Part One

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Summer was always well-known chaos at the Lugovalos household. That summer had not changed the general hectic air of the house, possibly making it worse since all the children had arrived back at home. "Mom!" Cyrrus could be heard on the street. "Where did my shoes go?"

"We're out of pop-tarts!" One of the little twins announced.

"Stop eating my toast, dammit!"

Harry grinned. He could recognize Phyrrus' voice anywhere, and he was guessing River and Rayne were having a heyday with their elder brother. Phyrrus was so much larger than the twins that he didn't dare fight with them physically--at least not without severely checking his strength. Despite all the yelling that went on, Harry knew that Phyrrus loved his younger sisters as much as he loved life itself. The boy-who-lived chuckled. Phyrrus was so sweet to his siblings.

"Hey," Harry didn't bother knocking as he went in. Earlier that summer Chara had scolded him for waiting outside like a stranger. He and Phyrrus had been dating for nearly two years, and she felt that he was being a little ridiculous if he didn't enter the house uninvited. "What's going on?"

Harry's boyfriend, Phyrrus Lugovalos, was sitting at the table, fire-gold eyes narrowed as he pouted. Standing six-feet three inches in his bare feet at the age of fifteen, there was a lot of the Lugovalos to sulk. He was dressed in a pair of cut off jean shorts, ratty old converse sneakers, and a bright orange tee-shirt that probably had some saying on the front--Harry hadn't looked--with his waist-length, fire red hair pulled back in a high tail, long bangs ranging from chin to collar bone fluffed out with his annoyance. "And why are you pouting, you baby?" Harry teased, pressing a kiss to his boyfriend's lips.

"River and Rayne keep eating my toast," Phyrrus grumbled, offering a kiss in reply. Harry tilted his head back to look. He was quite a bit shorter than his boyfriend, standing a measly five feet four inches, with messy black hair trimmed fairly short. It held a just-rolled-out-of-bed flyaway look, but there was little for it. Harry's black hair had always had that messy quality, to the annoyance of his aunt. Fortunately for Harry, he didn't live with his aunt anymore. Bright green eyes, half hidden by wire-framed glasses glittered in the morning light, and Phyrrus offered his boyfriend a smile.

Phyrrus' mother, Chara, had already left for work, leaving her eldest two to look after the twins. Cyrrus, who was, in reality, Phyrrus cousin, looked just like the other, only Cyrrus hair was a rich auburn and he had indigo blue eyes rather than fire-gold. Cyrrus had been taken in by Chara when it was discovered that his father and step-mother had "forgotten" to feed him for a few days, choosing to drink instead. Chara had been furious and Cyrrus had joined them the summer before, going to Hogwarts with Phyrrus last year. Cyrrus, however, was in Slytherin with their friend Draco Malfoy rather than Gryffindor with Phyrrus and his younger sisters.

"River and Rayne are stealing your toast." Harry raised an eyebrow. At three feet eight inches, River and Rayne were half the size of their elder brother, with jet black curls tumbling to their waists. They were almost identical, but River has jewel toned green-blue eyes while Rayne's were much paler than her twin's, and they were mirror twins. Rayne had a dimple in her left cheek and was left handed while River's dimple was in her right cheek, and she favored her right hand. "They aren't big enough to do anything to you." The little twins were nine year old empathic geniuses and has spent the last two years at Hogwarts already.

"They got bored." Phyrrus grunted. "Where are Sirius and Remus?"

"Work." Harry smiled at the thought of his godfather and his mate. "They were called in early, so it's just us."

"Great," Phyrrus sighed, rising to his feet. "Well, not much for it, then. Are you ready for a day at the park?"

"Before or after you remember to get River and Rayne ready to go?" Cyrrus appeared, then, arms crossed over his chest. "Because I refuse to do it."

"You're both babies," Harry announced. "And I shall do it."

"They listen to you," Cyrrus muttered, pouting.

"That's because Harry isn't a stupid head!" River shouted down the stairs.

"Good. Get ready to go!" Harry shouted back, watching the children tumble down the stairs. They would hit growth spurts soon, he could tell, and then they'd be all arms and legs until they could reorient themselves. Harry smiled. They were already becoming all arms and legs, and he was amused with the prospect.

"We are, we are!" Rayne held up a sandaled foot, eyes sparkling. "And we want to go to the library. We finished the books we checked out."

"Rooms clean?" Harry offered them a Look. "Because you aren't getting books if they aren't."

"Rooms clean!" They chorused, smiling brightly. "Promise."

"Good." Harry took their hands, letting them lead him out the door with Phyrrus and Cyrrus following. It was a nice day, and Harry wanted to spend most of it out in the sunshine. River and Rayne tugged him anxiously along, giggling the entire time. Phyrrus made a face, but didn't say anything. Cyrrus would watch the girls at the park for awhile, allowing Harry and Phyrrus to spend some time together. Phyrrus knew it was chafing Cyrrus to have his girlfriend, Ginny Weasely, so far away, but she would be visiting the farm with them in a week.

"You know our two year anniversary is coming up, right?" Phyrrus finally asked, making the green eyed boy look at him sharply.

"You didn't forget, did you?" Harry teased. His birthday was the same day as their anniversary.

"Do I sound like I forgot?" Phyrrus crossed his arms. "Geeze."

Harry wrapped his arms around Phyrrus' waist. "I had to ask," Harry giggled, kissing Phyrrus thoroughly. Phyrrus smiled, returning the kiss with fervor. Harry was his heart, after all.

The Lugovalos family was always glad to have people visit the family farm, especially if they knew the people and they were practically family. Harry's friends, who had visited the summer previously, were considered almost family. Lucius Malfoy was whisked away by one of Phyrrus' many uncles as soon as they arrived, Cyrrus and Ginny disappeared somewhere together, Percy and Anders--there for the week--were talking to Anders' mother, and Grandma Lugovalos had kidnaped Harry for herself.

"How was school?" Grandma Lugovalos was standing over the stove, spoon in hand. "Did you two enjoy the year? Well, did all of you enjoy the year?"

"Mostly," Harry laughed. "You were there for part of it."

"When my son attacks a man I don't know, that's not a good sign for the rest of the year," Grandma Lugovalos commented, raising one gray eyebrow. She was referring to Leon attacking the fake Moody at the end of the year. Harry later learned his name was Bartimus Crouch Junior, but he honestly couldn't have cared less at that point. He had just seen Cedric die, and had probably been sobbing his eyes out when he learned who the fake Moody was.

"Yeah," Harry agreed, softly. "I. . . I'm glad it's over."

"You were brave," Grandma Lugovalos patted his hand, her face set in a bright smile. "I am very proud of you, and I'm sure your parents would be too."

Harry nodded, sadly. "I think. . . you're right."

"I'm a grandmother," Grandma Lugovalos scolded lightly, a smile glinting in her steely blue eyes. "I'm always right."

Harry tossed his head back with a laugh. "Of course you are."

"Don't give me lip, boy. I'll take you out," Grandma Lugovalos teased. Harry stood abruptly to give her a tight hug. Grandma Lugovalos looked surprised, but hugged him in return without hesitation.

"Thank you," Harry's voice was heavy. "For giving me a family."

Grandma Lugovalos smiled and pressed a kiss to his forehead, watching him leave. "I hope you know what you're doing, Phyrrus," She murmured to herself as he walked out. "He's going to need you. Now more than ever."

The entire family turned out to eat at the many picnic tables on the front lawn when several more guests arrived. Chara smiled as her brother, Odin approached. Harry looked him over. He was rather serious looking, unlike his elder sister, with the same red hair, though he had his mother's brown eyes. His hair was trimmed short, falling neatly around his head, and he looked like an executive should. Not like Vernon Dursley. "Hello, Chara. Everyone."

River and Rayne clambered up to hug him tightly, smiling in greeting. Odin grinned at them, patting their heads awkwardly. Turning to Phyrrus, he seemed to finally notice Harry. "Ah, you must be the one Phyrrus has fallen in love with." Even Odin's voice was slightly awkward, as though he didn't use it much.

"Yes," Harry was nervous. He had never met Odin before, but Phyrrus had admitted to the man being a little strange sometimes. The man smiled at him, sitting next to Uncle Montague and his wife. Grandma Lugovalos greeted him warmly, then turned back to the house in time to see Mr. and Mrs. Weasely step out the doors. They had port-keyed into the house since the rest of the crowd was outside, and Grandma Lugovalos smiled warmly at Mr. Weasely, but offered Mrs. Weasely an icy nod. Percy stiffened.

Percy had not seen his mother in person since he and Anders had gotten together. She had disapproved of the relationship, claiming that Anders had raped her son and that Percy could know nothing of love. She had begged him to come home, away from Anders. Percy, for the first time in his life, had met her eyes and refused. Arthur, however, had spoken and seen Anders on several occasions over the year. He adored the man and felt that Anders and Percy were good for each other.

"Mother," Percy greeted her stiffly, standing to greet his father with a warm hug but bowing stiffly at her. Molly Weasely blinked back tears at his cool demeanor, but said nothing, simply sat down where her husband directed her. Odin glanced at her, frowning, and Leon had a strange look on his face. Grandma Lugovalos did not intervene, but calmly started passing out the food, which was met with gusto. They just hoped the night would go well.

After supper and cake, Anders, who was sitting at the "head table" perpendicular to every other table on the lawn, rose to his feet to smile at his family. "As you all know, Percy and I celebrate our one year anniversary tonight," Anders offered, grinning. "But I bet none of you know why I wanted you here."

Percy half turned, brows furrowed, when Anders went to one knee. "I love you like life itself," Anders told the smaller, blue-green eyes wide. "I would ask you this night to be formally Joined with me." The ring was a delicate looking gold calladagh, the heart made from a diamond.

Percy felt his mouth drop open as he stared dumbly at his lover for a moment, then a smile broke out on his face as he tackled Anders in a hug. "Yes, yes, yes! I love you, Anders, so much."

Anders gripped Percy tightly, pressing their lips together in a deep kiss. "I love you, too," He managed before Percy re-occupied his mouth. Molly Weasely stared at them, dumbfounded. This could not be happening.

Chara found Molly Weasely inside the house, idly playing with a tea cup as she sat at the kitchen table, staring at the room blankly. "Hey," Chara greeted, sliding into the seat across from her. "You okay?"

Molly gripped the cup more tightly, staring down at it. "I don't know."

"Your son is getting Joined. Why wouldn't you be happy?" Chara raised one red brow. "You should be excited. You get an in-law."

"They've been together for a year. There's so much they don't know about each other. They barely know each other. Percy isn't so. . . adventurous. He doesn't do things like this." Molly sighed. "He's not ready for this step."

"Why are you so unwilling to admit that this might be good for him? That he and Anders know and love each other and know exactly what they want in life? Is it so hard to believe that your son has finally grown up?" Chara's voice was gentle, soft. "I know it's hard to see--"

"Your children are only fifteen and nine! You don't know anything!"

"Phyrrus and Harry are as good as Joined. There will be no separating them. Especially not after their bond is this established." Chara sighed. "I know this is hard for you to accept, Molly, but Harry never had people to watch out for him. He's already old for his years. And Phyrrus has grown up a lot since his father died. He's taken on a lot of responsibility. They may still live in my house but. . . in many ways. . . I've already lost them." Chara smiled sadly, shaking her head. "Percy is a grown man, Molly. You need to let him take responsibility for his own actions."

Molly almost threw the tea cup into the wall. "You don't know anything about my children!"

"It's not about them. It's about you! At least, this is! I may not understand your children, but I understand being a mother. Being a mother means you sacrifice everything you have and everything you are and then a little more for your children. You might not approve, but you sacrifice that to keep them safe and happy. And Percy is safe and happy with Anders. In other words, being a mother means this isn't about you!"

"He doesn't know anything about anything!"

"Stop yelling at my daughter." Grandma Carlisle's voice made Molly freeze. "She may not have her children grown yet, but she is far from inexperienced."

"And while she might be, neither of us are." Grandma Lugovalos' voice was sharp. "And she is correct. Percy is a grown man, Molly, and the only person that will not see that is you."

Molly stiffened, as though Grandma Lugovalos had slapped her, and frowned, eyes narrowing. She opened her mouth to speak, but Grandma Lugovalos had already begun. "When my third eldest boy was about eighteen, just a year older than Percy, he went cross-country for a year, just to see it. He wanted adventure. He was so mild mannered that I thought there could be no harm in it.

"When he returned six months later, he brought a girl home with him. Called her his lover, said he was going to marry her. I threw a fit. Told him that it was her or me. If he married her, I'd never speak to him again. He left with her, married her, and we didn't speak to each other for five years. He missed the birth of his little brothers, Kelsey and Skyler. I missed the birth of his first child.

"After tempers had cooled, we just didn't know how to break the ice, not until one of my other children did it for us. I was forced to chose if I would have my son in my life or not. Do you know the name of his wife? Kimberly. One of my most precious people. My choice was wrong and I nearly lost one of my sons. Will you do the same thing?" Grandma Lugovalos sighed. "Molly, he is a man. You must treat him as one."

"He's not a man! He's just my little boy!" Molly did throw her cup this time, and it shattered against the wall where Chara had once sat. She had, fortunately, left Molly to the tender care of her mothers and slipped out the door.

"Come here, Molly." Grandma Carlisle ordered. Molly made no move to go to the woman when sharp brown eyes turned to her. "Now."

Hastily, Molly hurried to the window. "Look at him, Molly." Grandma Carlise ordered, pointing to Percy. He was holding Anders' hand, his new ring glittering in the sunlight, face open and happy. His laughter died down, however, and he turned to look at the house, his eyes sad. Anders leaned over to him to whisper something in his ear, turning to hold him more tightly, and Molly blinked back her tears.

"He is neither little, nor a boy." Grandma Lugovalos told her, her voice gentle. "You can't keep him wrapped in your arms anymore. It is time you allowed him to open his wings and fly. Because the tighter you try to hold him, the harder he will struggle. And he will eventually get away. But do you want him to run for fear of a cage, or return freely because of your love?"

"He wants you out there with him. He wants you to share in this moment. He wants you to tell him how much you love him. He might not be a little boy, but he is your son, Molly. He wants your approval. He wants you. Anders is not a replacement for you. And right now, the only thing your tantrum is doing is ruining his life."

The two elderly women left, leaving Molly staring out the window at her son, whose face was bright with laughter and love as he gazed at Anders. Molly didn't move, didn't turn, just stared. The door slammed, but Molly didn't turn, thinking it was only the old women to bother her further.

"He wants you with him." The soft voice made her jump and turn. Rayne stared up at her, pale eyes unreadable. "Why do you make him hurt?"

"What?" Molly stared at the child.

"He loves Anders." Rayne added, not looking at the woman anymore. "He loves you."

"Sweetie, not everything is simple--"

"So why are you making him choose what has no choice?" Rayne glanced up at the woman again. "We aren't supposed to hurt our loved ones, not on purpose. So why are you hurting yours?"


"You hurt all of them." Rayne had returned to staring outside. "You hurt Percy because you won't accept his choice. You hurt the others because you won't accept Percy. They're afraid of you, now. What if you throw them out too? You said you loved Percy, but you didn't act like it. Treating him the way you are isn't love."

"What do you know about love?"

"Mom loves me." Rayne moved towards the door. "She doesn't treat me that way. And neither does River or Phyrrus, and neither did Daddy. But if you love him so much, why do you treat him that way?"

Molly watched Rayne leave, blinking in surprise. Rayne didn't know about love. She didn't care either, most likely. But Rayne was too young to understand. She couldn't understand how Molly felt. Percy had hurt her--

". . . being a mother means this isn't about you!"

--and she was upset. But it really wasn't about her anymore, was it. Percy was no child. He could take care of himself. He had graduated Hogwarts at the top of his class, he had a job that could support himself, and he didn't even live in her house anymore. He was. . . an adult. Pained brown eyes looked at the house again as Percy waited for his mother to return. Anders gripped him tighter, brushing away the single tear that rolled down his face.

Molly turned away from the window. There was nothing more to say to him.

"Percy?" Bill put a hand on his younger brother's arm. "Are you okay?"

"Does Mum hate me now?" He asked softly, turning away from the house. Anders let him go, knowing Percy didn't need him, not then. He needed Bill. He needed his mother. Smiling at Percy, Anders nodded at Bill and turned to the house, squaring his shoulders and going for the door. Bill smiled, leading Percy away from Anders, know this was something Anders had to do.

He shoved the door to the house open, face set. Molly sat in a chair away from the window, refusing to look at the party--and her son--a book clutched in her hands. "You've made him miserable." Anders told her, not backing away when her head snapped up and her eyes narrowed at him. "You've ripped out his heart and tore it to pieces to give to back to him."

"What do you want?" Molly asked, voice cold. Anders said nothing for several long moments, blue-green meeting brown squarely. He wouldn't back down from this woman, no matter what.

"You're so used to having him henpecked and cowering in fear of you that the moment he finds something of his own to cling to you turn into a monster made of jealousy," Anders hissed, finally approaching. "He loves you, you bitch. Though I can't figure out why he still cares so much. You have refused to speak to him or have anything else to do with him for the past year. You won't even listen when Arthur brings home news of him, too wrapped up in your hatred of me to give a shit about what happens to your son."

"Shut up."

"No! I've asked him to be my husband! I won't leave him miserable! He wants you at the ceremony! He wants his entire family there! And right now the only thing he wants is you! He doesn't care if you go out there just to yell at him as long as he can hear your voice! As long as you acknowledge his existence! He doesn't want anything more than that! He's so desperate you could tell him you hated him and he would be glad you said something to him! Why are you doing this to him? To try to punish me? I don't give a shit about you! You have offered no reason for me to like you, and I think you're a bitch for treating your son this way! I'm glad my mother is nothing like you!"

Molly stiffened in anger, but it was Anders who left. "I don't care what you tell him," Anders hissed, his eyes alight with anger. "But tell him something."

The man stalked away, slamming the door after him and leaving Molly's ears ringing with his tirade, her head bowed. Slowly she stood up and slipped out the back door, finding her son in the crowd of people. Watching him for a moment made him turn. He flinched when he saw her, head bowed as he waited for her to storm away in anger as she had earlier. Tears welled in his eyes. Her eyes. The eyes she had given him. "Percy," She whispered brokenly, and wrapped him in her arms.

Mother and son both began to cry, tears streaming down their faces. Feeling utterly shamed, Molly apologized to her middle son. Percy said nothing in reply. He wanted her apologies so terribly, but he wanted her acceptance so much more. Until she could accept him, he had nothing to say.