Meredith stood in front of her mother-in-law. Never in her life did she think she would be in front of the woman she considered to be her second mother awaiting their appointment. Linda was standing in the small room, adjusting her dress, a simple off white gown with just the right amount of class. Meredith never thought she would see the day when her mother would be getting married. But then again, there were so many things she didn't think she would ever see.

"Mom, you look beautiful!" Meredith said with a warm smile as she held her mother-in-law's flowers. She was shocked that life was so perfect. She was shocked that at Linda's age, she was still chasing happiness, just the way it was meant to be.

"Thank you, dear." Linda said with a satisfied grin as she looked at herself in the mirror. "I wish Kathleen and Nancy would get here." She said with a frown as she looked up at Meredith.

Meredith sighed as she stood there, knowing that even at a time as happy as this, Linda was still a bit sad. She almost knew that Linda was secretly hoping that her other daughters would show up with grins on their faces, and shoulder pats of support. It was only Kathleen and Nancy that were supportive of the marriage to Frank. The revelation that their father had an affair was more than the other sisters could handle. They blamed their mother for the newfound information, and hated her for tainting the memory of their father. As much as it broke her heart, she learned that it was their issue and not her own.

"They will, Mom. Don't worry. I'm sure they are on their way." Meredith told her reassuringly as she placed her hand on her shoulder.

"Yes, I'm sure they are." Linda agreed, knowing her girls well. "And here they are!" Linda said as she watched them walk into the room in pretty pastel dresses, matching Meredith's, all in different colors.

"Of course we are, mom!" Nancy stated exuberantly as she ran over to her mom and hugged her.

Meredith stepped back, knowing that her daughter's would always be paramount. Meredith tried not to have hurt feelings over it, but she couldn't help but wish that she had a relationship like that with her own mother. Ellis and Meredith had gotten to a civil point in their relationship, along with Richard. Generally, that meant that the kids got to visit with their grandparents and Meredith and Derek would attempt to have a casual dinner with them.

"We are so happy for you, mom." Kathleen said, emphasizing the so, knowing that none of the people in the room agreed with the other two sisters.

"Thank you, Kath." Linda said with a warm smile as she felt the tears well up in her eyes.

"Don't you dare cry!" Meredith said as she stepped forward and looked into her eyes. "Not even happy tears, that will just make your makeup run." Meredith told her with a nod. "And I think it is time." She pointed out, looking up at the clock.

"Yes, it is time." Linda agreed with a confident smile playing on her lips. It was apparent that she was truly satisfied with her decision to marry Frank. Linda Shepherd knew better than anyone, if you find something you want, you have to grasp with two hands and never let go.

Everyone climbed in the car, heading for city hall. Linda didn't want anything overboard, just the people she loved as she got her simple marriage certificate with the second love of her life. Nancy drove the short distance, knowing it better than any of the other possible drivers. Meredith knew that Derek was going to meet them there. He had started out as a closet skeptic, wanting his mother to be happy, but not wanting to tell her of his skepticism. Of course, Derek did everything he could to find out all of Frank's deep dark secrets, finding none. After longs talks with Meredith, he began to change his view, and finally accepted his mother's happiness.

As Nancy pulled up to city hall, Meredith saw Derek. He was standing in front of the door, his dark hair shining in the sunlight. Meredith couldn't stop the smile that crept up on her lips at the sight of him. She could never stop the feeling of butterflies that took over, just knowing that he was hers for all eternity. As the moments of their lives flashed in her mind, she felt the tears prick her eyes. They were tears of happiness, and she knew deep in her heart, those were the only tears she would ever have.

"This is a good thing, Derek." Meredith said as felt him grab onto her.

"I know it is." Derek agreed with a genuine smile as he pecked her cheek lightly. "Everyone deserves to be as happy as we are." He pointed out as he buried her face into her hair, taking in a deep breath.

"Yes, yes they do." Meredith agreed as she turned her head and placed her lips on Derek's.

Meredith and Derek both watched as Linda approached Frank. Derek's heart swelled at the sight. He hadn't seen his mother that happy since his father was alive. As much as Meredith's faux death killed him, he was never able to move on. He had only hoped he could be like his mother back when he was in a loveless marriage with Kristy. As Meredith and Derek watched the happy couple, it seemed that everything was right in the world. They knew that Frank and Linda would live out their years as it was meant to be, together.


Meredith sat in her seat on the plane. After all of the chaos and planning for the tiny meeting at city hall, she was exhausted. Meredith and Derek had been staying at Linda's for the two days prior to the wedding, making sure that Derek lived out his boyhood fantasy in his bed, over and over again. They were learning to do it nice an quiet, although Derek made it clear to her that he wished it had been hard and loud. Meredith giggled to herself as she thought back to the one morning when Linda had to do some running.

"You are thinking about it, aren't you?" Derek asked as he looked over at her and smiled.

"Um... Well, yeah. I kind of hate you right now." She said, feigning anger as she turned away. "I mean, I can't believe you convinced me to do that."

"Oh, it was fun. And I guarantee I am the only one that has done that. I mean, imagine when we are at Thanksgiving dinner this year. I will sit at that table and look up at Nancy, knowing that your bare ass was on there and we had to clean cum off of it. How much better does it get than that? Me fucking you on my childhood breakfast table." Derek said with a sat in his first class seat and looked out the window.

"Derek you are so sick. So freaking twisted!" Meredith told him a she smacked him playfully. "I think in this moment, I hate you just a little." Meredith teased as she looked over at him. Derek turned his head towards her and smiled slightly. His grin only increased when hers did.

"You do not." Derek said as he shook his head and flashed an award winning smile.

"You're right." Meredith replied with a hearty sigh. "But I will tell you this. You're not getting sex in the bathroom." She warned with an evil grin. Meredith knew that it was Derek's plan to have a romp in the crowded little room

"What?" He asked, no longer chuckling, his face like stone. The confirmation that there would be no sex for him was an all too serious matter when it came down to it. "What do you mean, no sex?" He asked again, this time with more clamor.

"I don't think you deserve it. Not after the things you made me do in a house that I will need to return to with a straight face." She said with a nod. "Besides, my back is sore." She admitted as she looked away. Derek sat there and stared at her with a lifetime of concern on his face. Her back was sore. He immediately felt his stomach rumble. Her back was sore. Did that mean she was having problems again?

"What do you mean, your back is sore? What is wrong with it?" He asked. He could feel the tiny bottle of liquor he had consumed rumbling around like it was agitating a load of laundry in his stomach.

"It's just all the stress. And we had a lot of sex, Derek. Of course it's going to act up." She explained, hoping that was enough of an excuse for him. Derek looked at her with concern. He knew that in the past she had lied about these things before. He had to read her eyes if he was going to get the truth out of her.

"Are you lying to me?" Derek asked as he looked into her eyes. "I just- We are not letting things get out of hand again. If you aren't feeling well, we are getting you checked out."

"I'm okay, Derek. Do I flip out when you have a sore back?" She asked with a raise brow and a slight chuckle. Derek didn't see the humor, knowing that her situation was quite different.

"No. But I also didn't break my back. I'm not the one that is cemented like a statue. Honey, someone has to worry about you. I've taken it as a full time job." Derek told her with a nod as he rubbed her hand that was resting on the armrest. "I just worry."

"I am okay." She said with a nod. "Just no sex on that tiny sink. It's impossible for me to get comfortable. I promise that when we get home, you can use me and abuse me. Okay, maybe not abuse me, but you can have me on our bed. Okay?" She asked with a smile. Derek nodded. She wasn't lying about the back pain. That didn't mean that it wasn't a constant worry on his mind.

The rest of the flight went along well. Meredith and Derek both consumed a tiny bottle of liquor. Derek of course complained that his wasn't the good stuff. Meredith said she needed a full-sized bottle to get through all of the incessant questioning that Kristy was going to bombard her with. She knew that Kristy wanted to go to the wedding, but she was needed to watch the kids along with Tracy. Tracy was getting busier by the day and had already given them a four-week notice. Meredith was just grateful it wasn't a two-week. They both had known it was coming. Tracy had to move on at some point.

"The house is still standing!" Derek said in a somewhat state of shock as they pulled down their driveway. Meredith raised a brow and smiled. She knew they could hold down the fort.

"Of course it is." She told him with a nod. "Tracy knows the kids, and Kristy, she is really good at handling your spoiled daughter." Meredith always played the your card, knowing that is was Derek's fault that she had gotten that way. Meredith and Derek grabbed their bags and walked through the small door into the house.

"We're home!" Derek shouted into the unusually quiet house. It was quiet for a moment and then they heard it. It was the sound of feet. The herd was moving in.

"Ma! Da! Mom!" They heard the loud squeals as the children rounded the sofa and bounded towards them. Meredith giggled as Conner ran towards her, completely naked.

"Oh my!" She laughed as they came bounding so quickly that Meredith and Derek dropped to their knees.

"Conner! You need your diaper! And clothes... You need clothes!" Kristy shouted as she ran through the house. Meredith and Derek hugged their kids in a group, all of them standing there so happily, Cassidy now a terrible two-year old and her brothers not far behind.

"We missed you guys!" Meredith explained as she kissed them all, receiving sloppy kisses in return.

"Missed you too!" Cassidy said loudly in almost perfect english.

"Yeah!" The boys agreed as they looked up at their parents. Meredith sighed as she breathed in their scent. She looked up at Derek and they shared their look. That was how it felt to get everything they ever wanted. It was right there in that moment.

"Conner!" Meredith giggled as he laid against his mom. "You's naked!" She giggled as she kissed him on the head. "Do you think that maybe you need some clothes?" She asked with a giggle.

"Con-monster!" Kristy shouted as she neared them. "He refuses to wear clothing." She said as she tossed his pajamas on the sofa. "I tried over and over. Tracy had to leave and I have- It's been horrible." She said, looking like she was going to have a breakdown.

"I'm sorry, Kris. I didn't realize it would be this bad." Meredith replied apologetically. Kristy immediately softened her face and shook her head no.

"It wasn't, Mer. They are just needing mom and dad." She explained as she swiftly threw a shirt on Conner when he was least expecting it.

"No!" He shouted as he tried to pull it off. "No shirt!" He said boldly. Meredith and Derek looked at each other in shock. They were surprised that he had said it, and he had said it so clear. The boys had a full vocabulary thanks to Cassidy. It also helped that Meredith tried to teach them all as many new words a day as she could think of. The biggest thing that made a difference in their house was that they all talked to the kids, not around them.

"Conner, mommy would like it if you put your clothes on now. Please?" Meredith asked as she grabbed his little underwear and pants. "One foot and then the other." She explained as she dressed him. "Good boy! All dressed!"

"You are definitely their mother." Kristy said with a nod and a smile as she watched Meredith interact with the kids. "So how was the wedding?"

"It was nice." Meredith told her with a nod. "Mom is so happy. I haven't seen her light up like that in so long. It's just- I wish everyone could be that happy. Then again, I think I'm there." She said as she leaned over and kissed Derek softly. "I will get you some pictures. We took a ton. Frank and Linda are so cute together!" Meredith pointed out with a smile.

"That is really great. I'm so happy for her. She deserves it." Kristy explained with a smile as she rubbed Sean on the head. "Well, I really do need to get home. Poor Mark has been eating junk all day and I'm sure he would like a real meal." She explained as she kissed all the kids on the head and gave Meredith and Derek a hug.

"Thank you, Kristy. You have no idea how much we appreciate it." Meredith said with a nod as she walked her to the door.

"Thanks, Kris." Derek shouted as he looked up. Both Sean and Conner were planted on his lap and Cassidy was hugging his neck. "We would never make it without you!"

"Oh, you would..." She trailed off as she pulled her jacket on. "It's just be really, really hard!" She added with a shout as she walked out the door.

"Well, the house looks pretty clean, not that I am surprised. Kristy keeps everything spotless." Meredith said with a sigh as she walked in the kitchen. Tracy and Kristy had written out everything that had been done with the kids in the days while they were gone.

"She has her ways." Derek admitted as he walked in, dragging kids behind him. Meredith read that they had eaten. She looked up at the clock, realizing it was almost time for the kids to go to sleep. "It's almost bedtime."

"It is. Why don't you go take a shower?" Meredith suggested as she looked at him. Derek nodded, admitting that he felt pretty grimy.

"I'll be right out. Are you sure you can handle it, zookeeper?" He asked with a chuckle as he started handing kids off to her. Meredith whisked them away and to the toys in their playroom which used to be an office for Derek.

"I think I can. But hurry up before we have an escape." Meredith said with a giggle as she got on the floor and played with the kids. As she played with them, she couldn't help but keep breathing them in. They all smelled so good.

Meredith sat on the floor with her children, playing monitor. Over and over again the kids would fight over certain toys. No one wanted anything until the others did. Meredith laid back on the rug, trying not to close her eyes as the kids ran horses and trucks up and down her body. Conner was exuberant in his play, ramming the truck into her. Sean was more soft and even leaned forward to kiss her several times. And Cassidy apparently thought hooves were supposed to land in between the ribs, and in between the ribs only.

"Ouch, Cass!" Meredith said loudly. Cassidy just giggled her innocent evil laugh and did it again. "Mom won't play anymore. Your pony will have no more hills to run on." She warned.

"Sorry, mommy." She said as she ran the toy horse a little gentler on her leg. "I will play nice." It was obviously something Kristy has said to her at some point.

"Okay, honey. Your turn." He told her as he came out in a white tee shirt and a pair of blue striped pajama pants. "You smell bad." He teased as he helped her up. "Was mommy a good mountain to play on?" He asked the toddlers as she stood up.

"Uh huh." Cassidy said with a smile as she looked at her mom. "But she got mad. I was hurting her."

"That wasn't nice. You have to be gentle with mommy." Derek explained as he looked into her little green eyes. "Take some time to relax." He told Meredith as he rubbed her shoulders.

Meredith nodded her head as she walked off. She walked into their master bedroom, grateful to have her huge bed to sleep in. Linda was always a great host, but it wasn't home. As Meredith stood under the hot water, she felt all of her strain melt away. She breathed in the tranquil scent of the lavender and and listened to the water fall on her back. She was fortunate to have such a perfect life.

When Meredith walked out in her ratty Dartmouth tee shirt and a pair of weathered old pajama pants, she had to smile at the sight before her. Derek was laying on the bed with the kids. The t.v. was playing The Little Mermaid and the kids were half-watching and half-expelling their excess energy by climbing on Derek. He seemed perfectly content in the middle of it all.

I used to think that I was strong

I realise now I was wrong

'Cause every time I see your face

My mind becomes an empty space

And with you lying next to me

Feels Like I can hardly breathe

"I figured they could sleep with us tonight." He told her with a nod and a smile as he looked into her eyes and stroked Cassidy's head with his hand. Meredith could tell that the kids were starting to fall asleep.

"I think that's a very good idea." Meredith agree as she climbed into her side of the bed and nestled against her husband, kids in between them. Meredith looked up at the screen and smiled, not remembering the movie, it being too new for her, but rather old for the kids. "Cass, she's a princess like you!" Meredith giggled as she tickled her. That only made Cassidy's interest in the movie grow.

Meredith looked over at Derek. He was looking back at her, smiling slightly. All she could see was love in her eyes. Derek leaned over and stroked her face gently, tipping his head sideways. Meredith rested her head against his hand and sighed, feeling him so close to her.

"I love you." He whispered as he continued to stroke her cheek.

"I love you too." Meredith replied as she felt a tear prick her eye. She loved him so much it was almost painful.

I close my eyes

The moment I surrender to you

Let love be blind

Innocent and tenderly true

So lead me through tonight

But please turn off the light

'Cause I'm lost every time I look at you

Derek though back on everything they had been through. Thinking back, it was worth it. Everything that happened was well worth it to have made it to this point in their life. He couldn't believe the unbelievable odds that they had went against. He couldn't believe they managed to trudge through the mud of their lives, to now be running freely through the meadow of flowers that was now theirs.

And in the morning when you go

Wake me gently so I'll know

That loving you was not a dream

And whisper softly what it means to be with me

Then every moment we're apart

Will be a lifetime to my heart

"I guess no S. E. X. tonight?" Meredith asked with a smile. Derek smiled in response. It was funny how their insane sex drive had settled down after the kids. It didn't make either of them unhappy.

"I think we have a lifetime for that." Derek said with a smile as her looked over. "But this... This won't last a lifetime." He explained as her rubbed the heads of their sleeping children.

"I love you, Derek. More than you will ever know." Meredith told him as she leaned over and kissed him softly.

"Believe me... I know." Derek said weakly, feeling overcome with emotion. "I will love you always and forever, Derek. Always and forever..."

I close my eyes

The moment I surrender to you

Let love be blind

Innocent and tenderly true

So lead me through tonight

But please, please turn off the light

'Cause I'm lost every time I look at you

Lost. Every time I look at you

The room was silent, filled with the gentle breathing of children. Meredith cuddled into Derek. Derek leaned over and flipped off the light. They were together. Forever. Always and forever.

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