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Hinata took a deep breath to calm down. She didn't want to do this…she really, really, really didn't. Marrying Sasuke Uchiha didn't interest her in any way…she barely knew Sasuke as an acquaintance and now here she was; walking with her father down the isle…she rarely saw Sasuke, and when she did the only thing spared was a passing glance. Nothing more…but now…due to family issues, she and him had to marry to bring peace and settle differences proving a Hyuga and an Uchiha could live together without fighting over who's the better/stronger clan…some dominance garbage like that…

Sasuke waited patiently for his bride…he put on a bored expression to disguise his deep thought. In all actuality he didn't give a damn about Hinata or the Hyuga's; it was all something his father had dragged him into; he still didn't understand why his father hadn't chosen Itachi for this but when Sasuke went into deeper thought about him, he wouldn't want to see his brother for anything unless it was his funeral and he was secretly the killer hiding among his family as if he were sad about his death…

Sasuke snapped back into reality when it was time for vows. " I do."

" And do you, Hinata Hyuga take Sasuke Uchiha as your lawfully wedded husband" the priest said. ( I don't really know if I got that wedding part right because sometimes I zone out.)

" I do." Hinata said.

As if I have a choice…

" Then you may kiss the bride."


Six months had past since then, and you couldn't really say she and Sasuke were a happily married couple, the two of them only spoke to each other when they asked each other a question which was rare for Sasuke because he preferred not to speak to Hinata for some reason. There was a time when Hinata tried to start a conversation with Sasuke but he always answered with a short answer that didn't require further questioning or he'd ignore her as if he didn't hear her or she hadn't spoken.

Hinata had decided to give up with trying to talk to Sasuke and just let him be.

" Good morning Hinata…"

Hinata looked over to see her cat Xavior looking at her from her window. Yes…she and this very cat could speak to each other…except it wasn't mews or meows like most cats form of communication. Xavior spoke to Hinata telepathically to her amazement and actually spoke like a real person, his voice was extremely deep and commanding, but also gentle and wise. He had pitch black fur and blood red eyes, he was a tall and muscular cat and had a scar on his muzzle showing that he was a fighter but capable of being a good lover too. Hinata had found him injured on a rainy day after he had just fought a dog, Akamaru to be exact, but the only scar he had on him was the scar on his nose while Akamaru was really beat up.

Hinata never understood how she and Xavior had become friends or spoke telepathically, but she assumed it was when she actually began to listen to what he had to say…

" Good morning Xavior, you haven't been a fight recently have you." Hinata asked.

" I only fight when necessary,"

Xavior thought while washed his face. Hinata wrapped her towel around her tightly. She had just got out of the shower.

" When do you find it necessary?" Hinata asked while walked over to her dresser.

" When someone challenges me to a fight or when someone is looking to get their ass kicked when they won't keep their mouth shut."

" What do you mean?" Hinata asked, while she began to get dressed. It didn't really matter if she got dressed in front of Xavior even though he was male, but that aside, he was a cat so…

" Mocking in other words…a lot of cats and dogs think I'm weak because I live with a human but I prove them other wise by putting them in their place. I don't have these muscles because of steroids you know."

Xavior jumped down from the window and walked over to Hinata, he jumped up on her dresser and looked at her in the mirror.

" Why are you humans bald?"

Hinata blushed slightly at his question. " What do you mean?"

" The only hair you humans have is on your head and on your mating place. The males of your species have a little more hair than you females but you still have little of it."

" It's true that we have a little hair, but we're not exactly bald. If you look closely…" Hinata extended her arm to show Xavior the small hairs in her arm. " We have hair all over our body except for on our hands and feet, we just don't have hair all over our bodies like you do."

" I see, if you did…you'd be giant monkeys all the time."

Xavior purred while he thought that. Hinata giggled at his silliness and rubbed behind his ears.

A knock was heard…

" Come in." Hinata called.

" Mistress, breakfast is ready and the Master would like you to attend." A maid said with a bow.

Hinata sighed. " Thank you Kyoshi"

The maid known as Kyoshi nodded and left the doorway, Hinata followed soon after with Xavior in toe.

" Hinata. I know we're about to attend breakfast but may I ask you a question?"

Hinata nodded.

" What would you say sex smelled like?"

Hinata froze for a second, but continued walking anyway. " Why do you ask?" she whispered.

" I've scented a sweet yet tangy smell with a hint of perfume or cologne for the past few weeks around Sasuke after you were at work or late at night when you were deep in sleep. I haven't told you until now because I had to ponder on what the scent was, and now that I've come to a conclusion on that scent I'd like to know if that was scent of sex."

Xavior looked up at Hinata curiously but was surprised to see anger in her eyes. Was it because of him? Was his question insulting or inappropriate? It must have been since it had obviously upset Hinata.

Hinata took silent deep breaths to calm her anger but her effort was of no avail. It all made sense now! The reason why Sasuke didn't speak to her and didn't have time for any of the things she wanted to ask or do with him too at least make it so they could become friends was because he was seeing a secret lover!

Hinata put on a fake smile. " Good morning Sasuke" Hinata said when she reached him downstairs and saw him waiting patiently at the end of their long table.

Sasuke nodded and took a seat. Hinata did the same and smiled to herself.

I'd like to have a talk with you later on, you cheating bastard…


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