Warnings: Character deaths (implied and explicit, but not Harry or Draco… well, Harry, but does that really count? Lol), violence, slash, sexual situations!!, fluff, angst, mpreg(implied) (more may be added later if I feel like it)

Summary: During the final battle The Dark Lord Voldemort is killed, as is the Boy Who Lived. That should be where the story ends, but it's not. It has barely begun.

Pairing: This is Harry/Draco. Yes, Harry does die in the beginning, but you'll understand once you read (No necrophilia!). Also: Ron/Hermione, and more if my muse demands it.

This fic does not have any spoilers for DH. I haven't read it yet!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and make no money. All this is just for fun, and my way of coping with DH.


The Battlefield, as it would be known to the wizarding world generations later, was reminiscent of a fireworks display. If it weren't for the screams and shouts that echoed through the night, along with the many mangled bodies on the ground (more falling every moment), then a muggle might find it a beautiful sight. As it was there was nothing remotely beautiful about it, except if one considers war to be beautiful.

Harry was underneath his invisibility cloak, consciously restraining himself from flinging it off and joining the other Order members and Aurors, along with his friends. Instead he ducked and rolled, clinging to the cloak and occasionally sticking out his wand and shooting curses. He moved quickly, not wanting to give away his position.

A piercing scream, louder than the others, filled his ears and his heart seemed to become a lump of ice in his chest. He scanned the scene before him and saw someone wreathing under the Cruciatus Curse. It didn't last long as another spell hit the torturer. That's what you get for stopping to indulge in sadistic tendencies in the middle of a battle. Harry didn't have time to dwell on it and started running towards one edge of the battlefield, dodging and ducking as he went. It wasn't long until he saw a tall and thin figure standing a way off, surveying the fight like some ancient general, no one daring even to go near him. Harry gritted his teeth, adrenaline pumping so furiously he hardly felt the burn in his scar as he approached.

Voldermort's red eyes grew wide as he felt Harry's presence. He swiftly stepped forwards and started cursing himself a path towards where he felt Harry was near. Harry's eyes darted around him, hoping his friends where far away. Even the Death Eaters were trying to move their duels away, not wanting to get in their master's path, but there were so many people. Harry decided it was now or never.

He should perhaps have cast the Killing Curse as soon as the cloak was off, that was the plan, but the look on Voldermort's face needed to be wiped off. Voldermort sneered almost gleefully when he saw Harry. The air seemed to grow thick and the noise didn't reach Harry's ears anymore.

"Potter! Come to die at last?" Voldermort hissed. Obviously there was a look on Harry's face that also needed to be replaced before dying.

"No, I've come to kill you at last, for good this time!" Harry shouted back confidently.

"You cannot kill me, Harry Potter," Voldermort answered, equally confident. "I doubt you can even cast the curse. You don't know a thing about killing, the power that it both requires and gives!"

"Power enough to split you soul?" Harry asked, his eyes shining with hard determination and a hint of malice. Harry had wondered if red eyes could look surprised and fearful, he was glad to be proved right. Suddenly a shout was heard that seemed to get through to Harry. His head turned and saw a body fly through the air and land only a few feet slightly behind and to the left of them. Death Eaters were starting to rally around their leader and the good guys had re-grouped and were pushing forward again. Harry stared at the blond hair and hoped it was Lucius Malfoy. He looked up at Voldermort and wondered what kind of strange place he had arrived in when neither of them where pointing wands at each other. It seemed Voldermort was suddenly desperate to know what Harry knew and was also confused why Harry wasn't lifting his wand.

Suddenly Draco Malfoy, who it had really been, was scrambling to his feet, but Harry wasn't really paying attention as he was locked in some kind of bizarre staring contest with the Dark Lord. Right then many things happened at once and no one, apart from Harry perhaps, would ever really figure out exactly what happened. It all happened very quickly, within a few seconds at most. Draco saw Harry looking strange, almost as if he was being imperiused. He ran forward. He did not notice that Lucius Malfoy, having followed the body he threw away, was now closing in behind him. Draco raised his wand at Voldermort, feeling absolutely no emotion in that moment. Then as Voldermort's eyes flickered to him he felt an enormous anger welling up inside him.

When Voldermort's gaze left him Harry couldn't help but follow it. He turned and saw Draco pointing his wand directly at the Dark Lord. It didn't confuse him that the wand wasn't pointed at him, but he felt immense fear rise up in him. He had begged Draco to stay away from the fight. Obviously his love had disobeyed.

Right then his eyes shifted and he saw Lucius pointing his wand directly at Draco's back. He reacted half a second later.


"Avada Kedavra!" Two Malfoys shouted at the exact same time. Harry was pulling at Draco before they were finished and spinning around so that he held Draco to his chest and he knew in that instant that the curse would hit his back at any moment. The position also gave him the perfect view of Voldermort as Draco's curse hurtled towards him. The red eyes were wide and full of fear. Harry watched in a detached way as the curse hit Voldermort first. Everything was moving in slow motion. Only his mind didn't seem to slow down along with it. He sighed with relief as the Dark Lord fell lifeless to the ground. The next, and last, thing he felt was a lump in his throat as he held Draco to him and hoped to Merlin his love would live after he was gone. Then the only thing he knew was darkness…

The next second Draco stood, his wand having been dropped when Harry had grabbed him, and stared straight ahead. Suddenly, just as it had happened many years ago at Godric's Hollow, the air shifted and Voldermort's body exploded in a shockwave of magic. Everyone within a certain radius was thrown backwards, the force enough to destroy a house. Draco fell back beside Harry and hit his head. Silence reigned eerily, no more spells lit the night, as the people farther off started to move tentatively forward.

Draco groaned as he woke a few moments later and his hand went up behind his head, but he pulled it back when he winced in pain. He sat up slowly and looked around, his eyes falling almost casually on Harry's lifeless body beside him. For three lifelong seconds his mind was a complete blank. Then he chocked and at the same time scrambled to his knees and leaned over Harry.

"No, no, no, nonononono," he chanted as he cupped Harry's face in his hands. "Harry!" he screamed, his voice cracking. "Harry wake up! You're ok. Wake up!" Tears were already streaming down his face, but he didn't even notice. Harry's eyes were lifeless. The curse had left no sign of the cause of death, but Draco had seen people die by that curse before. He grabbed Harry's shoulders and shook hard. "Harry! Wake up!" He was screaming louder now, his voice high-pitched and desperate. He didn't even notice Ron and Hermione approaching. Hermione's face was already wet with tears, and more continued to flow. As Draco screamed once more for Harry to wake up Ron's tears fell as well. The redhead looked down at Hermione and opened his arms. She threw herself at him and sobbed into his chest. Ron closed his eyes and cried silently.

"HARRY! You're not dead. You're fine, just wake up!" Draco was babbling. He was still shaking the dead body, but he looked up when he heard a groan from nearby. Not far from Ron and Hermione a blond head lifted up. Lucius Malfoy looked around dazedly. Something clicked in Draco's mind and he understood at least one part of what had happened. He sprang to his feet.

"YOU!" He lunged forward, but Ron managed to let go of Hermione and grab Draco around the waist. Draco was practically being held off the ground as he reached out for Lucius, who was staring up at them in confusion. "You bastard! You fucking murderer! I'll fucking kill you! I'LL KILL YOU!" Draco was clawing the air in front of him as if he could pull himself closer. Lucius was still at a loss. Hermione was sobbing into her hands.

"Draco! Stop! He's going to Azkaban!" Ron cried, pulling Draco back against his chest and holding the slightly shorted boy closer.

"He deserves the Kiss! He deserves to be snogged to death! You bastard! I'll kill you!" Just then Mr. Weasley came towards them. Ron nodded at Lucius.

"Take his wand quick and get him out of here." Arthur nodded and accio'd Lucius' wand. He motioned for one of the nearby Aurors, who was busy binding all the still unconscious Death Eaters. Some were waking up, however, and apparating as quickly as they could when they managed to realize what had happened. The Auror came forward and, stunning Lucius, levitated the body away. Draco had stopped protesting when Arthur had come forward, but now he started thrashing again.

"Let me go! Let me go!" He yelled. Ron sighed and did just that. Draco immediately turned back to Harry and fell to his knees again. Ron went back to holding Hermione and looking down at the pair on the ground. Arthur was looking back and forth between Ron and Draco, a deep frown on his face.

"They… were together," Ron managed, tears streaming down his face again. Hermione let a loud sob escape at that and Ron held her tighter. Arthur looked stunned as he gazed at Harry and Draco. Only Ron and Hermione had known about the rivals turned lovers. Draco was stroking Harry's face now, looking quite insane. His hair was a mess, along with his robes and somehow his face was dirty as well as wet.

"Harry? Please, wake up. Just wake up for me, please? He's gone. No more fighting. We're supposed to be together now. You promised me we'd be together forever once this was done!" Several Order members had abandoned their binding work, leaving it to the Aurors, and stood now in a large circle around the two boys- no, they were men, although Draco looked horribly young at the moment. Mrs. Weasley walked straight into her husband's arms and sobbed. Fred and George were holding Ginny. Everybody who was actually looking at the scene, except for Ron and now Arthur, had good dose of confusion along with the sadness in their eyes. Draco smoothed the front of Harry's robes. Sobs were starting to shake his frame. "Merlin, please! I'll do anything, just wake up!"

Suddenly Draco stopped babbling and clutched at Harry's robes, his face buried in Harry's chest. He sobbed loudly, the utter pain heard in each cry making new tears flow from everyone who could hear them. No one knew how long they stood there and watched as Draco clung to Harry and sobbed. No one dared speak or even move. Dumbledore was coming towards them now, a deeply sad expression on his face, though his eyes were dry. He came to stand by Arthur and Molly, looking silently at the redheaded man.

"Apparently they were together," Arthur whispered his answer to the unspoken question. Dumbledore looked back at the sobbing man with a frown on his face. The old man stepped forward carefully and crouched down beside Draco.

"Draco," he said softly, but the blond didn't react. "Draco, you must come with me," Dumbledore said a little more forcefully. "I need you to come with me. Harry wouldn't have wanted you to sit here like this." Draco stiffened at this and looked up at the Headmaster. The eyes were red-rimmed and extremely puffy, but they shone with a coldness that surprised everyone.

"There are only three people alive on this earth who know anything about what Harry would have wanted," Draco spat. "I am one, and you sure as hell aren't one of the others." Dumbledore simply looked searchingly into Draco's eyes, as if to determine the truth in those words. He sighed.

"Please, come with me, Draco," he said. Draco looked down at Harry again, a chocked sob escaping. He leant down, even more tears wetting his face, and pressed his lips to Harry's. Everyone in the circle seemed to look away respectfully. The kiss was so full of despair that it cut like a knife through the heart of everyone present. It seemed to go on forever, but finally Draco sat up again and stood shakily, his eyes closed. He followed Dumbledore, not caring in the least where he was being led. Arthur conjured up a white sheet and laid it over the body. Draco seemed to have become numb as they neared the group of Aurors organizing the removal of the captured and injured. Dumbledore took one of the portkeys and gestured for Draco to hold onto it. A moment later and they were gone.

In the days following the death of the Dark Lord and Harry Potter the wizarding world came to know many things about the night in question. Draco was revealed to have been the one to cast the Killing Curse at Voldermort, and was the only person ever to be forgiven for using an Unforgivable. Draco refused to speak with any press, disappearing from public life for a long time, and never accepting any awards the Ministry might like to give him. It was also known that Harry had died saving Draco's life. It became the love story known all over the wizarding world; the wizards' version of Romeo and Juliet. Harry became The Boy Who Lived To Die For Love. It was all sappy and a lot of details were lost. Many versions had Harry duelling with Lucius for his rights to Draco.

At the funeral Draco did not attend, but he visited the grave many times after. It was simple and stood beside the graves of Lily, James and Sirius. Ron and Hermione often came as well. They had been married the moment they turned seventeen, not even waiting for school to finish. Draco for some reason married Pansy, though both Ron and Hermione knew it was not a happy match. They tried to keep in touch, but Draco became more and more secluded. It would take years before he even started working again. When he did he would put all his energy into it, making sure to keep building up the Malfoy reputation, even though he was now not only a war hero, but the man who killed the Dark Lord. But that wouldn't happen for over a decade.

You would think that this is where the story ended. It is not. In fact it has barely begun. Nine months later, in a large wizarding home in Norway, a baby boy was born. He would soon grow to have thick almost black hair, and perfect green eyes, though neither parent had green eyes. There was a strange birthmark on his forehead, barely visible under the raven bangs, shaped like a lightning bolt…

Either must die at the hand of the other...