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Dumbledore didn't go to Azkaban for his crimes due to his age unfortunately, and the fact that he pleaded temporary insanity. He was put under house arrest. Since he didn't have a house, because he had been living at Hogwarts for over four decades, Harry offered Grimmauld Place as a suitable location. There was a brief moment of uncertainty when the Wizengamot didn't want to inflict Dumbledore's company on a house elf. Luckily Snape informed them that Kreacher was still following the last orders his master gave him, and was working in the kitchens. Harry told the elf to go work for Dumbledore. He hoped they would be very happy together.

The whole tale of how Harry was reborn and destroyed Voldemort once and for all was published in the Daily Prophet, accurately and without crazy speculation. Most people were fine with the reincarnation bit, but a lot of people had a problem with Cesare. Harry and Draco made sure to redirect all their son's mail and burned the howlers before the boy could even see them. Most of them were for the parents, though, and they burned those as well. Rita Skeeter was for once doing something good with her articles, and many other hopeless romantic witches supported them. Biographies of Harry were rewritten to include the new elements of their love story and how Draco was practically forced into his marriage with Pansy. So, not everything was accurate or without speculation.

Hermione, after much coaxing from Harry, Draco and Ron, finally accepted the post as Transfiguration Professor. By the next term they were all living at Hogwarts, Ron having to floo to work, but not seeming to mind in the slightest since he got to be close to his boys. The Weasley twins were of course horrified they couldn't do pranks in three classes now! They still tried in Harry's class, hoping their "old" friend would allow it considering their time together. They quickly learnt not to do that.

Because of all the work trying to get the students up to date with the material they missed, Harry and Draco decided to post-pone the wedding until the summer. So that is of course where we take you now…

…(AN: Just so it's said: I'm crap at writing weddings. I usually skip them, but my sis DEMANDED I have a proper ceremony this time... forgive me)

Had Pansy Parkinson stood in the garden at Malfoy Manor that very moment she would have been squealing for joy at the thought of hosting her party there. Luckily she is dead and won't be hosting anything anymore.

The weather had been kind to the new couple, and the sun was shining from cloudless skies. The garden itself was in full bloom. White chairs had been set up for the guests in neat rows. Garlands of flowers decorated everything. There was a beautiful arch, seemingly made naturally from two trees, which had been bended by magic for the occasion, and stood at the front. The branches intertwined almost as lovers.

The guest list consisted of Draco and Harry's friends and family, including a good amount of Roséns from Norway. Harry's story had reached the international wizarding community and he was now pretty much the most famous wizard ever, everywhere. Still, about half had declined and Harry suspected it was because of his choice of partner, not to mention his son.

There was also a number of members from the purebloods in Britain, since Draco was obviously related to them all. Only those who approved one hundred percent were allowed to attend. No reporters were allowed anywhere near the Manor.

Harry stood in front of a full-length mirror in the guestroom he had been using to change. He was wearing beautiful emerald green marriage robes, even though he had protested slightly at the colour. He was more comfortable in less 'flashy' colours, but everybody had insisted. It was highlighted in silver and underneath he wore black slacks and a black button-down shirt with silver buttons.

His hair had a magical shine to it and was tied back with a green ribbon. As he gazed into the mirror he focused on the feint birthmark on his forehead. It seemed to have faded even more since Voldemort's death, but Harry knew it would always be there as a reminder. At least it wasn't as visible as it had been as a scar.

Just then the door opened and four witches entered; Hermione, Ginny, Molly and Elisabeth. They were all looking fabulous. The two older women had robes on, while the younger had opted for light summer dresses, Ginny no doubt having been convinced to try one on by Hermione. Harry turned around and smiled at them.

"You look fabulous, sweetie," Elisabeth said, coming forward and hugging him, being careful not to wrinkle or upset anything. The others beamed at the loving mother and son. As Harry pulled back his lips quirked slyly.

"Why is it all the women come to visit me? Does that mean I'm the bride?" he asked cheekily, producing chuckles from the witches.

"Not at all," Hermione said. "In fact, I have a theory." Harry groaned and rolled his eyes dramatically, causing Ginny to snicker.

"Don't you always," he declared. Hermione huffed in mock-indignation.

"Fine, then I'm not going to tell you about it."

"Now, we're almost ready for you," Elisabeth interrupted Harry's retort. "Are you ready?" she asked, looking at him intently.

"More than ready," Harry said softly. "I've waited long enough!" They laughed again and two of the Weasley women left after hugging and checking Harry over once more. Apparently they didn't trust him to dress himself! Elisabeth followed after another hug.

"You sure you don't want to know?" Hermione asked casually as she glided over to her best friend. Harry grinned; he knew she was fishing.

"Fine, let's hear this theory of yours."

"I think," Hermione paused for effect. "That Draco likes to play the man in public, putting on his 'Lord Malfoy' mask, and that you let him." Harry tilted his head to the side in thought. "But the second you're in private… well, let's just say I know from experience all about Gryffindor Lions."

"Hermione!" Harry cried in shock as she smirked. He thought about it and realised Ron was pretty much whipped in public and that meant- No, Harry did not want to think about that! EVER!

"Oh, you're no fun. Come on, my coin is buzzing, it's time." Hermione had kept up the use of the DA coins between her and her husband, and now Ron easily told them to get a move on. They left the room, Harry ignoring Hermione pointedly while she snickered at his still blushing face.

… (AN: Again, just for the record, the only wedding I've been at was my parents', and I was one year old. So perhaps I should have waited for my friend to get married in September... but I don't think you would have wanted to wait...?)

Since they were both male the ceremony had to be altered slightly. Harry would start directly opposite Draco and they would walk towards each other, meeting at the bottom of the aisle. They would join hands and walk up to the arch together. Since the garden was a huge open space two small white tents with golden ropes holding the folds closed were set up from each groom's starting point. Harry had apparated directly inside, and was now standing alone, shifting nervously and trying to breathe steady.

First Ron and Hermione walked up the aisle, followed by Ginny and Blaise (the former having just managed to dump her current boyfriend for the occasion, but didn't seem too upset about it). After them came a beaming Cesare Malfoy, holding the little pillow, not caring if some of the people thought him a little old for the job.

Fawkes had lent his services and when everything was ready he began his song, a wonderful song that filled every heart with a light spirit. That didn't stop Mrs. Weasley and Mrs. Rosén from going teary eyed already, clutching their bemused husbands for support.

The golden ropes magically parted the folds and Harry stepped out. His breath hitched when he spotted Draco doing the same directly in front of him. Every head was turned to get a good look at the pair. Draco looked wonderful in silver robes, highlighted with emerald green, wearing the same black underneath. His hair seemed to glow preternaturally in the sun. His eyes matched his robes perfectly, as if they were liquid silver.

Slowly the pair walked towards each other. It was impossible to really find a beat in the Phoenix' song, but that didn't matter. When they drew close their hands reached out and clasped together. It seemed forever before Harry could tear his eyes away from Draco and look up towards the trees. The Ministry official was waiting under the arch. The two pairs and Cesare standing on either side.

All the guests thought that the couple practically glided on air up to the arch. By now there was hardly a witch there with dry eyes, and the wizards weren't much better. Hagrid was bawling into his enormous polka dotted handkerchief.

Finally they reached the trees and stood under the arch. Harry couldn't take his eyes away from Draco for one moment, and hardly heard a word of what the Ministry official was saying. He only realised he was supposed to say 'I do' because Draco raised his eyebrows. He quickly complied, sounding breathless, and Draco seemed very smug. The ceremony continued and Harry's heart fluttered when he heard Draco repeat the vow. Soon it was time for the rings, and Cesare was grinning so much that surely his face would split in two.

"I now pronounce you bonded for life, may you bring happiness and support to one another for ever more, until death do you part," the Ministry official declared. Draco chuckled ruefully.

"I don't think death is going to part us, do you Harry?" he asked. The crowd laughed, but to Harry it was like an echo from far, far away.

"Well, it already tried once," Harry said softly. "Perhaps it's given up." Another round of laughter from their guests was heard. Harry and Draco were smiling at each other, simply soaking up the amazing love and affection burning in each other's eyes. The Ministry official coughed discreetly and Harry realised Draco was waiting for him. He quickly leaned down just as Draco tilted his head up and then their lips met perfectly, a complete melding of bodies, souls and spirits.

The roar of applause and cheering from the crowd was enough to give Harry his hearing back. He grinned when he pulled back and took Draco's hand again. A sly smile was on the blonde's lips. They walked down the aisle together, Cesare skipping along in their wake, and the magic arch reappeared at the end so they could walk through it once more. They stopped and kissed again under it, producing louder clapping and yelling.

Harry had never felt so dazed and oversensitive at the same time in his life. It was like he could hear everything at high volume, yet nothing seem to penetrate as he looked at Draco, his husband, or Cesare, his son. He had a sense of belonging and identity he had never felt before. In his past life he had been a title, the Boy Who Lived. In his next life things had been great, but he had been cut off from the few things in his past that he loved. Now the lives had melded and he was Harry Alex Malfoy, three names, one each from the families he loved.

He was still the Boy Who Lived (Again), but his celebrity status wasn't something huge and daunting he didn't know how to deal with, because now he had so much support from all around him. He felt as if he could do anything… even defy death itself.

A few years later… on February the 29th

"There is the other birthday boy!" Draco cried in a mock-babying tone as if speaking to a four year old. Harry grumbled as he walked into the sitting/dining room they had at Hogwarts, ignoring the gigantic pile of presents in the corner and flopping ungracefully down in his chair. Their son had joined them for the special occasion.

They had realised, with joyous cries from Cesare, that he and Harry now shared the same birthday. Harry had been born early and Cesare had been born late, but not by much since he had been conceived a day before Harry had died. Since then it was a standing joke around the school that Harry and Cesare not only had the same birthday, but became the same age as well, despite Harry's aging potion, not to mention his full set of memories from decades ago.

"Seventeen years!" Draco cried fondly, in a good impression of Mrs. Weasley. "You have finally become a man." Cesare sniggered into his hand and Harry shot him a glare. Why was it he never enjoyed his birthdays no matter which life he was living? A thought struck him and he leered towards Draco.

"I thought I proved to you last night what a man I was," he smirked. Draco rolled his eyes and swatted him on the shoulder.

"Nothing vulgar at the breakfast table, husband of mine," he scolded. Harry began to eat his breakfast, all his favourites, and went back to grumbling.

"Father, stop teasing Dad," Cesare said. "And Dad, stop being vulgar. You don't want to give your impressionable son ideas now, do you?" Cesare raised an eyebrow, making the expression that made him look most like his Father. Draco mock-huffed.

"And who exactly is the parent in this house?" he drawled sarcastically.

"With you two I'm not sure," Cesare answered cheekily. Harry snickered, making Cesare's point for him. But Harry sobered quickly and looked at his son.

"Happy birthday Ces. You have actually become a man today," he said, sending a quick glare at Draco.

"Thank you, Dad, and happy birthday… why is it you always get more presents than me?" Cesare asked with a pout. Harry knew he was faking, since Harry never bothered to open many of them, but donated them to charities (he let Draco check the contents first of course). They continued to eat without further vulgar comments from Harry, or teasing from Draco.

Cesare had grown up far too quickly for Harry's liking, but he couldn't be prouder of the man he had now become. Cesare was much more confident now with two loving fathers, not to mention that they were always close so he could get quick and wise advice. He had joined the Quiddith team as a seeker for Slytherin in his third year, and was very good, which wasn't a surprise to anyone. His ambition was pure Slytherin, and Draco would perhaps have been very proud if it wasn't for the fact that it was never pointed in the same direction for more than a month. This month Cesare had decided that his 'life-long ambition' was to become a famous muggle musician, punk music being his newest interest. He had therefore dyed the tips of his platinum blond hair black and let it grow out so it hung around his face. Needless to say, Draco wasn't exactly thrilled.

As Harry mused on what Cesare would next become interested in a flurry of owls came through the window with even more presents, but these were from people he actually wanted to get presents from. Every bird carried two presents and cards, one for both the birthday 'boys'.

"You'll have to open them later," Draco declared, waving his wand and putting the presents in two piles on the coffee table over by the fireplace. Harry and Cesare pouted, causing Draco to roll his eyes again. "You both have class, though I forget which one is attending and which one is teaching." Harry snorted and got up. Since they lived in the dungeons (Draco had been made Head of Slytherin the year prior, the youngest in Hogwarts' history, so that meant they had to live there.) Harry had to walk all the way up to his classroom on the third floor. But he didn't mind, because here he was closer to Cesare, and he would live wherever Draco needed to. (For those of you wondering Hermione had been made Head of Gryffindor exactly one year later. Harry suspected the Headmaster had waited just so Draco would have the honour. No one said Snape had become completely fair.)

"See you at lunch then," Harry said, kissing Draco softly. Both birthday boys rose and then Harry pulled Cesare to him, kissing his son's forehead.

"Dad! I'm a man now," Cesare complained, but he didn't look too put out. At least they were in private.

"Well if I'm suppose to be your age, then I know you can still be pretty childish," Harry countered as he shrugged on his teacher's robes and picked up his bag. Cesare very maturely stuck his tongue out.

"Alright, off you go. Don't you have Transfiguration first?" Draco asked Cesare pointedly. The boy, now man, gulped and hurried off, knowing Aunt Hermione would not be more lenient with him just because both his parents were professors.

"See you at lunch," Harry said, walking over and stealing another kiss from Draco, who returned it briefly before pushing him away. Harry was almost at the door when Draco called after him, getting up from the breakfast table and hurrying over.

"Wait! I forgot, Severus found a boggart somewhere for you to use." He pulled out a piece of parchment from his robe and handed it to Harry, who looked down dubiously at the detailed directions to a seventh floor closet. Draco shrugged, "He said you would never find it without a map… I think he's trying to make you tell him about your map by making you think he's gone to so much trouble for you." Harry snorted. Trust Severus to try and guilt him into things. He pocketed the directions and finally left for his first class.

As he walked down the hallways of Hogwarts he wore the smile that was so often seen on his face nowadays. He greeted the students who waved hello to their favourite professor, and he laughed as the Weasley twins ran at breakneck speed past him to get to Transfiguration. Hermione would take point from Gryffindor for sure; Harry inwardly winced at the thought. He still held some warm feelings for his very old house.

Many students and all the professors wished him a happy birthday and Harry nodded his thanks until his neck was starting to creak. But he didn't mind. Another year had gone by without any more dangerous incidents than the pranks his son and the Weasley twins pulled on occasion. He could live with that, he concluded.

… (AN: For those of you who don't really enjoy mpreg consider this fic officially over. For you other people you can thank my sister for DEMANDING this scene be added. I'm way too nice sometimes... That said this scene may not make all that much sense... at least I don't think so, but my sister was appeased.)

Later that evening the small family was gathered in Harry and Draco's quarters. Harry was pouring firewhiskey in glasses so they could toast. Cesare was very keen on getting his first taste since he was a man now.

"Nothing for me, thank you, Harry," Draco said suddenly, rising from where he was seated on the couch. "I'll just have water," he said as he came over to Harry and Cesare. The former looked at his husband oddly.

"You can't toast our birthdays with water," he protested. Draco sighed overdramatically.

"I'm sorry, Harry, but it will have to do," he said sadly. Harry's brow furrowed.

"Why? This is your favourite brand of firewhiskey and tomorrow's Saturday," he said, confused. Cesare was looking at Draco curiously, and Harry was sure his son was picking up something he was missing.

"I can't have firewhiskey, or any alcohol… for at least eight months…" Harry stared stupidly at Draco, who was now smirking faintly. Cesare started vibrating with excitement, proving he was indeed not past childish behaviour.

"You-…?" Harry couldn't form words or thoughts.

"Oh, Father that's wonderful!" Cesare cried, unable to hold it in. He hugged Draco, they were now the same height, and Draco kept smirking at Harry while they embraced. When they parted Cesare grinned at Harry, while Draco smiled slyly. Harry's mouth was hanging slightly open.

"But… how?" Harry asked. He thought he had understood the whole process, but apparently once again Draco had managed it without him!

"I wanted it," Draco said with a half shrug. "Your magic was obviously willing, even if it wasn't conscious on your part. It took much longer this time, but I took a potion to help it along. Me and Severus have been working on it for over a year."

"A year? Why didn't you tell me?" Harry asked. Draco was starting to look a little worried and was now frowning.

"I wanted it to be a surprise… happy birthday?" Cesare was now almost glaring at his dad. Harry immediately recognised his mistake and pulled Draco into his arms.

"Happy birthday? This is the best birthday present I could have imagined," he said sincerely, whispering fiercely into Draco's blond hair. He felt his husband sigh. He tilted Draco's head up and kissed him sweetly. Cesare laughed delightedly.

"So… have you had Pomfrey spell-check what sex it will be?" Harry asked softly when their lips parted.

"Yes… a boy," Draco whispered and Harry felt his heart swell to the point of breaking. It was surely too much. Had his past life really been so full of crap that he deserved all this?

"Yes," Draco whispered as if he had read Harry's thoughts. "You deserve everything." Their lips pressed together again and Harry's mind went back over the past four weeks, trying to remember when their lovemaking had felt particularly special. But he couldn't. Because it always felt like they were making magic.

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