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Title:A Twist of Fate

Sequel to:To Trust a Stranger

Recap:"Show yourself!"She said.She knew the other ninja already knew where she was, since it was almost right in front of her.Slowly, a man stepped out of the shadows, his red Sharingan eyes glowing from the moonlight.Sakura almost gasped.'Uchiha Sasuke!'...Uh oh...


Sakura backed up a little.'Is...is he going to try and kill me?'She wondered, her mind wandering back to the note.Sasuke didn't move.He looked at her up and down, trying to determine who it is, since Sakura was wearing a mask.Then he noticed her pink hair.OMG, it's Sakura!Inner Sasuke thought.Sasuke mentally grimaced.He didn't want to kill her.'Three months.It's been three months since I left and wiped her memory.Does she remember me, yet?'Sasuke thought.

Let's just make a run for it!I don't think she'll come after us.Inner Sasuke suggested.Sasuke wasn't listening though.His eyes bored into Sakura's.Sakura quickly averted her eyes, knowing the consenquences(sp?) of looking into the Sharingan.'What is he waiting for?Does he want me to make the first move...?'Sakura thought.

She shook her head a little.'I need to fight him, wether I want to or not!'She pulled out a kunai and aimed it at his head.Sasuke only first noticed this when she threw it.He dodged, barely.The kunai had grazed his cheek.He winced.Sakura charged at Sasuke head on and threw a punch.

Sasuke tried to block it with his hand, but once her fist connected with his palm, he was sent to the ground.Sakura pulled out another kunai and threw it at his neck.Sasuke disappeared before it hit him, though.Sakura looked around franticly, trying to determine where he was.

She suddenly gasped as he reappeared in front of her.She squeezed her eyes shut as his hand extended.She waited for the impact, but it never came.Instead, he removed her mask.Sakura opened her eyes and saw the Uchiha standing there, looking a little taken back.Told ya it was her!Now let's get out of here!

Sakura almost blushed.He's even cuter up close!Inner Sakura gawked.Sakura backed up a little.'Why is he...?'Sakura raised her eyebrow."What are you doing?"She said, harshly.She didn't want to, since she thinks she might of liked this guy, but it was too dangerous to show weakness of any kind, even in your voice.

Sasuke seemed even more taken back by her harsh tone, but he didn't show it."Leave."He said.He also wasn't going to show any weakness.Sakura glared at him.He glared back.Ugghh, it's not a competition!Can we please get out of here, already?!Inner Sasuke said.

Then, Sakura threw a punch.Sasuke dodged it easily.He grabbed her arm, turned her around, and put it behind her back."Leave, kunoichi."He whispered in her ear.Sakura struggled to get out of his grasp."Let go of me, Uchiha!"She spat.Sasuke grabbed her other arm and pinned it behind her back, his grip harsh and firm.

"I said let go of me, you evil son of a-"Sasuke pinned her to the ground.Sakura inhaled sharply."Watch your mouth, kunoichi."He said dangerously.Sakura continued to squirm."Who are you here with?"Sasuke asked, his tone still harsh."Why should I tell the likes of you?!"Sakura said.

"Because I told you to."Sasuke said and smirked.Sakura let out a frustrated sigh.'Is he ever gonna let go of me?'She wondered.Tears started to form in her emerald eyes.She moved her head away so Sasuke wouldn't see her weakness.Stop crying, Outer!Never show your weakness!'But-'No buts!Now, if he has any feelings whatsoever for you, then he wont kill you!

Sakura thought this over.'Okay, I know what to do.'Sakura thought to her Inner self."Sasuke-kun."She said, trying to hit his weak spot.Sasuke mentally cringed at the fimiliar suffix she added on his name.Does she remember?His Inner self wondered.But Sasuke wasn't buying it.'She can't remember that fast, it's impossible.'He thought.

"Please let go, it hurts."Sakura said in her softest tone.Sasuke had to admit that it hurt him a little to hear her say that, but he wasn't going to get caught in her trap."Hn."He said.Sakura's eyes widened as she suddenly had a flashback.She was in room 203 with Sasuke.He had said her name, though it was the first time they met.She asked him how he knew her name, and he just replied with a 'hn'.

Sasuke saw that she was staring into space, looking a bit startled....What'd you do to her?Inner Sasuke said.'I didn't do anything to her!'Sasuke replied to his Inner self.Sakura then blinked.'What was that?'She wondered....Uhhh, a flashback, duh!Inner Sakura answered.Sakura looked at Sasuke out of the corner of her eye.'Am I remembering the thoughts that he had erased?'


"Where's Sakura-chan?!"Naruto yelled.He, Kakashi, and Shikamaru were at Orochimaru's castle, about to go in and face whatever's there."So troublesome..."Shikamaru said, although he did worry for Sakura's saftey."Do you think she ran into a sound nin, or Sasuke!?"Naruto said.

"Don't worry, Naruto.Sakura is a skilled ANBU.She can handle a couple of sound nin."Kakashi reassured.Naruto's fears still weren't calmed, though.He loved Sakura with all his heart.If anything happened to her, he would be devastated.Kakashi sighed."Let's go in and invistagate, now.We can't wait forever."He said.

"But what about Sakura!?"Naruto said.Kakashi sighed again.He formed some hand signs and made Pakkun appear."Go find Sakura."Kakashi simply said.Pakkun nodded and started to run torwards Sakura's scent."If Sakura is in any trouble, Pakkun will come and tell us."Kakashi said to Naruto.Naruto nodded."Let's go in already."Shikamaru said.And so they did.


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