Author's Note

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Hello my loyal fans. I just have to say that everytime I look and see that this story has gotten 100+ reviews and over 7000 hits... I just can't even fathom it! I set out to write a pretty half decent story, and it looks as if I've made a pretty damn good one! But most of all, you, my fans, are what's really amazing! You guys are just so good to me and so loyal! But your loyalty is what scares me the most... more on that later.

So, the general input from everybody was finish 'Denial.' I can almost hear you guys: "For Christ's sake, Cinvxten!! This things been going on for 9 freaking chapters! Stop beating this horse, it's dead!" Well... maybe not entirely like that, haha. From what I've seen so far, it appears that everyone wants this one to end, but they want a sequal...

Now, I'd love to! In fact, I'm pretty much going to! But, there is always that small pang of doubt, that passing shadow of fear. You guys want a sequal... and everyone knows what happens in the movies when they make a sequal! Quite frankly... they suck!

And this is why I'm so afraid. I'm so worried that I won't live up to your expectations like I did with 'Denial'. Yes, I have a plot already figured out. Yes, I have thought up quite a few twists and such. It's just... I'm so hyper critical of myself that I'm worried it won't be as good as 'Denial' was.

But hey, you never truly know until you try. So, I'm gonna be typing up a sequal to 'Denial' and I'm gonna do my absolute best with it.

And, of course, your support is always welcome. And, hey, if I start out the sequal and you guys think it's great, GREAT!! But, if it sucks, or you think it's not heading in the right direction, by all means, PLEASE, tell me!! It's better for you to be a mean wise ass and help me fix the story then be a polite fence sitter mumbling "Well... yeah, it's good... keep up the good work... I guess..." and have me write a really crappy one!

On none 'Denial' related news, I just read a book, in which the ending made me very mad. So, I'm going to take its basic idea and rewrite it the way I want it, and turn it into a fic. It'll be my first semi-original fic that doesn't have to do with Anime/Game characters. So, I'll officially be working on a total of FOUR fanfictions at once! , ;

And with a final thank you to my friends, so ends this Author's Note. Thank you for your time!