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Chapter 1-Back To School

Lily ignored the huge sigh she heard behind her and kept looking through her clothes in her large walk-in closet. However, when the second sigh was heard, she stalked out of the closet and into her huge, beautiful, sunny bedroom, crossing her arms and facing her queen size bed.

"Kates. Look, I know I'm supposed to be supportive and all to you, but really, Katie, think! This is Sirius Black you're talking about. Notorious dater. Flirter. Hooking up with every good-looking girl he can get his hands on. Don't, and I'm being serious, don't fret about it anymore!" Lily finally got the words out to her best friend, who was sprawled out across Lily's bed. Katie sat up to look Lily directly in the eye, determination but sadness written in her amazing blue eyes.

"I don't get it, Lily." She said softly.

"You thought you could change Sirius Black. Make him drop his habits and stick with you forever and ever. Katie…it just can't be done. That's who he is and you deserve better." Lily told her.

"You're right. And I'm so bloody stupid." Katie ran her hand through her gorgeous, perfect blonde hair, so different from Lily's unique reddish-brown locks. "Ah, well. I'll get over it." She flashed Lily her smile, the smile that always captured the eyes from everyone in the room. One thing Lily adored about her best friend was her ability to bounce back to her happy, bubbly self after a few moments of sadness. "Now about you and Mr. Potter…" Katie trailed off, raising her eyebrows and laughing at Lily's sound of disgust.

"No! He's a prat. You know that." Lily retorted.

"But he loves you! I swear he nearly died when he saw you snogging Tristan Thomas in June." Katie couldn't get the smile off of his face.

"He saw that?" Lily asked with a smirk.

"Yeah. I was on the other side of the hall talking with Matt and I saw James turn the corner with Sirius and the smile fell off of his face immediately and he darted out of the hallway. Sirius rolled his eyes, but followed, of course." Katie informed Lily of that day at the end of sixth year.

"And why haven't you told me this before?" Lily questioned.

"Figured you wouldn't care. It seems you'll always hate Potter."

"Well, I have my reasons to, so it doesn't matter."

Katie yelled out in frustration but laughed as she grabbed one of Lily's dresses to try on.


Eleven-year-old Lily was nervously walking the halls of the Hogwarts Express, searching for a compartment. She opened the door of one and saw the most beautiful girl she'd ever seen before. Her sunny blonde hair was reflecting the rays of sunlight that were coming through the window and it fell in loose curled ringlets to her chest. Her face was so strikingly gorgeous, Lily noticed, as her stunning blue eyes looked curiously up at Lily.

Lily was nothing close to ugly. She had beautiful green eyes and a porcelain doll face, along with wonderful unique reddish brown hair, but this girl made her feel downright toad-like. Finally realizing she had been staring, she tried to speak.

"Um, may I sit here? Everywhere else is full and I don't know anyone."

"Sure." The girl flashed a breathtaking smile at her, which Lily returned half-heartedly. "I'm Katie."


"Are you a first year?" Katie asked.

"Yes. Are you?"

"Yes, I am. And for the record, I'm not part veela either, I'm so sick of answering that question." Katie laughed a beautiful laugh.

"Sorry?" Lily had now idea what "part veela" meant.

"Oh. You don't know what a veela is? Well, you'll soon find out. Just remember my answer because everyone thinks I am, but I'm really not. I love your hair! Is that the natural color?" She talked very fast, but Lily started to feel more comfortable with her each second. Before they each knew it, they were pulling up closer to the castle. "You'll love it, you really really will. I've been here once before, for my brother's graduation last year. He's eight years older than I am. But I have another one, who will be a sixth year this year. You'll have to meet him!" Katie said happily to Lily.

From that day on, the two became the best of friends. About as close to being sisters as possible without actually being related.

"She's hot. I mean, damn." Sirius made James Potter and Remus Lupin laugh. "C'mon guys don't laugh! I want her."

James couldn't help from laughing. "Padfoot, you could get her. She's way into you. She just doesn't like that you feel like need to get with every girl fifth year and above."

"Well, if I had her I wouldn't have that need. She'd keep any relationship hot and steamy forever." Sirius said and Remus almost fell out of his chair from laughter. "I'm serious!"

"We know you are." James smirked. "But Padfoot, buddy, how do you know that?" James asked curiously. Sirius always got this information on girls even he, James Potter, was not able to get.

"I've heard. She almost killed the lucky bastard, Patrick, that she went out with last year with her unbelievable sexiness. He said she was amazing, and you know which way I mean that."

The two other boys laughed again. "How do you know he's not making that up? James asked.

"Yeah, Katie's hot and all seems like she'd be a bad girl, but she really seems too nice to go and shag him." Remus pointed out.

"Please, Moony. You are so naïve. No girl that hot is not sleeping with her boyfriend." Sirius announced.

"I, personally, cannot believe we are having this conversation." James said.

"Oh shut up Mr. I'm-so-in-love-with-Lily-Evans-who-will-never-love-me-back-but-I-don't-stop-trying-and-I-make-an-arse-out-of-myself!" Sirius said in one breath. James laughed and did a cannonball into the pool in his backyard, being careful to splash Sirius with as much water as possible.

"Actually, Padfoot, she's not going out with him anymore." Remus told Sirius, who choked on the water he was drinking. After being thumped (rather hard) on the back, he spoke.

"How the bloody hell do you know that?"

"I ran into her in London one day and she told me." Sirius sprang up out of his chair.

"How do you not tell me that?" He proceeded to wrestle with Remus until they both fell into the pool, laughing.

"Boys!" Mrs. Potter called from the back door.

"Yes?" They said in unison.

"You need to pack! I have told you this SO many times. You leave TOMORROW. Early!"

"I'm already packed, Mrs. Potter." Remus boasted, causing both James and Sirius to splash water in his face.

"Excellent, Remus, now teach James and Sirius to do the same." She rolled her eyes but still laughed at the identical, huge grins James and Sirius were wearing.

Lily waved one final goodbye to her parents as they walked out of Kings Cross. She and Katie dragged their heavy trunks along the station, ready to begin their seventh and final year at Hogwarts. Shortly after they crossed the barrier of platform nine and three quarters, they heard a shout.

"Evans!" The voice came from none other than James Potter.

"Potter." Lily wrinkled up her nose, which James, of course, found irresistible.

"How was your summer?" He asked.

"Fine. I didn't see you at all, which immediately makes it better." Lily responded. "Come on, Katie, let's get on the train."

"Sit with us." Sirius came up behind James, looking directly at Katie as he said this.

"No thanks, Black. We're sitting with other—" Lily was responding when Katie cut her off.

"Okay! Sounds good." She grinned at the boys and Lily's jaw dropped as she glared at her best friend. "Sorry." She mouthed and Lily groaned, following the others as they boarded the Hogwarts Express.

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