Disclamer: People...if I owned OHSHC, do you think i would bother with Fanfiction...No I would be sitting in my nice House in Japan (while understanding the language). I would have also changed somethings.(for example there would be a very confused Haruhi for Kyouya, Tamaki, and Hikaru would have all expressed their feelings or she would have figured it out! The scene in the last episode where Tamaki and Haruhi are falling off of the bridge...instead of hugging her, he would have kissed her!!!!! Oh and everyone would know she is a girl and would be fine with it.) Anyway enough of a crazed fangirls ramblings on with the show...story...thing...while you people know what I'm talking about!

Title: A Love, Lost and Found

Author: Jilion Tealleaf

Rating: T

Summery: How does Haruhi's dad's death and a move to New York, result in her living with six guys/friends? This is the Host Club being themselves...read and find out. Also I will make this a romance between Haruhi and either Hikaru, Kyouya, Mori, or Tamaki...you get to pick who by voting...so please review! Thank you. Oh and sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Chapter One, Death and a move?

It was a warm spring day at Ouran High School. Almost all of the students had gone home except for seven special students, the seven members of the Host Club. They had just closed the Host Club for the day after a very successful day of Hosting. Once again Tamaki had wooed his girls with his words, the twins had acted out their twincest love routine, Hunny had had countless peices of cake, Mori had sat by watching everything in that silent portector way, Kyouya had figured out more ways to improve profit, and Haruhi had given advice to her ladies with her natural charm. A week after the "Eclair incident" it was revealed that Haruhi was a female. The girls she had hosted welcomed this (some had actually suspected this) and went to her for advice and to gossip. (Haruhi wasn't interested in gossip, but she did get to stay with the Host Club)

As Haruhi was cleaning up the teacups from her last group of girls (with Tamaki hanging on to her and professing his love for her as his daughter) the doors opened and a tall gentlemen walked into the Host Club.

"Tamaki get off of her this instant!" the superintendent said. "Miss Foujuka-san, my I have a word with you, in private" he added the last part more to the rest of the hosts.

"Of course sir." she said as she pushed Tamaki off of her and walked to the other side of the room.

"Haruhi, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there has been an accident, your father is in a hospitle, I don't know his condition, but it is my duty to tell you. I'm sorry, I will call a car to take you to the Hospitial. Please follow me." he said in a grave voice.

"Thank you sir, I'll grab my stuff." Haruhi said, her voice breaking

"Allright, meet the limo out at the front gates." he said as he gave her shoulder a reasuring squeeze and walked away without another word.

When he closed the door Haruhi made a dash for her bag. When she grabed it she felt a hand on her arm.

"Haruhi, what is it? What's wrong?" Kyouya asked, a rare look on concern on his face.

"Senpie, my father, ther'es been an accident, he's in a hospitial, I have to go. I'm sorry" she said brokenly as tears welled up in her eyes. She ran out the door twoards the front gates.

It took the boys all of ten seconds to run after her. When they caught up to her, the escorted her to the limo in grim scilence. They were in the limo about fifteen minutes before it stoped in front of an old hospitial.

Haruhi rushed inside to the respetionest desk. The elderly lady whos sat at the desk looked up and said, "Miss, may I help you?"

"Yes, my father was brought in here. He was in an accident. Where can I find him?"

"Ahh. You must be miss Haruhi Foujuka, I was told to look for you. Please follow that hall down on the left. You are to go into the third door on the right."

"Thank you." Haruhi ran off twoards the hall. The boys followed her untill a voice stopped them. "Gentlemen, where do you think you are going? That girl has permission to go, but unless you are family members, you may not procede."

"But...but..." Hikaru stuttered.

"Miss, we are friends of Miss Foujuka, we are her support, please let us go in" Kyouya said

"Are you guys coming?" Haruhi had stopped after she discovered that six guys were not following her.

"Yes!" the boys ran off, leaving a blubbering lady.

The group followed the directions the lady gave them. They wound up in an office with a man in his late fourties sitting at a desk.

"Ya, you must be Haruhi? Well come in, I'm Doctor Samakie. I presume you would like information on your father? And who are these young gentlemen?" he said in a grave tone.

"Yes, and these are my friends, but can we get back to my father how is he? What happended? Where is he?" Haruhi started asking questions rapidly untill Tamaki put his hand on her shoulder and instantly stopped her talking.

"Your father is here at the hospitial. He was in a car accident. We presume that another car hit him and pushed him off of the road. He was on a dirt road coming back to town. And miss, you may want to sit down..."

"Why? What's wrong?" Haruhi asked panick in her voice.

"Miss I am sorry to report, but your father is D.O.A." (An: For anyone who doesn't know D.O.A. means Dead on Arrival. This term is used when someone is in an accident and they arrive dead at the hosspitial)

Haruhi gasped and stumbled into a chair that Kyouya held out for her.

"Miss, I'm very sorry, but I must leave you now to fill out some paper work on the accident. If you wish to see the body, it is on the third floor, room 392. Otherwise I suggest you go home and relax. We have already called your aunt. She will be here in the morning. I'm really sorry for your loss." with those parting words he walked out of the room with six stunned teenage boys and one crying teenage girl.

"Haru-chan," Hunny was the first to break the deathly silence "do you want to see your father?"

Haruhi just nodded her head in answer, she didn't trust her voice at this point. Hunny walked out with Mori following. Tamaki put his arm around her and led the girl out of the room, following the other two. Kyouya and the twins followed Tamaki and Haruhi out of the room. When they got to room 392, Haruhi opened the door, went in. When Tamaki tried to follow her, Hunny stopped him and told him that she needed to do this on her own.

"Daddy!" Haruhi gasped as she dropped beside her father's bed. He looked so peaceful. She took his hand and burried her face into his cold shoulder. After crying for about ten minuets, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up into the eyes of Mori and stood up. He put his arm around her and led her out the door.

"Haruhi, it's time for us to go, the doctors need to examin the body. We'll take you home." Kyouya said with compassion in his voice.

When they got to Haruhi's home, they led her inside and on to the couch. Tamaki sat beside her and let her cry her heart out in his shirt. Eventually everyone went home except for Tamaki (Haruhi was now sleeping with her head resting on his shoulder) Tamaki picked her up and brought her to her room, laid her down on her bed, and turned around to leave when a soft voice stopped him.

"Senpie, stay with me tonight, please?" Haruhi asked, showing the little girl that she hid inside of herself.

"Sure Haruhi, whatever you want." Tamaki wisphered as he sat down next to her. She moved over so he had room to lay down. He wrapped his arms around her as she nestled her head into his shoulder. Her breathing soon evened out as she fell asleep. Tamaki looked down and said quietly, "How could this happen to you? How?" He watched her sleep and eventully fell asleep himself.

When Haruhi woke up she was surprised. She found herself curled up to Tamaki, in her bed. She had woken up to the sun, not her father fliping on the lights and asking her to make breakfast. Then, yesterdays events came crashing back to her full force.

"Morning, how do you feel?"

Haruhi looked at Tamaki and discovered that sure enough, he was awake. At that point the doorbell rang and Haruhi got up to answer it. When she approched the door, she slipped on a well placed bannana peel and fell. Tamaki had followed her and triped over her as she fell. As he landed on top of her, the door opened and a woman walked in.

"Oh my, Haruhi, are you allright? Who is this boy on top of you?" the woman pushed Tamaki off of Haruhi and helped Haruhi up.

At that point, the door opend again and in walked five boys. The woman looked up at them, and then looked at Haruhi, "Sweetie, do you know these people?"

"Yes, auntie, they are my friends? What are you doing here?"

"Well, sweetie, I'm here to help with the funeral, and take you home with me."

"Home? But I am home, this is my home."

"No sweetie, home, as in my home, in New York. You'll be moving to New York with me."

"Move!" Haruhi and six boys exclaimed.

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