It's kind of a weird idea, I know, but I was wondering what would happen if Tom Riddle fell in love. He's pretty heartless, so it'll be interesting trying to manipulate him into affection. Especially since he doesn't really fancy being vulernable. Oh well, we shall see, yes?

Obviously, Tom Riddle isn't mine. None of this is mine. The only characters I came up with are Beatrice, her 3 friends, and the very... misguided Mrs. Avery. Her heart's in the right place, but clearly her mind isn't.

Tom Riddle was having an especially trying day. He'd been looking for information on horcruxes, and as far as he knew, the only one who knew very much about them was the infuriating green-eyed mudblood in front of him. She wasn't pretty, she was the product two of the biggest muggles he'd ever heard of, and yet there she was, full of pride, and not even slightly intimidated by him. She was, clearly, incredibly stupid, even by Gryfindor standards. It was a wonder she could even get through the year, much less be competing neck and neck with him for top in every one of their classes.

"I think you'd find it in your best interests to tell me," he seethed, trying to sound calm. He didn't want to give her the pleasure of knowing he was mad.

"Oh? What're you going to do Riddle? Set your little Death Club on me?" She didn't even look up from her things as his face turned a darker shade of purple.

"I don't see why you can't tell me." Stay calm... Stay calm... He was hoping she'd take the bait.

"I don't trust you," she said simply. She isn't as stupid as she looks... "Now, if you don't mind, I have better things to do than explain myself to the biggest waste of hot air I've ever met."

"Strong words for someone who doesn't usually talk without her flock of mudbloods behind her." He paused. "But then again, you probably feel safer without them?"

He could tell she wanted to slap him, but when she spoke, much to his further annoyance, she sounded calmer than he did. "Considerate to the end, aren't you Tom? And they said you weren't charming. Really though, you're a good substitute for my flock of mudbloods," she assured him. "I don't think I could find a better example of one if I tried." He glared at her, but she'd already slung her bag over her shoulder and was heading out the door.

"Beatrice?" Tom approached her after Herbology, smiling innocently. She was overwhelmed by the desire to cringe as he said her name, but instead surpressed it with every bit of will power she had.

"Tom," she mumbled, packing her things, "I am not going to tell you about them. They're a terrible form of dark magic-" she stopped, snapping her eyes shut. She clutched her head, and as she did so, he went flying backward. The teacher came running into the room, looking rather flustered.

"What's going on?" she snapped. She was ignored.

"You were trying to read my mind!" Beatrice slapped him. "I'm not stupid, Riddle. I'm not one of your little cronies. Just because you can read and write doesn't mean your special by anyone's standards other than a fellow Slytherin's! And that magical overweight bean, Slughorn!"

"Miss Emarski, we do not slap-" Their teacher tried once more.

"Actually, Mudblood, I didn't try to read your mind. I did. And you know what I saw?" She punched him this time and closed her eyes once more.

"Mr. Riddle- MISS EMARKSI!"

"I didn't slap him- Oh look, you're thinking about-" she stopped and slapped him again. "Okay, well if you're going to count that time," she mumbled to her teacher before rounding on him. "Ugh! You're a pig, Riddle!" He smirked at her, and suddenly it fully dawned on them that their batty old teacher was in the room.

"Detention, both of you! 8:30, my office." she huffed. "And 20 points from both Slytherin and Gryfindor- yes Miss Emarski, don't pretend it's a big shock to you. You're lucky you haven't gotten worse, you are! Go on, get out."

"But Professor," Beatrice began, "I've got Quidditch practice tonight. Can I serve it-"

"Miss Emarski, I am well aware of your schedules, and you do not have Quidditch practice today. So if you are merely hoping to serve it at a different time than Mr. Riddle, I suggest you give up, as I'm going to make sure you both serve it at the same time."

"But Professor, I-"

"Perhaps," she said cooly, "Mr.Riddle and yourself will remember this before you decide to fight in my classroom again."

"I wouldn't count on it," Beatrice muttered.

"Pardon, Miss Emarski?"

"Nothing Professor," she hissed. For several minutes, until they were heading into the Great Hall, Beatrice was silent. When she finally spoke, she turned to Tom and snapped, "Look what you've done! You landed us detention. Do you know how far behind in homework I am already?"

"Do you think I fancy spending my nights with you?" He snapped.

"After your little daydream, I'm not sure!"

"I knew you were trying to use Legit-"

"You did not!"

"Maybe in your fantasies, but in the real world, actually, yes, I did." She glared at him and stormed over to where her friends sat at the table. He rolled his eyes as walked over to his own, though he still listened carefully to what they said.

"What were you doing with Tom Riddle?" Alicia Smithies was asking.

"The git landed us dentention."

"Oh, because you had nothing to do with it?" her other friend, Lucy, asked somewhat sarcastically. Alicia laughed.

"Well, he provoked it."

"You get provoked when he breathes too loud," Andrea chimed in.

"Thank you, Andrea."

"So what happened?" Lucy asked eagerly.

"I don't really feel like talking about it. It's just..." she paused. "He's just mad because I know something he doesn't. And he wants to find out so he can fancy himself special again. He doesn't really enjoy the fact that someone who isn't pureblood knows more than he does." Tom could tell, without bothering to read her mind that she knew she was lying. Why she was lying was beyond him, however. Clearly she knew he'd use dark magic if given the chance. She didn't trust him, nor would she put anything past him, no matter how ridiculous. It just didn't make any sense. Maybe she was stupid enough to think conceite would sound worse than intending to use it? But he didn't feel the need to push his luck, and continued on his way to the Slytherin table.

Girls!... or, rather, whatever Beatrice is.

When Beatrice arrived, Tom was already sitting down in front of a rather large desk. He shifted uncomfortably as she entered the room, nodding his head as subtly as he could to someone sitting across from him. Immediately, Beatrice wished for nothing more than to flee. But the door clicked behind her as soon as she'd stepped in, and with a look of horror, Beatrice sat down in the seat next to him.

"Trina Avery," a rather plump woman smiled, holding out a hand, which the uncomfortable young brunette took accordingly. "Now, do you two know why I'm here?" She asked kindly, as soon as Beatrice had finally stopped fidgeting in her seat. Beatrice nodded and Trina asked, "And why is that, Sweetie?"

"Well, you're here to be our shrink," Beatrice mumbled. "No offense."

"Well," she murmured, "I suppose that's one way of putting it- Well anyway dears, your teacher told me that the two of you fight- often. I'm here to fix that!" She sounded so cheerful, Beatrice didn't have the heart to tell her that finding cheer-spreading dementors was more likely. Of course, she didn't have to regardless- Tom, the heartless prat, was already doing it for her.

"Listen, Ms. Avery," he began cooly, "I don't think that's-"

"Mr. Riddle! I sense some conflicting feelings. But really, this will be strictly confidential."

"I don't think so."

"Tom, I assure you-"

"I think if hell froze over, it'd be pretty well broadcasted, don't you?" He glanced at Beatrice, who was attempting to screw up her face into a scowl.

"Grow up, Riddle," She snapped. "As lovely as I'm sure you believe your voice to be, can't you just listen to someone else talk for more than five seconds?"

"Just because you want to get all close to me, Mudblood-"

"Excuse me, but who was stalking who after class, exactly?"

"Who dragged it on?"


"Every moment with you drags on," Beatrice said flatly. "Are you really so special that you can't see what's right in front of your eyes? We're here because of you!"

"If you would just stop pretending you were my equal-"

"Pretend to be your equal? I wouldn't dream of doing myself the injustice!" Beatrice let out what sounded very much like a cackle. Then she stood up, slamming her hands on the desk. "Nor anyone else for that matter, even if they aren't sharp enough to see what a vindictive, immature little asshole you are!"

"Oh catch up!"

"I have caught up! I'm well ahead of your lot, actually. I'm not an idiot, Riddle! I haven't been hanging on your every word like the rest of them! I hate you-"

"Oh, I'm heartbroken," he retorted sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"You'll get over it event-"

"CHILDREN!" Mrs. Avery bellowed. "You will do as I say and this matter will be resolved!" Her responce was silence, just as she'd hoped. Beatrice had even, though somewhat reluctantly, settled herself back into her chair. Truthfully, they were too stunned, at the moment, to come up with anything particularly snide, but Mrs. Avery preferred to think she'd imtimidated them just enough to listen. "Now," she began with renewed confidence, "If you both want to act like children, you'll be treated like them. Children need help with everything they do. Children get put on timeout. If you two don't stop it, that's exactly what you're going to get! I will attach to two of you at the hip if that's what it's going to take to keep you from going at it after just a few seconds of one another's company! If you want freedom, you have to act like adults. You can't provoke each other anymore- nor can you react when provoked! You two-" she let out a small laugh. "Will be a very interesting assignment for me- but that can go either way for you. Good or bad. So behave. Alright?" Beatrice nodded, quietly. Tom merely stared coldly.

"Why don't you just keep us away from each other? Problem solved," he replied boredly.

"Mrs. Avery?" Dumbledore knocked and opened the door just enough to stick his head in. "Could I have a word?"

"Of course!" She beamed. Apparently she hadn't heard Tom- or she was taking a leaf from Beatrice's book and ignoring the hell out of him (though lately, that particular method wasn't working as well as it used to). "Excuse me, you two." As soon as she stepped out of the room, Tom turned to Beatrice.

"Maybe you're used to being kicked around by your parents, Mudblood, but real wizards-"

"Tell me Tom, before I tune you out regardless of your answer, is this information from experience or something you pulled from your ass?" Beatrice retorted. "Because if I recall correctly, being an orphan means-"

"I would rather be an orphan than be what you are-"

"Oh, right. I'm sure your little pureblood buddies congratulate you on your dad being a muggle all the time, huh? Look, I don't care about any of this- I just don't want to end up punished even worse than necessary because you can't shut up." She took a deep breath. "Listen. I know we're never going to get along, okay? But can we make this easier on ourselves and just go along with what she has to say?"

"I'm not going to cooperate with a woman who thinks I'm three years old!"

"Yes, because you've shown so much maturity- Tom, as new to this concept as you are- and I'll go very slow for you- your butt is not the only one on the line, nor is it the only one that matters. So your personal choices are your own, but if it involves me? You have-"

"Is that all you can think about? My butt? Honestly, Mudblood-"

"That's what you heard? LISTEN TO ME! You're not always right! You can't go through life listening to nothing but those voices echoing around your own otherwise empty, disproportioned head!" He stood up and pulled his wand out menacingly.

"I am not going to be told by a filthy little mudblood what I can and cannot do, nor will I be threatened by one!"

Beatrice remained sitting down, but was holding hers up now as well. "I haven't threatened you, yet," she growled, pointing her wand at his neck. He returned the gesture- which recieved responce in the form of a completely different type of gesture. Just then, Mrs. Avery burst in, clearly flustered. Beatrice immediately dropped her finger back down beside the others and tightened it into a fist- though she and Tom had yet to lower their wands.

"Mr. Riddle! Miss Emarski! It is obvious you two cannot overcome this tension-"

"Tension?" Tom asked incredulously. Tension didn't even begin to cover it...

"Yes, Mr. Riddle. The sexual tension is so thick-" Beatrice's wand went clattering to the floor, shortly followed by Tom's. Beatrice burst out laughing. Tom, on the other hand, proceeded to open and close his mouth.

"Really!" Mrs. Avery was situated behind her desk once more.

"Oh wait, you're serious?" Beatrice, who had been whiping tears of laughter out of her eyes, looked up, alarmed. "Oh. No no no! You misunderstand."

"Is there some other definition that we're not aware of?" Tom asked, horrified. Beatrice's expression slowly began to mirror his.

"Until you can admit your feelings, you two will never get anywhere!" Mrs. Avery snapped.

"And now, back in the real world-"

"You can't admit to feelings that don't exhist! Have you thought of that-"

"-I mean, let's be serious now! If this idiot can figure out what a load of crap that is, I don't think it's an idea we should run with, do you?"

"-even the Mudblood thinks this is ridiculous, and she's said some pretty stupid things before."

"What is she on?" Beatrice mouthed to herself. Without realizing it, Tom nodded in agreement.

"Clearly, Beatrice is a very lovely young woman. And Tom, you seem to be a very charming young man. It's apparent that you two just need to spend time together-"

"Are you mental?"

"-and you will bond, if it's the last thing you two do-"

"Funny, I thought shrinks weren't supposed to encourage suicide," Beatrice replied. The comment had clearly escaped Mrs. Avery; she was still talking rather animatedly about her plans to unite the two of them. Tom, however, had heard, and let out a small chuckle. Their eyes met and then they scowled at one another. Crossing their arms, they looked down at their feet and pretended to listen to Mrs. Avery half-heartedly.

Beatrice was fiddling with the sleeve of her robes, twisting it as if it had been the one goading and insulting her. He is such an ass! If he thinks he can just intimidate his way into everything, he certainly has another thing coming to him! And this Avery woman? She thinks I need to spend more time with him? If he's such a bloody nice boy, why doesn't she spend just an hour or so with him?! That'll shut her the hell up...

This was going to be a long year... And I'm not going to help it along just because she fancies the idea of it! If she thinks she's going to call the shots here, she's got a bit of a nasty shock coming to her, doesn't she? And this Avery woman? 'Beatrice is a lovely young woman'. Yeah? And so is Dumbledore. And Hagrid's small. What a nutter. Has she even heard Beatrice talk this entire time? Just because she's got those bright green eyes, she thinks... Right. What a stupid mudblood. Yeah...

The two of them glanced up to see Mrs. Avery was still talking. Their eyes met once more and their hatred for one another was unmistakeable.

This was going to be an long year... an impossibly long year.

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