Welcome to my new fic! Warning, it's intense. Very intense. And confusing. You must make sure you really read it. And sad. Yes, very sad. But it will get better. I won't be able to update this as often as my other fic. It will probably be up a few times a week. It can't be very porny, and full of suss. You have been warned. So welcome, and hang on tight!

Meredith sat back in her empty apartment. It was her last night there. Her apartment was plain. White walls, white carpet. No pictures, no past. She had no emotional ties to it. She didn't have emotional ties to anything. Well, maybe the earrings on her ears. She never wore earrings. In fact, she had hated them since she was a child. But these were different. They were special. They were from him.

Tomorrow she was on her way across the country. On her way to a fresh start. But it really didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore. Her life didn't end up like it was supposed to. There was no starting, because it had already ended. Nothing could change the way she felt. She had lost it all fourteen years ago, and the wounds were still fresh. She laid her head against the wall and thought about that first night. The first night she laid eyes on him.

Meredith looked over at the clock on her bedside table. She was supposed to be there already. She didn't care, she wasn't even sure if she really wanted to go. She was slowly sliding on the tight black dress when she heard the phone ring. She knew it was for her. Richard and Ellis were far to busy to get calls at home. They got paged by the hospital, that was it. Everyone knew that they couldn't reach them. She quickly belly-flopped on her bed, grabbing the phone off of the table.

"Hello?" She said softly as she answered. She walked back over to check herself out in the mirror.

"Hey babe." Tony said into the phone.

"Hey." Meredith replied, rolling her eyes. She should have known it was him.

She was getting irritated by her recent boyfriend. Tony was always on her case. Always saying he couldn't trust her. Always claiming that she was cheating on him. And pressuring her for sex. She wasn't ready. And she knew how he was. It wasn't about love. It was a quick lay, and then the whole school would know. She thought she loved him, but lately she was beginning to wonder.

"So where the hell are you?" He snapped. That was another one of his qualities, he was demanding.

"Well, obviously I am at home. That's where you called me..." She returned as she started putting her make-up on.

"No shit. I mean you're freaking late, again." He said with a huff.

"I'm on my way." She muttered as she ran the brush through her hair. "Leaving now." She said as she hung up the phone.

She hated being with him. She just hadn't had the opportune moment to tell him to hit the road. She ran the brush trough her hair and grabbed her purse. It was time to be Tony's arm candy, once again.

Meredith pulled up to Tony's house. It was nice. Not nearly as nice as the Grey-Webber house, but then again, his parents weren't surgeons either. She climbed out of the car and made her way up to the large brick two story home. She could see the lights on in the house. Tony's parents were always home, unlike hers. They were strict, and he was always pushing them to the limits. She lifted her hand to knock on the door and it opened quickly. Tony rushed out, pulling her along.

"Come on before they see you." He said as they rushed down the sidewalk.

"Why can't they see me?" Meredith asked offensively.

"In that dress?" He asked, looking at her form fitting black dress. "They will think you're a slut." He said with a shrug.

"I don't look like a slut!" She said angrily.

"You know my parents. They are complete freaks." Tony said as they continued towards her car. She knew they were very conservative. But she didn't consider herself a slut, by any means.

"You know I like you like that." He stated as he reached his hand around her and cupped her ass in his had, squeezing firmly. "Give me your keys." He said as they neared the car.

"No way." She said as she walked around the front of the car.

"What the hell? Chicks don't drive their boyfriends around..." He said angrily.

"This one does. Besides, I know how you drive." She said as she opened the small door.

"Sometimes you are such a bitch." He spat as he jumped in without opening the door.

"Bitch? Yeah, jump in my car like that again, and I will show you bitch." She said nastily. "What the hell are we doing, anyway?" She said quickly.

"We are going to a party." Tony said, shaking his head. "Dumb too..."

"What?" She said as she slammed the brakes, causing him to hit the dashboard.

"Cornerstone Lane. It's going to be awesome." He said as he pulled his seat belt on.

"Oh." She answered. That wasn't what she meant. She meant, what the hell are we doing? Why are we together because you are a complete ass? And that's how it usually was. She backed down, not wanting a fight.

Meredith drove up to the large house. She had heard about this house. The parties were beyond wild. And that's how she liked them. She was no stranger to having a good time. Ellis and Richard were never around. Ellis didn't care. Richard did, but time escaped him.

Everyone wanted to go to this party. But you didn't just show up. You definitely had to know someone to get it. Tony knew a friend of a friend. So they were going to the hottest party of the year. Tony threw his arm around her waist as they approached the house. She could hear the loud music as they neared. Tony threw the door open and immediately spotted some friends.

"Hey man!" She heard someone yell from across the room. "She yours?" He asked, pointing to Meredith. Tony nodded his head. "Nice..." He said, with a smile.

"I'm going to go get a drink." Meredith said rolling her eyes as she walked away. She was leaving him before he left her. She was tired of him just walking away to be with the guys.

"Suit yourself." He muttered as he headed across the room to his friends. He'd be back. He always came back when he was drunk. Then he would feel her up and pressure her for sex.

Meredith made her way to the liquor. She looked at the various bottles. Tequila was her general poison. She had a thing for it. She loved the way it burned going down. It was painful. She liked the pain. It was a Saturday. She wanted to party. She poured herself a shot in the plastic cup. She was surprised the burning liquid didn't melt a hole in the cup. She picked the cup up and slammed the liquid down, feeling like battery acid eating it's way through.

She looked around, not seeing any of her friends. Someone else caught her eye. He was in the corner, talking to another guy. Something about him intrigued her. Maybe it was he perfect hair. Or the way his jeans hung on his hips. His smile was amazing. She gasped for breath, realized he had caused her to stop breathing. She rolled her eyes as she watched him start to work the room. He was arrogant, she could tell that from a mile away. But something about him drew her in. She poured herself another shot and continued to watch him. Then it happened. Their eyes met. Green met blue.

She watched as a smile formed on his face. She didn't know him. But she did know his type. She could almost read his mind from across the room. Confidence radiated off of him. She wasn't going to play his game. She wasn't going to fall into his trap. She shook her head and rolled her eyes. She couldn't look at him. She had to look away. He had power, he had a force. She knew he could pull her in, and she couldn't have that.

The party wasn't that great. Maybe it was because Tony had completely ditched her. She had thrown better parties. But then again, the police were called and Richard and Ellis nearly killed her. She looked into the living room. The house was breathtaking. She felt bad for whoever had to clean it up, because it was getting trashed fairly quickly. Her eyes wandered over to where Tony was. He wasn't there, and she didn't care. She was actually glad he was MIA. Then he wasn't.

"Hey, babe." He said as he walked up and kissed her. He smelled of liquor. She hated that. She hated the way he smelled. Lately his scent had been repulsive to her.

"Oh god, you stink." She said as she pushed him away.

"Oh, come on..." He said as he pulled her close. "What do you say we go visit the upstairs?" He asked as he grabbed her hand.

"How about...no." She said quickly as she pulled her hand away.

"What the fuck? We've been together for six months. How long to you expect me to wait?" He asked loudly over the music. She could tell his anger was building.

"I just--" She started. It was him. She didn't want her first time to be with him.

"You know what? That's just fine!" He said as he pushed her away. "You're just a teasing bitch!" He said as he rushed off.

Meredith leaned back and shook her head. She wasn't going to chase after him. She had learned her lesson before. If she chased, then he apologized. Then the conversation went right back to sex. It was a losing battle, and her nerves were wearing thin. If she waited awhile he would cool off, and then tell her that he loved her and it was okay that she wanted to wait.

"Hey." A soft voice said as he walked up. It was Mr. Great Hair himself.

"Hey..." Meredith muttered as she turned away. She took a drink and started moving to the beat of the music.

"You were watching me..." He said as he looked over at her. She turned her attention back to him.

"I was not watching you." She said quickly. It was a lie. She had been watching him all night.

"I have my good looking shirt on. I'm irresistible. You were watching me." He stated quickly.

"You are not that good looking..." She spat. "You were watching me." Meredith told him.

"Maybe I was. That's the only way I knew you were watching me." He said frankly.

"I was not watching you. I am watching everyone." Meredith explained. "So I guess I was technically watching you. But not really because I have no reason to watch you. I don't want to watch you. You aren't that interesting." She rambled.

"You're rambling." He pointed out.

"I am not! Why are you over here, anyhow?" She asked as she glared at him.

"Apparently you have made yourself protector of the liquor. You haven't moved away all night. " He said with a shrug. "I am here to get a drink." He said as he raised his cup.

"Well, as protector of the liquor, I'm telling you to get your drink, and go away!" She spat.

"You're feisty." He said, shaking his head. "It works for you. I love this song..." He said as he watched her dance to 'Pour Some Sugar on Me.'

"Yeah. It's a classic." She returned as she wobbled around.

"Hey, Mer!" She heard someone shout. She looked over to see a few of her friends. "Come dance with us!" They yelled.

"See ya..." She said as she danced away.

He had to watch her. Something about her drew him in. She looked so free. She didn't car what anyone thought. She was in her own world. She was moving to her own beat. He could still smell the flowery scent that had surrounded her. He smiled as he watched her climb onto a table and start dancing with her friends in her tight black dress.

"Who is she?" Derek asked his friend Mark as he walked up.

"Hell if I know..." Mark said loudly. "She's young...but she's hot." Mark said with a smile. "Not your type..." He said quickly.

"She's not?" Derek returned as he looked her up and down.

He did usually go for someone else. Mark always said he only knew high maintenance. The pretty girls with the manicures and designer clothes. Thousands of shoes. The ones that wouldn't leave the house without make-up. She wasn't. She was gorgeous, but she was simple. He was beginning to think simple was underrated.

"Nope...she's mine!" Mark said with raised brows as he walked towards her.

"Heeey Maaark." A red head shouted after him. He shook her head and turned on his heel.

"Or not." He said with a frown and a shrug.

It was a waste of time. She obviously wasn't interested. Derek slowly walked away towards a group of his friends. The whole time he talked, his eyes and mind were only one girl. And she was the skinny, messy one dancing on the table.

Meredith danced until her friends started to leave. The party was winding down, and she was sobering up. She hadn't seen Tony in a long time. She figured it was time to round him up and head home. She walked through the downstairs of the huge house, not seeing him anywhere. She finally decided to look upstairs. The first door she opened revealed an empty room. She travelled down to the next one. She had a knot growing in her stomach. She opened the next door.

"Shut the damn door!" The couple yelled as they looked up.

"Sorry." She muttered as she moved on.

Her hand reluctantly turned the doorknob. Something wasn't right. She pushed the door open lightly and gasped. It was him. In the throes. With some whore.

"Oh my god! Mer!" He shouted as he jumped up.

She quickly slammed the door and ran down the hallway. She could hear him coming. Her paced quickened as she went down the stairs. One stair, two stair, three... The house was emptying out. She looked around, her eye's catching the blue ones once again. She needed tequila, and she needed it now. She grabbed the bottle off of the table and made her way to the sofa. She sat down and took a swig.

"You okay?" He asked as he walked over and looked down at a disheveled Meredith.

"Mmmm." She said as she took another sip. Her eyes widened as she saw Tony out of the corner of her eye. She quickly grabbed Derek's jeans and pulled him into her lap. "Hide me..." She said quickly. He looked at her and smiled.

"I can do that." He said as he placed the bottle of tequila on the table and placed his hands on her face.

His lips softly pressed against hers. She had never felt anything like it. She moaned as she felt his tongue's presence on her lips. Her lips parted and he slid in gently. She let out another soft moan. His taste was sweet. Their tongues danced erotically, fighting for power. Her hands softly travelled to his head as she ran her fingers through his curls. She felt his hand behind her own head. It felt right. It felt perfect. Time was suspended. Meredith reluctantly pulled away.

"Thanks..." She muttered, pretending to brush it off.

"What was that?" He asked, referring to Tony.

"Amazing..." She said, referring to the kiss. She watched his face change. "Oh...uh...it was...I didn't want to talk to him. I never said you had to kiss me!" She shouted as she tensed up.

"No you didn't." He said frankly with a smile. She grabbed the bottle of tequila and took a long drink. "That shit will kill you." He said, pointing to the bottle.

"Only if I'm lucky." She muttered as she leaned back and drank.

"So, do you want to talk about it?" He asked, knowing something major had happened.

"No." She said quickly. "Just drink." She said as she handed him the bottle. He shrugged and took a swig. They passed it back and forth, sitting in silence. "I think we need another." She said as she drained it.

"I think that would be incredibly stupid...but okay." He said as he jumped up and grabbed a bottle off of the table. "So do you make this a habit?" He asked.

"Pretty much." She nodded her head as she drank.

Derek sat there and watched her. He didn't do this. He didn't sit around and drink. Especially with a girl who insisted on fighting with him. One who insisted on being hard-headed. He normally would say she was a waste of time. But he couldn't leave her. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't. Something about her was strong. He couldn't control himself. He couldn't make himself get up. He just wanted to be next to her. Even if it was just sharing a bottle of tequila on the sofa. They both drained the bottle and looked at each other.

"I'm tired..." Meredith slurred as she looked into his eyes.

"Me too...a little." He said as he laid his head back and closed his eyes. She leaned over, out before her head even hit his chest.

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