Title: Family Secrets

Description: Everyone has them, even the commoner. As Haruhi finds her own rapidly blooming out of control, she must decide what to do to protect her family - even from themselves. What will the Host clubs do when the realize just large of a secret the Fujioka carry?

Language Notes: To be considered as spoken in Japanese. As such, I won't be throwing in any Japanese words (with the exception of some honorifics) unless it's from the POV of someone that doesn't speak the language (basically only with Lotti). Similarly, I will only be throwing in German words if it's from someone's POV that doesn't speak German. When actual English is spoken, it will be indicated by a separate symbol.

"Japanese" – Indicates that Japanese is being spoken

»German« - Indicates German is being spoken

°English° - Indicates English is being spoken

::French:: - Indicates French is being spoken

Chapter 1: Blood is Blood

Part 1: The Ties That Bind

Haruhi stood in the rain, the grip on her umbrella vice like. The thing was giant, an oversized Burberry that the twins had gotten her for her birthday one year. Haruhi didn't care much for the name, but the size was unbeatable. She stood outside the club, glancing at the flashing name nervously. It wasn't that she'd never been to this section of town before. The club where her father worked wasn't to far from here.

It was just…

Haruhi steeled her nerves before flipping the umbrella on its side and deflating it. Dressed in all black and greys, Haruhi knew that the rain drops that struck her clothing would do nothing to change her carefully planned appearance. In fact, Haruhi could hardly remember a time when she had dressed so carefully.

She glanced down once more. The thick, black sweater she had dawned to keep the cold out was more then efficient at its job. Even the grey pants she had chosen to wear seemed to draw what little warmth the sun could offer and place it on her legs. The sweater hung low, it was her father's and slightly too big. She thought once more of rolling up the sleeves, but decided against it, letting the ends cover most of her hands. The black sneakers, the only somber colored shoes she had, seemed slightly out place with the rest of her outfit.

Ultimately though, Haruhi knew she had managed to capture what it was she wanted. There was no one who would be able to tell she was a girl. Not without much closer scrutiny. In fact, with her hair slicked back, Haruhi didn't even look like Haruhi. Another goal reached.

She slipped unnoticed into the dark club's interior. Haruhi spared the woman sliding around the pole a brief glance before paying the cover charge. For a moment she stood in the entry way, blinded slightly by the light display. She nearly jumped when a firm grip took her by the elbow.

The voice that spoke was low – and like her own was indistinguishable for either sex. »Lena.«

Haruhi allowed herself to be led to both in the corner, seemingly darker then most. She slid down the bench seat, watching as the tall, cool blonde did the same on the other side. It had been a long, long time since Haruhi had last seen her cousin. Like her, Sophia Fuchs could easily be mistaken for male or female, depending on how she dressed. But it had never been as strong as it was now. For a moment Haruhi allowed herself to simply stare at the statuesque blonde.

»You cut your hair…« Haruhi said sadly. It was short when Haruhi had played with her as a child, though she had seen pictures of Sophia older. She was gorgeous with her long blonde hair. Yet still, even with it chopped in a short, boyish style that was reminded Haruhi almost of Tamaki or the twin's hair cuts, Sophia still held a sharp beauty about her.

»It was necessary.«

While unsure why it was necessary, Haruhi nodded. Like herself, Sophia had inherited a Fuchs gene – the ability to look like either gender. Her father had it, as did her grandmother. Her uncle, as far as Haruhi knew did not.

»I was sorry to hear about your mother's death.« Haruhi said softly. Sophia nodded curtly, her lips forming a thin line.

»It was a long time ago Lena.« Sophia paused as the waitress came over before ordering them both water in perfect Japanese. It was slightly disconcerting, to be called by her German name. In truth, Haruhi hadn't been Lena Fuchs since she was three. The relationship her father and mother had with the Fuchs family was complicated. To put it lightly.

It was strange for Haruhi to think about, but she was very close to living a hidden life. If any of the Host members had any idea the stock her father had come from…It took Haruhi a moment to realize that the older woman was staring at her. She tried to cover his unease with a rushed compliant on Sophia's Japanese.

»Mother taught me. I suppose she felt she was somehow sharing her culture with us. Though Lotti never did take to it.« Sophia folded her hands together on the table in front of her. »I will be blunt Lena. I need something from you.«

Haruhi stilled as the waitress brought the water over. She tried very hard to keep her emotions in check. She hadn't seen hide nor hair of the main family ever since her mother's funeral. The disinherited were black listed. Family members visited them at their own peril. Had Chiyo not been her mother's twin, it was most likely that she would never have even meet Sophia and Lotti all those years ago.

Her mother's twin. Haruhi rolled the words around her head. That had been the problem of it all. It had started with Chiyo and Peter's marriage. Then Viktor, as her father had been known back then, had met Chiyo's twin sister Hanako. Of course, such a close marriage of blood would never be tolerated. They married in secret. And nine months later, Lena Haruhi Fuchs was born. Three years they managed to keep it a secret. But eventually it got out. Her grandfather, the leader of the Fuchs family, had been livid when he found out about the romance.

Viktor was his first son. Georg Fuchs had plans on just who his heir was going to marry. And the twin of his second son's wife was not it. And so her father had fled to Japan. Her parents changed their names, cut contact with the man branch and dropped the 'Lena' from her name. And until now, they had been left alone.

»I don't think my father will like that very much.«

»Uncle Viktor will have too.« Sophia sighed. »Lena…Aunt Alexandra and Uncle Tomas have died. A terrible car crash. Alexandra is your father's youngest sister-«

»I know who Aunt Alexandra is.« Haruhi snapped in irritation. She was slightly surprised herself at the force of her anger. »I still don't see what any of this has to do with us? I came today only because I remembered how kind you were to me at my mother's funeral. Outside of that, I have no loyalties to the main family.«

Sophia leaned back in the both, rolling the ice in her water thoughtfully. »What you may not have none was that Grandfather was extremely protective of Alexandra - to the point of insanity in fact. Had Tomas not been from such an influential family, the chances of her marrying were immensely slim.

»To say that Grandfather is taking her death bad would be an understatement. To quote Lotti, the man's gone bonkers. The problem rises with the fact that he decided to take his rage at her death out on her boys.«

Sophia slid a picture across the table. To identical teenagers smiled cheerfully out words. Haruhi stroked the picture gently. A kinship blossomed in her chest. Just like her, her poor cousins were unfairly treated by their family.

»In particular, he's determined that it is Dirk's fault; the boy on the left.«

»Why? It's lunacy. How on earth could it be his fault?« Haruhi shook her head. How cruel could one man be? First what he had done to his mother and now what he was doing to those poor boys. To have lost your parents and be blamed for their death at once…How could one man do so much harm to his own grandchildren? Now she was sure that she could never forgive that man.

»The twins are only thirteen. Dirk wasn't even driving the car, Tomas was. Apparently Dirk and his father were arguing seconds before the crash. In Georg's mind, that makes Dirk as guilty as if he drove them into a wall.« Sophia sighed. »Don't look at me like that Lena. I don't understand it either. The facts are that the boys have been disinherited. They have nowhere to go.«

»You…want us to take them?« Haruhi groaned. »We can barely support ourselves as it is!«

»Listen, I know that the main family has done wrong by you and your own, but the twins were never a part of that. Alexandra had nothing but kind words for them about your mother and Viktor.« Sophia shook her head. »I…can't bear to think of them enduring what is to come. Germany is no longer safe for them.«

Haruhi looked at the picture of the smiling boys in her hands. They didn't deserve what was coming there way. Haruhi was sure of it. But still…it would be a tight fit to feed four mouths. She was unsure if she could do it. A small but thick vanilla folder slid across the table. A quick glance inside revealed a fairly large amount of money.

»That should be enough pay to keep them fed and pay for their schooling. It's not much, but it's all I could take out without drawing attention. What do you say?«

»Dad isn't going to like it. But I guess…family is family.«

»Good. They arrive in an hour.«

Haruhi started in her seat. »Excuse me?«

»Their flight arrives in an hour.«

Haruhi sputtered. The arrogance! »You just assumed I was going to say yes?«

Sophia shrugged as she stood.

»There was no other choice. Besides, my mother spoke highly of both Viktor and her sister when she was alive. I assumed his good qualities would be passed onto you. Now, I must leave. I've stayed to long already.« She threw a few bills onto the table

»Grandfather shouldn't be pleased about the boys escaping his grasp, so don't advertise their presence to much. It shouldn't be hard. I doubt you'll run into anyone that would run in his social circuit anyway.«

Haruhi's eye brow twitched. Sophia pulled her thick coat on, pausing for only a moment to look back down at her younger cousin. »And Lena…don't tell anyone that you've seen me.«

And with that she was gone. Haruhi stared from the picture to the vanilla folder to her water. How on earth was she going to break the news to her father?

Part 2: Introductions

Haruhi's wet sneakers squeaked on the tile of the airport hallway. She tried to walk at an angle to lessen the annoying sound, but still found each step announced to the entire hallway. While she could be called the most dull witted person when it came to peoples feelings and perceptions of her, Haruhi was highly aware of putting discomfort onto others. Thus, the annoyance of her shoes would have to stop soon.

She wondered what the twins would be like. Haruhi winced. Dirk and Theo. Not the twins. They were probably nothing like Kaoru and Hikaru. God she hoped they were nothing like the twins. Haruhi didn't know if she could survive another set of Hitachiins. What begged the bigger question was how the hell was she going to keep Tamaki and the twins from finding out about Dirk and Theo? They constantly stopped by her house announced and the rich bastards literally didn't understand what no meant. She didn't know if they'd have meet any of the Fuchs, the twins weren't anywhere near inheriting the family business, so perhaps she'd be lucky enough to find that they weren't on the social circuit

But still. Sophia definitely wasn't kidding when she said to keep them out of the lime light. Haruhi had never knew the full extent of it herself, but Grandpa Fuchs apparently made people disappear. Of course, her father had never denied or confirmed it. But it was defiantly a vibe Haruhi was picking up on. As her father had said, blood was blood.

Haruhi sighed. Her father…her father had been furious. Her father had gone very still. That was how Haruhi could always tell when her father was truly angry. Everything about him would freeze – even the air about him would still. When he got like that, Haruhi felt she could almost see Viktor Fuchs slid into place. And then as quickly as it had come it had gone. He sent her with his blessing to pick up the twins.

They weren't hard to find. Two identical boys. They stood by the gate, backpacks slung over each shoulder. They didn't dress identically, so that was one better already over the Hitachiins.

»Dirk? Theo?« She had hoped that they would respond to their names, and she would be able to gather their identities from that but neither twin batted an eye.

»You must be Lena.« The twin on the left stepped forward, offering a hand. Haruhi shook it, unable to shake the cold feeling that came along with it. They were family shouldn't they be doing something more then just shaking hands? »I'm Theo. That's Dirk. Both of us are capable of speaking Japanese if you'd prefer.«

Haruhi waved her hand dismissively. »We can stay in German. Whatever you're the most comfortable in. How was your trip?«

»Surprisingly comfortable.« Theo said dryly.

»How was it for you Dirk?« The brunette shrugged. Theo groaned and rubbed his forehead.

»I'm afraid Dirk hasn't spoken since the funeral.«

Instantly Haruhi felt her heart soften towards the silent boy. She gave him a soft smile. »I suppose I'll just have to call you Vidar now won't I?«

Dirk started, looking at her in surprise. By his side Theo chuckled. Her father, who had limited contact with Alexandra over the years, had told her the very limited things he knew about the twins. Manly that Theo was good a soccer and Dirk took to Norse mythology.

»What luck Dirk, our new caretaker's a big a nerd as you.« The words were cruel but the tone was not and Haruhi shared a laugh with the louder brother. Leading the way, Haruhi pulled the thin wad of money her father had given her out of the vanilla folder to hail them a cab. It was luxury Haruhi rarely took, but something told her the twins weren't really prepared to deal with the crowded trains.

Silence descended upon the train once more and with it came the awkwardness. In his silence, Dirk was bleeding misery. Even Theo, who seemed boisterous was clearly grieving heavily. Haruhi found herself grasping for any kind of conversation starter.

»Well,« Haruhi said in an overly loud voice, »If he's Vidar, then who are you?«

»Hm…« Theo tapped his chin thoughtfully. A strange, almost malevolent gleam shone in his eyes and Haruhi found herself strangely feeling extremely uncomfortable. »I suppose I'd be Loki.« By his side Dirk snorted.

»Loki the mischief maker?« Haruhi teased, trying to shake off what she deemed an irrational yet growing feeling of threat.

»Oh no,« Theo corrected with a laugh. »Loki the destroyer.«

From her seat Haruhi swallowed.

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