The Magic In A Kiss

Prompt: #044 Magick // #000 A kiss

Notes: Written for fanfic50 and 0xnatashax0 on livejournal.

"Ronon!" Teyla protested weakly. "What are you doing?" She watched in rapt fascination as he moved closer to her, and instinctively moved her hand up to rest it on his shoulder. Running her tongue over her lips nervously, she felt herself pull back slightly and stared at him.

Ronon offered her a playful grin and shrugged carelessly. "Nothing," he said simply, clearly enjoying her discomfort.

Teyla rolled her eyes and attempted to smile at him. "You are doing something," she disagreed. She shot him a defiant look, which he returned just as boldly.

Their eyes locked.

Teyla felt her heart catch and swallowed apprehensively.

Brown pierced brown and trapped by Ronon's gaze, she found herself unable to move when his lips descended on hers. She resisted at first and almost pulled away, but there was just something – something magic – that kept her glued to the spot.

Kissing him back and letting her hands travel on their own accord up and down his arms, she was reluctant to break away when the need for air became too overwhelming.

For a moment, they didn't speak and just stood there, breathing hard. Ronon looked like he was about to leave then, so Teyla grabbed his arm gently and took his hand in hers.

"What was that for?" she asked softly.

Ronon, once again, shrugged and grinned at her as if she'd just told him a big secret. "I like you," he stated simply, removing her hand from his. He watched as Teyla nodded mutely, then quickly leaned in and kissed her again before moving away. "See you later."