Deleted Scene from approximately the Chapter 13 / 14 time period. This takes place just after Azazeal's revenge on Lucifer confirms Elizabeth's suspicionsabout what Lucifer wants from her.

The honeymoon period lasted about four days. For four blissful days after Elizabeth realized what Lucifer needed from her, they talked and laughed and made love like any normal couple. But then reality set in.

"Isn't there anything you want?" Lucifer started in again.

"No, not really. Come back to bed," Elizabeth responded groggily because it was 5 o'clock in the morning and she didn't need to get up for work until 6:30. She hadn't quit her job and she didn't intend to. She figured that she could handle Lucifer just fine while still working a full-time job.

"Well, I need to be doing something," Lucifer said mostly to himself and then he looked back at her, "Any thoughts?" he asked almost desperately but Elizabeth was still too pleased with their new relationship to hear the dangerous tone in his voice.

"Nope, be good, no evil and you'll do fine," she told him.

He nodded and vanished and Elizabeth put her head back on her pillow and went back to sleep. Lucifer was gone for three days.

When Lucifer strolled into Elizabeth's office three days later with a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin on his face, Elizabeth knew they were going to have a fight. She already knew that she had made a mistake in not taking him seriously the other morning but she had been hoping that she would only have a minor mess to clean up this time.

Lucifer popped down in her visitor's chair and said, "Hello, baby."

Before Elizabeth could say a word the office receptionist came scurrying in with a cup of coffee and a muffin for 'Mr. Morningstar.'

"Thank you, dear," he said to the girl who blushed and almost ran into the wall as she tried to leave.

"I would have made an appointment but considering how…intimately we know each other, I though that I would just…."

WAAAM! Elizabeth slammed her office door shut and glared at her…well, boyfriend.

"Don't say another word!" She told him through clenched teeth. Lucifer nodded obligingly but he couldn't keep the amused grin off of his face.

Elizabeth went to her desk and called her boss to tell him that she wasn't feeling well and was going home. Then she grabbed Lucifer by the elbow and dragged him as inconspicuously as she could out of her office and to her car. He chuckled all the way to the parking structure but followed her.

"Get in the car," she yelled.

"I don't do human transportation, honey," he cooed.


"Alright, sweetie, I'll meet you at home, shall I?" Lucifer said and then he disappeared.

All the way home, Elizabeth was fuming. How did she ever think she could have a relationship with the Devil? He had disappeared for three days and then just showed up at her work acting like an arrogant bastard…she was furious and she didn't even know what horrible things he had been doing for the past few days.

When she asked him, he would tell her. She knew that. And he then would gloat.

"What did I do?" Lucifer asked casually, "What didn't I do, is probably a better question, dear. A little lying, a little stealing, a little hatred, a little tearing families to bits…and a lot of torture: physical, emotional, spiritual. It's very diverting, you know, and the best thing is," as Lucifer lowered his voice as if he were telling her a secret, "when I get through with them they go out into the world and do my work for me."

"STOP! I don't want to hear anymore!"

"Oh, come on, honey, you let me out to play and now you don't like the game?"

"How could you do those things?"

"I've been doing them for centuries. And I'm quite good at it. For instance…"


"Don't you want to know what I did for you?"

"For me? I didn't tell you to…"

"Listen, woman," Lucifer's voice changed from playful to angry in an instant, "I gave you my body. I expect something in return. Don't you understand?"

Elizabeth's anger blossomed into rage at the change of his tone. She was trying here, really she was, but she didn't understand him. All she saw was an arrogant prick who was now angry at her for not being interested in hearing about his debauchery. She was bursting with the desire to smack that condescending look off of his face.

"Aww," Lucifer crooned and Elizabeth's rage cooled in confusion, "You want to teach me a lesson, do you?"

Lucifer moved towards her and pressed his chest against her.

"Well, I…" she said and took a step back.

"You want to put me in my place, perhaps?" And he took a few more steps forward as she backed up.


"You want to punish me?"

"Ah!" Elizabeth let out a small gasp as she had backed into the bed and sat down on the edge rather abruptly.

Lucifer smiled down at her and then leaned forward to put his lips to her ear.

"Why didn't you just say so?" he murmured.

Elizabeth then felt something in her hand that hadn't been there before. She turned to head away from Lucifer's lips to glance down and she found that a neatly coiled leather whip was clutched in her right


"You see?" he said.

"I couldn't….I…that's not…"

"But you want to, don't you? You want to make me stop. You want to show me your anger."


"And you want to feel what it's like when the force of the stroke quivers along the leather and back to your hand."

Elizabeth's face burned with embarrassment and discomfort. How could he know such things? And why would he play with those dark thoughts now? Her shame could only inflame her anger further. But, of course, he knew that too.

Elizabeth looked up at him and he met her gaze with a strangely encouraging smile.

"But…" she tried one last time to talk herself out of this.

Lucifer leaned closer again and whispered to her, "God never gives you more than you can handle."

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