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When young girls imagine being swept off of their feet by a boy as sweet, romantic, and chivalrous as Romeo Montague, they often forget the way that boy's love ended. It is as if a girl's heart has a filter and when it pictures love, it doesn't picture the hardships that one must face in order to love and be loved by someone. It pictures the kisses, the hugs, the poetic quotes, and the startlingly good feeling Juliet goes through during her forbidden relationship with Romeo. It is every girl's unspoken wish to be a part of something forbidden. But all good things must come to an end, whether it be a peaceful end or a brutal end. Samantha Carrington and Christopher Augustus' story is no different.

It was a love doomed from the start, and both teenagers knew it. It was a secret that they held, meeting each other late at night in private. Although many may not believe it, what Samantha and Christopher had was very much real. It was so real, in fact, that they were willing to die for each other, something husbands and wives fear doing. A sixteen-year-old and a seventeen-year-old willing to die for each other is a rare something to come by. But Tom Riddle came by it. If only the two young lovers had been born in the same world. If only Samantha wasn't the kind hearted Gryffindor that she was, and if only Christopher wasn't the arrogant Slytherin that he was. Maybe they would have had a chance. If only fate hadn't cursed them, then maybe Tom Riddle wouldn't have killed them.



"Do you love me?"

Samantha opened her eyes sleepily and lifted her head off of Christopher's chest.

"Of course I love you. More than anything," she smiled, tracing his lips with her fingers.

"I bet that you don't love me more than I love you." Christopher grinned, kissing the tip of her finger.

"You're a sweet boy, but you're very misinformed." Samantha nodded, tucking a strand of her cinnamon brown hair behind her ear. "I love you more than anyone could love anyone else. You're my life," she whispered.

"And you're mine. I plan on marrying you someday." Christopher nodded.

"Don't I get a say in where and with whom I spend my life?" Samantha grinned, kissing Christopher on the cheek.

"Of course, but I think we all know with whom you'll be spending your life with." Christopher smiled.

With out responding, Samantha leaned up and kissed the familiar lips of her lover. She wanted to bask in this moment forever. As they lay there, the light of the moon casting shadows around them, under a blanket with the grass as their very own alter, Samantha knew that she was never going to leave Christopher. She was in love with him, no questions asked. And by the way he acted; he was in love with her too. She moved up so that she was straddling him and he groaned into her kiss. She knew what she was doing. Samantha pulled her mouth away from his.

"I love you," they whispered simultaneously.

"How lovely, boys. A traitor and a mud-blood, moments before their demise,"

Samantha and Christopher looked up into the face of Tom Riddle and their eyes glanced at the five or six other students behind him. Samantha crawled off of Christopher and pulled the blanket against her naked chest while Christopher pulled his trousers back on. He stood up, his wand in hand and Samantha stood behind him.

"Go away, Riddle. This is none of your business." Christopher said in a voice that Samantha had never heard before. It was quite frightening.

"On the contrary, it is my business. When a man of my house is lowering himself so much that he fucks a mud-blood, it is indeed my business." Tom said, taking a step towards the couple.

Samantha bit back the tears as she glared with all her might at Tom, eyeing his wand with every ounce of hate she had in her.

"I'd be careful how you phrase things if I were you." Christopher said, also taking a step forward.

"Christopher Augustus and Samantha Carrington….You'll go down in history, I'll bet. The real Romeo and Juliet. Forbidden…and then dead." Tom whispered, staring at Samantha with a hungry look in his eye.

Samantha tightened her hold on the blanket and searched the ground for her blouse. Fucking perfect. It was laying in a heap next to Tom's foot. As if sensing her stare, Tom looked down and smirked.

"Need this, do you?" he asked, picking the shirt up and examining it. "It reeks of your filth, mud-blood." He said bitterly before spitting on the garment.

"Please, just leave us alone." Samantha asked as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Oh wow, boys, the mud-blood said please. Do you think that constitute as a reason to leave her and her traitor boyfriend alone?" Tom chuckled sarcastically.

A few of the boys he was with exchanged amused glances and also chuckled. Samantha was openly crying now and she felt Christopher's hand reach behind him to hold hers. She entwined their fingers and shivered as a breeze blew. It felt like some type of warning and she stepped closer to Christopher as her body covered itself in goose bumps.

"I think you two deserve to be left alone." Tom nodded, and Samantha was confused. "In fact…I think you should be left alone forever." He smirked. Christopher shifted uneasily.

"What do you want, Riddle?" Christopher asked.

"I want the mixing of blood in Hogwarts to stop. It's bad enough they even let your whore in to this place, but then you have to go and fuck her! But now, you didn't just stop at fucking her, you parade around this place with that happy fucking expression that screams how much you're in love. Now, I didn't believe it at first. I thought 'Oh, perhaps she's just good in bed, and that's all he's using her for.' But then I come here and witness this tonight and I know that it has to stop. You two will never see each other again."

"Fuck you!" Samantha screamed.


Suddenly, Samantha felt and unbearable amount of pain. She screeched and immediately fell to the ground, the blanket losing it's place on her body. She didn't notice. All she could focus on was the burning and ripping pain that was covering her entire body. It felt like someone was pulling her skin apart and pouring bleach into all of the new holes. She thought she could hear Christopher screaming too, but she didn't know if that was in her head or not. All she wanted was for this pain to stop. She wanted to die. She wanted it all to end.

And then it did stop. Samantha was panting heavily, and too weak to grab the blanket to cover her body. She opened her eyes and looked up at Tom Riddle, who was grinning satisfied.

"Which one of you shall I murder first, hm?" he said, kneeling down to be a bit more level with her. He grabbed her face and turned her head at an uncomfortable angle so she could see Christopher. He was sweating and he looked as if he was in more pain than she was in. In fact, he was crying. Samantha had never seen him cry. She whimpered lightly and then tried to reach out and touch him, but he was too far away. Christopher's eyes opened and he reached up and touched her hand.

"I love you," he whispered painfully.

"I love you." Samantha managed to choke out.

"Oh, shut up already!" Tom screamed, smacking Samantha with the back of his hand.

"Don't!" Christopher grunted.

"Or you'll what?" Tom grinned.

"Maybe we should leave." Someone said. "We've had our fun."

"NO!" Tom roared, standing up. "They must be punished! Their blood will prove that mud-bloods and pure-bloods are not allowed to live in harmony! Seeing them hanging from the towers will show that such acts are not to be!" Tom screamed, his chest heaving. "I'm going to kill them both! And I'll do it alone if I have to! You're either with me or against me. And if you're against me….You're no better off than them."

"Stupefy!" Christopher groaned weakly, pointing at one of the other boys hovering around them.

The boy fell over and Tom glared and Christopher, yanking the wand from his hand. Tom kicked him so that he was laying on his back. Christopher looked up at Tom and somehow managed a glare.

"Do whatever you want to me…..Please….Don't hurt her." Christopher coughed.

"I'm sorry, Chrissy-Poo, but I don't think I can leave her be. I mean, look at her: Stark naked in the grass, surrounded by a bunch of people that hate her. She's in quite a situation, wouldn't you say?" Tom said before kicking Christopher in the ribs.

Christopher groaned and Samantha looked around for the blanket. She grabbed it and yanked it against herself desperately, glaring at the hungry eyes of the culprits.

"I think I'll kill her first, Christopher. Just so you can watch. Make sure you know that its your fault she's dying. If you hadn't involved yourself with her, you never would have had to watch the love of your life suffer." Tom grinned, walking back towards Samantha.

"No!" Christopher cried as he crawled towards Samantha. Tom raised his wand and suddenly, Samantha felt Christopher's weight on her and she was finding it hard to breathe.


But it wasn't meant for Christopher. It was meant for her! It was meant for Samantha! Christopher's body went limp and the realization struck Samantha like a tidal wave. She screamed and crawled from beneath him to look into his eyes. His eyes that were once full of life and hope, were now void of anything. Empty.

"No! Christopher! No, please! NO!" Samantha cried, holding him against her. "Don't leave me, please!" she sobbed onto his chest, expecting his heart beat to tear her from this night mare. "You bastard!" Samantha screamed, standing up, forgetting about the blanket entirely. "You'll burn in hell for this!"

"How unfortunate," Tom whispered before pointing his wand at her. "Maybe I'll see you there," he said.

"Fuck you." Samantha whispered, standing nice and tall and preparing herself for the death.

"Avada Kedavra!" Tom yelled.

Samantha felt a jolt and then nothing. Tom watched her naked, lifeless body hit the ground, landing across Christopher's. He heard a sniffle and he looked to his right, seeing Quinlan crying.

"What the bloody hell are you blubbering about?" Tom snapped, stomping over to the boy.

"Its…sad." Quinlan whispered, averting his eyes from the dead couple.

"But they're dead. And they're going to be hanging from the tops of the tour to show how two people from two different worlds can never live in harmony."