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Title:A Twist of Fate

Sequel to:To Trust a Stranger

Let The Story Begin!


Sakura, Naruto, Kakashi, and Shikamaru stood in front of the Hokage's desk.Tsunade cleared her throat, awakening the shinobi out of their thoughts."This is an S-rank mission, so don't let your gaurd down at anytime.I'm sure, since this only happened two days ago, that there will be dangerous ninja still lurking around.

"You will also probably see Sasuke Uchiha.If he poses as a threat, do everything in your power to kill him.If not, then bring him to our village.He is a criminal now, so we must punish him for the crimes he has commited.Don't let your emotions get in the way of this..."Tsunade said, glancing at Sakura."He is the enemy, nothing more.Now, good luck.I trust you won't let me down.You are dismissed."Tsunade finished.

The shinobi nodded and went out the door, except for Sakura, who stayed right where she was.Naruto gave a worried glance at her, she just smiled."Go on.I just need to talk to Tsunade-shishou for a sec."Sakura said.Naruto smiled, but hesitated before leaving the two alone.

"Sakura..."Tsunade started."Don't be worried about me, Shishou.I just want to ask why you're sending me on this mission?"Sakura asked.Tsunade sighed."You are the second best medic in Konoha.I would go instead, but..."

"I understand, Shishou."Sakura said.Tsunade smiled."You are a very strong kunoichi, Sakura, I know you won't disappoint me."Tsunade said.Sakura smiled at her mentor."I won't, Shishou."She said before nodding and walking out the door.Tsunade sighed.'Be careful, Sakura...'


Heh!'Don't let your emotions get in the way of this'.Yeah right.We don't even remember the guy, so what's to worry about?Inner Sakura thought.Sakura didn't reply.'What if I do remember when I see him...?'Sakura was apparently very worried about this mission.

Inner Sakura sighed.Don't worry, Outer...'What if I fall in love with him again and betray all my friends!?!'Outer...Sakura ignored her Inner self and kept walking down to her apartmaent.'What if he tricks me again?!?'Outer...!'Oh no...what if-'OUTER!Calm down!Nothing is going to happen between you two!I WON'T let anything between you two!Inner Sakura assured her.

'...okay...'Sakura thought.Inner Sakura just rolled her eyes.Sakura stopped at the front door of her apartment.She put her key in and opened the door.Something caught her eye as she walked into her small apartment.A peice of paper.Someone had come into her apartment, and left a note.

Sakura looked around, putting her gaurd up in case they were still here.She calmed dow some when she knew she was the only one there.She walked over to the paper and read it carefully.


I've heard that you're going to go on a mission tomorrow to investigate Orochimaru's death.I suggest you don't.If you do, you will be killed by sound nin, and possibly me...

Sakura's eyes widened.'How does this person know who I am?'She wondered.She soon found her answer as she read the very last words of the letter, the person's name.

-Uchiha Sasuke

Her heartbeat sped up."Sasuke...Uchiha."She whispered.Her eyes were full of horror as she read the note over and over again.'...killed by him.So at least I know he doesn't have feelings for me, anymore.'Sakura thought.'Inner...?Why are you so quiet?'She thought to her Inner Persona....I'm speechless...Uhhh, no, no.He can't scare us!We are going on that mission tomorrow, AND we are going to beat him to a bloody pulp!Inner Sakura thought.

Sakura didn't reply.She decided to eat dinner and then go to bed early.But she couldn't sleep.'He must be a very skilled ninja...I don't think we can beat him...'Are you kidding?!?Kakashi is one of the most skilled jounin in Konoha and he has the Sharingan, Shikamaru is very smart I mean he has an IQ of over 200 for petes sake!Naruto knows some strong jutsu and he never gives up, and you are very smart and super strong and the second best medic in Konoha.You are the apprentice of Tsunade!Inner Sakura argued.Sakura smiled.'Yeah, I guess you're right...'Sakura thought as she finally drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, Sakura, Shikamaru, Naruto, and Kakashi were at the Gates of Konoha, prepared to leave for Orogature.They all wore their ANBU uniforms, except for Kakashi, who wore his jounin uniform.Sakura put on her mask.It was in the shape of a cat head, no whiskers, and a pink outline around the eyes.

Naruto wore a mask in the shape of a fox head.it had three whiskers on the sides, and an orange outline of the whole face.Shikamaru wore a mask in the shape of a wolf.It had a red outline around the eyes, and the whole face itself was grey.

'...Maybe I should of shown Tsunade or Kakashi that note...'Sakura thought.Uggghhh!Will you shut up about that note already?!Sakura rolled her eyes.'Yeah, that was very assuring.'She thought.Inner Sakura grumbled.

"Heh, I can't wait til I show that teme just how strong I really am!Then he'll know not to mess with me or my friends!"Naruto says as they walked out of the gates."Don't underestimate him, Naruto.Remember, he's an Uchiha."Kakashi said, reading his Icha Icha Paradise.

"What's so special about Uchihas?"Naruto asked."Well, for one thing, they have the Sharingan.So don't look them in the eyes.And, the Uchiha clan was one of the most powerful clan in Konoha."Kakashi replied."Eh!You mean he was born in Konoha.And how come I've never hear of this clan?!"Naruto asked.

Kakashi sighed."Yes, he was born in Konoha.Orochimaru must've bitten him at an early age.And after Sasuke killed the Uchiha clan, he went to train under Orochimaru."Kakashi said."He killed his entire clan!?"Naruto exclaimed."Ugghhh, will you shut up already?This mission is already so troublesome, and I don't want to hear you yapping the entire trip there."Shikamaru said.Naruto pouted.

'...He didn't kill the Uchiha clan...'Sakura thought.Hmmm?How do you know that?Inner Sakura questioned.Sakura mentally shrugged.'I just do.'...riiiight...Inner Sakura said.Sakura rolled her eyes."...Something wrong, Sakura-chan?"Naruto asked."What?"Sakura said, coming out of her thoughts.

"You've been really quiet since yesterday.Is something wrong?"Naruto said."...No, I'm fine Naruto.Don't worry about me."Sakura assured him.Naruto smiled and turned back around.And so, they continued on their way, Naruto talking about radom things, Kakashi reading his book, Shikamaru thinking this was so troublesome, and Sakura keeping to herself, occasionally talking to Inner Sakura.


(four days later)

"S-so this is it?"Naruto asked, looking at the village before him.It was kinda scary looking, and grey.Every house had a snake sign over their doors."Yes, Naruto, this is it."Kakashi said, putting his book away."But this isn't where we are going.We need to find Orochimaru's castle."He added.

The three ANBU nodded.They splitted up and went into different directions, looking for his castle.If one of them were to find it, they would set off a firework to signal the others.Sakura jumped trough the trees, masking her chakra in case other shinobi were outside, even though it was in the middle of the night.

After some hours, Shikamaru found the castle and set off a firework.The other three ninja saw the signal and started going torwards its direction.'At least it isn't very far from here.'Sakura thought.She soon stopped though as she felt a very strong chakra.

"Show yourself!"She said.She knew the other ninja already knew where she was, since it was almost right in front of her.Slowly, a man stepped out of the shadows, his red Sharingan eyes glowing from the moonlight.Sakura almost gasped.'Uchiha Sasuke!'...Uh oh...


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