What's Bugging You?

Chapter one: Meet the new team mate.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or the characters of Naruto. The only thing that's mine are the OCs.

Author's note: I did this fan fic when I had so much on my plate because I had heard that Shino and other characters weren't getting the love they deserved so I hope to rectify this matter. For further news on this matter, see Sumikoa.

Shino woke up from his bed to see that a kunai was left in bedded into his wall, much to his dismay since he'd just finished painting the wall. Every time he tried to paint his wall something happened, the first time being Hinata asking him for advice for getting Naruto, the second time being when he helped get Kiba out of the slump he'd been in since Hinata and Naruto got together. Then there was the next big problem for Konoha, a war with stone that had ended when Konoha forged a surprise alliance with the sound village. After things had gotten all peaceful, another thing had set itself between Shino and the completion of his paint job, Hana. Inuzuka Hana was Kiba's older sister and she was more intelligent than Kiba was which always left Shino to wonder what Kiba got the lion's share of. It wasn't that Kiba was stupid, well it wasn't that he didn't know anything, for truth is told he knew a lot of things, all with one problem. They were all wrong. Shino remembered what she'd been wearing the first time he'd met her at a Christmas party. Most of the girls had dressed in naughty Mrs. Santa Claus outfits while the men were supposed to wear sexy Santa Claus outfits. Shino went with a tight green Christmas vest with red pants and a Santa hat. It was the most revealing thing he'd ever worn except for when he went swimming. Most of the Aburame clan didn't wear revealing outfits, considering them to reveal too much about a person and the Aburame were all about hiding things from the enemy.

He had seen her in her red bloomers, and an open shirt swaying to the rhythm of the music as his eyes took notice of all her features. He had never met Hana or seen a picture of her, but he knew she was Kiba's sister by the marks on her face and the way she moved on instinct. After Kiba introduced the two, they had gotten caught up in a chat about literature, which Shino thought he was the only one who had read. Naruto trained or watched TV, Hinata loved walking and nature, Choji ate all the time, Shikamaru was too lazy, Temari was to hung over on Shikamaru, Ino was always gossiping with Sakura, Sasuke had actually grown into pulp novels, Gaara used to read literature, but after having to deal with paper work and a relationship, literature was out of the question, and the rest he'd never bothered to strike up a conversation with because he personally didn't want to know more about them. After a few other run-ins, the two started dating and were now quite a couple in Konoha, but there was still someone who didn't know about them, Kiba. The idiot had been clueless to everything that was happening around him and sooner or later he'd have to admit it.

"Try finding the plaster," said Shino to one of the ants. He then got up and showered letting his thoughts gather up in his mind as the hot water touched his skin. "Well I wonder what Tsunade-sama has for me today."

When Shino got to Kiba's house he could hear a loud sound coming from inside as if someone was destroying the house with a sledgehammer. He took a moment to decide if he should go in and check it out or if he should just wait until the noise stopped. It was a difficult decision because it could just be Kiba and Akamaru having another spat like they had for some time since Akamaru had started looking for a mate. For some reason Kiba was always shy and whenever Akamaru tried to be the wing man things always went from ill to worse. Shino had decided to wait since he was confident in Kiba's ability to take care of any assassin, plus if it was Akamaru and Kiba fighting, it was best to stay out, a fact proven by Rock Lee who had tried to break up a fight between the two before it reached a squirrel that was a yard away.

"Akamaru where are my sister's cookies," asked a shouting Kiba. "I'm going to make you pay when I get back, you can count on that."

Shino waited a few moments till the noise and shouting died down; all the while he was contemplating asking for a new team mate or to be transferred. He knew he wouldn't be able to do it, not unless he wanted to get stuck with a person lacking experience and that was never going to happen. He rang the door bell only to hear the sound of feet rushing down the stairs followed by a heavy thudding that was most likely Akamaru. The door opened to show the wolf-eyed man who was his teammate, unfortunately.

"Hey Shino what's up," asked Kiba who had some red scratch marks that would have looked like his other tattoos if you didn't know Akakmaru.

"We've been called, hopefully to get Hinta's replacement," replied Shino in his plain voice.

He didn't add the fact that he had sent in for a transfer because he knew he'd never get it and it would only strain things. He needed Kiba to trust him and that wasn't going to get his trust by a long shot, but they did need Hinata's replacement. Ever since Naruto and Hinata were put on the same team following their admitting of feelings for each other, Kiba and Shino had been waiting for someone to replace her, but Tsunade was always placing people in different teams as if she was playing them. Now hopefully they would get good news.

"Sorry about the noise, Akamaru took the cookies my sister made. I'll ask her to make you some next time she comes over to visit me."

"No thanks," replied Shino, who already had some and knew how good they were.

"Sometimes I just don't get you Shino," said Kiba shaking his head in frustration.

"So can you say that again," asked Kiba wide eyed at what he just heard Tsunade say.

"Well it was time you two were made jonin," replied Tsunade. "You're old sensei said you were ready so I want to see you two in action on an A-rank mission. For this you will have a chunin to assist you and a back up team from ANBU."

"The one we always play back up for," asked Shino as he stood beside the windo.

"Yes, Naruto's group," replied Tsunade as she got up from her desk. "So let me introduce you to the chunin."