It's a brand new day. Wyatt just sits on the sofa staring at the Excalibur instead of sleeping like usual. He is so focused he doesn't even hear footsteps coming at his direction. It's Henry and Chris.

HENRY: (snaps Wyatt out of his concentration) You're not gonna be able to notice any demon coming in if you keep doing that.

Henry sits next to Wyatt. Chris places the Book of Shadows on the table. He can tell that there's somethign wrong with Wyatt.

CHRIS: Something wrong?

WYATT: No, nothing. (responds with doubt) I just.. I don't know if I can do this. I'm not even ready for it.

Chris and Henry think the same way. None of them were ready for anything that happened last night. But they encourage each other.

CHRIS: (encouraging Wyatt) Wyatt, none of us wer ready for any of this. Henry wasn't even ready for his witches powers when he first got them. And we agreed to not start doing magical business until we graduate college. But we made it through last night by sticking together. You may be a leader, but that doesn't mean you're alone on this.

HENRY: (agrees and joins Chris) As long as we stick with each other and not forget that we have the whole family behind us, we can do anything.

WYATT: (starts to agree with them, och remembers something he'd heard before) Mom said that we're a family of survivors and we will always be.

Chris and Henry smile and Wyatt smiles back. After a second, he stands up, with the sword in hand.

WYATT: Come on, I'm starving. A leader does need to eat.

The others follow, Chris grabs the Book of Shadows and they begin to walk out of the room with Wyatt. The camera slowly zooms out and reveals the big room.

CHRIS: We might as well eat in the Magic School dining room.

HENRY: Don't you think it'll cost?

WYATT: Well, we are the principal's sons. So they'll probably give us free food. Say bye to the old Power of Three and say hi to the new one.

They burst into laughs. When Henry and Wyatt are off screen, Chris looks back at the room. He waves his fingers on his right hand and telekinetically shuts the doors.