Harry stood in Dumbledore's office allowing the truth to sink in. Voldemort. Gone. Forever. The words rolled around in his mind bringing some happiness to his saddened face.

He stared at Ron and Hermione both faces show tired, grief-stricken faces mirroring the expressions of his own. Then his happiness was gone as swiftly as it came.

The images of Percy clutching Fred's lifeless body slid into his mind. Harry hung his head in shame as he thought about Tonks and Lupin and how little Teddy would grow up sad and

lonely like himself. As he looked Ron in the eyes he felt all the guilt hit him even harder as he turned to join the others in the Great Hall leaving a wave of confusion in his wake.

Harry could feel red hot tears welling in the corners of his emerald eyes as he thought of Fred, the Weasley family, his god son, all of the death, and those that had backed him

knowing death lurked around the corners. The hot tears that welled at the corners of his eyes as his heavy footsteps echoed off the walls threatened to spill over the rims as he fumbled for his invisibility cloak. Just as he was about to pull the silvery cloak over his head he saw Mrs. Weasley walking towards him. Harry stood there momentarily frozen to

his spot as she hugged him. He could see the sorrow in her normally happy face as the death of Fred really sunk in for her. "Mrs Weasley I am sotty about-"

"Harry no need to apologize…Fred died doing what he believed in," she told him sternly yet the sadness in her voice was undeniable. Wordlessly he hugged her, but deep down

inside Harry knew it was his fault some way or somehow. They walked in silence to the hall. Harry looked around to see most people had left to the common rooms no doubtly.

Harry jerked his head toward the crowd and saw a flash of red hair in his face as Ginny wrapped her arms tightly across his chest, and for the first time in a year he relaxed as the

hug was returned. He could feel the curious eyes of the Weasleys' on him as he drew Ginny closer and his lips reached hers with a fluurry of passion. He felt all of the weight

being lifted off of his shoulders as his her mouthclung to his. Suddenly, he didn't care what Ron or any of her brothers thought about. The truth was he loved her.