The sun rises and shines above the city of Los Angeles.


The sunlight closes in on a building.


Someone is sleeping under the blanket, with oceans and skies as patterns. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door. And then we hear a familiar voice (Chris Halliwell from the original Charmed

OUTSIDE THE DOOR: "Wyatt! Wake up, or you're gonna be late! Hello?"

The knocking on the door starts again, and the sound gets stronger every fifth second, but Wyatt (still under the blanket) continues sleeping. Fianlly, the knocking stops.

OUTSIDE THE DOOR: "You asked for it!"

Suddenly, a ringing alarm clock appears on the bed table to the bed's left side. Wyatt holds out his arm and waves his hand and it freezes in time. He then pulls his arm back in.

After a second, another ringing alarm clock appears, this time at the window. Wyatt holds out his arm and waves his fingers again, but this time it blows into pieces.

Right after that, tens of ringing alarm clocks appear. Only this time, they are floating in midair instead of appearing somewhere in the room. Wyatt reaches out with his hands after waves them randomly, and faster than before, but none of them explodes or freezes. He waves his hands even faster, but none of it works. He gets tired of the failing and puts his hands over his ears while still in the blanket trying to shut out the noise. But eventually, he loses his patience at the ringing, and throws away the blanket and reveals the face of Wyatt Halliwell, to do the only things that will make it all stop: by waking up.

WYATY: (yells) STOP!

The clocks stop ringing immediately and disappears into thin air.

Wyatt stands up on his legs and walks to the door to open to... Chris


Wyatt is mad at his brother as he shows it on his face.

WYATT: You are gonna make me deaf, Chris.

CHRIS: Then stop sleeping over. I don't like this as much as you do. The neighbours can start complaining any time.

Henry Mitchell Jr, their cousin, comes out from his bedroom down the hall.

HENRY: Dear God! Can't you guys cast a spell that makes Wyatt's room sound proof so that no one will hear you? The landlord can drive us out if you two keep this up for another week.

CHRIS: (grabs a sense of humor) Well! We can always turn him into a pig.

All three guys brust into laughs for a moment until Wyatt changes the subject.

WYATT: OK, well! I'd better go and change so I can get to school on time.

CHRIS: Good idea. I'm gonna go change too.

HENRY: So am I.

Chris and Henry walk back into their bedrooms and Wyatt closes the door.


Wyatt snaps his fingers. The camera turns to the drawer, that opens, and a white shirt comes out flying toward Wyatt. As Wyatt changes his shirt, the camera slowly moves down to a framed picture on the desk behind him. The picture has Piper, Leo, Wyatt, Chris and a little girl in it. And next to it lies the family's most precious treasure - the Book of Shadows.