"Hermione if you love him, then it should be enough above all. You know Ron would never hurt you. He would never do you do wrong," Harry explained his voice deep and brave as he hid his own inner turmoil."I know, but it...it just seems too good to be true. Everything I have read said love and this should not be so easy if it is real," Hermione whispered into the silent, stale air her eyes penatrating his.

"And those books are probably written by loveless hags and warlocks. Sometimes it is best to listen to your heart and soul rather than your mind. If you can feel it in your heart, really feel it then it is real. Listen to your heart tonight, hear what it wants. Then you will have your answer," He replied wishing his heart would tell him to find Ginny, but instead it told him that somethings were best left unknown.

"I know, but it is such a tricky decision. In these times everyone is acting hastily. Maybe I should just wait," Hermione sobbed into Harry's shoulder as she sat on his knee."Hermione you know the new law. would you rather Ron go running and end up with Lavender or someone?" Harry proposed.

"You are right. It is just going to be weird going back to Hogwarts after everything that has happened," Hermione sighed."So what happened with you and Ginny?" Hermione asked and the look she got from Harry was dark, his temper showing."I asked her if it was mine or Malfoy's and she disappeared," Harry replied his mind racing."Why would you suspect Malfoy," Hermione asked."I've seen the letters. I just want to know," Harry replied."It is not Malfoys. I'll go find her," Hermione promised.

"How do you know?" Harry inquired his pulse racing."Because she told me. And, because she is head over heels in love with you," Hermione replied with a shrug."Where is she?" Harry pleaded into the star lit black sky. "Where do you think?" Hermione answered before apperating into the night's air.

Hermione apperated just outside the gates of the Malfoy Mannor to find Ginny tear stricken as she curled up in a ball. "Are you okay?" Hermione whispered as she held Ginny's face up to look her in the eyes. "I ruined it with Harry. He doesn't trust me," Ginny cried. "He just wants to know the truth with you and Malfoy," Hermione explained as she took a sobbing Ginny in her arms.

"My parents are going to kill me. And my brothers kill Harry," Ginny whispered her tone a sad joke. "No, don't worry about. I suppose Harry is in a bit of bind," Hermione whispered as she got Ginny to ready to apperate into the fields of the burrow. "Why?" Ginny pleaded, her eyes glassy with tears. "Because, he obviously can't marry you if he will be your teacher. And as a teacher you'd have to hide your relationship and pregnancy," Hermione stated, "Yeah. Maybe he can come back and do his seventh year," Ginny sighed before apprating with Hermione.

The girls arrived in the middle of the backyard of the Burrow. Hermoine spotted Harry and quickly said good night as she headed off to bed. "Look Ginny I am sorry. But, I don't know what to think when I found those letters from Malfoy and then you announced your pregnancy," Harry whispered as he strode over to her embracing her in the night's cool air. "No you were right to react that way. I was only corresponding with Draco because I had not not heard from you," Ginny whispered into his chest, as she hid the tears forming in her eyes.

"I love you Ginny. You know that. We will tell your parents, and I will ask for your hand in marriage. I'll quit my post at Hogwarts, and come back as a student to protect you from whatever anyone may say," Harry promised his emerald eyes sympathetic and caring."

Don't give up on teaching because of this. And do not marry me because I am pregnant. I want you to wait and do it out of love," Ginny said her voice serious. "No Ginny, it is because I love you," Harry demanded his voice firm. "Besides Harry my mum and dad will be furious at me and you. IThey may not even let me have the child or marry you," Ginny replied an air of fear and sadness in her voice.

"They can't do that. it is our choice," Harry said softly. "Given the circumstances, in a tradtional wizarding family, they would chose," she whispered. "Well, I think it should be your choice," he whispered to her softly, his long hair growin shaggier by the day.

"I am bound to listen to my parents Harry. You remember what happened with Percy. But, this would be ten times worse, and it will be both of us," Ginny stated bluntly. "We can wait til morning to tell them," Harry whispered as his hands clasped around Ginny possesively while rubbing her belly.

"You should get to bed," Harry told Ginny as he sat down in the grass. "Not without you," she stated her tone demanding. "You know I can't. Your mother will kill me if she finds us together," Harry replied a grin on his face. "Come on. It isn't like Hermione won't sneak off to be with Ron," Ginny pouted.

"It is different for us though because your their only daughter. So naturaully their protective of you. I'll make you a deal, I will sneak when Hermione is their so we can use the extendable ears and my invisbility cloak to sneak me out. If, you promise me that no matter what the outcome of the talk with your parents is, that you and I will be good. Meaning you will be fine if I decided not to teach and instead come back for my seventh year like Ron and Hermione," Harry grinned. "Deal," Ginny whispered before disappearing into the house.

Harry sat in the grass his eyes looking toward the sky for answers, his heart broken. This is the time he wished most in his life his parents were alive. What would they about this situation? Would they be angry? Would they help him? Could they relate?

Hell, he just wished they were there for advice. He was angry at them for not beign here, he was enraged that Sirius was dead. sirius, could have helped him, and would have. He wanted to seek Ron out like always, but he knew when Ron found out what he Harry did to his baby sister ron would be angry.

Harry wanted to seek out George maybe not for advice but to loosen the mood, but George would be angry at his irresponsibilty to use a protection spell. The only option left would be Mr. Weasley who was a father figure. But, Harry wouldn't be able to tell the man what he had done to his daughter.

Harry knew he could not return to Hogwarts as a teacher. Not, if it meant hiding how he felt about Ginny and hiding their relationship from the student body, when all he wanted to do was yell his love for her from the tallest peak of the castle. He would not be able to tolerate other guys checking her out when she was with him.

He sighed rubbing his temples in fustration. He was not worried about having to do potions or other things he needed for he NEWTs because in the bank vault that he had explored were exact instructions on how to brew anything, and do almost anything. He wanted to follow in Mad-Eye's footsteps and finish catching the followers who lead to death of everyone he cared about.

Harry heard the back door open. He looked up and saw George holding a bottle of firewhiskey and two glasses. "You look like you could use some company," George stated with a grin as he sat down beside Harry. "What's the matter?" George grinned pouring a glass of firewhiskey for Harry and one for himself. "I can't tell you. or anyone. Otherwise you'll kill me," Harry sighed. "I know your situation with Ginny *lowers voice* and the pregnancy," George grinned.

"I am not mad either. Just curious why you didn't use a protection spell," he grinned at a baffled Harry. "How do you know?" Harry questioned defensively. "Ah, thought you would ask," George grinned as he rifled through his pocket and handed Harry a bright orange extendable ear. "New product, it comes in any color and turns invisable upon use," George said with a chesire grin. "That's blooody brilliant," Harry smiled back before sipping his fire whiskey. "What do you think your parents are going to do to us?" Harry asked as he downed the rest of the firewhiskey and poured more.

"They will be disappointed in you. You know, because you are the chosen one so they figure you would not sleep with their daughter. But, I think they will understand that accidents happen and the whole you had no parental figures in your life so this was a mistake, you weren't told of protection spells type attitude. In Ginny they will be furious because she is still in school. They wanted her to get through it with no issues and then marry," George surmized as he poured himself more firewhiskey.

"Ginny figures they won't let her keep our child. What do you think?" Harry inquired. "I think Ginny is right. They will say something like Ginny needs to finish being a child before having one, and you as well. They will probably take her to the healers, and from what I have heard it is quite painless. Hell, my parents are even worried about you dealing with Teddy. They want you to finish school and not teach," George replied. "Oh," Harry replied allowing the knowledge to sink in.

"But I get. I am not going to get all high and mighty like my other brothers and tell you not to sleep with my sister. I won't because every girl is someone's sister, and by that logic I shouldn't date. But all I ask is you be smart and use protection spells," George replied with a soft chuckle. "I know. But, this indepedence I feel is weird. I mean I was always "The Chosen One" with a set destiny. And now, I feel so unsure," Harry confessed. "I know what you mean kind of. I love that joke shop but without Fred it seems pointless. Like maybe I should have finished school, or I should go get a job. You know, give up on the whole shop," George sighed taking a big gulp of firewhisky.

"You can't give up on the shop. It's bloody brilliant what you do," Harry replied after draining his second glass of firewhiskey. "I know, and I won't. What I am trying to say is you got to keep on going and doing your thing. Otherwise all those who were lost in the war died in vein. I'd hate to think that Sirius, Remus, Tonks, or Fred died for nothing. I know you would as well," George said helping himself to another glass of whisky. "Thanks, George. I think I'll turn in for the night," Harry replied leaving George to his own thoughts. Harry felt terrible leaving George. He knew George was drinking to drown the pain of not having Fred. The two had been closer than anything Harry could imagine.

Harry found himself in ron's room rumaging threw his discarded materials for his invisablity cloak. Upon finding it he proceeded down the stairs. Stopping to put silencing spell on the Weasleys' bedroom door. Harry would hate to be caught lurking in his invisablity cloak by Molly or Arthur. Because, that would launch the pregnanacy conversation prematurely. Harry found himself nervous as he opened the door to Ginny's room. There he found Ginny sitting on her bed smiling at Harry, and a distraught looking Hermione. "I am sorry Harry. Ginny told me what her parents will make her do," Hermione said sincerly as she hugged him with tears falling from her eyes.

"Ginny helped us all bring down Voldemort. I think she and I should be able to keep the baby. But if not, we have oversome loss of family and friends. We will overcome this," Harry replied his voice wavering as he attempted to keep it from cracking. "That's the thing Harry, you have been through so much. That this might just be the one that does you in," Hermione lectured sincerly.

"Look if I have to make this sacrfice to be with her I will. And no, see I have Ginny. We can depend on each other," Harry retorted. "Yeah, Hermione it may have to happen. We don't like it, but if it allows us to be together I'll do it. Because, I have loved Harry ever since I saw him the summer before my first year," Ginny remarked as she fell back against Harry's chest with his arms wrapped tightly around her.

He could hear her laboured breathing and silent groans of pain. "Are you okay?" Harry asked of Ginny as her groaning grew louder. "Yeah. It is just my stomach hurts. It hurts really bad," Ginny announced in an exhausted tone. "Harry why do you reak like firewhisky?" Ginny demanded toknow as she clutched her stomach in pain. "I just had a drink or two while talking to George," Harry replied as he held Ginny who was crying with an intense pain.

"Ginny are you okay?" Hermione begged as she saw her writhe in pain. "No, I feel like my insides are on fire," Ginny choked out painfuly. "Harry, get her to a healer. I'll tell her parents to meet you there," Hermione ordered calmly. "Why what is it?" Harry whispered as he collected Ginny in his arms. "Harry," Hermione whispered in his ear, "I think she is having a miscarriage." Harry was stunned but followed Hermione's orders. He knew Hermione was almost always right , so naturaly he trusted her.

The words Hermione had said could not be true. Harry would not let it happen. He apperated to the hospital and grabbed the nearest healer. "She needs a healer," Harry said. The healer examined Ginny as she writhed in pain and her jeans were becoming soaked in blood more so every minute. "What is happening?" the healer demanded sweeping Harry and Ginny to a private room. "She is pregnant. Then all of the sudden she complained of her stomach. She was writhing in pain. So her friend told me to take her here while she got Ginny's family to come," Harry admitted. "She is losing the child. It looks like her system could not handle it. She went into shock and is in exreme distress. Please go wait outside while I try to help. I will come for you and her parents when I am done," the young healer demanded in feeble voice.

Harry stood out in the lobby where a distressed Mr. and Mrs. Weasley apperated greeting him. "Harry, dear what is it?" Mrs. Weasley begged her eyes bloodhsot with tears. "Look it is long story and you may like to sit down," Harry stammered offering his seat on the couch in the waiting room to Mrs. Weasley.

"You see Ginny told me tonight she was pregnant. We argued and then worked it out. She was terrified and so was I. But, in the morning we were going to tell the two of you. But I was sitting with her and she said her body hurt. She was in pain writhing around. So Hermione told me to take her here. The healer said her system could not handle the baby due to stress and she went into shock," Harry announced his shoulders slumped in shame.

"Look before you get angry. I love your daughter with all of my heart. I want to marry her. What happened was an accident made by two teenagers in love. I accept full responsibility for my actions. I am sorry," Harry blurted out in guilt and shame as he sat down. "That was very honest of you Harry. But, we can't be mad at you. We know you truly love our daughter and are not using her. I am disappointed however she did not come to us when she found she was pregnant. and, we are little disappointed in the two of you for not being safe," Mrs. Weasley said trying to comfort Harry.

"I have decided to resign my post at Hogwarts, and return as a student to be with her. But, I want to marry her," Harry said to Mrs. Weasley. "Of course Harry dear, but not yet. Things need to be worked out, plus Ron and Hermione's wedding is coming. And, we think George is going to settle down," Mrs. Weasley explained as she tried not to focus on what her daughter must be going through.

Harry sighed growing anxious as he awaited news from the healers about Ginny's condition. "Harry dear, I think it would be best if after you see her you go to your own home. Ron is being told now by Hermione what is happening. And, I am sure he and his brothers won't take it well. So give us a chance to smooth things out when we go back to the Burrow and then you can return," Mrs. Weasley announced knowing Ron would be livid, George might be uncomfortable, and Bill and Charlie slightly angry. Harry shook his head, he too was afraid how Ginny's brothers would take the news.

After what seemed like an eternity, the healer emerged. "Mr. Potter?" the healer said looking around. "Yes?" Harry replied the knot in his stomach making him queasy. "She will be okay. She is requesting your presence," the healer replied with a feeble smile as he looked on to the parents. "She will be fine Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. She seems slightly depressed which is normal. We will be giving her claming draught, and show you how to brew it," the healer announced. "Thank you," Mr. Weasley said to the young healer before he disappeared.

Harry cautiously entered Ginny's room. He sat on the foot of her bed and looked up to see her chocolate eyes filled with a deep sadness. "How are you holding up?" Harry inquired unsure of what to say. "I've been better," Ginny sighed beckoning for him to lie beside her on the bed. Harry wrapped his arms around her. "We will make it through this. We made it through Voldemort, this can't beat us," Harry whispered in her ear as Ginny laid her head upon his shoulder. "I know, but I liked the idea of us," Ginny said.

"We still are "us". We can try again," Harry pleaded as he saw the depression threatening to take over his girlfriend. "I was starting to like the idea of you being my husband and coming back to school with me, and not teaching," Ginny blurted out. "Ginny I am still going to marry you. This doesn't change how I feel about you. And, if you do not want me to teach I won't. I'll do whatever you want," Harry promised as he kissed the top of her head. "Okay. I want you to come back to Hogwarts with me if they will let you return," Ginny sighed as she snuggled against Harry. "How did mum and dad take the news?" she inquired wrly. "They were disappointed in us, but they are not mad. They approve of us," Harry said kissing her cheek. Ginny nodded as she hid the tears that fell from her eyes.

"Hey it will be okay. Don't cry," Harry demanded of Ginny. "I am sure your parents want to see you so I will leave. I am going to go to my place while things cool down after your brothers find out the truth. But, you can floo and visit me," Harry announced. "Okay, but just stay with me a little longer," Ginny pleaded. Harry nodded in agreement. He stayed with her for an hour until she had collected herself and was ready to face her parents, alone.