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Of course, I never expected long walks on the beach under the moonlight or whatever, but expecting something from him, is that so wrong? Nope.

Yet, nothing. Nothing has happened for weeks since Paris. I haven't even seen him since he took me home from the airport. It's like he just disappeared from my life, which was a HUGE kick in the pants after that kiss. Maybe he doesn't like me anymore, or maybe he never liked me... UGH! How could he? You don't just kiss a girl, tell her you like her, and VANISH INTO THIN AIR! IT'S NOT FAIR!

"Wow, so...nothing?"a surprised Tenten asked..

"Mm-hmm." I confirmed, pouting.

"Why don't you call him?"


"You forgot to ask for his phone number, didn't you?" she concluded, exasperated with my stupidity.

"Still, that's no reason to ignore me..." I sulked.

"Ha! Sai would never do that to me."

"That's because he doesn't wanna die just yet, Ino." I countered, sticking out my tongue.

"Speaking of which..." the brunette began, "you've been together for more than a week. Way more than a week..."


"Isn't that a record?"


"You lurrrve him!" I piped up.

"No, I don't!" Ino protested, "And Sakura, don't say 'lurrrve', its creepy."

"But you dooo." I continued teasing, taking my mind off the troubles for now.

That night, Ino was more flustered than she's ever been her whole life! You could tell, she did have feelings for Sai-the-Cloning-Experiment-Gone-Wrong.


December 24th. The day before Christmas, and still, nothing. This little disappearing act of his was really getting on my nerves. I swore, I saw wrinkles on my face this morning!

"Do you like this dress?" Tenten held it up.

"Huh? Oh, yeah..." I answered absentmindedly.

"Nah. Too bright." the blonde cut in, going back into her universe-sized closet.

Tenten and Ino were getting ready for their dates. Which means, with my parents out of the country, I'll be spending Christmas Eve alone. What did I do wrong to deserve this? I mean, it's not even reasonable! It's not! I've always been a good girl! Stupid Santa...

"Will you be alright on your own, Sakura?" Tenten asked, worried.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." I reassured her, "Go have fun!"

Oh well, nothing to do now but make friends with that bucket of strawberry ice-cream back home...

One extremely high-pitched squeal that interrupted my train of thought signaled the arrival of Neji and Sai. I sighed, this was going to be one depressing Christmas Eve.

Tenten looked back at me again, "Want Neji to take you home first?"

"That's alright, I'll take a taxi."

"You sure?" Ino asked.

"Yeah, I'm not a kid anymore." I forced a smile.

"Ok..." they were unsure, but they accepted the answer.

"Don't worry."


"No, Rudolph! Don't do it! He's trying to trick you!"

But of course, Rudolph did it...

"Stupid Rudolph..." I pouted at the TV, licking sweet strawberry icecream off the spoon in my hand, "Stupid Christmas specials...Stupid—"

Ringing of my cellphone stopped my ranting...for now, you stupid phone.

I picked up, "Hello?"

"SAKUSAKU-CHAN! FINALLY I FOUND YOU!" the panicked voice on the other end boomed.

Sakusaku-chan? Who the hell calls me that? Well, no one stupid enough but...

"Naruto? What's wrong? Shouldn't you be with Hinata-san?"

"I am! But it's Sasuke-teme!"

My voice immediately became flat and indifferent, "Oh yeah? What about him?"

"You have to go see him!"

"Why would I do that?"

"Because! He collapsed from exhaustion in his office! I had to take him home."

What?! WHY?! HOW?! IS HE OKAY?!

Wait...why should I care? We have nothing to do with each other! Nothing!

"So?" I questioned, "Why do I have to go?"

"C'mon, he probably wants to see you."

"Yeah right..." I snorted.

He'll be fine...right? Stupid! Of course he will...right? No, wait! Will he? Hey! Why do I care? I don't care!

"Sakura, just go. You know you want to." I heard another voice say.

"Tenten?" Three-way calling, damn you!

"Yes. Go. Now!"

"Sakura, Teme can't really take care of himself...even though he's really smart and everything, you know." even Naruto sounded serious.

I sighed in defeat, "Fine. I'll...go."

"YAY!" cheered the childish blonde, "oh! I'll give you his address."

Well, it couldn't hurt to go...besides, it wasn't like I had anything better to, now I could take out my frustrations out on him! It's his fault!


I stared at the huge building in awe; wondering why it surprised me that Sasuke Uchiha, CEO of one of the biggest and most successful companies in history, would have settled for anything less than the penthouse on the top level.

Rich bastard...

I walkedthrough that big, intimidating, revolving doorfinding an aged man at the front desk.

"Are you visiting someone, ma'am?" he asked stiffly.

"Oh! Yeah, I'm here to see Sasuke Uchiha."I answered.

"Oh," something in his tone of voice told me I wasn't the first woman to come and look for him, "He is on the top floor. Please take the elevator on the left."

"Thank you." I said before walking away from him.

After getting out of the elevator (which was probably bigger than my room), it wasn't long before I found a set of ebony wood double doors, equally intimidating as the first door.

Taking a deep breath, I knocked, suddenly feeling extremely nervous. But why? Why should I be nervous? I was supposed to be mad! Livid! Because that bastard—

Right then, one of the doors clicked, opening inwards, and I stopped breathing.

Maybe it's just because I was going insane, or maybe it was the separation, but I seemed to have forgotten how breathtakingly handsome he was. All the anger evaporated, that's for sure— along with my ability to think straight.

He looked at me, angelic face not giving away any particular emotion, "Yes?"

My face went red, I searched for coherent words in the big jumble of mess that was my head, "Well, Naruto...Naruto told me that you—"

I didn't say another word...I couldn't, I mean; it's kind of hard to say things when you're being kissed by the most impossibly perfect person in the world. I vaguely noticed his hands wrapping themselves around my waist, and lifting me off the ground. I barely noticed being brought into the penthouse through the door and pressed up against a wall. His soft lips were intoxicating me, making me forget everything else...

Always too soon, our lips parted in the need for air.

Out of breath, I looked up at him with big, wide bug eyes, "Shouldn't you...?Aren't you...?"

I heard a low chuckle as his head settled itself at the crook of my neck, he seemed to know what I was about to ask, and answered, "Not anymore."

" should be resting!" I managed to stumble out.

"I'll be fine." he said calmly.

"B-Buh– EEEP!"

I squeaked out of surprise, in reaction to being picked up (bridal style!) by him, the action seeming effortless.

"See?" he said, half-smirking at my response, "I'm fine."

In three big strides, he carried me over to the couch and sat me down next to him. By that time, the color of my face could put the reddest tomato to shame, and that seemed to amuse him. And then it hit me...shouldn't I be mad? Wait...I was mad! He ignored me for an eternity, and now this?! I should be angry, furious, livid! Because that–

"Sa-ku-ra." his hushed voice sent a shiver running down my spine.

"Ehehhh?" was my pathetic reply as I turned to look at his face.

That was when I first noticed how worn out he was. There were dark circles under his eyes, they weren't there before! How much sleep did he miss?! And his onyx eyes were dulled by weariness. My heart ached at this sight.

I reached out to touch his face, "Go to bed." I ordered.

"No." he said, turning his face away to let my hand fall.

"But why not? You're tired! You collapsed a few hours ago, for goodness' sake!"


"Come on! You need rest!"

"No." he refused again.



I sighed, exasperated, "Why not?"

"Because." he insisted, stubborn like a child.

"Because what?" I glared at him, feeling my eyes tear up for no good reason.

There was no answer, the silence was more than unbearable. But after several minutes, he finally answered, "Because you'll leave."

It was a quiet, quick, mumble, but I heard it, and it made me unbelievably happy. I couldn't help but smile.

He faced me with a glare, "What are you laughing at?"

I saw it then, the color of his cheeks were tinted pink. It occurred to me that he was embarrassed. Sasuke Uchiha was embarrassed...the world must be coming to an end. I let out a giggle.

"Stop. Laughing." he commanded.

"Ok." I obeyed, biting my lower lip.

"Hmph." he grunted.

"Now," I said, "Go to sleep."

He looked at me like I was crazy.

"I-I won't leave..." my face turned hot again, "If you don't want me to..."

"Hn." he shrugged, then his lips formed my favorite mischievous smirk, "Now..."

In an instant, I was picked up again, cradled in his strong arms.

"Wha-HEY! I thought you were going to bed!" I protested, flustered.

"Oh, I'm not," I could hear the laugh in his voice, "we are."

"B-Buh...!" I was at a loss for words, as I always was around him.

He carried me to his bedroom and laid me down on the bigger-than-king-sized four-post canopy bed, before getting under the blanket next to me.

I was in full panic mode...what does he plan to do?! I'm not ready for...for...this! We don't know each other that well! We're not even boyfriend and girlfriend! GAHHH! WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO?! WHY, MOTHER, WHY?!

And then...I noticed that he was already asleep.

How anticlimactic...

Soon, I drifted off too. So this wasn't exactly how I planned to spend Christmas Eve, but hey, it wasn't so bad...


To be continued...


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