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Miley hit the sand hard. The impact knocked the wind out of her even though she ducked and rolled when she hit the beach. She lay there for a second, trying to catch her breath. She felt the oxygen flow through her, rejuvenating her. Without even thinking she rose to her feet, brushed the sand of her jeans and ran off into the night. But this time she spared a glance backwards and what she saw only made her run faster.

She was lost in her thoughts, thoughts about what she had just seen. She had never seen her Daddy and brother like that. They looked so defeated. Their body language was just so... she couldn't put her finger on it but it scared her no end. So she ran from it. She felt her hair fly over her shoulders and she realised her hood had fallen down. She paused, only for a moment, to pull the hood of the black jacket she was wearing back over her head so it again covered her face and hair.

With her black jacket and dark tinted slim fit jeans she blended in perfectly with the blackness that the night brought. She had no idea where she was running to but still she kept going, slapping her sneaker clad feet to the pavement over and over again. She ignored everything; all the thoughts whirling around in her head were forgotten as she lost herself in the rhythm of her feet.

But not everything can be forgotten, the events of today had taught her that. Inside she marvelled at the fact that all of this had only happened in a day. Outside she showed no emotion.

That was until she felt fresh tears roll down her cheeks. She let them fall. She let the little droplets run down her face and fall from her chin onto her covered chest. She heard them fall through her footfalls. She heard them like she heard waves crash onto the rocky shores of the east part of the beach.

Eventually she had no more tears to cry. Eventually she stopped, if only for want of breath. She leant forwards and rested her elbows on her knees before she chanced a glance upwards at the building that was in front of her. She froze and the empty place that the tears had left inside her started to fill up again. But not with tears. She had cried everything out; she had no more to give. No the empty place inside of her filled up and up until it eventually overflowed.

It filled with anger.

She clenched her wounded hand into a fist. A fist that found itself flying at the nearest available surface which was coincidently the pavement. She gritted her teeth as she felt her fist connect with the concrete of the pavement. She felt the pain as her knuckles scrapped the pavement and welcomed it. The pain she felt soon turned into relief and she rejoiced in the now unfamiliar sensation.

Her anger and pain now forgotten for the moment, she felt her heart beat faster due to the adrenaline pumping around her bloodstream. Time froze for her and she was stuck in that single spectacular where there was nothing but joy. She wondered if this was what addicts felt when they got high.

If so then I don't blame them for being addicted...

But like everything it faded and left only pain and anger. She tried to hold onto that moment, to stretch it even further so she could experience it forever, but she couldn't. She again sunk into the depths of herself and her depression.

She brought her hand up so she could inspect it in the half light that the nearest street lamp provided. She tried to move it to assess the damage and found she couldn't straighten her middle finger or the one next to it.

Ah seems like I won't be flicking anyone any 'V's or two fingered salutes for a while...

Instead of it hurting like hell, it surprised her by only hurting mildly. She couldn't help but twist her lips into a smirk at her hand before letting it fall back to her side. Still wearing the smirk she looked up at the building in front of her, paying special attention to the window on the far left on the second floor. She watched as shadows flickered and moved across the drawn curtains and the smirk weakened into a soft smile as she thought of who lay in that room.

Then she turned on her heel and walked away, walking down the street before ducking into a dark alleyway she had often walked down. Of course all the times she had walked down it before had been during hours when the sun had shone down, providing light by which she could see into every nook and cranny of the alley. But now it was night and the only light by which she could see came from a street lamp at the other end and a light on in a room high above her head. They shone half-heartedly into the darkness, trying to cast away the shadows that plagued the alley.

They failed miserably at it.

But still she started down the alleyway. She didn't care. She wasn't scared. If anything was down there and it had half a brain it would be scared of her. That was how she felt anyway. But if looked at realistically would a mugger or a murderer or a vampire be scared of a 5 foot 6, 14 year old girl with a busted hand? No.

But when this occurred to Miley it was already too late to turn back. She was already half way down the alley so she figured she might as well keep going.

There was a rustling to her left.

She snapped her head around to try to see what had made the sound and a single rat scuttled into the feeble pool of light that the street lamp at the end of the alleyway provided. Almost as soon as it had wandered into the light it scurried to get out of it again. It hurried back to the shadows, back to where it belonged.

Then the light above her was turned off.

With it gone the shadows rushed in to claim the alleyway as part of its territory. They covered everything up until the edge of the pool of soft light that the street lamp cast. Everything was dark and anything could be lurking in that darkness.

Miley knew this but still she refused to show that she was scared. She swallowed her fear and walked as calmly as she could into that pool of light at the end of the alley. It extended only a couple of feet into the alleyway so she continued until she had walked that couple of feet to finally reach the end of the alley.

She released a breath that she knew she had been holding since her surroundings had been cast into darkness. She felt safe, stood there in that pool of light having finally left that alleyway. That dark, dank, disgusting alleyway. Then the light above her flickered and before she even had a chance to turn her head upwards it went out.

And the shadows rushed in to claim that area as its own...

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