A/N: Please note that this WILL contain spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. All this is JKR's

Hogwarts the next generation

Chapter One:

Albus, James and Rose continued to lean out of the Hogwarts express window waving to their parents until the platform vanished from view.

'Well I'm off!' James declared as soon as his parents where out of sight, and he pushed his way through the other students that had crowed around the window and moved off in search of his friends.

'Now what?' Albus asked as he turned to Rose, his eyes betraying his nervousness, pleading for his only friend not to leave him.

'Now we find our carriage, Al' Rose said smiling, as she took hold of Albus' arm and led him back down the train. They soon found the compartment where their parents had stored their trunks and settled themselves onto the seats. Rose stared in awe as she looked out of the carriage's window, the train had finally built up speed and the landscape outside was a blur of colour.

'Al, can you believe that we're finally off to Hogwarts?' Rose asked as she finally pulled her face away from the blurred landscape and turned back to her cousin. 'Al, you ok?'

'Yeah' Albus said nodding but Rose thought otherwise. Albus looked pale and Rose was sure that if the train hit any bumps he was sure to vomit.

'Don't worry about what house you'll be in' Rose said soothingly 'it doesn't matter if you're in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Slytherin, What matters is what you are not where your placed'

'Thanks Rosie' Albus said struggling to give his cousin a smile. 'I know I'm being silly, but mum and dad would be really disappointed if I'm not in Gryffindor. I know they said they wouldn't but they was just being nice'

'No they weren't' Rose said as she shook her head 'Besides don't you want to be different? To break free from our family's expectations, personally I hope I'm in Hufflepuff' Albus' eyes widened at Rose's words,

'Uncle Ron would kill you!'

'No he wouldn't' laughed Rose 'Mum would never let him. Are you sure your ok?' the express had just sped around a bend and Albus was starting to look green.

'Here take this' Rose pulled a sweet from her pocket and handed it to Albus 'it's the cure end of a puking pastel. Uncle George gave me a whole load of them the last time I was with dad in Diagon Ally, said I'd find it useful for History of Magic'

'Thanks' said Albus forcing the sweet down as the compartments door slid open. A pale young boy stood there, his hair white blond and his face pointed. Like Rose he was already dressed in his school robes and his eyes, a striking blue, took in the two occupants of the carriage.

'S-Sorry, I thought this carriage was empty' the boy said in an almost timid voice before he backed out

'You can join us if you want!' Rose called stopping the boy as he made to pull the compartments door back. He looked shocked, surprised even at the invitation.

'Rosie that's Scorpius Malfoy-' Albus hissed as he leaned forwards hoping that only his cousin would hear, but Rose didn't care,

'So? We're all first years. Come and join us!' Rose said as she looked towards Scorpius and patted the seat next to herself. Looking just as nervous as Albus, Scorpius entered the compartment and slid the door closed.

'I'm Rosie Weasley' Rose smiled as she indicated her dark red frizzy hair 'It's a bit of a give away isn't it?'

Scorpius smiled 'Just a little. My dad told me that all Weasely's have red hair, is that true?'

'Only the best ones' Grinned Rose 'Albus is my cousin, but he's a Potter so he doesn't count'

The rest of their journey was spent in much the same vain, Rose chatted and laughed with Scorpius who grew in confidence as the train whizzed through the countryside. Albus too began to feel better as his stomach eased and finally gave up worrying about his sorting. Soon the sky outside the widows began to grow dark and small. Lights flickered on inside the train and compartment door slid open once more.

'There you are!' Victoire said her voice almost chastising as she entered the carriage and looked at Rose and Albus. Like Rose, Victoire was also dressed in her school robes, but Victoire's where decked with the colours of Gryffindor and a small golden head girls badge was pinned to the front. Victoire's gaze came to a rest on Scorpius and her lips tightened as her eyes narrowed as though she had smelt a truly disgusting smell.

'Albuz eez time for you to change into your robez' Victoire said her voice slightly accented by her mothers native tongue. Victoire helped her young cousin to retrieve his robes from his trunk and struggled in vain to tidy his stubborn hair. Rose giggled as she watched Victoire's efforts and Ablus' protests. But even through all this Victoire didn't remove her eyes from Scorpius.

The trains progress finally slowed and came to a halt at Hogsmead station, shepherding her cousins outside Victoire guided them through the knoll of older students towards the large and familiar frame of Hagrid. Both Rose and Albus called gleefully to the old half giant who was a frequent visitor to both their homes. Waving back Hagrid began to call for the first years to gather round.

'See you both up at zee castle' Victoire said as she kissed them both and hurried off back into the crowd of older students heading out of the station gates.

'First years follow me!' Hagrid called as he moved off and the first years began to follow

'This is it, we're finally here!' Rose called excitedly as she took hold of both Albus and Scorpius' arms and pulled them forwards. All the first years followed Hagrid towards a large lake that shone in the moon's reflected light, clambered into boats and where soon sailing across the lake towards the castle.

For an excited first year like Rose the journey over the lake seemed to take a life time, at some points the small wooden boat didn't even seem to move. The distance between both shores seemed unequal and they looked as though they would never gain any distance. For Albus, whose anxiety had once more started to grow the boat ride also seemed to take a very long time, slowly pulling him towards his fate.

Cold and nervous the students arrived at the opposite shore and Hagrid led them towards the castle's entrance. There, in the bright lights of the entrance hall stood a familiar figure. Rose waved and the teacher nodded smiling happily at her.

'My name is Professor Longbottom' Neville said as he addressed the first years and told them all about the different houses, the hour glasses and the sorting. Finally Professor Longbottom led the first years inside and towards the great hall.

None of the first years spoke as they followed Professor Longbottom, the doors to the great hall swung open and they walked down the gap between two of the house tables. All eye staring at them.

'That's the sorting hat?' Albus whispered to Rose as they drew close and Professor Longbottom made them line up at the front of the four house tables 'James told me it looked like a witch's bonnet!'

One by one the first years where sorted, and as each name was called the first years reluctantly came forwards and Longbottom gently placed the hat on their head. The hat called out its decision the table of that house cheered and whooped.

'Malfoy, Scorpius' Longbottom called

'Thanks for being so nice' Scorpius said as he turned to Rose then walked solemnly to the stool. Rose watched with baited breath, the hat was silent for a very long time before it called out 'Slytherin!' a small scattering of applause from the Slytherin table greeted this announcement as Scorpius moved over to join his new house.

Rose watched as, unlike the others that had been emitted into the house, Scorpius was left to find his own seat at the Slytherin table. No prefect greeted him and no one seemed to want to sit beside him.

'Potter, Albus!' Longbottom called pulling Rose's attention back to the sorting as she wished her cousin the best of luck. Albus looked pale once more and Rose was amazed that he wasn't sick. Longbottom slowly lowered the hat and the brim had barely touched Albus' head when it called out 'Gryffindor!'

The whole hall filled with cheers, James and his third years friends where whooping and Victoire was cheering as Albus, his face stretched into a smile of ecstasy and relief hurried to join his table before the hat could change its mind.

Finally after a long list of S' and T's Professor Longbottom called out the name 'Weasely, Rose Jayne' with a final look around the hall Rose hurried towards the stool, seating herself Professor Longbottom lowered the hat 'Good Luck' he whispered as he stepped aside.

Rose couldn't help but feel strange as the hat's voice buzzed close to her ear, describing her best qualities and contemplating her worst. Finally after much deliberation the hat made its decision.


The hall filled with noise, but not the usual cheering and whoops of joy that normally came after the hats decision, the Gryffindor's where yelling in anger. Victoire was pleading for a re-sorting, James was yelling in disgust. And many other Gryffindor's where protesting the loss of a Weasely that wouldn't enable them to complete their houses set.

'Silence' a voice called from the centre of the teacher's table and Professor McGonagall, Head teacher, stood up as the hall fell silent 'Miss Weasely, Please make your way to your table, where I am sure you will be warmly welcomed'

Rose hurried off to join the Slytherin's where Scorpius couldn't hide his smile even if he had wanted to.