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"I had a feeling you'd try to stop me," an all too familiar voice came from behind her. Katara's ears perked up and she slowly turned around. Her eyes focused in on the ruggedly handsome man standing a few feet behind her and Haru.

"Zuko," she breathed. It was him. He hadn't left.

"I'll be in the car," Haru whispered and ushered himself away. She absentmindedly nodded, but her gaze never tore off of Zuko's. The corner of her lip curved up into a smile.

"I saw the magazine, Zuko," she crossed her arms and shifted her weight to one foot. He let out a nervous sigh, and slowly approached her.

"Yeah, I had a feeling you would have," he stopped just a foot away from her.

"It wasn't Azula on the cover," her eyebrows were furrowed.

"I found that picture and info about you stored away in a filing cabinet. Toph must have sent it in a while ago, and luckily I found it…"

"Why'd you do it?" she gulped. She shouldn't have asked for fear of his answer.

"You deserved it more."

"Is that all?" yeah, not the answer she had expected.

"No…it's not…" he too shifted his weight around. "I realized that what I did was wrong, and that I love you. I never should have taken your designs Katara…but I did…so I thought of a way to make is slightly better."

"Slightly better?" her voice was rising.

"Yeah," his voice backed down. She glared at him and he suddenly felt hot.

"What you did…was not slightly better…it was fucking amazing," and she grabbed his collar to pull him into a deep kiss. To say he was shocked by her actions was an understatement. His lips parted, allowing her to dominate the kiss; plunging her tongue deep inside his mouth.

"Wait…" he said pulling away. "So you're not mad?"

"Zuko, when Haru showed me that magazine, and I saw my face on it…I knew that you loved me. You proved it to me…I can forgive you…But if you ever do anything stupid like that to me again, I'll sick Toph on you," she warned.

"Oh, well…then for fear of castration and imminent death, I cross my heart I'll never do anything to hurt you again."

"Good," she gave him a peck and smiled graciously.

"I love you Katara," he stared into her cerulean eyes.

"I love you too, Zuko," she wrapped her arms around his waist and held on tight.

"Let's get out of here…I think I have a reason to stay in Japan now."

"Oh really?" she grabbed his carry on bag as he dragged his massive suitcase behind him. "Why's that?"

"I have this amazing new girlfriend, and she's the best fashion designer I've ever met," he slung his arm around her shoulders.

"Really? You have a girlfriend now?" she wished she could return the embrace.

"Yeah, and I almost fucked up the whole thing. But, I featured her in Japan's most famous magazine, and she forgave me."

"Oh, how nice of her, so now what's on your agenda?"

"Well, before I get a new job I have to take care of her broken wrist. And then when that's healed, I still plan on catering to her every need."

"Wow…I wish you were my boyfriend," she scoffed.

"Yeah. I don't ever want to even come close to losing her again. It broke my heart when I thought I'd lost her."

"Well, I'm sure as long as you don't do anything stupid again, she'll be your girlfriend for a long, long time."

"That's what I'm hoping for," they left the airport. Katara winked at Haru, who had been waiting patiently in his car. He clapped his hands before taking off, heading back to work. Zuko hailed a taxi for them and put his bags in the trunk. He gave the driver his home address which earned him a skeptical look for Kat.

"Um? Only one stop?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, the way I figured it is, I wanna show my new girlfriend how much I love her."

"Oh…does she know this?"

"No, but something tells me she won't have a problem with it," and he gave her a kiss that had new designs flashing in her mind.


Katara:With the new found fame, thanks to Element, Katara's store sales reached an all time high. She didn't have to close down after all thanks to Ty Lee who put a rush on getting her new designs made in the 'sweat shop.' The shoe sales were a big success. And Katara has even now opened up a new genre of designing. Wedding Dresses! She designed Suki's wedding dress, and was asked by Jin Kazama, daughter of Japan's Emperor, to design her wedding dress as well. Katara's wrist has healed perfectly. She and Zuko are still together and finding new ways to bring out the inspiration in Katara.

Zuko:Zuko sent his sister a copy of the magazine. He didn't get a response back, but was pretty well convinced that she was happy with the way it turned out. His friend Lu Ten gave him his old job back, but he's doing it clean…With features on his girlfriend every now and then. He and Katara sold their apartments and bought a deluxe two story apartment. But the upstairs is more than just a bedroom. He also bought a ring, and plans on proposing to Kat on her birthday.

Toph: Toph still manages Katara's store. She herself is starting to open up more, and is currently dating Zuko's friend Lu Ten; who is a very patient and understanding person. Katara thinks they're perfect, but Toph is taking things slow. She doesn't want to "fuck it up…badly." But, even though she'll never admit it, she really likes Lu Ten and hopes their relationship goes far.

Sokka:Sokka and Suki got married. He is no longer intrigued by his ex girlfriends. He only has eyes for Suki now. They bought a house together on the out skirts of Tokyo, where Sokka insisted on buying a corner house with lots of property. He got a new cell phone number, so Yue can't call him anymore. Not a day goes by that he doesn't consider himself so lucky for having a wonderful wife.

Suki: Suki married Sokka, in her dream wedding. Katara was her Maid of Honor, followed by Toph, Song and an old college friend, Kyoshi. Her dress was an exquisite white (even though that was a lie), gown. It wasn't overly poofy, but it was rather slimming and went well with her interesting hair and make-up choices. She and Sokka got a house together. She bought him a new cell phone. And Sokka doesn't know it yet, but Suki is pregnant.

Haru:Haru is still doing his thing. Picking up the 'babes,' going to the clubs, and just being 'fabulous.' He has a small crush on a new bartender working at his dad's bar, and asked Katara to design him a 'pick-up' outfit. She politely declined, but he was always better at picking out outfits anyway.

Azula: Azula went to America where her store was a little less than a success. Nobody in America seemed interested in her oriental designs anymore. Apparently, her designs were 'out.' Mai sent her word that the store in Japan had to close due to no revenue. Azula tried desperately to show her clothing in New York at Olympus Fashion week, but was rejected. She sold the building spaces in both America and Japan, and has moved back to South Korea where her store is still the best. She is no longer in contact with her brother, or his new family.

Aang: Aang and Meng got married and are both good friends with Katara.

Song: Song went back to design school and is rapidly becoming a mini-Katara in training. She actually has really good swim suit ideas, and Katara just might feature them.

Yue: When Yue learned of Sokka's marriage to Suki, she tried to call him to congratulate him. When her call didn't process, she knew she'd been cut off. She still loves Sokka, and Hahn, but doesn't want to interfere with Sokka's happiness, and has left him alone.

Jet: Jet is now 5 years old, and is very much enjoying Zuko's company along with his master, Katara. He especially enjoys it when Zuko arrives home and scratches him behind the ears. Although, nothing compares to when Katara pets him gently at night, causing him to purr and drift off into sleep. Thank gods Zuko is not allergic to him, and can still sleep at the foot of the bed at night with them.

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