Part Twenty

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It was nice and cool, at least in Harry's dreams, with the sound of water trickling down the rounded walls. Harry gave a small smile. It was a nice place to be, cool and dark, since he really wanted to sleep. But his discomfort was apparent after a few moments, the coldness seeping through his skin as though he couldn't warm himself.

He was slitering along the floor, snakelike, and Harry knew that he was no longer caught in a dream, but in a vision. Phyrrus was never going to leave him alone again.

And then he was in that huge room, filled with shelves that were covered in strange, glass containers all holding something whispy and white. "I might not be able to take it," Voldemort's cruel voice made the snake--Nagini--turn and hiss in delight. "But you can."

Whomever Voldemort was speaking with replied with a curse and Harry blanched. He knew that voice. "Sirius," He whispered, not wanting to believe it. "No."

"Take it and give it to me!"

"Fuck you!"

"Crucio!" Voldemort snarled and Sirius was screaming in pain. Harry could see him writhing on the floor. Voldemort held the spell on him for a few moments, then smirked. "Take it!"

"Fuck you!" Sirius repeated.

"Then your friends will feel my wrath!" And then the spell was repeated. But it was not Sirius' voice peircing the silence.

It was Chara's.

Harry woke, screaming, and Professor Tofty nearly had a heart attack when the boy flailed and fell from his chair. The students all looked up, gasping and whispering, and Phyrrus raced to his bonded, pulling him into a tight embrace. "It's okay. Tell me what you saw," Phyrrus whispered, helping Harry from the room when Professor Tofty told them to turn in their tests early and head on back to their dorms.

Harry let Phyrrus help him back to the dorm and strip him to his boxers, then into the shower to wash off the sweat. Harry slowly related the vision to Phyrrus, sobbing softly. "I don't even know if it was real! What if Voldemort really has Sirius and Mum? What it he's really going to hurt them? Like when I saw Mr. Weasely!"

"And what if it's not and he's trying to trick you?" Phyrrus wrapped his boyfriend in a towel and rubbed him dry, pulling him into a tight embrace. "We can get in touch with Mom easy, and she should know where Sirius is, right?"

"Yeah." Harry nodded, finding the energy to dress.

"Take a nap. I'll call Mom, okay?" Phyrrus pressed a soft kiss to Harry's forehead. "That nap did you good, but you're still pretty low on reserves and I can't afford to feed you much more."

"I know," Harry sighed, shaking his head and laying down. "Come back when you're done?"

"I will." Phyrrus agreed, heading toward the fireplace to get in touch with his mother after feeding Harry a little more magic and making sure he drifted off to sleep, settled on a couch in the common room. Chara had a shift at the hospital, so Phyrrus wasn't too worried that she didn't answer his call immediately. He'd give her an hour or so before he worried, and he left a message for Sirius as well, just in case. That Sirius didn't answer him immediately was a little more concerning, especially since Remus hadn't answer either. But Harry hadn't mentioned Remus in his nightmare, so it was possible the two were just out together.

An hour and a half later, Phyrrus' nails were chewed to the quick and River and Rayne were anxious sitting with them, along with the rest of his friends. Harry was finally awake, leaning against him. "No call?" Harry asked, chewing his lip.

"No." Phyrrus was scared now. "I don't know what to do."

"Call Uncle Leon!" Rayne whined. "He can help."

"He's in America, Rayne. We need help now, not eventually." Cyrrus crossed his arms.

"We'll get in touch with the DA, and go there ourselves."

"I'll call Grandma." River announced. "They may be late, but better late than never."

"That's true. We need to leave in two hours. Any idea on how we're going to get there?" Hermione began to pace. "We'll need to pull this together fast."

"I have some ideas," Draco offered, looking thoughtful. Neville whispered something to him, and Draco nodded. "We need to get some things worked out. We'll meet you in the room of requirement in an hour."

"Got it." Ron nodded. "Be careful. Umbitch is still after us."

"River, call Anders and Percy. Get them to the Ministry. Percy should be able to do something." Harry ordered. "I'll get the DA together. Hermione, did you ever find out what that room was?"

Hermione nodded. "I'll tell everyone at the meeting."

"Got it. Let's go."

As the group rushed off, Harry felt worry and fear settle in the pit of his belly. If this was what it was like to loose his family, he didn't like it at all.

The DA was prompt, meeting in the room of requirement in less than an hour. Luna was there, with Neville and Draco, the trio looking pleased with themselves. River and Rayne had managed to contact Anders, Percy, and the Weasly twins. They would head to the minstry to attempt to learn what was going on. No one had seen Chara or Sirius yet, and neither of them had tried to contact Phyrrus. Leon was gathering a troop at the farm and would meet them there as soon as he could. He also alluded that there would be some people that would be important if Voldemort really was attempting to get a prophecy.

"This is important, top secret, and dangerous." Harry announced to the group, looking out across the room. "If you have an doubt that you won't be willing to keep these secrets to your grave and risk your life, stay here. No one will think any less of you. Hell, I'd probably staying here if it wasn't my family in danger. There are also some of you that can't afford to do this, because it will go against your families. You should also stay. I won't order you too, but I do not wish to put you in jeapordy with your families for two reasons. First, your families are very important, and I don't want to jepordize your relationship with them. Second, even if you can't stand your family, they might be a valuble source of information later."

Several students stepped away from the group, and Harry assigned one of them to get them back to their rooms without getting caught. They had to leave before Harry briefed the others, and once they were gone and out of earshot, Harry turned to the rest of the group. "We need to sneak into the department of mysteries."

Several of the students gasped, and soft whispers made their way through the room. "Enough," Phyrrus held up his hands. "We have work to do. Knowing what you know now, are there any more that wish to leave?"

More did, and they were left will a little over half their original number. Harry also sent anyone under fourth year to stay and attempt damage control in Hogwarts. They would need their disappearnce covered, and they would also need some type of alibi. The students readily agreed, nodding, and headed back to their common rooms, led by the older students staying behind. The rest of the group turned to Harry. "Now, Draco is addressing the issue of getting there, and Hermione is going to give us some details on the room we'll be breaking into. After that, I'll be giving you our plan." Harry stepped off to the side, clearly waiting for Draco to take the stage.

"We will be riding Thestrals." Draco smirked as the DA traded looks and gasps. "They're good at finding where they're going, and Hagrid trained these well. They're very gentle. Riding them, it will only take us a few hours to get to the ministry."

The students nodded and Hermione took over. "As to the matter of the room, it's actually a series of rooms. We're after the one in the very back, of course." She unveiled a large map of the area. "We'll be going in through the front door, since it's night and no one will expect that. Our reason is a field trip. Then we'll go straight to the department of mysteries. We'll have to be on our guard. There's a lot of stuff there, we'll have to watch out for surprise attacks."

"Thank you, Hermione." Harry took back over. "Now, we'll have to sneak out of the castle and get to the thestrals. Draco said they're in the first clearing in the forbidden forest. We need to use small groups, mostly made up of one house. Study groups, if you want to call them that. From there, we'll head to the minstry and to the Department of Mysteries. If Voldemort is there, I don't want any heroics. Get out of there. We have more people coming to help us from Phyrrus' family. No one is to take unnecessary risks, got it?" Harry crossed his arms.

"Loud and clear, lovely," One of the girls called. "We don't want to tangle with You-Know-Who anyway!"

"Good. Now, let's go." Harry pulled out his invisiblity cloak, handing it to Neville. "You take River and Rayne--who insist on going and I'd rather have them with us than alone--and Draco. Take Luna with you too."

Neville took the cloak, nodding.

"Cyrrus, you and Ginny go alone. Scout the corridors. You'll figure out a way to warn us, I'm sure. And you can even make-out if you need the excuse." Harry smirked as Ron sputtered.

Harry continued to assign groups, and sighed heavily. "You and me alone, then, Phyrrus." Harry grinned. "And we can use the make-out excuse if we need it, too."

Phyrrus managed a chuckle, despite his worry, and waited until everyone else was gone before they followed, making their way casually down the crowded halls. Phyrrus had warned Harry not to act suspicious. It made people think one was up to no good. Even if he really was up to no good. Unfortunately, Umbridge had become suspicious and her spies had reported in. Halfway to the door, she stopped Phyrrus and Harry. "My office. Now."

"Did we do something?" Phyrrus asked, wrapping an arm around Harry. "I mean, we were just walking here."

"I've heard about what happens when you 'just walk' somewhere." Umbridge gripped their arms and started dragging them, despite Harry's protests. She managed to get them down one hall, and Phyrrus just planted his feet and refused to move. Umbridge wasn't strong enough to forcefully change his mind. "You little. . . if you don't come now, you won't like what happens. . ."

"You going to go against my government, then?" Phyrrus snorted. "Don't be ridiculous. Now get off me before I report you for abuse."

"I'll give you something to report if you don't follow me right now."

"We weren't doing anything." Phyrrus snarled. "Now get off!"

"Tell me where you were going! You didn't honestly think I wouldn't notice groups of students heading out onto the grounds? You're planning something, and I want to know what!" Umbridge howled. "And if you don't tell me, I'll dose you with Veristarserum!"

"And break ministry laws?" Phyrrus snorted. "I was under that once, remember? It took permission from Uncle Leon, who was my acting guardian. Don't try to pull that shit with me."

"Then maybe the Cruciatus Curse would loose your tongue!"

"That's illegal!" Harry protested, shaking his head. "You can't do that! The Minstry will--"

"What Fudge doesn't know won't hurt him," Umbridge simpered, her face taking on an ugly look. "After all, he never found out about the Dementors, did he."

"You sent those after us?" Harry snarled, his magic pulsing. "How dare you!"

"Shut up," Umbridge hissed. "They were all talking about discrediting you somehow, because you kept spreading those lies, but I was the one who did something! Now tell me what you're doing, or else."

"Fuck you!" Phyrrus snapped.

Umbridge pointed the wand at Phyrrus' head. "Crucio!"

Phyrrus managed to dodge--Umbridge had been telegraphing her moves so much even Harry had been able to read them, so Phyrrus was dodging before she'd even finished raising her wand--and spun around her. "Do something, Harry!"

Harry waited until Phyrrus was out of the way, then slammed a foot into Umbridge's stomach and shouted a spell he'd been on the wrong end of in his first year. Ropes twisted around her body, making her drop her wand and fall to the ground. Phyrrus grabbed his boyfriend's hand and raced down the hall. "Sorry, Umbitch," Phyrrus called, "but we don't have time for your stupidity."

And then the two were gone, disappearing down the corridor.

They met the others in a clearing near Hagrid's hut in the forbidden forest. Draco and Neville had already lured the thestrals there, dragging some sort of carcass from Hagrid's hut that the thestrals seemed to like. The other students had also managed to make their way to the clearing, standing around and whispering softly to each other. Luna was absently petting one of the animals, but the others appeared nervous as they stood amidst animals they couldn't see.

"Did everyone make it?" Hermione hissed as Harry and Phyrrus arrived. "Were there any problems?"

"We ran into Umbitch," Phyrrus told her, swinging onto one of the beasts and helping Harry on behind him. "She tried to use the Cruciatus curse on us."

"Are you all right?"

"We kicked her ass and left her tied up in the corridor. She also admitted to siccing the dementors on Privet Drive after us." Harry frowned, wrapping his arms around Phyrrus' waist. "There's no time to lose, people. We need to get to the ministry."

"Right." Students clambered onto the animals as best they could under the direction of the precious few that could actually see them. The thestrals were surprisingly patient, huffing and stomping their feet but not skittering away from the nervous riders.

"Let's go," Cyrrus barked, kicking his heels into the animal's flanks. The thestral gave a screech that made them all cringe and took off, followed quickly by it's fellows. Harry clung to Phyrrus, looking down at the quickly-disappearing ground. Sometimes it was hard to believe that Phyrrus would ride a thestral but not play competitive Quidditch.

"The ministry is four hours from here," Hermione called over the screaming wind. One of the thestrals gave a terrifying screech, shaking it's head.

"We need to hurry!" Harry protested.

"That's as fast as they go!"

"I know," Harry whispered, worry thrumming over the bond. "But I'm so scared. . . what if they're not alive when we get there?"

"They will be," Phyrrus snarled, his face transforming as his anger bled to the surface. "Because if they aren't. . . he won't be for long either."

"He's the dark lord, Phyrrus. I don't think you realize just how powerful he is!"

"Even power can be conquored by numbers," Phyrrus leaned into their mount, urging it faster. "It won't just be us, Harry. I know you aren't used to getting help, but that's what we'll have. Even as we speak, River and Rayne are calling the rest of the family. And when we do meet Voldemort. . . he's going in for quite the surprise."

"I hope you're right," Harry whispered, pressing a soft kiss between Phyrrus' shoulderblades. "Because if you're wrong. . . I think we're all dead."

The ministry was dark and abandoned when they arrived, eeriely silent in the dark shadows of London. Hermione began directing people to the entrances, sending some down the Loo System and some to the phone boxes. Harry chewed his fingers nervously as he, Phyrrus, Cyrrus, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione finally took their turn down the telephone box. Phyrrus squeezed his hand. "We can do this."

"Yeah," Harry whispered, softly. "We have to. Sirius and Chara are counting on us."

"If this isn't just a farce." Cyrrus was angry, his indigo eyes glittering in the dark night. Harry blinked at him for a moment. His eyes almost looked like angry, storm-tossed seas. Ron's pale eyes were glinting too, the pale blue of heart fire. Hermione's brown eyes had taken on a green shimmer, like Ginny's. He caught his breath, then glanced to his bonded.

Phyrrus' eyes were not simply shimmering. They were lit up like molton stone, blazing even in the dim interior of the phone booth. Like Cyrrus' eyes, they were not simply shimmering. They were alive with power. The two were already incredibly angry.

Phyrrus looked at him, face looking almost like it was chisled from stone. "No matter what happens," Phyrrus told him, reaching up to caress his face, "Remember that I love you." Phyrrus knew Harry had no idea that his own eyes were glowing. It wasn't a color, like everyone else's, but a shift. They were green, yet were not. Incandescent with color as it shifted over Harry's beautiful eyes. Proof of the power Harry's slender frame hid under lithe muscle and thin skin.

"I will love you forever," Harry vowed as the elevator doors opened.

It was almost anti-climatic, the six of them stepping into the ministry and headed toward the Department of Mysteries. They had no idea who they might run into. Everyone else had been sent to different floors and places so that even if one group was caught, another might make it.

"Lumos," Harry whispered, a tiny ball of light appearing in his hand. Ginny jerked at the display, but Ron quickly silenced her. She hadn't realized just how powerful Harry was.

Their footsteps echoed in the long corridor, echoing back from the damp, stone walls. "That's the door," Harry finally whispered, touching it. "The one I keep seeing in my dreams."

"Let's go, then," Phyrrus murmured, slipping to one side. Cyrrus shifted to the front, ducking down and nudging the door open. Ginny slid inside, scuttling to a small hiding place and waving the others in. Ron paused.

The room was silent, which was diconcerting in itself. If people were being tortured there, they should have heard screams. Cyrrus closed the door after them, stringing up some wooden dowls as he moved away from it. "For warning," He hissed in explanation. "Now hurry."

"Don't touch anything," Ron warned. "Some of this stuff is dangerous if you even get too close."

"Right." Harry skirted a strange archway with a ragged veil waving in a non-existant breeze. Phyrrus treated it with the same care, and the others chose different routes around the room. Ron and Hermione edged past a bizzare jar full of huge brains and Cyrrus and Ginny slid around shelves full of unidentifiable body parts.

Harry reached the back room first, cautionsly poking his head around the doorframe before slipping inside, closely followed by the others. Chara and Sirius didn't seem to be there, but all the same, they were running out of time.