Taisaya I'm starting another Mär story! I just want to see how well this story does, It's called Separation. The main characters (Thats are all OCs) are Tenshi, Akuma, Hoshi, and Arashi.

Summary: Four orphan friends from earth are sucked into Mär heaven because of a simple wish to get away from their world. When they landed, one of them was separated from the rest, only to be found in Chess no Koma's hands. And what does this Caldian prophecy mean? What does it have to do with them?

----An ancient prophecy foretold their arrival, but no one knew when they would come… The Angel, Tenshi no Shinrai. The demon, Akuma no Uragiri. The Star, Hoshi no Yume. The Storm, Arashi no Tengoku.----

Disclaimer: I own Tenshi, Akuma, Hoshi, and Arashi. I don't own Mär.

Chapter One: Wish

"Akuma! Wake up!" Tenshi said, shaking her friend's shoulder.

His eyes slowly opened and he looked up at the girl, "What? I was having a good dream!" He said groggily

She sighed, "School is over, and we'll miss Arashi's birthday party!"

He opened his eyes wider, "School's over already? Took long enough!" he said, getting up and walking toward the door. Tenshi followed him.

"So where's Hoshi?" Akuma asked. They were walking home. Most of the other students took the bus or a car, they didn't have that kind of luxury.

"She's with Arashi, waiting for us!" Tenshi replied,

He sighed, Akuma was always a slacker, he never paid attention in class, and all he had was his friends, nothing else. He looked at her face, there was a large cut. Tenshi was the opposite of Akuma; she was smart, paid attention in class, did her homework and never got in trouble. When she noticed he was staring at the cut, she covered it with her hand, "What happened?" he asked

"Nothing!" she replied

"Come on, what could you have done to get that scratch?" he asked moving her hand

"…Shoushin, he… pulled a knife on me…"

"Damn Bastard, didn't you tell a teacher?!" He asked


"And what did she do?"

"Nothing. The teachers just ignored me…" Tenshi said, looking down at the ground

"They do that to all of us. As long as we don't have parents, they know they can't get in trouble!" Akuma yelled, "And that bastard Shoushin won't get in trouble either! Ten, you have to stick up for yourself!" Things like this happened to the group often. Teachers knew they couldn't get sued or fired if they didn't have parents to do it for them. They were too young. Shoushin was the worse of all the tormenters they had to face. Akuma and him would get into fights often, only to have a teacher come and yell at Akuma even if it wasn't his fault or he didn't start it. People like him often used the orphans as a way to get rid of their anger.

"I can't… they'd hurt me anyway…" she replied

"Still! Stand up for yourself!" he yelled

"… I'm not you…" Tenshi replied, Akuma stayed quiet the rest of way to the orphanage.

A half hour later they arrived at the orphanage, It was a small building, and an old one at that. The walls were covered in green vines. Some parts of the building were falling off. Not many kids were submitted into the orphanage, the age groups were separated by rooms. Tenshi, Hoshi, Arashi, and Akuma shared a room, although they were different gender, They didn't have enough money for a cake so they got a cupcake instead. It was only for Arashi, since it was his birthday.

"Happy birthday, Arashi!" Akuma and Tenshi greeted at their door when Arashi answered

"Took you guys long enough!" Arashi said with a hint of laughter in his voice, welcoming his friends into the room.

"So what's it like to be 16, Ara-san?" Tenshi asked

"You don't have to call me 'Ara-san', Ten, It feels just like being 15" Arashi replied

"I've got the cake!" Hoshi said as she sat down on the floor, cross-legged. She placed the cake in the middle where everyone would sit.

"Thanks Hoshi" Arashi said, sitting next to her. Akuma sat next to him and Tenshi after that. "What happened top your face Ten?"

"N-nothing! It'll go away! Don't worry about me!"

"Come on Tenshi! It looks pretty nasty, tell us what happened" Hoshi said

"She got attacked by Shoushin" Akuma stated, Tenshi's shoulders dropped, "he pulled a knife this time" Normally, he used his bare fists, but for him to pull a knife, something must have really pissed him off.

"It's nothing really…"

"It could get infected" Arashi stated, getting up

"Arashi, its fine, just sit down and relax" Tenshi said, he sighed and sat down "Blow out the candle and make a wish!"

He smiled and then blew the blazing flame out with one breath, "I wish we could get away… away from this world, it obviously hates us and wants us gone. We don't belong here, we don't belong anywhere—what the hell?" he exclaimed, the room turned dark and a door appeared.

The strange door opened in front of them. Tenshi grabbed on to Akuma's arm as the wind blew from the opened doorway. Hoshi moved herself behind Arashi.

A ghost like creature appeared and stared at the teens. It looked at the die in its hand and smiled. "The Tunnel—" he gestured toward the door "—is open. But how many are to go? One? Two? Three? Or all four?" it asked, the teens stayed quiet. "Can you see?" it asked

"A-Akuma… what's going on…?" Tenshi asked

"I-I have no clue" he replied, eyes never leaving the ghost.

"Can you see?" it asked again, a bit more forcefully

"Y-yes… I can…" Arashi said

"M-me too…" Hoshi said behind him

"I-I think I can…" Tenshi spoke

"Y-yeah… What is this place…?" Akuma asked

"Really?" The ghost said, it dropped the die, "Let us see who will enter! Ho!" the die landed on four, "Four! All four of you may enter!"

"Where?" Arashi asked, Slowly standing up, "Enter where?"

"You must enter to find out!" the ghost said

Tenshi sighed and stood up along with Akuma and Hoshi, they looked nervous, but calm. Akuma looked at the ghost and then at the door. He gulped and ran through the door. "Akuma!" Tenshi, Hoshi, and Arashi yelled

"Get him back!" Arashi yelled at the ghost

"I cannot"

"Bastard!" he swore, "Come on!" he held out his hand for the two girls, they took it and jumped into the door. The door closed and the room started to fade

"Welcome, To Mär heaven" the ghost said before the darkness in the room disappeared and so did he, "Angel, Demon, Storm, and Star have entered! Prophecy starts now!" was what he said before he disappeared into the dim light of the room.

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