Disclaimer: I do not own Eragon, that's all Paolini. I'm just twisting its universe for my brief amusement.

Summary: Eragon and Trianna find themselves in their 'own mental bond' after a mishap. With Eragon staying a few days more before leaving to go with Roran the two (Trianna and Eragon) get into rows and find themselves in interesting situations.

A/N (sorta): Sorry, but folks… I must admit I have a bit of a short attention span! And sometimes forget a story or just get bored. But, I'll try to stick this short ficlet out. I intend for this to be 3-5 chapters. (Probably 4 then.)


Part 2

Roran was packing briskly, fully intending to leave the Varden behind and seek revenge on his own. Who needed Eragon anyway? Well, besides the whole country? Roran knew better then to ask in the first place… but Eragon had promised…

The door opened and Eragon walked in, his palms forward in his attempt to raise a white flag.

"I'm sorry, Roran."

"Sure you are," Roran replied coldly.

"No! I don't think you understand," begin Eragon with a saddened look, "This isn't about that."

"Then why are you stalling?" he questioned, as he shoved a stack of clothes into his bag. He was too drenched with worry and haunted by fear to stay and hide out with the Varden. Too scared to just sit and let Eragon flirt with Trianna whilst Katrina's life was on the line.

"If I am stalling… it's because of Galbatorix. He's stronger then me- much, much stronger. I don't really want to die, Roran."

Silence cascaded through the tent, but there was a quiet understanding from then on. Because they were the only family left and they couldn't find the words to describe how awful their situation was.

"Just 6 days left?"


Roran stopped packing, and decided to go to sleep. Eragon sighed, happy that the fighting was over.

So how are you doing today? Trianna asked.

Sleepy. Why so cheery to you're extra conscience?

Tri-neeny has decided to except her extra conscience and rely on his dim-witted self to eventually reveal the mysteries of his magic and come forward.

Are you going to come forward?

Oh c'mon!

After Eragon finished breakfast, he met Saphira at the camp and decided that since the weather seemed good enough, there was no harm in going for a flight.

Yeah! So I'm not completely forgotten?

On the contrary.

They had fun roaming the plains, and spent half the day out there before deciding to go back for food. The burning plains weren't the best place to go flying, since they lacked any interesting sights… except for… well, burning plains.

Orik had been teaching Roran a few tricks for axe-wielding and swordplay to get him into practice for raz'ac fighting. They turned, twisted, slashed, and swerved.

"Eragon! Are you any good?" Roran asked curious.

Orik and Eragon joined in a laugh, while Roran looked confused.

"What? Is he?"

"You could say that…" replied Eragon with a smile.

"He's fantastic!" chimed Orik.

Roran tilted his head to consider it, and smiled, "Well. Good then!"

Saphira listened and gave her own little dragon chortle. Then the dragon retreated to go discuss politics with Solembum. Eragon followed her briefly- before finding Nasuada, Arya, Trianna and Orrin.

"If I leave soon… will everyone here be safe?" he wondered.

"Oh, look who thinks the world revolves around him!" teased Trianna. He blushed lightly, and saw Nasuada, Arya and Orrin looking.

"The Varden will always have a few tricks up its sleeve," Nasuada grinned.

"So will Surda." Orrin added.

Can I talk to you for a second?

Eragon jumped up when he realized that Trianna had asked him directly. He turned his head and saw her gesturing to follow him. Darn, the jig is up. He followed her past a few tents, trenches, working Varden-members, and stacks of food being piled by farmers.

"How did you find out?" he asked.

"Who else could it be?" she replied.

Yes, that was a good point. It's hard not to appear to be someone when that someone is actually you.

"… Are you going to attack me?"

"Oh. Maybe. Can it be reversed? It's not that I don't enjoy our banter… but I would like to keep my mind from being roamed like it's a fridge."

"I'm sorry! I really am… I was just mad… and then I liked the connection… and…" he felt bewildered and refused to let their friendship be ruined over this if he could help it.

"Can it be reversed?" she asked again serenely.


"Oh good. When are you leaving?"

"6 days."

She seemed to pause and think, but then gave a mischievous smile and leaned in to give him a peck on the cheek. He blushed a deep crimson, before nervously smiling back.

"It's been nice to get to know you. I'm sorry for misjudging you so quickly… I was just upset at you for leaving then coming back and trying to take complete charge. Then leaving again. Which, still upsets me a little… but I like Roran. He seems really nice, and anyone kidnapped by a raz'ac…" she paused abruptly, "You okay?"

"Y-yes," he replied still a little flustered from the kiss.

"It was just on the cheek!" she laughed. He blushed even more and moved his feet anxiously.

"You are a cute one, Agretlam."

"Pttf. I'm very very handsome. Not cute! Bunnies are cute!"

"Aw… you're like a little bunny!"

He started to walk away with her saying, "I'm not a bunny!"


I'm more studley then a bunny!

What? You don't think bunnies are cute?

You can be a bunny, I'm something cool.

Bunnies could save the world if they wanted to.

The end.