Gentle Beast

Arctic Vixen Queen: This is yet another story, no worries I will be working on the others still. Hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoy Pet Shop of Humanoids.

Summery: "What are you doing here, alone?" questioned a young teenage boy to a chibi looking golden fox cub. It shook and whimpered when the teenager got closer, reaching out to pick up the scared baby fox. "No worries little one, I wont hurt you..." Unknown to the teenager, there was something watching him from the high cliff towering over them.

Pairing: Sasuke/Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka, Itachi/Kyuubi

Warning for this Story: This is a M story, it will Mpreg a lot of Yaoi. So fans enjoy!

Requests: I'm open to them, so please suggest things to me for this story or you can ask me to make a story. Which I will gladly do! -smiles-

Chapter 1: At the Cliffs Ledge