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Harry, Prince of Hogwarts

Act I Scene II:

The Great Hall, the following evening

The Great Hall was crowded with people waiting for dinner. At the head table, Tom Riddle, the Head Master who had taken the place of James Potter after his death, was talking quietly with Severus Snape, the Potions Master. As the doors shut, and the students settled down, Riddle stood up.

"Good evening everyone, I wanted to say something to you all before you started dinner. Although I know we are still in mourning for the lamented Professor Potter, I cannot keep this happy news inside me any longer. Professor Snape and I have decided to bond. Coming so soon after the death of Professor Potter, our marriage will of course be a somber event, but we invite everyone to attend.

"Now, I'm sure everyone here knows the Victor Krum and the rest of Durmstrag have decided to compete against us. I have decided to send Professors Black and Lupin to Beauxbatons so that they might join our contest and compete with us against Durmstrang."

Sirius Black and his partner Remus Lupin, co-Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers, stood up from their seats further down the table, and replied. "We will go and give them this message. Hopefully, we will be back before the funeral." They then left their seats and the great hall to pack and leave as quickly as possible.

Some murmuring broke out, but was soon quelled as Prof. Riddle once again spoke out. "Will Ronald Weasley please come up to the head table?" Ron got up from the Gryffindor table casting puzzled looks back at his Harry and Hermione, who shrugged.

Prof. Riddle looked at Ron and he approached. "You had a request? Tell me, what did you want?"

"Well, headmaster, I stayed to watch your installment as headmaster, but I would like to go to France with Professors Black and Lupin, since I have a sister-in-law there," said Ron, his puzzlement now cleared.

"But what does your step-father say about that, Mr. Weasley? Surely he doesn't want you to leave school?" replied Professor Riddle, glancing down the table at Lucius Malfoy, Ron's step-father and current Professor of Wizarding Law. Seeing this Mr. Malfoy spoke up.

"He begged and begged, and seeing as he's got his school work caught up, I gave him permission. Let him go, headmaster," he said, before returning to his meal and conversation with Harry Potter, who had come up to the head table to talk about some homework.

"Alright, you may go. But hurry and tell the professors that you are going!" Ron ran out of the Great Hall, stopping to wave good-bye to Harry. "Harry, my son, why do you look so… sad?" he queried.

Harry looked up at the Headmaster, raising an eyebrow at 'son'. "Oh, I'm not sad… I'm felling quite sunny actually."

Professor Snape leaned over to Harry. "Harry, don't keep grieving over James' death, you know everyone must die eventually, why do you take his death so personally?"

Harry looked incredulously at his father's lover. "Personally? Why do I take the death of my father personally??"

Riddle cut in. "Everyone's father dies, Harry."

Severus chimed in. "Harry, I know you said you didn't want to stay here, but instead study in America, but please, stay here. We're just worried about you."

"Fine, Sev. I'll stay here if you insist," grumbled Harry, before returning to his seat.

The rest of dinner passed without incident, although Harry barely touched his food. After everyone but he had left, Harry sat there, thinking about his father and Sev and the happy time before James had died. It was like this that Hermione, Dean, and Luna found him.

Harry? You didn't come up to the Tower. Why are you still down here?" Hermione sat beside her best friend.

"Oh, I was just thinking of my dad… that's all," replied Harry, standing. Dean and Luna gestured at Hermione.

"Um… Harry? We… Ah… Wee saw him last night." She looked warily at Harry.

Harry's head shot up. "What? My dad? Where??" Hermione looked back at Dean and Luna.

"Um, well, we three- that is, Dean, Luna, and I- saw his ghost walking in one of the hallways. We thought you ought to know." Hermione bit her lip.

"Well, come on, let's go and find him! I want to speak to him!" Harry rushed out of the Great Hall, leaving three shocked students to run after him.