I Remember You...

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View Point: Naruto's

Human Speech: "Talk"

Demon Speech: "Talk"

Mind Speech: -Talk-

Thoughts: 'Talk'

I couldn't feel my body, but I knew one thing, I was warm. Wet but warm. I was being pushed against the ground by a being I did not even know! He seemed real worried about me, like my own mother was, when I would come back home if I was away from the next when a storm hit. He kinda reminded me of my mom, his eyes were different, skin too... But the feeling I got when he held me and protected me were all the same...

-Mama?- I questioned to the motionless figure above me. I wiggled free and shook, I looked hideous. But I pushed that aside. Turning around to take a good look at my hero. He looked at peace, but I don't think that could be completely true, because part of the tree was on top of him. Blood had stopped oozing from his back, but even I could tell that he needed major help.

The storm had stopped and it was getting colder. My small body couldn't stand the cold for long. I looked over the beings body. He possible could be dead now. But his body was still radiating heat. I shifted on my paws, they ached and were swore from the running I did while the storm was calm. I found his arm was angled a bit off, but I dared not to touch it. I whimpered and cried, the high pitched yipping echoed around the seemingly empty forest. The storm had scared all the animals away, even the demons. I sniffled, looking around for my brother, Kyuubi. But I did not see him. I sniffled and yipped again. But when no one came around I lowered my head and pushed my way under the being. His warmth was dying. I was afraid, again.

I hadn't realized I had fallen asleep until the heavy scent of another animal came to me. It was hard to tell what it was, though. I pushed myself back when I heard how close it was.

"Have you found him yet?" A deep powerful voice called out.

'It was a human! In the forest?' I thought shocked. No human had ever wondered into the forest. It had been twenty years since the precents(As you can tell I'm not good with grammer...) of a human ever made its way into here.

"I had his scent just a moment ago..." called a husky mellow voice.

'A demon and a human?' Now this was unheard of. I suddenly felt very uneasy. But then, I remembered, they were looking for the being! It had to be him they were talking about. Even if my family had told me not to draw attention to myself, I always disobeyed. I began pitching a fit, my yipping was muffled though by the body over me. But I guess they heard me because suddenly there was a shrill howl and a large white paw suddenly was right beside the being. I could only see the long dagger like black claws.

"I found him!" There was a rushing sound, snapping of twigs and a sudden loud 'thud', the human must of fallen. I couldn't help myself, even in this type of scene I had to give a little snort of amusement. But my amusement was shattered when a large black nose poked its way under the being I was hiding under. It was sniffing heavily. My spirit in me said to bite and scratch. I half fallowed what it said, I hissed menacingly. I took my ragged claws and gave a deep swift swipe at the nose. I got a painful wail, and the muzzle was withdrawn briskly. I could here a snicker, must have been from the human because the deep powerful voice was laughing.

"Now, what have you learned?" it was mocking what ever poked its nose near me.

"Da#n! What in he!!'s name is hiding under him!" The demon was still hurting. It would hurt, my claws hit his nose!

"Next time you won't go sticking your nose where it ain't supposed to next time, hm?" It was a warning. The next thing I knew I saw a face, well an eye, black as midnight staring at me. The human was on the ground.

"Little brother, what is going on?" a cruel voice made me shiver and shut my eyes. The hairless face pulled away.

"He went into the storm to get a puny animal." I twitched, he did not just call me puny! My fur, caked with mud, bristled. I readied my claws, my blue eyes darkened. With one powerful kick, which I have no idea where it came from, I darted out from under the being and attacked the human's ankle. Sinking my sharp baby fox teeth deep in his legs. My claws racking at his delicate white skin. Before I knew it I was under the being again. I herd the human cry out in pure agony.

"It doesn't feel good does it?"

"Kakashi shut it." There was that cruel voice again. Before I knew it, I had yet another visitor. But this was different. This human didn't even look before he reached. He suddenly had me by the scruff and roughly pulled me out. I yipped and squealed with panic and uneasiness. This human really scared me. I struggled in his grasp. "This is what got you." my little body, plump still with baby fat, quivered with fear. Everyone was standing still, confused. I must have been a sight to see. My fur was sticking out in all directions because of the mud. There wasn't one spot that wasn't covered by mud. The deep Earthy mud made my eyes really stand out, it was probably like sapphires against a black background. They blinked. Then the younger human spoke up.

"Well, what is it?" The grip on my scruff tightened. When I looked over at the man I could tell he was blind.

"Foolish brother..." He strolled over to the younger version of him, which I had to say looked more attractive then the older version, and pushed me into his arms. I didn't know what to do. These beings were really confusing! But the older being's words seemed to make the younger being understand.

"Sorry..." The human didn't notice he was cradling me, but I bet the other human did because he suddenly was smirking.

"Let me see that... that... whatever it is..." I grumbled, eyes darkened. Was it pi$$-me-off-day or something? The younger human grabbed my scruff and lowered me to the demon wolf/dog looking animal. I could see the scratches on his nose, they had bled more then I had thought. I snickered.

While they were fussing over me, the older human was blowing a whistle, which I turned my head to see. Kakashi even turned his head. Suddenly I saw in the distance, deeper in the forest, came a figure that was on all fours, running towards us. All my senses screamed. I had seen that demon before! This human was calling demons! I started to struggle and yip my complaints. It was Hidan, the white bear demon.

"Sasuke, keep him under control." warned Itachi. Sasuke grumbled. Sasuke couldn't hold me! I finally lash out with my claws and caught his arm. He let out a yelp and dropped me, the second my swore paw hit ground I was back under the being. "We can't carry Iruka sensei, he will bleed more if we do. He's already lost a lot of blood because of that creature." I dropped my ears and rubbed my face to Iruka's.

'Great, more beings that hate me...' I thought before I was violently scooped up again and knocked out.

-Time Skip: Uchiha's Compound-

I woke to the sound of muttering. I found myself purring as well. I lifted my mud covered face and saw those kind brown eyes. I blinked and twitched my ears.

"Your awake..." he rasped, it wasn't his normal voice. I blinked, tears filling my eyes. Even if he was human he saved me. For that I had to be grateful. I dropped my ears and pulled myself away from him when I noticed he was bandaged up severally. A frown played across his face. "No no, don't worry..." He picked me back up by my under arms and cradled me. "It will all heal."


In the other room Hidan, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Itachi were speaking to each other. Kakuzu in his human form, his white blonde tinted hair slicked back, his skin oiled and shimmering under his thick fur like clothing.

"So it's a fox, have you ever seen him around, Hidan?" Asked Itachi. Hidan shook his head.

"No but I have smelt his scent before." He said with his silky voice.

"That is no good... We need to know why Iruka suddenly had the eager to get him, and not only that, but knew where he was at the exact time and place. You have smelt his scent... Do you know if he has any family..." Itachi had turned fully towards Hidan. Even if he couldn't see, demons had a heavy scent difference that Itachi picked up on.

"Well, I have heard that a family of foxes were killed, but he couldn't be one of them... It happened thirteen(13) years ago... He's still a cub." Hidan thought out loud. Kakashi shook his head and stepped up, still in his human form, which really pi$$ed him off.

"I heard of that too. But have you forgotten that demon fox cubs are different then other demon kin. They mature around the age of fifteen(15)... This fox cub is well aware of his surroundings and knows how to defend himself..." twitching as he remembered the encounter with the foxes claws and his poor nose. "He must be nearing the time where they mature. The cub has shown the ability for it." he finished. Sasuke, who was in the dark, finally spoke up.

"So this little fox, will grow larger?" He questioned. Kakashi only nodded.

"I would say, yes. But, what bothers me the most is, that he could have shifted from his demon form to his human form... But he didn't... Thus I think he might not know how." They seemed to take this in consideration.

"Any demon knows how... It's in there blood." Hidan retured.

"Only in your case, Hidan. Some demons need to be taught by their parents. And as you said before there was a fox family who were killed off. He might be the only survivor." Kakashi said before turning and walking into the room where the fox and Iruka where waiting. Sasuke, and Hidan turned back to Itachi.

"There is still the problem of what we should do with him." Itachi said pondering.


I was dirtying his bandages, I wanted to be released before I infected his wounds. They seemed already infected as it is. As I struggled I heard a soft woof. Iruka and I looked over to see Kakashi sitting there, his one eye upon me or was it on the human's chest? Boy this demon sure had a weakness. Both me and Iruka blinked at the same time. Kakashi snorted and curled up.

"Kakashi?" questioned Iruka as he tilted his head cutely. Kakashi did not pay him any mind. Iruka growled. "Kakashi come over here now!" I shrank in the arms of my hero, so did Kakashi, he seemed to know what he did wrong. He got to his paws and made his way to Iruka who stroked his head. "There you go, is that so hard?" Kakashi was mentally curing himself out, I could see it. I yipped and snickered. Kakashi just growled. "Hey, his just a baby Kakashi... Be nice." Kakashi glared and got a smack on the nose for it. "No. No glaring." He started to get up, and with all of his wounds they would bleed again. Kakashi couldn't seem to get him down! I tried but I was to small, darn my size. "Now, stop that Kakashi. You and I both know this fox needs a bath." My eyes widened. Bath, did he just say bath, oh no I couldn't have a bath! But I couldn't struggle or I would hurt him even more! This was so bothering. Kakashi watched, but started to bark loudly. Trying to get others in the room. Iruka still had me in his arms, standing now. He was swaying dangerously.

-You must stay down!- I cried. Iruka was shocked for the last time before he fell. I readied myself for the impact and the pain filled scream. But it never came. Instead Hidan had caught Iruka and was now scolding him.

"Iruka sensei, your wounds are still to fresh to move." His voice vibrated into my ear. "And you should listen to the fox, he wanted to get off you so he wouldn't infect your wounds anymore." Iruka looked down at me, I wiggled my only tail and grinned, which showed how sharp and dagger like my canines were. They were still covered with blood from me attacking Sasuke. Iruka sighed. He looked over at Itachi, who was coming in, and muttered loud enough for them to hear.

"At least let me give him a bath..." Kakashi sighed. He wouldn't give up. I felt very low right now. Wasn't anyone going to let me decide on what I want and what I don't want. But Iruka was like my parents before they died... But those memories are very blurry. He wanted me to be the best I could be... Then so be it.


"I think the little fox enjoys being in the tub." spoke up Sasuke, finally having a small grin upon his face.

"I think he was glad it wasn't a tongue bath." Hidan. Sasuke twitched, and Itachi laughed. Kakashi, Sasuke, and Hidan looked at him with shocked expressions on their faces. In all of their years living with Itachi they had never heard him laugh.


I was gleefully swimming about in the murky water. The mud still upon my fur, but not rock hard. I could tell Iruka was impressed. Suddenly I was picked up and placed on a white towel which got muddy fast. Iruka was refilling the tub with warm, fresh, crisp water. Iruka rubbed the rest of the mud off, revealing how smooth and golden my fur really was. Before I knew it, I was back in the tub. I looked over at Iruka seeing him take off the black shirt, Itachi had given him. What in the world was he doing? And before anyone knew it, they were all getting a strip tease from Iruka. Who didn't even notice the four behind him.


Kakashi: 0.0 -drooling and near to bloody nose-

Itachi: sat there like nothing was happening. Uh he was blind.

Hidan: was nearly to a bloody nose with a deep blush covering his face.

Sasuke: 0.o' looked away.


Sasuke had to tackle Kakashi who was trying to get a better look.

"NO!" hissed Sasuke in his ear.

"But but he is right there, one touch one!" Cried Kakashi to Sasuke with hungry eyes locked onto Iruka's innocent virgin body.

"I said NO!" Sasuke was being half dragged into the bathroom.

"Just one-"

"NO!" Sasuke finally yelled. Startling me and Iruka. He was in the middle of taking his pants off, his nice shaped a-double-s peaking out a bit. Sasuke and Kakashi were wrestling now. They didn't realize they had gotten our attention. Iruka gave an 'eep' before hiding behind a dirty towel. When Sasuke and Kakashi finally realized they looked up with wide eyes. (Like this 0.0) I suddenly felt like attacking those two. So I did. I scrambled out of the tub and went in front of Iruka, my golden hair bristled, teeth bared eyes flashing red. And before those two had any chances of getting up I launched myself at them, scratching and biting. I managed to pierce Sasuke's ear, give another swipe to Kakashi's muzzle before they scrambled out of the bathroom.

-Don't come back!- I snorted, giving a nod of approval to myself.


Back out of the bathroom, Hidan noticed something about the fox that struck a cord. But he pushed it aside to tease the others.

"You got beat up by a little foxling! He kicks a-double-s and you eat it!" Kakashi and Sasuke didn't think that was funny but Hidan was roaring with laughter. But he stopped and looked serious. "The foxy knows how to talk with his mind... for a shrimp like him, he does impress me." and it took a lot to impress Hidan. Kakashi huffed and Sasuke rubbed his burning, bleeding ear. Kakashi looked back at me and suddenly it clicked.

"I remember you..." I suddenly blinked the ferious look in my eyes drowned by wonder. What was this old perverted demon talking about? "Itachi," he turned to Itachi, Hidan looking closely at me. "Before you lost your eye sight, you saw your brother fall into the lake, but you were to far away to help him... But some one was close enough to give a warning." He turned back to me when Itachi nodded thinking back. "Even if you are small your lungs are huge... I remember seeing you with another fox... One that was orange... He's the one that rescued Sasuke..." I stared at him, my eyes wide with shock.

-No way...- I couldn't believe this.

-Yes way...- retorted Hidan.

"I remember that too. But if you are here, where is your sibling? Fox kin don't normally split up if they are born together..." I looked away from him and crawled soundlessly back to Iruka who gathered me up in his arms and cuddled me.


After a silent bath, I was finally clean and fluffy. My golden fur shined. Iruka looked at me, his shoulder had a scar and his back had an x scar on it. I looked away, but he was determined.

"Look at me."

-No- I pouted. Iruka had gotten use to me walking to him through his mind.

"I said look at me."

-NO!- I growled, but a soft hand to my head made me stop. I looked up at him and there was that pure smile again. I couldn't help but smile back. Oh how I wished I could be human and hug him like he hugged me... Suddenly Iruka sprang back, a shocked look upon his face.

"You-you-you'v-" He fainted.

"Iruka!" I called out in alarm, realizing that I could speak, and then I realized that my body was freezing!

"Iruka sensie are yo-" I turned, staring at me with bugging eyes were Hidan and Sasuke. I blinked and cocked my head.


-End: Chapter 2-

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Chapter 3: Strange Feelings, You Must Obey