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It seems another lifetime ago since I wrote this fiction but it sure has been fun to stroll down memory lane.

I hope that you enjoyed it - all you diehard PoTC fans, whether reading it for the first time or revisiting - and all you newly forged fans too!

I feel like the place this fiction finishes on allows for the events of On Stranger Tides without disrupting my own personal continuity at all, which is lucky!

I personally loved Barbossa's treatment in this film - although it was a bit of a scary start - and felt it gave him far more his due than At World's End - which gave him a few good moments, but on the whole did not live up to the character established in Curse of the Black Pearl. Barbossa should not be reduced to comic-relief and while On Strange Tides still did not capture his menace fully (I think they down-played it in the last two films to allow for the central villains to be scarier, but in my opinion, Barbossa tops them both, especially as he has no reliance on a gimmicky attribute!), it certainly heeded far more his skill and brilliance. He definitely deserved more screentime but Geoffrey Rush's consummate performance ensured he ruled in every scene that was his. Maybe one day they'll make a film where he finally gets a love interest of his own. Dare to dream!

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