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Chapter 14

It Can Only Go Wrong When…

Previously: Facing forward once more, Ryou found that indeed, the white misty mass was taking on human form. But was it really a ghost? Or was it…


Ichigo suddenly ceased shaking. Her features took on a puzzled expression.

"But Shiro --"

A set of footsteps pounded delicately upon the café floor. "So you caught us. I'm impressed Shirogane-san," came Minto's smug voice.

The lights lit up once more and in the middle of the room stood the Ultramarine Lorikeet. But she was not alone. No, alongside her was Kish, Zakuro, Pai, Retasu, Purin, Tart and Keiichiro.

Now Ichigo was really confused. "Ok, what exactly is going on here?"

"Well, somebody went to see where the two of you had run off to earlier today and came back with the knowledge that you were planning to team up and prank us for no reason --"

Minto was cut off as Ichigo's shrieks took over.

"What do you mean 'for no reason'?! There is a huge reason that is known worldwide as: revenge! You tried to force me and Shirogane together as a couple - which is absolutely disgusting and wrong on soooo many levels - not to mention the fact you betrayed me by going behind my back!! Honestly, we were only doing that because you deserve it!"

"Hey! We didn't do anything like that, koneko-chan!" Kish cried, pointing to himself and the two other aliens.

"The more the merrier! Anyway, who was it that found us out?" Ichigo asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"Kish-san," Zakuro replied bluntly.

"NOOOO! Don't give me away!!" Kish cried overdramatically, falling to his knees.

"Too late for that," Tart smirked.

"Oh well," Kish shrugged, making a quick recovery, and stood again.

"By the way, what happened to Aoyama?" Ichigo asked meekly, quickly changing the subject.


Ichigo raised her eyebrow, waiting for her answer to be given. When it didn't come, she enquired again, "I said; what happened to Aoyama?"

They were uncomfortable, she could tell. None wanted to make eye contact with the Wildcat and simply stared at their suddenly fascinating feet or the captivating walls. Ichigo sighed, giving up on ever getting a reply when Pai spoke, "We got rid of him."


Minto shook her head. "Don't change the subject like that Ichigo Momomiya! We need to get back to discussing the war we just won!"

"You mean the battle you won. The war isn't over yet - we have one more trick up our sleeves and even more motive to use it," Ichigo corrected, boasting about the prank that she and Ryou had previously planned.

"Yeah, whatever Strawberry. You just better not mess it up!"

"Ryou Shirogane you are such a jerk!"

"Well you are an annoying baka, Ichigo Momomiya!"

"Maybe the two of you should stop --"

"Stay out of this Zakuro Fujiwara!!"

"You do not talk to onee-sama like that!"

"Leave it Minto Aizawa!"


"Look…anou, Zakuro-sama's right, this should stop…"

"You quit it too Retasu Midorikawa!"

"Why are they all using each other's full name's?" Tart whispered to Pai and the elder alien shrugged in reply.

Suddenly there came a shout from the youngest Mew. "PURIN FON!!"

Everyone stopped to stare at her.

"Anou…Purin-san, why did you just shout your own name?" Keiichiro asked, placing a finger on his chin.

"Everyone else was shouting each others and I didn't want to be left out so!" she began to skip around everyone, chanting, "I did it myseeeeelf!!"

The aliens, Mews, Ryou and Keiichiro just sweatdropped as they watched the carefree Monkey infused kid.

"Right…back to the war," Minto commanded.

"You do not have the right to boss everyone around!" Ichigo yelled.

"Would the two of you quit arguing," Retasu pleaded.

"Whose side are you on?!" the girls snapped at her.

"Anou…Pai-san's…after all, we're both against the pranks now," Retasu replied.

"They're right, maybe we should stop," Keiichiro agreed.

"I'm all for ending this thing," Zakuro piped up.

"But onee-sama!" Minto wailed.

"Why can't we have a little more fun?"

Everyone turned, wide-eyed, to look at the speaker.

"Shirogane?" Ichigo questioned.

The blonde boy shrugged. "Hey, I don't see why we should stop if we're all enjoying ourselves."

They all discussed it for a little while longer, but in the end, the majority won. Outnumbered five to four (though maybe it would have been different if Purin had actually joined in rather than continued to skip around hyperly), Ryou, Ichigo, Minto and Kish had lost in their bid to keep the prank war going. Sighing, Ichigo collapsed to the ground in defeat, Minto shook her head and Kish pouted. Ryou just glared at Keiichiro.

"Fine," he eventually sighed.

Pai spoke up then, "Shirogane-san, is it alright if we stay at the café one more night?"

"Yeah, sure," Ryou replied.

The eldest alien nodded his head in thanks. All was quiet for a little while, before Ichigo burst out, "I'm BORED!!!"


"Why do I always end up in your room?!"

As he sat on the bed, head in his hands Ryou tried to tune out the catgirl's wails.

"Hey Kitty, would you stop screeching for even just one minute?" he teasingly asked, giving Ichigo yet another nickname.

She glared at him, however, she obeyed, shutting up. He gave her a puzzled look, confused as to why she had decided to do what he said. This is a first, he thought. But Ryou quickly shook it off when he realised that she was staring at him.

"Ok baka, what are we gonna do?" he questioned.

She didn't say a word.

"Strawberry?" he called her name.

Still no answer.

"Ichigo Momomiya," he sighed, beginning to get frustrated by her lack of response.

Silence remained. What was even more annoying was the fact that she was acknowledging him, but she just wouldn't speak. Groaning in irritation, he finally grasped why she was acting this way.

"You know, when I said stop screeching, I didn't mean stop talking altogether."

The Irimote smirked at him and pointed at the clock. At least a minute had passed since she decided to go on her silent strike.

"Baka," he muttered.

Sighing, she asked, "What're we going to do? I'm still bored."

"Yeah ditto. And those other idiots thought that locking the two of us in here would solve our problem."

"Probably just wanted to relieve their own boredom," Ichgio said, massaging her temples as she leant backwards on is bed, letting her head hang off the edge.

"What do you mean?" he asked perplexed.

"And you call me a baka," she muttered under her breath, however, she was not quiet enough so he heard her and promptly shoved her off the end of the bed.


He raised his eyebrow and she groaned, knowing this time he wasn't going to reply.

"This is exactly why they wanted us in here. So we would argue," Ichigo explained.

Ryou nodded his head, understanding now.

It was silent for a while, neither knowing what to say to the other. But as soon as Ryou had thought of something, there came a knock on the door.

He shouted for the person to come in and the door opened, allowing Zakuro to slink in and close it suspiciously behind her. Both occupants of the room looked at her questioningly.

"I have a plan - a prank - and I think you're going to like it," the dark-haired model explained.

Ryou smirked. Finally something to take away the boredom…


Half an hour later, Kish, Pai and Tart were all gathered around one of the café tables, talking about virtually anything they could think of. So far, the topics had been: cookies (Tart and Kish), maths and science (Pai), candy drops (Tart), Ichigo (Kish), Masaya (all of them). Now they had run out of ideas.

Yawning, Kish stood and left the room, heading towards the doors that lead outside the café. After he had gone, Tart got to his feet, deciding to wander the café. Pai sat where he was, bored. Well, until Retasu came and led him away…


Yet another half hour passed, but this time, things were about to get interesting…

"Right, Shirogane. I need you to turn me into a koneko," Ichigo ordered.

With a simple nod, the blonde boy leant down, trying to excite the catgirl by teasing her with a kiss. Only, it was not until his lips were less than a centimeter away did anything happen.

POOF!! And Ichigo was a cat.


"Ok, Purin-chan, just do whatever you can think of, but get him to the 'X'," Minto explained to the youngest girl.

Purin grinned and punched the air enthusiastically, shouting, "Okies!!"


"Is everything set up, Akasaka-san?" Zakuro asked the brunette.

"Yes, everything's ready to go," he replied.

"Good. Then let's do this," Zakuro said.

Giving the signal, she sent the three Mews to do their jobs.


Kish sat on the grass, enjoying the sunshine. This was probably the first time he had been in it since he had arrived at the café days ago. Suddenly, there came a 'nya' from behind. Turning, he saw Ichigo as a little koneko.

"Aww, Koneko-chan!! You look so cute - come here!!" Kish called to her holding his arms out wide.

However, Ichigo didn't go to him, instead, she scampered off back inside the huge pink building. Curiousity getting the better of him, the alien decided to follow.

Entering, he found her standing in the same spot as Retasu and Purin with Tart and Pai making their way over…

5 minutes ago - With Purin

"Tar-Tar-kun!" Purin called skipping around the corner as she continued to search for the small alien.

She quickly came to a halt when she found him sitting against the wall, fast asleep. Tip-toeing over, Purin was careful not to make a sound so as not to wake him.

She reached him, trying her hardest to contain her giggles. Lifting one of his ears up and leaning down close enough, she yelled, "WAKE UP TAR-TAR-KUN, NA NO DA!!"

"AHHHH!!" Tart screamed bolting upright. When his wide eyes rested on the person responsible, he narrowed them to a glare. "That's not funny!" he wailed. "I was sleeping!"

"Yeah, but you gotta come see!" Purin grinned excitedly, beginning to jump up and down on the spot.

Pouting and crossing his arms over his chest, Tart stubbornly replied, "I don't wanna."

Purin was shocked. However, she gained a sly smile when a plan formulated in her head.

First, she proceeded to stick her tongue out at him. Next, when that managed to grab his attention, she stuck her fingers in her mouth and pulled on the sides of her lips, rolling her eyes up. He began to seethe in anger at her attempts. Then, finally, she put her hands on her head, making sure that her fingers were stretched up, and wiggled them, once more sticking her tongue out. This time, she got the results she wanted.

Tart leapt to his feet as Purin turned and fled. A couple of minutes later, the two entered the main part of the café…

All the aliens now approached the one spot where all three Mew Mews stood, nervously anticipating what was about to happen.

The three boys arrived at the same time, and as soon as they did so, the girls sprinted away. They were about to follow when something stopped them in there tracks. Kish had looked down because Ichigo was a small koneko, but he managed to notice the floor below his feet. What was that old saying…oh yeah, 'X' marks the spot…

Unfortunately, Tart didn't see this. Stepping forward, he tripped a thin - practically invisible - wire which sent the final prank into motion…

A large bucket of slime fell onto their heads, covering them in the gooey mixture. They didn't have time to be disgusted because as soon as this had happened, Ryou whipped a belt at yet another bucket, tipping a ton of nuts onto them. Suddenly, a shout erupted from above them. Looking up, the aliens found that they were just in time to see whipped cream fall from the ceiling and all over them. Wiping the dairy product from his eyes, Pai was able to catch a glimpse of Keiichiro dashing off and out of sight. But it wasn't long until the next part. From behind, Ichigo - who was now back to her human self, courtesy of Ryou - and Minto snuck up on them. The two girls sprung into action when they were close enough, tackling Kish, Pai and Tart with dough before proceeding to wrap them up in it. The poor aliens didn't even have time to object because, from what seemed like out of nowhere, Zakuro and Retasu appeared in front of them, dragging them back on a huge rubber band. Letting go, the Porpoise and Wolf sent the boys flying through the air, through the kitchen door and into the oven that Keiichiro had just popped open. He slammed it shut, locking them in there.

A minute or so later, the Mews along with Ryou had joined Keiichiro. The brunette lowered the door again, enabling the aliens' objections to be heard.

"How could you? That was mean!" Kish cried.

"MEANIES!" Tart wailed.

Pai was too shocked to speak, so he let his two friends carry on in his place.

"What if you baked us alive?!"

"WHAT IF WE DIED?! What would you do then?!"

"Koneko-chan, do you hate me?"

Unable to contain themselves any longer, everyone burst into fits of laughter.

Regaining herself somewhat, Ichigo began hauling them out of the oven. Not a moment later, Zakuro, Retasu and Keiichiro offered to help her. Once they were out, everyone except Ryou - who had disappeared - unraveled them from the slightly golden dough. The truth was, the oven had been on a little, however, it was not too hot and with all that pastry, Pai, Tart and Kish weren't burnt.

"I thought we agreed no more pranks," Pai eventually spoke.

"We couldn't help ourselves," the Irimote said innocently.

Kish chuckled, honestly finding the whole thing quite amusing.

"Well, at least there's someone who can take a joke," Minto said.

Smiling, the red-head made her way out of the kitchen, her friends following.

But as she stepped onto the 'X' spot, something just had to go wrong. A jet of water came straight for her…


Everything went silent…

A soaking wet, completely drenched, freezing cold strawberry wildcat stood in the middle of Café Mew Mew, her mouth wide open from her scream and her eyes squeezed shut to protect them from the liquid.

They fluttered open again, glancing round the room, searching for the person responsible. Locating him, she stomped over, about to shriek and throw a screeching fit, however, what met here was not what she had planned. His lips were warm and soft on hers, his kiss gentle and sweet.

When they finally parted, she looked into his cerulean eyes and…


With that, the blonde backed away before turning and sprinting. The catgirl gave chase, her eyes full of fire. She ran as fast as she could, trying her hardest to catch up to him. However, this was not very easily done seeing as her clothes were dripping.

"SHIROGANE! Come back here so I can kill you!"

"Aww, you wouldn't really hurt me, would you?" Ryou teased as he turned to face her. But when he saw her angry - no, fuming - expression, his smirk was wiped clean off.

As everyone watched, one thought went through all of their minds at the same time: It can only go wrong when they're together.


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