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In the Rain

Hinata loved rainy nights.

Pulling her white sleeping robe around her, Hinata cautiously slid open her door and slipped out of the Hyuuga compound. She didn't bother bringing an umbrella and stepped silently along her path. She sighed in content when she felt the cool rain fall lightly around and on her, soaking through her robe and soothing her nerves. It stroked her dark, now long hair and ran down the length of her neck like the fingers of a gentle lover.

Hinata tread quickly, not wanting to wake anyone and headed for the stream near the training grounds. The ground was soaked a dark hue and through the haze of rain, Hinata used her Byakugan to watch for anybody who might see her. The surface of the moving water before her danced vigorously under the drumming of the rain. It jumped and twisted with a life of its own and Hinata held her breath as she watched the display. Glancing nervously around one last time, Hinata stepped onto the surface.

She took a deep breath, pulling her chakra to the palms of her hands. Exhaling, Hinata began to dance.

She twisted and twirled, her arms flaring gracefully around her as she sent forth strands of chakra, splitting raindrops as they fell. In the rhythm set by her racing heart and rain upon the river's surface she found herself. Her body spun lightly on the water and like those of a water nymph, her movements were fluid and mesmerizing.

Hinata performed this dance almost every night it rained and she had since that night years ago when Naruto had seen her near the waterfall. She hadn't noticed him then and he hadn't known it was her as she trained, but it still made her blush like a fool when she thought of him seeing her like that, naked and exposed


The voice was muffled by the rain, but it was enough to startle Hinata into a jerky halt. Her feet sank a few inches beneath the surface of the river in her moment of shock when she saw the figure standing at the edge of river, with a familiar shock of blonde hair and bright blue eyes wide and staring hair from under his dark umbrella.



Unable to sleep, Naruto had crawled out of his small room and made his way down to the training grounds, only to find someone had beaten him there.

It was hard to recognize the graceful figure dancing along the river's surface, moving so freely, as the Hinata who blushed and ran over her syllables when he was near. Her slim limbs twisted about each other as she split through the rain and her body moved like the smooth sounds of a poem. The robe she wore was translucent under the rain and clung to her body, skimming closely over the curves of her hips and chest. Naruto hadn't known rainbows could be black but when she flung her hair behind her with her twisting movements, he realized they could be.


Her name had escaped his lips without him realizing he'd said anything but when she halted her movements and stuttered his name in shock, he found himself staring into her pale eyes. She tensed like a fearful deer and for a moment he thought she was going to bolt.

Now they were standing awkwardly under a tree, waiting for the rain to pass. He had offered to walk her home, but being under the same umbrella with him seemed to frighten the wits out her and she had waved her arms frantically claiming that there was no need.

He found himself blushing at the way she wrapped her arms around her chest, attempting to hide the way her curves were visible against the wet fabric of her robe. She'd certainly grown since their genin years- taller and more filled out. Naruto blushed slightly and shrugged off his coat and draped it over her shoulders, hoping to save her modesty. Hinata looked at him in surprise and blushed fiercely as she pulled the warm coat around herself.

"Th-Thank you."

Naruto offered a bright smile. "No problem."

Hinata settled into the warmth his clothes gave off and bit her lip, willing herself to say something.

"I-I heard that Sasuke-kun returned," Hinata stuttered, grabbing hopelessly at a conversation.

Naruto looked at her in surprise and broke out into a wide grin. "Yeah, the teme is finally back where he belongs. Sakura-chan beat some sense into him."

Naruto's smile grew a little at the thought of his two former teammates. Over the years Sakura and he had grown closer, each becoming the support the other needed. But it had never been anything romantic, nothing beyond mutual understanding and fierce loyalty. Naruto found he couldn't ask for anything else, and at some point he'd realized he didn't want it either.

He'd been ridiculously young and smitten with Sakura's bright smile and what he thought was twelve year old beauty. But Sakura and he were ages beyond the genin they'd been. The years of pain and death and loss had changed them into different people and they'd found in each something just as deep as any romantic attachment. Naruto still loved Sakura and she loved him back, it just wasn't that kind of love.


Naruto pushed his wet hair off his forehead and glanced once more at Hinata who was twisting her hands around each nervously.

"Well, do you remember when we went on that mission t-to find that tracker bug?" She kept peeking over at Naruto from under her bangs.

"Yeah?" Naruto tilted his head and gazed at her questioningly.

"Th-that girl you saw? At the waterfall?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow wondering at the surprisingly random topic and the rapidly reddening color of Hinata's face and briefly wondered if she was ill.


Hinata gulped thickly, praying she wouldn't fall into a dead faint at Naruto's feet. "Me…"

Her voice was so thin that Naruto had to lean closer to hear what she was saying. His face reddened a little when he realized their proximity.

"What'd you say Hinata?"

"M-me. It was me," Hinata practically squeaked.

Naruto stared at her in confusion for a moment and jerked back when the words sank in. His mouth opened comically and his face reddened. He laughed weakly, trying to hide his embarrassment. Unsure of what to say, Naruto scratched the back of his head, but Hinata spoke first.

"It-it was the first time anybody called me beautiful," she continued. "I know you didn't know it was me, but I was really happy that you…you called me that."

Naruto's eyes widen in surprise at her words, but once again, Hinata spoke before he could. Afraid that her new found courage would disappear with the ebbing rain, Hinata hurried on.

"I know I'm quiet and shy, and I have a hard time saying what I think. I stutter and blush and I'm not as strong as Sakura-chan or as witty as Ino-chan, and I'm not as pretty as either of them. But…" Hinata swallowed.

Naruto found it hard to breathe when Hinata finally turned her head to meet his gaze. He had thought her eyes were a cream like Neji's but from this close he saw they were so much more. Hinata's eyes were the lightest of lilac, a pale brushing of plum against a pure white. And at this moment they were painfully vulnerable and beautifully hopeful.

"I was happy that perhaps…perhaps to Naruto-kun I could be beautiful."

In the moments that followed, the rain slowed to a gentle drizzle and both Naruto and Hinata held their breaths. Naruto's umbrella fell from his hands, forgotten as he stared at the young woman before him and could think of nothing else. His silence gave Hinata time to realize what she'd just said and the embarrassment rushed through her almost painfully.

"Ah…I-I don't mean you think I'm pretty or anything…" she stammered, wringing her hands desperately.

She stilled in shock when a warm hand slipped under her chin, raising her face so she met Naruto's eyes once again. His face was kind and strangely serious. The childishness was gone from his handsome features, but there was still the charming boyishness and openness. Hinata's heart raced horribly in her chest when he smiled again and this time there was something in his eyes that hadn't been there before.

"Hinata," he said, his voice sure and kind, "you are beautiful."

Hinata stopped breathing, unsure if she was dreaming. For a moment she was afraid that Naruto was saying this out of pity, but when he searched her eyes, she knew he would never do something so cruel.

"You are beautiful just as you are, stuttering and all," Naruto said, a smile growing on his lips.

And because he told her, Hinata could believe it.


For the next few days, Hinata could barely keep her feet on the ground.

She spent her nights blushing and thinking about Naruto's sure hand on her chin and this continued into her days. Her friends glanced at each other in confusion at her odd behavior, but said nothing. Naruto often came across her on the streets and would run excitedly up to her, offering to buy her ramen. It became a welcomed routine and Hinata now found herself making her way to the ramen stand. Hinata found Naruto already waiting for her and he grinned widely when she sat beside him.

"Hinata! I ordered you something already," he laughed sheepishly. "I couldn't wait."

Hinata smiled shyly and nodded. She surprised herself with how familiar being with him felt already and wondered if Naruto felt the same way. She watched as he practically inhaled the steaming noodles and couldn't help but giggle. Naruto smiled at Hinata's antics. He'd always liked the soft spoken girl and he'd witnessed her will and strength all those years ago at the chunin exams. Her gentle and shy nature was something that over time, he found endearing and especially over the last few days he'd cbeome grow more and more attached to the blushing Hyuuga.

Wiping the corner of his mouth, Naruto looked questioningly at Hinata. "I heard you have a mission."

Hinata nodded and swallowed her mouthful before answering. "Yes, I do. Kiba-kun, Shino-kun and I have an A-rank mission later today." Hinata frowned worriedly. "It-it's my first A-rank mission"

Naruto smiled encouraging and practically shouted, "You'll kick butt! Don't worry Hinata. After all, you're a jounin now."

Hinata blushed at the compliment and played with her hands. "Thank you, Naruto-kun…"

Naruto smiled affectionately at her characteristic response and patted her back. "I'll see you when you get back."



His pounding footsteps echoed painfully in his ears as he ran down the hall of the hospital, glancing frantically at the room numbers as he went. It seemed impossible that she was somewhere in this hospital when she had been healthy and talking to him just a few days ago.


Naruto turned to see Kiba running up to him and his eyes widen at the blood that stained his uniform.

"Kiba? What the hell happened to you? Whose blood is this?"

Halting in front of Naruto, Kiba panted to catch his breath before managing the words that sent Naruto sprinting toward the hospital.

"It's Hinata's."

Naruto saw Sakura exit a room, her shoulders sagging and her white doctor's coat splattered with blood. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw him running towards her.

"Naruto, what are you-"

Grabbing Sakura urgently by the shoulders, Naruto almost yelled, "Sakura-chan! Hinata…what happened to Hinata?"

Sakura smiled tiredly and patted his shoulder reassuringly. "She's fine, Naruto. She was critical for a while but she's stable now. You can see her if you want, but keep it short."

Sakura left Naruto and he hurriedly pushed open the door. He swallowed painfully when he saw her still figure on the bed, connected by needles and tubes to several machines that beeped occasionally. Her arms and legs were laced with bandages and there was an obvious wound on her chest where she'd been meticulously wrapped. As he stepped closer, he noticed the bruises blooming on her cheeks and the swelling of her split lip. His fists unwittingly clenched and his jaw tightened at the sight before him and for a moment he considered finding Kiba and forcing him to tell him who'd done this so he could go kill the bastard.

The thought of leaving was fleeting because Hinata's eyes fluttered weakly open.

"Hinata! How do you feel?"

Hinata blinked slowly, trying to grasp her surroundings, and then settled her gaze on Naruto. She attempted a smile, but could only wince when her split lip smarted painfully.

"Naruto-kun…I'm alright."

Naruto smiled in relief at the sound of her voice and reached over to take her hand in his. He almost laughed when a blush crept over Hinata's face, despite her state. Squeezing her small hand Naruto began talking to her. Hinata relaxed at Naruto's easy rambling, and as she looked over his messy blonde hair and ever lively features, she was grateful that it was him holding her hand and sitting at her bedside. Because it was Naruto, it didn't matter that her face was bruised and cut or that her split and swollen lips were pale from blood loss. Because it was him, she could ignore all that.

Because it was Naruto, she could feel beautiful even now.

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