Sailor Moon jumped out of the attacking youma's path as it barreled past her. The creature turned around and roared at the lunar princess, who's attacks appeared to have no effect on the creature so far. "Help!" she cried.

Violin music filled the air as a voice called out; "I'll save you, Sailor Moon!" Suddenly, a rose struck the youma…

…and had no effect.

Thankfully, it was followed moments later by a giant ball of water, which drowned it.

A tuxedo clad figure dropped down from the rooftops, landing next to Sailor Moon. The blonde turned to her savior. "Oh thank you Tuxedo Mask, I- wait a second." She took a better look at the person in front of her. "Since when does Mamoru enter a fight with violin music?" she thought, even as "Tuxedo Mask" kicked a violin case behind a nearby car, "Or use Neptune's Deep Submerge attack? Or have long aquamarine hair and breasts?" Usagi narrowed her eyes at the woman in front of her. "Michiru," she said, "what are you doing dressed as Tuxedo Mask?"

"Oh," the Senshi of the Sea purred, "Just seducing you." With that she wrapped her arms around the blonde, who started to blush.

"Now, hold on just a second!" a voice cried out. Both women turned to see Sailor Uranus standing in the street. "I'm the one that's supposed to be seducing Usagi, remember?"

Michiru glared at Haruka, let go of Usagi to put her hands on her hips, and spoke in a voice that made Haruka nervous. "And what exactly is that supposed to mean? Can't I be attracted to her too?"

Haruka seemed to realized that she was on thin ice. "Uh, well, that is… eh…"

Walking up to the Senshi of the Wind, Michiru whispered into her ear; "Look at it this way, you can either be with us tonight, or with the couch. So which is it?" Haruka put her hand against her face to stop a small trickle of blood from her nose. "I thought so."

Grinning, Michiru grabbed a still blushing Usagi by the arm and started pulling her along. "Wait!" cried Usagi, who, still blushing, whispered something into the violinist's ear.

"Of course! I'm sure the bed is big enough for four," Michiru said. To Haruka, she said: "Dear, if you were to drop by the Hikawa Shrine and bring Rei home with you, I'm sure it would be worth the effort." She smirked at the blonde, before turning back around to continue leading Usagi.

Sailor Uranus watched them walk away for a minute or two, still wiping blood from her upper lip. When Usagi and Michiru were out of sight, she started running in the direction of Rei's temple. "I love my wife," she thought with a grin.

On a rooftop, a few blocks away, Mamoru was bound and gagged, stripped down to his tank top and boxers, while getting pecked at by pigeons.

Setsuna looked up from the bundle of papers and addressed her daughter. "And what do you call this again?"

Hotaru grinned at the Senshi of Time. "Fanfiction. My next story is going to be about the passionate night Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi Moon spend in Paris." She sighed dreamily. "Maybe I should do some research on the subject…"

"How about you two hold off on that until you're both older, and I promise not to show this to Haruka or Michiru?" Setsuna said.

"Or," the Senshi of Death said, "You promise to ignore what you hear from my room while Chibi-Usa's here, and I promise not to tell Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama what you and Minako-chan did on their bed."

Setsuna seemed to consider this for a moment, before sticking out a hand to shake on it. "Deal."

AN: Thank Sydney Clock for the idea for this story. He sent me a request for a story with Michiru as Tuxedo Mask. Well, after some time of lounging around doing nothing, the rest of the story suddenly fell into place.