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Clasping his hands behind his back, the young prince playfully ambled towards the edge of the balcony of which they stood, giving small glances to his companion that had accompanied him.

His guardian stood a few steps behind him, intently reading the parchment he held in his hands, so absorbed in his reading he didn't catch the small looks that were sent his way.

Sighing and looking towards the city lights illuminating the area that surrounded them, Larsa sighed, soon loosing himself deep within his thoughts.


The boy clenched his fists subconsciously. This was neither the time nor place to break down. No matter how much he may have desired to do just that.

"Lord Larsa…"

The boy simply shook his head, silently asking for him not to speak. He mustn't, he was in no condition to.

The brother merely watched on with an intent gaze, not missing the close interaction between the two.

A small, knowing smile formed on his chiseled features.

"Lord Larsa…"

The boy opened his eyes to meet those of the other that seemed to pierce his very soul.

"… I rather enjoyed it"

Larsa gave a small, sad smile, trying to ignore his slowly breaking heart.


The young child gently swung his legs back and forth beneath him from his position on the bench that he was perched on.

Innocent, deep eyes looked towards a man standing a fair distance away.

The young boy gracefully removed himself from his sitting position and strode over to the armored man.

"My Lord…" The boy simply smiled up at the elder when he reached him.

"Do you, perchance, like butter tarts?" Larsa inquired. The judge gained a confused expression, unseen by anyone else due to the heavy, ornate helmet.

"My Lord, I cannot say I have had the pleasure of indulging in this treat of which you speak." At this, Larsa frowned.

"Well then, you must promise to try it one day?" The judge gave a small nod.

"Yes My Lord"


The brunet unclasped his hands and crouched down, looking into the steady stream of water in front of him. At seeing his own weary, but decidedly happy features, he smiled.

"Sir Basch… Do you, perchance, like butter tarts?"

A/N: Yes, it is painfully short, and yes it is OOC, and yes, I probably got a lot of details wrong - but damnit I tried! I think I essentially avoided eye colours... but if I didn't, I probably got those wrong too. Writing in a fandom you do not know is painful. Tsuki, I hope this was to your liking. Or... at least passable

Oh... I should mention: The centered bit is a flashback within a flashback. Nifty, eh?

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