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An Unexpected Visitor

A boy with bright, vivid green eyes and dark, messy black hair stared out of the window of his small, messy room. He barely took in anything, only absently noting the perfectly lined houses and the overly manicured lawns that surrounded him. With a sigh he pressed his forehead against the cool glass, the cold felt refreshing against his scar which seemed to always been tingling with pain these days. Actually, he noted dryly, it had been tingling with pain for about two years, only now he barely noticed it anymore.

His breaths were slowly fogging up the glass and blocking his view of the street but he didn't care. His mind wasn't on the street. His mind was in a deeper, darker place. One full of horrors that no sixteen your old boy should ever have to visit, or even know about.

Like a vile interloper, the images of his parent dying, the green light and the screams had constantly been in the back of his mind since his third year of school. Since then he had also added the images of witnessing Cedric's death and Voldemort's return. The horrors of that night were only the beginning of the deaths that would soon come.

He could see the Department of Mysteries and the image of Sirius stumbling backwards through the veil, eyes wide in disbelief; Death Eaters covering the department room like vermin. The death of his Godfather had changed the boy, made him grow quicker than one should be forced to grow. But the change was not nearly as outwardly apparent as the change that had come over him in the last few months. Over those last few months the boy that had used to live on the inside had vanished. With the death of his beloved headmaster; his mentor and friend, there was also another death that was unknown to the world. The innocence and naïveté that had once lived within him had died, leaving an anguished and hardened soul.

He had never been like others and would never be like then; he had known that from the start. He had grown up in a muggle world and had always been an outcast there. His relatives despised him and he had no real friends but that had all changed when he had blissfully received that letter which revealed his true heritage and the hidden life that he had always been meant to live.

Upon entering Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry he had experienced something he had never known before. He found himself with friends for the first time in his life and in a place where not only did people acknowledge his existence, but actually sought him out. For the first time in his memory he had known what it felt like to be somewhat normal.

But that had quickly changes as the years melted away and he had been forced to meet with the darkest wizard know to man, not once, but four times; barely escaping with his life on every encounter. No, he was anything but normal in everyone's eyes. He was The Boy Who Lived, The Chosen One, The Hero…he was expected to do all of these amazing things and save the world when he wasn't even able to save those he cared about. He felt like the entire weight of the world was on his shoulders and the load was an impossible one to carry.

He let out a deep breath, causing the fog to spread violently, then slowly begin to shrink into it's self, disappearing. He wished he could disappear. No, he thought tiredly, I can't disappear. Dumbledore had left him a job. He had to finish what had already been started. He had to find the Horocruxes and destroy them before he could truly face the man responsible for all of the grief in his life. Once he had disposed of the remaining souls, then he, Harry Potter, could finally face Voldemort. How the outcome of that battle would result, Harry had no idea, but he knew one part of the prophecy was right. He would not be able to rest until one of them was dead.

Slowly he pulled his head back from the window and gazed around the small, cluttered room. Books and parchments were scattered all over the place, covering the desk, the nightstand and the floor. Since he had returned he had spent every spare moment of his time reading and studying magic. All he did every waking hour was sit in the cramped room that the Dursley's had given him and read up on anything that might help him.

He had received several useful books from his friends and those in the Order of the Phoenix, with letters attached full of confident words and well wishes. He had only returned two of those all summer to there growing concern and displeasure.

He knew that his friends were beginning to get angry with him, he could sense it in there letters which had been growing shorter and less personable as the days progressed and they had received no response. Finally, unable to avoid responding any longer, Harry had written Ron a quick letter saying that he would greatly appreciate the Weasley's coming to pick him up on his birthday. He knew there was no way around it. He would have to leave as soon at the protection was gone and the Weasley's home was the only place he could imagine going to until he figure out a steady plan.

The other letter he had wrote was to Hermione about a two week into their summer break. Well it wasn't really a break for him because he had no intention of going back to school but it was easier to not think about what he faced in the upcoming months and choose to think of it like a break. He had written in response to a very concerned letter he had received from Hermione after he had not responded to their first few. He could vividly remember the heart felt words that Hermione had etched onto paper.


Please write back to us, we are so concerned about you. I know that it must be just horrible for you being with those relatives of yours and having to deal with... well everything… but please don't push us away again. What Ron and I told you at the end of last year still stands true. We will be with you until the end of all this and it is our choice to help you and you should respect our decision and don't push us away like you have with Ginny. We all care about you and want to help you. This war is affecting everyone and anyone can be harmed so please don't avoid us just because you think it might keep us from getting hurt because it wont. We are your best friends and have been through so much together. Please don't go out and try to do this on your own; let us help you, it might make things easier.

We are all with you Harry
With much love,

After reading that Harry had felt awful about avoiding her and Ron. They had stood beside him in every challenge that had come and he knew he wasn't being fair by just closing them out but he couldn't bring himself to letting them back in either. If either if them was killed because of him then he would never be able to live with himself. He had quickly scratched off a note telling her that he knew she was there for him and that he wouldn't go anywhere without telling them first. It was the best he could do to reassure her even though it wasn't much.

But he had been true to his word and had not left once. He had decided upon returning that he would stay until his birthday and learn as much as he could before the protection was gone. Then he would truly be on his own.

He had been back with the Dursley's for over a month now and only had one more day to go before he could leave this revolting place that had never been a home. The date was the 30th of July and in a little hours he would officially become an adult in his world, the only world that mattered to him.

In one day the protection that his mother had left him would also be gone. He was torn between the happiness of knowing that he would never have to darken the Dursley's door again and the sorrow that accompanied the knowledge that the one thing his parents had left him, the protection they had given him by giving up their lives, would vanish. In a way that protection had made it seem as if his parents were almost there, protecting him like a mother and father only could. With it gone, it seemed like another small string that had attached him to them would be gone as well.

A knock on the front door brought him out of his broodings. He glanced quickly to the small clock on his bed stand; it read 10: 20. Uncle Vernon could easily be heard grumbling below, "un-thoughtful hooligans, who would be appearing at this time of night… indecent I say!" The complaining was immediately cut off as he opened the door, "Yes?" Harry heard him ask, the annoyance highly evident in his voice. He couldn't hear the response and felt a growing curiosity over who was at the door. They rarely received visitors and never at this hour.

"You're here to take the boy off of our hands?" Uncle's Vernon's voice rang out in surprise. Frowning, Harry walked over to his desk and picked up his wand. He had received no word from the Weasley's that anyone was coming for him early. They had planned it all out that he would leave at exactly eleven thrity that night, right before the protection ended. They had all been very clear about the time and who would come because everyone was terribly jumpy what with all of the attacks that had been happening everywhere.

"Boy get down here!" His uncle shouted happily. Harry knew that he would be all too happy to get rid of him earlier than planned. His relatives had been practically counting the seconds down before he would leave.

Slowly Harry crept down the stairs, wand held tightly behind his back. He was still protected by his parents sacrifice so he doubted it was an attack, but he decdied to play it safe anyways.

Reaching the foot of the stairs, Harry received his first glance of the figure standing in the doorway. Whoever it was completely covered in a dark brown cloak that revealed nothing. "You didn't tell us that you would be leaving early," Uncle Vernon said nastily but joy was clearly evident dancing in his eyes.

Ignoring him, Harry stared hard at the man before him. Well, he assumed it was a man by the height and broadness of the shoulders, but he didn't know for sure. 'Who are you?"
Harry asked slowly.

Taking a step inside, the man held up at hand and shook his hooded head slowly, forestalling anymore questions. Harry's grip tightened on his wand as the man turned to his uncle.

"Give us a moment alone," he said quietly, almost inaudible. There was something familiar about the voice, but Harry couldn't quiet pin it. The man had spoken to quietly to draw a face to the voice.

With a large humph at being kicked out of his own living room, Uncle Vernon stamped past Harry, glaring angrily but holding his tongue. He had grown smarter over the years and had finally stopped insulting the "freaks" as he liked to call them, being to afraid of what they might do to him, especially since he learned that some of them where after Harry.

The man closed the door with one hand without turning away from Harry. "Who are you?" Harry asked again nervously.

The man moved his had to his pocket and before Harry had time to react he had pulled out a wand and pointed it directly at Harry. Harry quickly pulled his own wand arm out in front of him but it was too late. The man had sent a nonverbal disarming spell at him before he had fully raised his own, knocking the wand free of his hand and sending him several staggering steps backwards.

Catching his balance, Harry silently stood there, watching the man with wide eyes. How could this be happening? He thought wildly. Dumbledore said that he could not be attacked before his seventeenth birthday, but here he was being attacked.

"Your typical mediocre abilities shine through once again Mr. Potter," the man said, his voice loud enough that Harry could finally recognize the familiar sarcastic drawl.

"You traitorous bastard," Harry growled, advancing a step with clinched fists.

"Manners Potter," Snape said softly.

"You killed Dumbledore, I saw you with my own eyes." Harry said coldly. "You deserve no respect; you only deserve a long, painful death."

"Well, I suppose it is a good thing that we do not often get what we deserve," he said, flicking his wand slightly. Harry watched as his own wand soared to his nemesis' outstretched hand who quickly pocketed it. Harry couldn't believe he had been so stupid. And now because he had let down his guard for a few seconds he was caught by the vilest man on the face of the earth. The man who had killed Dumbledore and had betrayed everything that Harry loved.

Glaring, Harry stood unmoving before the cloaked man; waiting for him to make the next move. It was painfully obvious who was in charge. "So what are you going to do with me?" Harry spat. "Kill me now or bring me to Voldemort and hope for some tasty reward for being his lap dog?"

"Do not say the Dark Lords name," Snape hissed angrily.

"So you'll kill the only person who believed in you for Voldemort, but you still won't say Voldemort's name?" Harry yelled angrily, taking special care to pronounce Voldemort's name clearly. He could feel himself shaking with rage. Before him was the man he had sworn he would kill but who had just thoroughly caught him off guard and disarmed him without even trying.

"Silencio," Snape muttered, advancing towards him. "You will not say his name in my presence."

Crossing his arm defiantly, Harry glared up at him. He would not give him the satisfaction of complying with him in any way. If saying Voldemort's name made him angry, then Harry would say it every chance he got. It was now the only way he could fight back.

"Much better," said Snape. "Now you will be coming with me, on your own two feet or unconscious, it really doesn't matter. You can control the amount of force I use, but you will be coming. We need to have a talk before you go and get yourself killed in some moronic attempt at heroism."

Drawing his brows in confusion, Harry stared hard at Snape. What could he have possibly meant by that? It did not sound like the kind of statement one made to someone before giving them to their executioner which is exactly how Harry felt it would happen.

"No Potter," he responded to Harry's puzzled look. "We shall not be gracing the Dark Lord with your presence tonight. But you should be aware that he is very," he paused as if searching for a word. "Eager to meet with you again."

A shiver ran up Harry's spine at the last part. He could only imagine what type of meeting that would be and knew he would try to prolong that encounter for as long as possible.

"So, how shall it be?" Snape continued. "Do you wish to walk or be carried out of here?"

Sighing, Harry uncrossed his arm submissively. If he wasn't conscious then he had zero chance of getting away. At least if he walked out he might have some type of chance even if his pride was bruised. Without even seeing Snape's face, Harry could tell that he was smiling. That revolting traitor had loved to cause Harry discomfort from the first time they meant. If anything, it would only be worse now.

"Good, you can show signs of intelligence every now and then" the cloaked figure breathed. "Hold out your hands."

Lifting his hands out slowly, Harry bit his lip in frustration as Snape conjured up ropes and tied his wrist together tightly. He would see this man dead if it was the last thing he did, he promised silently as Snape pulled out an invisibility cloak and threw it over his head.

The Death Eater grasped Harry's arm tightly and began to lead him to the door. Glancing back quickly for any ideas in a last chance attempt of escape, Harry saw the terrified eyes of his aunt Petunia starring out fearfully at Snape's back. From the look on her face, she new her nephew had just been abducted.

Good, Harry thought. Now when the Weasleys came she can at least tell them what happened. There was still a small chance of him getting out of this horrible situation alive.

With that small bit of hope, Harry was lead out into the chilly night air. They walked a few steps away from the door before Harry felt the unpleasant feeling of side along Dissaparration.

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