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Summary: Severus Snape is called away on business for a week. His three-year-old daughter Bella is left in the hands of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. Will these students be able to handle babysitting for an entire week?

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"Daddy? Daaaaddy? Daddddddddy!"

"Bella Lily Snape," Severus Snape snapped under his breath. He looked down into the pleading eyes of his three-year-old daughter. "Students are trying to finish their potions. You're disturbing them."

"But - but -"


Bella thrust out her lower lip and looked up at her father. He was sitting at his desk, monitoring his class, as she sat on the floor next to him and hugged his long leg.

"But Daddy. . . I just wanna help!" Bella pouted.

Snape sighed, and looked into the sweet green eyes of his daughter. He had set up a tiny drawing desk next to his so that Bella could sit there and draw pictures while he taught his class. But, unfortunately, there were days where Bella could be a burden; like today.

Snape stroked Bella's soft red hair, and was about to answer her when there was a tiny pop and smoke was sent flying into the air.

"Mr. Longbottom!" Snape sneered, jumping out of his chair. "I presume you have an explanation -" Snape stalked off in Neville Longbottom's direction as other children snickered.

Bella scrambled up from her position on the floor and skipped merrily towards the desk of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.

"Hi!" She exclaimed happily.

Harry and Ron both started, but then smiled at Bella.

"Hey Bella," Harry replied to her. Bella blushed.

Although Severus Snape was not very likeable to his students, his daughter was an angel. She had soft, curly red hair that reached the small of her back. She had sparkling green eyes that seemed to glimmer in the sunlight. Bella also inherited her pale skin from her father. But, what really made Bella stand out, was her dimples that were planted on her cheeks. Even when she smiled slightly, the dimples would sink into her soft skin.

Ron looked a bit nervous. "Bella uh, are you - erm - supposed to be here?" He cast a few nervous glances over in Snape's direction.

"No." Bella smiled. Ron laughed nervously.

"Would you like to help us out with our potion, Bella?" Harry asked her. Bella's eyes widened and she nodded crazily. She quickly sat by Harry and Ron's bubbling cauldron.

"Hello there, Bella!" A girl's voice said behind her. It was Hermione Granger. Bella giggled and replied, "Mione!"

"Mione" was Bella's nickname for Hermione. She never could pronounce her name correctly. Bella liked to think of Hermione as her best friend, she was very fond of her.

Bella crawled over towards Hermione, which caused a few students to giggle and whisper, "Aw!" in her direction.

"May I help, too?" Bella pleaded. Hermione smiled at her and nodded.

Hermione called for a few ingredients, and Bella handed them over. Hermione always double-checked the ingredient to make sure it was the correct one before she put it in her cauldron.

After a few minutes, Snape stalked over towards them. Hermione and Bella had been giggling, but Hermione stopped abruptly when Snape approached.

"Bella, did I not tell you to stay at your desk?"

Bella spun around and looked at him. "But Daddy, I was helping Mione!"

"I'm sure she's perfectly capable to finishing it on her own," Snape glared at Hermione, who was nervously stirring her ingredients. "Back to your desk."

"But I -"


Bella thrust out her lower lip and stomped stubbornly over to her drawing desk. She took a seat and started to cry. "I was helping Mione!"

Snape flicked his wand, and suddenly a few sheets of paper and crayons had filled her desk. Bella looked at them and was tempted for a moment, but then shook her head and went on crying.

The students in the classroom were used to this, so they focused on their work. But they all sent hateful glances over at Professor Snape, who made sweet little children cry. Except for the Slytherins, who thought it amusing to watch his daughter cry.

Snape tried to hush her, but she only pouted and looked away. Snape went on patrolling his room, making sure that nobody else would blow something up.

When class ended and the children started to file out of the room, Snape glanced over at Bella. She had stopped crying, and was now coloring a picture with a smile on her face. When the last student left his classroom, he walked over to her.

"May I see what you're drawing, Bella?" Snape asked.

Bella nodded and handed her paper over to Snape. He looked at it and grunted. On it was a poorly drawn picture of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.

"They're my fwends!" Bella piped proudly.

Snape said nothing and handed the picture back to her. "It's almost time for lunch, sweetheart. Come along."

Bella got up and held onto her fathers hand. As they walked to the Great Hall, Bella would say, "Hi!" to anyone that passed her. The students replied and smiled warmly at her.

Bella had a seat next to her father at the Staff table, since she couldn't sit at a House table. Snape put food on her plate before he started to fill his.

Bella was making a mashed potato volcano when she spotted Hermione, Harry, and Ron at the Gryffindor table. She giggled and waved at them. They spotted her and waved back.

"Daddy, may I go sit with them?" Bella asked.

"Sit with who?" Snape asked her, as he took a bite of his salad.

"My fwends!"

Snape frowned and looked over to the Gryffindor table. He knew who she meant. He shook his head and replied, "No."

"But Daddy -" Bella whined.

"I cannot allow you to sit at the Gryffindor table. You'll stay here with me, and that's final."

Bella pouted once more and stubbornly stabbed her mashed potato volcano with her spoon. The gravy started to spill out of it.

Snape saw this and sighed. "Darling, don't play with your food."

Bella only pouted more and crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm not hungry."

"Yes, you are."

"Nuh uh!"

"Stop it!" Snape snapped. Bella looked at his stern face and giggled playfully. Snape almost cracked a smile also, but he knew Bella would have to learn to behave.

"Now eat up. It's Friday afternoon, and tomorrow is the Hogsmeade trip."

Bella clapped happily and started to stuff mashed potatoes into her mouth. She loved Hogsmeade trips! Her father always took her to Honeydukes, and she was allowed to take any candy she wanted.

After lunch, Snape was to teach his 6th year students. Bella was placed at her tiny desk and started to draw all sorts of sweets which she would be able to have tomorrow. She loved visiting Hogsmeade. Snape never allowed her to have candy elsewhere, so Hogsmeade trips were special to her.

Once dinner came along, Bella noticed that a huge snowstorm had started outside. She shivered just thinking about it. Once Bella was placed into her tiny chair and Snape had started filling her plate, Dumbledore approached them.

"Uncle Albus!" Bella piped gleefully. Dumbledore smiled at her and patted her soft red head.

"Hello there, my dear. How are you feeling?"

"Good," Bella replied shyly. "Do you have a tweat for me, Uncle Albus?"

"Now Bella," Snape told her. "That was rude. You do not -"

"As a matter of fact, dear," Albus chuckled. "I do." He handed Bella a licorice wand. She giggled as Albus handed it to her and started to chew on it.

"Albus, you spoil her!" Snape groaned. "She hasn't even had dinner yet."

Dumbledore only smiled. "Actually Severus, I have a request that you see me in my office after dinner. I have an important matter to discuss with you."

Snape nodded and filled Bella's plate with more food. She was eagerly sucking on her licorice wand.

"Bella Lily Snape," Snape told her. "You take that licorice wand out of your mouth and finish your dinner."

Bella bit into her licorice wand and started to chew madly before Snape could take it away from her. She giggled when Snape glared at her.

A few seconds later, Bella had finished her licorice wand and took a bite into her dinner roll.

"Daddy?" Bella asked.

"Yes?" Snape asked, picking at yet another salad with his fork.

"Why did Uncle Albus want you?"

"I'm not sure, dear," Snape replied. "I'll find out after dinner."

Bella took a few more bites into her spaghetti and looked over at the Gryffindor table. She caught Ron's eye and smiled at him. He smiled back, nudged Harry and Hermione, and soon they all were smiling at her. Bella had a strong urge to run up to their table and sit with them.

"Daddy, can I sit with my fwends?" Bella pleaded. "Look! I'm almost done with my sketti." She pointed at her plate of spaghetti. It wasn't nearly finished.

Snape glared over at the Gryffindor table, and the trio caught his eye and nervously started eating again. "No."

Tears started to well up inside Bella's eyes. "It's not fair, Daddy!" She hid her face in her tiny delicate hands and started to cry.

Snape dropped his fork and stroked Bella's soft hair. She stubbornly shrugged it off and turned away from him.

"Bella," Snape said to her. He picked her up and set her on his lap. Bella did not protest, she merely started to wipe her tears away. "Maybe another time. I promise."

Bella's eyes lit up. "Weally?" She asked him. He nodded and groaned inside. Bella giggled and wrapped her arms around Snape. Snape smiled at her and kissed her chubby little cheek.

Snape rarely showed affection like this to his daughter in public, but truthfully, he couldn't bare to watch her cry and know that it was all his fault. He noticed some students staring at him and giggling, "Aw," to their fellow classmates.

Bella did not want to sit back in her chair, so she sat on Snape's lap for the rest of dinner time. She ate another dinner roll, but other than that, she started to doze off on his shoulder. Snape gently rocked her until he was sure she had fallen asleep.

Once the students started to fill out of the Great Hall, Snape slowly stood up and walked toward the dungeons, holding his daughter in his arms. He was stopped by Remus Lupin.

"Ah, Severus," Lupin smiled. "Is Bella sleeping? I have something for her."

"Maybe another time, Remus." Snape spat and started to walk away. Just then, Bella's eyes popped open.

"Looooooopin!" She squeaked excitedly. She was now full of so much energy, Snape had a hard time believing she was ever asleep.

"My dear girl," Lupin grinned at her and patted her head. "How would you like a chocolate frog?"

Snape rolled his eyes as Bella squealed happily. Lupin handed her a chocolate frog and Bella accepted it happily.

Snape sneered at Lupin. "Why do you spoil her so much?"

"Why not?" Lupin shrugged, thrusting his hands into his pockets. "Three-year-olds deserve to be spoiled. Especially adorable ones like Bella." He pinched Bella's cheek and she blushed.

"Right." Snape muttered, walking away from Lupin. Once Snape reached his quarters in the dungeon, Bella had opened her chocolate frog. But unfortunately, the frog had hopped away before she got the time to catch it. Bella sighed and looked at the wizard card she had received.

"Into your pajamas," Snape told her as they entered his quarters. Bella skipped over to her room and rushed into her lime green pajamas. She flew into her bed and pulled the covers up to her chin.

Snape walked into her room and sat on the edge of her bed. He noticed his daughter shivering, and with a flick of his wand, a nice fire had started in the fireplace.

"Daddy, tomorrow we go to Hogsmeade?" Bella asked quietly.

Snape nodded and smiled at her. He stroked her hair and looked into her gentle green eyes. So much like her mother, he sighed. But he shook the thought away and kissed Bella on the forehead.

Snape watched as Bella drifted off into sleep, then quietly, he turned to leave for Dumbledore's office. Just then, Bella let out a muffled scream. Snape whirled around and looked into the frightened eyes of his three-year-old.

"What's wrong? What is it?" Snape asked fearfully.

"I had a nightmare!" Bella sobbed.

Snape sighed. "Bella, you haven't fallen asleep yet."

"Yes, I did!" She cried. "There was a scary snake man with red eyes who called my name! He scared me, Daddy!"

For a moment, Snape thought of Lord Voldemort. But he brushed the thought away. Of course it couldn't be Voldemort! It must have been another creature Bella had thought about.

Snape picked Bella up from under the covers and held her in his arms. Bella hid her face in Snape's shoulder and once again started to fall asleep. Snape held her for a few moments longer, and once he was sure she was asleep, he tucked her back into bed. He laid a gentle kiss on Bella's cheek before stalking out of the room.

It was an hour before Snape had returned from Dumbledore's office. He was muttering curses to himself and stalking back to his quarters in the dungeon. Once he reached his own room, he poured himself a glass of fire whiskey. He angrily plopped into a chair before the fireplace and whisked it down his throat.

Although Snape would have to be called away on business for a week, there was no way Dumbledore could allow Bella to be in the care of Potter, Weasley, and Granger!

Snape poured himself another shot of fire whiskey.