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Year 2 Chapter 5

There was now only a few days left till the start of term and so the day after the children had received their letters the Potters and Wesley's headed into Diagon ally.

Like every other day Bill, Ron and Hermione departed for work but Harry had stayed to help chaperon the extended family. James was glad that his dad had taken the day off work, even more so when Harry, proud of the fact that James had been made Gryffindor's Quidditch captain, had promised that he would buy James a new broom. James was intending to hold his dad to the promise.

The family arrived at the Leakey cauldron a little dusty from their journey via the floo network and even though James was eager to get to the Quidditch shop he was forced to wait as the rest of the family made their plans.

Fluer and her twins, Isabelle & Joséphine were to take Adèle to be fitted for her new school robes at Madam Malkin. Grandma Weasely and Paris was to also join them. Paris' parents always had their son fitted out with new robes every year, if he needed them or not and Grandma Weasely had been put in charge of this task. This wasn't made any easier now that Paris had joined the Toad Choir.

Like the family had suspected Percy and Penelope hadn't been happy that their son had joined the choir, but they had quickly covered their disappointment by sending a large money bag. To pay for the dress robes that Paris would need.

'Don't worry Rose. Ron and Hermione have already given me your money' Granddad Weasely called as he pulled a pouch that jingled with coins out of his pocket. 'There's more then enough to get all your books '

'I don't need any new books' Rose protested 'But I would like a new set of potions phials, crystal ones this time!'

'You can't spend all that on a set of phials!' Isabelle exclaimed as she eyed the pouch. James knew that his cousin could easily find some better use for the money. Bill's family although always happy didn't have much money to use for fancy girly things and James would bet his allowance for the next month that Isabelle's head was now filling with images of ribbons, lipstick, perfume and other things that fifteen year old girls would want to buy.

'Izzy's right you're mum and dad said that we should get your school things with it' Granddad Weasely continued

'Yes things for school, and a really good set of crystal phials is all I need. Last months Practical Potioner had a rating for phials, its common knowledge that crystal produces far better results then glass' Rose said as she smiled at her granddad. She knew she was winning him over. Pulling her Hogwarts list out of her pocket Rose continued 'Besides I don't need new robes; I haven't grown much since last term. As for books, Mum's got more then enough at home and I'm positive she's got all these in her study. All I really need is a set of potions phials, and there's just enough money to get me a really good set of crystal ones'

Rose threw her granddad a smile and James knew by the amused look on the old man's face that Rose had won her argument.

'Crystal phials it is then' Granddad said, with that the family separated, Grandma, Fluer, Isabelle, Joséphine, Adèle and Paris in search of robes. Rose and Granddad set off in search of the apothecary store and James pulled at his dad's arm and urged him to hurry as they headed out into the cobbled street, James' mind filling with thoughts of brooms. Ginny along with Albus, Victoire and Teddy waited at the pub with Lily, Hugo and Sylvie. The three youngest children looked very annoyed that they were not allowed out to see the wonders of the magical market place.

James instantly forgot about this younger family members just as easily as he lost sight of the others as he hurried out of the cauldron and into the crowded street of Diagon ally. However a call on his name made him stop and turn, his dad was standing at the open door of Flourish and Blotts bookstore.

'I promised your mother that I'd get yours, Al's and Paris' books while we passed' Harry said as James reached his fathers side,

'But my broom!'

'It'll only take a few moments, and then you can spend the rest of the morning in Quality Quidditch'

Reluctantly James agreed, he knew that it would take forever for his dad to get the books that they needed for school and even with the shop assistant's help Paris' booklist alone would amount to a small reference library. However James knew that if he pushed too hard then his dad would retract his promise and James didn't want to run the risk of loosing his new broom, after all, how would it look on the first day of term if he returned as captain and he still had the same tired old broom as last year?

Therefore James decided to wait by the window. His location served two purposes; firstly it hinted to his father that he didn't want to be stuck in the bookstore all day. Secondly by straining his neck and standing on tip toes James could just make out the Quidditch store and the large group of people that was gathering outside it. James was eager to know what was causing the crowd. Although he already suspected that it was probably the much eagerly awaited new member of the Firebolt family.

James couldn't help but imagine the envious looks of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Not only would he be the holder of the much coveted Captains badge, but he would be the sole owner of a firebolt mark 3.6. The most elite broom in the world. One that had been rumoured to have been in the making for 10 years and was designed by the best sporting brooms crafts wizards from around the world.

This made James even more eager to leave the book store and so he turned to look for his dad. As he did so two people entered the store attracting James's attention. Immediately James recognised one of them as Scorpius Malfoy. He was lead into the store by a tall man with balding white blond hair. James was sure that the man must be some family relation. Both Malfoys had the same pointed features.

'Now my dear Scorpius, what books do you require?' The man spoke with an air of contempt and superiority, as though standing in the bookshop was a menial task that was below his status. Which it might have been, James thought, if the man's attire had matched his attitude, the man's clothing was old fashioned and seemed a little worn and the snake headed cane that he carried had several knocks in its length.

James watched as Scorpius pulled the Hogwarts booklist from his pocket and looked down the list as though it was the worst thing ever 'I really don't need all of these, Granddad, I can manage with just Grade 2 book of spells. I can get the others second hand'

'What?' Scorpius' grandfather spat with contempt, 'No Malfoy has ever….ever….what a horribly nauseating thought!'

'But it's too expensive here' Scorpius pleaded as James grinned at the Slytherin's plight. So the poor little rich kid wasn't as rich as everyone thought. James couldn't wait to let his friends at school know.

'You there!' Scorpius' grandfather called to an assistant 'We require these books' with that the older man pulled the book list out of Scorpius' hand and thrust it at the shop assistants face, who immediately turned pale.

'I'm-I'm sorry, b-but we don't serve your s-sort here' the assistant said as he drew himself up, his complexion still turning pasty as he spoke.

'My sort?' The older man said, as he clutched tightly to his cane 'What ever do you mean?'

'Grandfather lets go?' Scorpius said as he pulled at his granddad's sleeve.

'My dear boy, but we haven't got what we came for'

'We can get it elsewhere, grandfather, please' Scorpius said, almost begging the old man to back down.

'Yes your right, boy. This place certainly has gone down market, they allow any sort of creature in here these days' the old man allowed Scorpius to lead him out of the shop. It wasn't until the door had closed behind them that James realised that the shop had been deathly quiet and that all eyes had been fixed on the incident between the assistant and the old man. Now that the door had slammed closed the hushed silence turned into a chatter of gossip and talk.

James however, his curiosity pricked, followed the Malfoy's out into the street. The older man turned and squeezed Scorpius' shoulder, said a few words that James couldn't make out and then headed off down the street as thought nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened. Scorpius however looked a little shaken from the encounter; he breathed a large sigh, obviously relived that the situation in the bookstore hadn't progressed into anything else. Scorpius had just regained his composure when a look of utter fear washed over his features as his name was called out of the crowded street. Without a backwards glance at the caller Scorpius quickly hurried after his grandfather, the little colour that was in his features draining as the call on his name was heard a second time.

James had recognised the voice that had called Scorpius and James was sure that Scorpius had heard the call. James couldn't help but think that Scorpius' behaviour was strange; it was almost as though he didn't want to meet the caller. Not that James blamed him.

'You just missed your boyfriend' James called as a moment later Rose hurried up the street to where Scorpius had last stood.

'I don't have a boyfriend!' Rose snarled

'And no friends by the looks of how fast Scorpy is running away' James said grinning as he watched Scorpius take hold of his grandfather's elbow and led him through the streets at a very quick pace.

'He didn't hear me' Rose said, but James was sure his cousin was lying, she too had picked up on the fact that Scorpius had frozen at her call. 'He just didn't hear me that's all' Rose repeated the lie.

'If you say so' James said still grinning. His favourite past time was winding Rose up; she could easily be bated especially if her friendship with Scorpius was the main topic, a topic that the family all chose to ignore.

'What's all?' The voice of Harry said as he joined James and Rose on the street, Harry was carrying two large bags full of books.

'Rose was telling me about her phials' James lied

'And what an adventure we had trying to get the right sort' Grandpa Weasely said as he joined the group, 'Three different stores we went to, fifteen different crystal phial sets we saw before Rose decided on this set.' Grandpa Weasely raised the foot long package up to show the others as though it was an object to be admired.

'It must be a really good set?' Harry said as he looked at the package

'Yes...' said Rose, her voice was low and she was still staring in the direction that Scorpius had gone 'Jimbo got his broom yet?'

'No but we're going to get it now, right dad?

'Yes' Harry said as handed the book bags to Arthur and arranged to meet him, Rose and the rest of the family back in the pub.

'Who was that man with Scorpius Malfoy?' James asked his father as they both headed towards the Quidditch store. Harry looked shocked at his son's question and quickly turned to make sure that Author and Rose and gone.

'His name is Lucius Malfoy' Harry said when he was sure that the others where no longer in hear shot 'but don't tell your granddad that you've seen him'.

'Why not?'

'Because Arthur has spent his whole working life trying to keep people like Lucius Malfoy off the streets and away from decent, honest wizards and witches' Harry said, but the look that James gave him told Harry that he needed to explain more.

'Lucius has spent the last fifteen years in Azkaban for his involvement with Voldermort, which isn't long enough if you ask me…or Arthur. But Lucius was very helpful to the ministry after Voldermort was defeated. He gave out the names of death eaters and other useful information. In return his wife's sentence was suspended and his was shortened to only fifteen years. I'm actually amazed that he would come here at all. There aren't many people that like the Malfoy family. Most people hate them for their involvement with Voldermort, others for Lucius selling the rest of Voldermorts supporters out.'

'And they are Rich? James asked remrmbering the slightly worn appearance of Mr Malfoy's clothing.

'They may have been, once' Harry said 'but most of their fortune was confiscated. It had been gained by dark magic. Scorpius' grandparents are also not allowed to carry wands, they've had the trace put on them and it's one of the conditions of their release.

'How do you know? James asked'

'Because I helped agree the terms of the sentence and the conditions of their release' Harry said

'Really?!' James said in awe

'Are you wanting a new broom or not?' Harry asked as they reached Quality Quidditch, at these words all thoughts of the Malfoy family vanished from James head.

'Wow a firebolt mark 3.6!' Hugo and Albus both said in wonder as James showed off his new broom that afternoon as the family sat in the leaky cauldron eating lunch.

'It's four times faster then the 3.5 and it has precision descent control along with added cushioning charms to make it the most comfortable broom on the market!' James told them

'Not to mention the most expensive' Ginny hissed to her husband,

'The boy deserved a treat' Harry whispered back,

'A treat doesn't cost three months wages!' Ginny said crossly

'Oi, Mark, Lewis take a look at my new broom!' James called, not even hearing his parents speak as he saw two fifth year Gryffindor boys entered the pub. Both boys played chaser for Gryffindor and both boys grimaced as James called their names; his was the last face they wanted to see that afternoon.

'What happened to the old one?' asked Lewis as he looked at mark 3.6

'Nothing' James said grinning 'But as Gryffindor's captain I can't be expected to ride the same broom as last year'

'Your captain?' Mark said in disbelief,

'No one is stupid enough to make him captain' Lewis laughed as he spoke to Rose

'Unfortunately they are' said Rose

'Damn right I am' James smiled proudly, not even hearing Roses words 'I was really the only choice and I'm going to run the team a lot more efficiently then McNally. Quite frankly, between me and you McNally should have quit long ago. It was selfish of him to stay as captain till he left, he should have quit while he was on top. Now that I'm captain I'm going to make big changes.'

'Starting with your broom I see Lewis said as Rose laughed

'Oh this isn't just a broom, it's four times faster then the 3.5 and it has precision-'

'Are you a firebolt salesman Jimbo' a familiar voice called as the whole Weasely family yelled, screamed or called out in joy as George entered the pub through the street entrance.

'Uncle George, look at my new broom!' James called as he hurried to show the item to his favourite uncle. Mark and Lewis took the opportunity to leave, both looking as if they had lost a Galleon and found a sickle

'No, look at Rosie's new potion set!' Hugo called over James

'Pick me up Uncle George!' Sylvie screamed as she ran up to him and raised her arms for a hug

'One at a time' George called back, a massive smile on his face as he looked around at his family 'First there are some very special people I want to introduce you to'

'Where are they!?' Grandma Weasely asked excitedly, her eyes alight as though it was Christmas day and she was about to be given the best present in the world.

'Still sleeping in the car' George replied 'Sue's with them'

'No daddy they're definitely awake' Sue's voice called from the doorway 'Molly would you be a dear and help me carry them in?' Beaming at the request grandma Weasely hurried after Sue.

'So how does it feel?' Ron asked George both men grinning like idiots

'Marvellous…. And exhausting, will that ever end?'

'Never' Ginny said shaking her head 'It only gets worse'

'What does?' James asked as he now took out a brand new broom servicing kit and started to clean the finger marks off his new firebolt. Ginny shot daggers at Harry, but only Rose noticed.

Moments later Sue and Grandma Weasely returned, each carrying a beautiful baby boy. Both boys had inherited their mother's dark brown eyes, and their fathers flame red hair.

'Everyone this is Jacob and Daniel' George said as he first pointed to the baby that Sue held and then to the one Mrs Weasely held.

'Zee are beautiful' Victoire cooed 'Teddy aren't zee adorable'

'Absolutely' Teddy said grinning

'Actually George, I'm holding Daniel' Sue said as she smiled sweetly at her husband 'Nanna has Jacob'

'Sue, darling your holding Jacob…..aren't you?' George said, both parents looked slightly confused. Mrs Weasely however laughed

'Now you know why I made you and Fred wear jumpers with your initials on them'

'You wouldn't like to start a new batch would you?' George said as the whole family laughed.