An Annoying Chat

A Sequel to A little Chat

Atobe twitched.

Gakuto gulped down the last of his orange juice.

Atobe twitched.

"Hey, why are you twitching? What if some magical wind appeared and your face froze like that?"

Atobe twitched. Even if he wanted to stop he couldn't. This guy was ANNOYING.

"How do you spell antidisestablishmentarianism?"

He tried to sip his tea as if he was talking to Oshitari.

"Hey, can you give me more drinks?"

Pretend it isn't him... Pretend it isn't him...

"Hello? Atobe! Wake up!" Gakuto yelled.

Atobe was about to crush his cup. "Yes, Ore-sama heard you Gakuto."

"Why am I here?" He finally decided to ask a good question...

"Oshitari said that he never wanted to talk to Ore-sama again in private. Ore-sama guesses he's took sexy for him..." He brushed his hair to the side. (Hey, he hadn't done that in a while)

Gakuto snickered. "I heard that he thought you were a ranting idiot that can't shut his mouth. The kind of guy that can make that Ibu Shinji from Fudomine shut up when he's ranting."

Atobe almost spat out his drink at Gakuto. If he did: yay! "E...excuse me?"

"Yuushi said you were a dork with no life... but then again, he was pretty mad. I wonder why? He didn't even let me talk in long sentences!" Gakuto inhaled, he said that sentence in one breath. "Yeah, he sure was mad about something. It was that day when he said he was having a chat with you."

Atobe just stared blankly at the red head. "Why would he be mad at Ore-sama? He is out of the question!"

"But he kept saying how much of a loser you are." Gakuto said. "Hey, how do you spell antidisestablishmentarianism again?"

"... He must mean another Atobe. Like... his less gorgeous cousin."

"How do you spell bathroom?"

Atobe frowned, "Why would you want to know how to spell bathroom?"

"Because I really, really have to go."


"BATHROOM! My bladder is going to explode!" Gakuto cried. "Hey, how do you spell bladder?"

Atobe twitched. "The bathroom is to your left."

"That's ok, I don't have to anymore."

"You mean..."

"No... I just don't have to anymore, I don't know why..." Gakuto mumbled.

Atobe coughed. He didn't want anymore ideas... "Anyways, Jiroh wouldn't come today either. He was with that rude red headed--"

"HEY! I'M RED HEADED TOO!" Gakuto shouted. "And how dare you call me rude! I am so not!"

If Shishido were here, that guy would've been rolling his eyes a mile a minute.

Atobe frowned. This was supposed to be about him! He was the sexy beast everyone knows and loves!

"I'm also am the most adorable red head too," He boasted, "If I do say so myself." He chuckled.

"That's it..." Atobe muttered. He got up and left.

"Hey! Where are you going?!" Gakuto cried.

"You annoy Ore-sama. Leave."

"Fine, I'll tell Yuushi that you were being mean to me..."

"Ore-sama couldn't care less." Atobe said, "Leave now or Ore-sama's servants will turn on the sprinklers on you."

After saying sprinklers, the sprinklers really did turn on.

"Atobe, I didn't know this was a swim party! I should have brought my swim trunks!"

"..." Was all Atobe could say/do.

"Party! Party! Party!" Gakuto chanted.

Note to self: NEVER EVER invite Gakuto to anything.