Mia's Wedding Vows

First sign of evil in the sky

First attack by and by

Five heroes come with hearts so true

Ant that's when I first met you

The first time I began to feel this way

Since then on my mind you've stayed

The first time of you I dream

Though I doubt you felt the same way, it seems

The first time I saw something anew in your eyes

The first and every time you held me when I cry

The first time I worry whenever you're hurt or go away

And how the first and constant time you made me smile when skies were gray

The first time you admitted that you cared

The first kiss we've shared

And now you've asked me to spend our lives together

Yes, 'cause I want to spend my first times with you forever.

Author's Note: This is a poem I came up with for Mia to recite as wedding vows for Ryo. Oh, and the RWs strictly do not belong to me.