'

'Do you have any evidence of that?'

'Uhh. Well. No.'


'But look at what we do know. Henry dates different girls all the time before he started going out with you. Honestly, I'm surprised he's last this long with one girl. And you haven't talked to him in a while, maybe he's dropping you silently.'

'What do you mean drop me silently?'

'Like breaking up with you by not actually saying that but just stop talking to you.'

Lily thought as she reread her conversation with Tabby. She did have a point. The only reason she had agreed to go out with Henry in the first place was because Melissa had told her to, and Melissa normally didn't advise her to do something like that.

'What do you think I should do?'

'I think you should break up with him.'

'No, I want to be sure he is cheating on me before I do.'

'Ok. Let's figure this out later.'

Lily crumpled up, suddenly filled with dread. Soon she would be single, she knew that. The signs all pointed to Henry cheating on her, and Tabby did have a point. He did date around a lot.

'For homework,' Professor Flitwick squeaked as he carefully made his way down his pile of heavy books. 'Practice the Engorgement Charm along with the Cheering Charm that we practiced last week. You are dismissed.'

Loading everything in their bags, the two girls left the classroom for lunch. Tabby once again went to go sit with the guys, leaving Lily and Melissa alone to read their books and eat.

'So how was your, uh, what class did you have?' Tabby asked as she dropped her bag behind the bench and sat down beside Sirius.

'Free block.' Sirius said with a grin. 'Always nice to have a free block and have no work you need to do during it.'

'Where's James?' Tabby asked looking around.

'I think he's still in the dorms.' Remus said shaking his head. 'He got more potion on him then we thought. His entire right arm is covered in red burns.'

'Ouch, why doesn't he just go to Madam Pomfrey?' Tabby asked. Remus and Sirius exchanged a look.

'He doesn't like the Hospital Wing.' Remus answered simply, playing with his food.

'But you'd think he'd rather go there and not be in pain.' Tabby pointed out.

'Not from James' point of view.' Remus shook his head.

'So – how'd charms go?' Sirius said changing the subject quickly.

'I think I've got her half-way convinced to break up with him.' Tabby said excitedly. 'We just have to prove he's cheating on her.'

'That won't be too hard…' Sirius muttered.

'What do you mean?' Remus asked curiously. 'What are you talking about?'

'Uh…' Tabby said intelligently. 'Don't get mad, we're trying to get Lily to break up with Henry and then say yes to James.'

'Though I am neutral to your intentions, I think you may find the whole plan a bit harder to carry out then you think.' Remus said, setting down his Charms book, Charming Chicks – The Complete Guide to Charms Related to Birds and Flying Reptiles. 'Even if you do manage to get Lily to break it up with Lisrell, getting her to say yes is a completely different level.'

'We know what we're getting into.' Tabby grinned. 'Now if you excuse me, I have to go plan with Lily.'

'Plan what?' Sirius asked raising an eyebrow.

'The great exposure of Henry Lisrell of course.'