Monster Truck Shows and Long Beach Vacations

"Hey man," Kip arrogantly smiled, "look what we scored."

Randal pushed up his work glasses and tossed the rag he had been using to polish the old classic they stood next to. He took the envelope being waved in front of his face from Kip's hand.

"How…did you steal these?" He asked quickly.

Kip looked hurt throwing his arms to his side like he was shocked, confused and ready to hit someone all at the same time.

"I know a guy," Tumbler said standing behind Kip. Ending the electricity between the brothers.

"They've been sold out for three months, who do you know, the Governor?" Randal asked sarcastically. Tossing the envelope back into his brother's outstretched hand.

Kip's smile returned, "Hey don't worry," he teased, "We got you and Otto ones too."

Kip reached into his back pocket and pulled out a second off white envelope. The front was marked with messy permanent marker, saying simply, for Randal.

Randal smiled, noticing the writing. "It's a nice gift, thank you."

"You better count me out." Otto said, emerging from the back paint shop.

"You mean to tell me we finally get tickets to the greatest monster truck show on earth, that same show we've been trying to get ticket's for, for weeks, and you can't go?" Randal asked incredulously.

"Otto you serious man?" Kip added.

"Hey," He said, hitting Tumbler upside the head, "Stay outta there."

Tumbler shut the drawer, to the desk he had been exploring, quickly. He turned to face the group, placing his arms across his chest like he'd been standing that way since he'd walked in.

"Kid, look around," Otto waved his arms in the air to emphasize his point, "I've got too many cars and not enough time. Ever since Toby got hold of the books he's had this place working full steam."

"And you're getting way more cash flow, right?" Kip said, slightly protective of one of his old crewmembers, and still friend.

Otto sighed, turning to Randal he said, "You better check if Sway is free."

"I don't know," Randal said smiling, "She might not be the type of girl who likes monster truck shows, she wears lip stick now."

Otto laughed.

The air was hot and sticky as Avery felt a hand on the small of her back. She blushed, slightly uncomfortable with the lack space between her and a guy she barely knew. She was usually like that, uncomfortable with new people.

"Now you kids have fun, we'll be away for two weeks, Preston's cell will be off most of the time, but mine will be on for emergencies."

Avery nodded in a practiced manner at her mother's directions.

"Don't worry Channel, you and my father should just focus on having a relaxing vacation." The hand left her back and moved towards her mother's suitcase. "Let me help you with this."

"Oh you're such a doll Tommy, Avery's lucky to have you as a host these two weeks."

The guy smiled and walked out to the car, tossing the suitcase uncaringly into the trunk of the white Cadillac.

Avery snorted, "Hey…"

"Is for horses, not your vocabulary. You know better than that." Her mother cut her off.

Avery sighed, trying again, "You know we came to L.A. for a vacation, not so you could go off on a vacation somewhere else."

"Avery," Channel said sharply, "My vacation is where ever Preston is."

Avery flattened her mouth into as straight a line as she could manage.

"You should just enjoy your time with Tommy, he seems like a great guy." Channel said, placing her tiny black sunglasses onto her tanned face.

"I would have had more fun at home." Avery said twisting the silver ring on her right hand thumb.

"Well you could use the sun." Her mother said curtly, turning, smiling and walking to the car.

Tommy re-joined Avery on the side steps of his house. Well, his father's house, which was really large and painted an off white with salmon colored trim. Avery crinkled her nose in disgust as Channel waved from the open window; the car sped off down the street.

"I always had a thing for Ivory," Tommy said, rubbing her back comfortingly.

She smiled.

"Go pack your bags," He said less sweetly, more business like.

"I never unpacked." Avery said.

Tommy looked surprised, but then shrugged, "Alright bring 'em out to the car then."

"Where are we going?" Avery asked, trying to keep the sweetness in her voice, the last thing she needed was to get on bad terms with the only person she knew on the entire coast.

"Long Beach." He said blandly, picking up his cell phone to dial.

He noticed her face and shut the phone.

"It's not a big deal, I have friends out there I have to go see, plus wouldn't you rather be at the beach, it is summer." It was his sales pitch, each point jumbled together with a smile on top.

"Alright." She said flatly, walking to the room Preston's maid had assigned her.

Twenty minutes later they were cruising down the highway in Preston's 1957 T-Bird convertible. White paint with red leather interior; Avery had to admit to herself she was pretty comfortable, whether Preston knew his son had taken his car or not.

"Long beach, huh?" Avery asked with slight curiosity.

"Don't worry," Tommy said, sliding his black sunglasses over his eyes to block the sunset's blinding light, "You'll like it."