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Chapter eighteen

Hinata took a pace back and narrowed her eyes at Itachi when he dropped down in front of her, his seductive scent filling the air around her and cool black eyes staring into her light lavender. " So all of this is your fault?" Hinata asked.

" Yes…" Itachi said simply.

" Why are you doing this Itachi? I told you I was going to come over later." Hinata said irritably.

" I know what you told me earlier Hinata…but I want you to stay with me. Sasuke isn't good nor strong enough for you. As you know, he suffered from a traumatic experience when he was younger. So he could snap at any time and kill you." Itachi explained.

" He's snapped plenty of times but he wouldn't kill me." Hinata scowled.

Itachi sighed lightly. " Why are you resisting?" he asked. " You should understand the fact that I only want what's best for the survival of the Uchiha clan, and…you should know that I'm what's best for you."

Hinata crossed her arms and asked. " What makes you think I'm just going to leave Sasuke? I know you haven't forgotten Itachi but the both of us are married."

Itachi looked elsewhere and clenched his jaw in anger, frustration, and jealousy. The front door suddenly burst open and an angry Sasuke with his loyal servants stood glaring at Itachi.

" Scan the house." Sasuke ordered and his servants disappeared without a trace. Itachi's eyes widened slightly in curiosity and a small trace of fear. Sasuke had a new fire in his eyes…the usual black inferno that could be found in them was burning hotter this time…

Itachi gave Sasuke a psychotic smirk and slowly put his arm around Hinata's waist. He pulled her close to him. " Let's play Hide and Seek Sasuke. I'll hide and fuck Hinata while you try and find me before I'm done."

Sasuke's eyes widened in anger and shock while Hinata narrowed hers in fear and disgust, Itachi knocked Hinata out in one quick motion and poofed away before she or Sasuke had a chance to do anything.

Sasuke leaped up a few flights of stairs and began searching the rooms frantically. There was no way he was going to let Itachi have sex with his Hinata. Sasuke opened and closed doors in a swift motion, but in one of the rooms…

Sasuke had his Sharingan activated and glanced around. He was about to close the door and continue searching for his girl when…

" Leaving so soon?" someone said.

Sasuke looked from the corner of his eye to see who was talking to him. Three men in completely black cloaks stood in the middle of the room. All three of them looked up at the same time and revealed themselves to be exactly the same.

" Yes in fact he was. Go on ahead Sasuke…I'll take care of the…eighteen of them. No discussion." Xavior said, suddenly appearing beside Sasuke in his human form.

Sasuke was about to say something when he remembered Xavior just said "no discussion.".

" Hinata and Itachi are in your room Sasuke, hurry up." Xavior growled.

Sasuke left without a word and ran at full speed to his room. How dare Itachi? Not only was he going to have sex with Hinta but he was going to do it in his bed! Sasuke scowled and pushed himself to run faster…


Sasuke's room

Hinata began to slowly regain consciousness. Thunder suddenly crashed and signaled heavy rain was on its way. Hinata looked around the moonlit room to see Itachi staring her down with one of Sasuke's looks in his eyes. Must run in the family…

Hinata glared at Itachi and made a move to attack him but berated herself mentally when she realized her wrists were chained to the bed by chakra.

Of course! He's about to rape you Hinata! He's not stupid enough to let you move around freely!

" By all means Hinata…look at me whatever way you wish. I've grown to admire that look and find it attractive." Itachi said calmly.

Hinata rolled her eyes and looked elsewhere, but she was silently praying for Sasuke to find her soon…

Itachi straddled Hinata and, him not being the shy type, made a move. He made the chakra chains a little longer and brought Hinata closer to him…he began to kiss her lightly…

The kisses started out innocent enough. Small specks upon her exposed neck until Itachi started to go a little higher. One of Itachi's hands gripped her neck so she wouldn't turn away from him and be forced to kiss him…

Itachi took possession of her lips and made her open up to him so he could slip inside of her body and begin. While Hinata was unconscious Itachi took the time to quickly undress the both of them so he could quickly fulfill his urge for her body…

Without warning Itachi moved down lower and began to caress her thighs. Hinata tried to hold in the small moan that was forming in her throat but it somehow made its way out and Hinata cursed silently…a lone tear made its way down her cheek…that only made the situation worse. Itachi let go of Hinata's neck and slid his hand down to her opening…

Hinata let out a small whimper in surprise when he slowly slid one finger after another into her body until he finally decided to enter her body with the real thing. Itachi raised himself up and made the first shallow thrust. Hinata found herself letting out a few unwanted moans when he began to speed up until he began plowing inside of her body wildly whilst driving in deeper each thrust.

Itachi hated the fact that his reject of a brother got to experience the heat and passion of this love with Hinata before he did. Unbeknownst to everyone in his clan, Itachi had always had his eye on Hinata. He would have been viewed as a pedophile if anyone found out about his secret crush on the Hyuga but now that she was old enough for him to do whatever he pleased to her and her body it wouldn't be a problem.

Hinata tried to pull herself away from Itachi but it was to no avail. What was taking Sasuke so long? These chakra chains were draining the rest of her remaining chakra and making her weaker every few seconds. This hadn't been going on long but Hinata had noticed Itachi had his Sharingan activated and was recording every part of this.

Hinata feared for her husband's sanity because she knew if Sasuke walked in on them Itachi would use the Mangekyo to make his watch this rape over and over again.

Itachi let his guard down and grabbed Hinata's waist, working to bring them both to completion, he took delight in Hinata's pleasured moans that became increasingly louder and signaled her climax. The feeling of her pulsating walls and her cream lava drenching his throbbing prick was enough to send Itachi over the edge. He came and Hinata felt his come rocket inside of her body.

Itachi closed his eyes and tried to control his breathing. Hinata caught him performing a jutsu and realized it was genjutsu, she managed to summon a bit of stored chakra and whispered. " Release."

Sasuke was heard running past his own room until he realized his mistake and kicked the door down. " Itachi…" he growled furiously.

" Shame he came in so early Hinata…I had energy to burn." Itachi said and pulled out of her. In one swift motion Itachi had his pants on and stood to face Sasuke.



" Sound wave jutsu!" one of the men in black cloaks screamed.

Xavior winced before he quickly transformed back into his feline form and leaped out of the window and gracefully landed about 15ft feet away from the mansion. Xavior's blood red eyes narrowed in annoyance when he saw the room he was in was completely destroyed by that jutsu and left a fairly large gaping hole in the mansion.

" I'll kill you you damn cat!" one of the men in cloaks screamed while he came spiraling towards Xavior.

Xavior noticed his eyes were a deep blue before he transformed into his human self and stood on his hands in order to make the one with blue eyes break his face on his feet.

" Ven! You damn bastard, you killed him!" one of the men said angrily.

Xavior flipped off of his hands and landed on his feet. His exceptionally sharp eyes saw that the one that just spoke to him had dark red eyes that lighten from his anger and his companion had light green eyes that darken in annoyance.

" Let's retreat for now Aizen, our strength has been greatly reduced so we have—

" What are you talking about Terrain? We still have my speed and your cunning! We can take this—

" No! We have to leave!" Terrain scowled.

The one know as Aizen lifted his hood to reveal his semi-long black hair and tan skin, his eyes widened. " Master Xavior! W-Why did you—how could you—you killed Ven!" he screamed with hot angry tears running down his face.

Ven, Aizen, and Terrain were three apprentices that had a strong desire to learn under Xavior's teaching while he lived in the Lighting Country. He taught them everything they know and they traveled with him for nine years until they felt their was nothing more that he could teach them…Xavior, of course, had a different life outside of Konoha before he came and met Hinata and took on the role of house cat….

Xavior narrowed his eyes at the two of them. " I remember teaching you three not to act out of frustration, and I also remember teaching you not to underestimate your enemy or you'll be killed by the one you're trying to kill. As you can see that was Ven…" he said while he looked down at the young boy.

Terrain lowered his head in shame. " But…Master Xavior…"

" You go ahead and leave Terrain! I'm going to say so I can avenge our brother." Aizen scowled and made over twenty shadow clones that took out swords they were carrying and stood to face Xavior.

" Do what you want Terrain…I'm going to fight Aizen…aid him and die…or leave and live your future…" Xavior said and locked his crimson red eyes on Aizen.

Terrain sighed. " See ya Aizen…I'm not stupid." He said and quickly disappeared into the trees while Aizen looked on in disbelief. How could his own brother leave him?

" Whatever! Let's go!" Aizen screamed and all of his clones ran towards Xavior…


Sasuke's room

Hinata wrapped herself in the sheets and walked over to the closet and put on her robe. She left Itachi to Sasuke while she took the time to gather up her chakra. She stepped over the broken glass that Sasuke left when he kicked Itachi out the window and sat quietly on the floor.

Hinata closed her eyes and focused intently on visualizing chakra coursing throughout her body. She could literally feel the chakra building up rapidly in her body and in a matter of minutes all of her chakra returned to her body and she left the mansion. She learned the method from Xavior and she mentally thanked him for it.

Hinata jumped into a nearby tree and scanned the area. She felt an immense chakra coming from nearby and out of curiosity went to investigate before she heard a loud explosion and Itachi scream…

Hinata halted. " Byakugan." She whispered and scanned the area until she found Sasuke and Itachi. Hinata quickly decided to turn back and see what was happening…

5 minutes later

When she found them…

Sasuke held Itachi in a death grip against a large tree. His hand gave off small volts of electricity as did Itachi…the both of them were critically wounded and blood leaked out of their bodies and fell to the ground.

" You've gotten…so strong Sasuke…" Itachi choked out…

…before he…

…poofed away…

Sasuke stared in awe. " A…blood clone?..." he whispered. He fought so hard…only to defeat a blood clone...?

" You couldn't have thought I would have really died so easily by your hand Sasuke, but my clone made a deadly accurate statement…if that were really me…" Itachi trailed off.

" So this whole time it was a clone?!" Sasuke screamed angrily.

" No…it was really me you caught with Hinata….and it was really me when you tackled out of the room….and it was really me you fought with for half of the battle…but…" Itachi said and jumped down beside his little brother.

" It wasn't me who you killed…and it never will be…" he whispered in his ear before Sasuke tried attack him again. Itachi leaped back and ran into the forest.

Sasuke held his head and gripped his hair in frustration before he charged after him. His curse seal giving him extra power, chakra, and energy to go charging after his brother.

" Sasuke!" Hinata called and raced after him, but in a matter of seconds she lost sight of him and Itachi…she frantically moved her feet faster when she saw a shadowy figure running…

" Sasuke!" Hinata called but the figure only began to run faster. Hinata sighed in annoyance and quickly picked up a long rock. She dragged it against the ground and into a kunai like weapon while she ran.

Hinata threw her hand made weapon at the shadowy figure and successfully hit his leg. She closed in on it and saw that…it wasn't Sasuke…

" Please don't kill me! I suppose this is what I get for trying to go out for a late night jog but honestly, I'll give you anything you want just don't—

" Did you see Sasuke?" Hinata interrupted sharply.

" What? No…well at least not anymore…he and some other guy shot past me but they were gone in like…two seconds…" the jogging guy replied with a shrug.

Hinata looked around and noticed that she had ran through the gates of the Leaf village. She sighed. Sasuke was gone…again…

Hinata stood up and quickly decided to find Xavior…if anything, he was going to be able to find Sasuke…


Outside the manor

Xavior fought off countless clones with a single sword, he was doing extremely well but…was he winning? Every time he destroyed one clone three more would appear…

Xavior felt himself getting tired and the clones getting stronger. He threw the sword he was holding aside and transformed into his cat form.

He yowled in anger and pain when he was suddenly slashed with a one of the clone's swords. Xavior leaped up over the angry crowd of Aizen's and to their surprise he transformed himself into a large black tiger and made four clones of himself..

Xavior and his clones raced throughout the battlefield. Xavior was careful not to get distracted by the blood clones but he did give a bit of his concern. Blood clones took up more than half of the chakra used for shadow clones and they should only be used for S-rank missions or and unique emergency. They weren't just called blood clones for the blood they carried within them…they got it from the user…

Xavior picked up a sword that one of Aizen's blood clones carried and pelted throughout the crowd of shadow and blood clones when he heard one of his clones roar in pain.

Xavior killed a small crowd of clones that surrounded his fallen clone and tried to nudge it to move but it was futile. The clone poofed away…

The good thing about these special clones that Xavior created was that when they were killed they supply the original with the chakra used to create them…the only set back about these clones was that he received the wound or felt the pain they felt…which was why he had to look out for them as if they actually held life within them…

Xavior shook himself and turned sharply to impale about three clones with the sword he had when they tried to sneak up behind him…

Twenty minutes later

" As…expected Master Xavior…you're going to die fighting," Aizen panted when he had a scarce amount of chakra and only eight of his clones remained.

Xavior stood weakly on his feet while he leaned against his sword for support. His long black hair covered his eyes and shielded his expression from Aizen. A long trail of blood ran down his face and Xavior wiped away the blood that got in his eye.

Aizen used his last amount of chakra to create about twenty more clones before he dropped to his knees in fatigue. He was useless now…

Xavior eyes widened in surprise when eight clones broke through the ground beneath him and impaled his body with their swords, Xavior made a single jutsu. " Shadow claw jutsu…" he growled and thrust his hands through the clones bodies.

Aizen looked up in shock and awe. " That isn't possible! There's no way you can survive impalement and move that quickly Master! Especially with all of your wounds! How do you still stand?" he shrieked.

Xavior gave him a sadistic smile and walked towards him. Aizen's eyes widened in fear when Xavior kneeled down and his blood red eyes bored into his. " As of a matter of fact all of those things are gonna kill me…" he said before he whispered. "Cause you ain't."

Aizen sighed in disappointment and his obvious failure before Xavior took one of his kunai and thrust it through his chest to end Aizen's life.

Xavior stood up and began walking away…he spotted a tree and leaned against it for support before he slowly slid down it…Xavior fought the urge to close his eyes…he knew if he did he would die…

Xavior lifted his head up and stared at the sky as the rain slowly began to fall until it started to pour down…he smiled in happiness despite the unbearable pain he felt…this was the very tree he had met Hinata on this very day at the exact same time…

He heard someone calling his name loudly until it slowly began to grow quieter and he had lost all sound…his sleepy blood red eyes looked up into beautiful yet sad light lavender eyes that rapidly flowing tears fell from…

Hinata pull Xavior towards her and lye his head on her chest. He finally decided to close his eyes when her cold yet gentle hands caress his head as if it was his silky black fur…

Hinata hugged Xavior's now lifeless body tighter when his heart stopped beating a few seconds before…

Ojo, Xavior mate, suddenly appeared and cautiously walked up to Hinata and Xavior. She let out a small mew and set a beautiful gray kitten with black legs and blood red eyes beside Hinata and disappeared within the forest…

Hinata watched as the kitten waddled towards her and pressed its small body against hers. Hinata looked up at the sky that poured rain and roared thunder…

" Give me the strength to go on…" she prayed.


4 years later

Hinata sat up and stretched luxuriously. She looked down to see Gaara soundly asleep beside her. She gently placed a good morning kiss on his forehead before she got out of bed and walked down the hallway and into her children's room.

Hyuga's had an uncanny ability to tell when they or their partner was pregnant so it wasn't a surprise to Hinata when she began to develop a belly. After the nine month period Hinata had twins. A boy and a girl. She decided to give them their father's last name considering he was the one she had children with.

Akira, the boy looked a lot like Sasuke did when he was younger but the only detail that stood out about him was the fact that he had his mother's Hyuga eyes while his sister, Amara looked a lot like Hinata except with her father's eyes.

Hinata opened the door to see a shadowy figure standing over them. She got into a battle stance and prepared to fight this mysterious intruder before he turned to look at her. Her eyes widened in surprise, anger, and happiness.



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